The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1126

“Bei Ming Sovereign Seat!”

The voice came from downstairs.

Beiming Youyu did not immediately respond to the call. He first opened his bow and set up arrows to shoot at the enemy’s position in a burst. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen arrows shot out, like a rambling meteor, falling towards Where several artillery pieces are located.

The distance between these artillery pieces varies.

In this way, Jialan alone should not be able to intercept cleanly.

In fact, the same is true.

I saw the golden brilliance at the other end flashing at full speed, shining in several places almost at the same time, but there was a slight time difference, like a teleport, blocking most of the light arrows shot by a fish in the north. Arrow.

Yes, most of them.

As expected by Beiming Yuyu, Jialan is unable to Avatar or move instantaneously, so she definitely has no way to shoot at different places-even if the distance between these places is not It’s not too far–all the arrows intercepted.

However, Jialan is not the only martial artist in the Western Regions, there are also a large number of Secret Sect monks, as well as martial artists of various Sects or organizations in the Western Regions. Among them, there are not a few heavenly realms, and some arrows are affected by these The martial artist was intercepted.

So and so, only two guns were destroyed in this burst.

This is also due to the fact that the Western Regions did not gather all the artillery together. Presumably the other party is also related to the fact that the more advanced artillery of the Hua Dynasty will put their weapons in one pot, but it is also the case that there is a fish in the North Ming to have a chance.

“…” Beiming Youyu was not satisfied with the results of this battle.

However, she did not continue to attack with all her strength, because the person calling her had been waiting for a long time.

It was definitely not someone else who called her just now, but the chief of the Zhenxi Mansion-Jiang Runzhi Jiang Great General. Beiming Youyu couldn’t ignore his call, because she should follow his command strictly speaking.

There is no rule without rules, and there is no choice and no war.

There is a fish in Beiming, so he jumped off the tower.

However, she was eager to attack and did not immediately respond, so Jiang Runzhi first concentrated on issuing orders and was explaining a series of defense issues to his subordinates. Beiming Youyu couldn’t put his mouth in, so he could only wait silently.

How long has it been? She suddenly felt it and wondered how long she hadn’t been put aside like this. In her capacity, not many people in the world have the guts to let her wait.

──Oh, Sue Kirin is an exception.

I still remember one time, after I visited Heavenly Jade Palace and talked with Qi Qiqi, when I wanted to meet Sue Kirin and reminisce about the past, the other party was taking a nap and let myself wait for a long time. The incident of showing up with a yawn.

In recent years, only Sue Kirin has dared to put her aside.

When I think about it, Beiming Youyu smiled unconsciously, but Jiang Runzhi, who had just finished the arrangement, caught his eye.

“Bei Ming, what are you doing laughing?”

The man who asked so frowned dissatisfiedly, and his words sounded blatantly unkind.

Laughing like this amidst the chaos of war is a bit too disagreeable and disrespectful, especially when the soldiers next to him are fighting and are already dead and injured.

“Is it ridiculous that the Beiming Lord thinks that this Jiang failed to detect the enemy’s offensive in time?”

I don’t know that the nerve was provoked, Jiang Runzhi would have This misunderstanding, with a tone that was a little overdone, questioned Bei Ming Youyu.

Beiming Youyu was a little disgusted with the other party’s overwhelming attitude, but seeing that the smile she had just now was really wrong, she didn’t attack it, but lightly responded:

“Just remembering some past events that’s all.”

“Beijing Mingzuo is so leisurely and leisurely, and even in the battlefield where the artillery fires, I think of some pleasures that are enough to make a smile.”

It will be in the mood. Okay? Even if Beiming Youyu explained it, the other party is still eccentric. As a result, her brows frowned more deeply, and she realized that she seemed to be particularly sentimental recently.

──Some people have said that when facing death, people always remember the past.

Jiang Runzhi also knows the truth in moderation, and he never gave Beiming Youyu a bad face.

As if responding to what he said just now, a cannonball fell on the tower not far away with the tongue of flames. Dozens of Hua Dynasty soldiers were instantly buried in the fire sea and exploded. Fragments.

“This time it was indeed this Jiang’s mistake…” Jiang Runzhi sighed, with apologetic expression on his face, “didn’t expect to let the other party take advantage of the night, close to the point where he can strike with artillery. .”

Remorse, so I didn’t hold back to vent to everything possible.

“It’s okay.” Beiming Youyu can understand each other’s mood.

“Today, I will make amends to the North Pluto seat.”

Jiang Runzhi cupped the hands, and then went straight to the topic:

“This mansion calls the North Pluto seat without His business, I want to ask you for help.”

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing Jiang Runzhi’s serious expression, Beiming Youyu knows what’s next. The entrustment should be very important, so he also gave a corresponding expression and listened with respect.

Jiang Runzhi walked into the female wall and pointed out. Beiming Youyu also followed, but saw that a position had been established in the Western Regions, and a large number of artillery and crossbows were aimed at the city gate on this side.

The other party wants to block us and not let us go out to fight? Beiming Youyu thought about this, but felt it unreasonable because the fortifications of Qinglun City were quite strong. With the city wall, she had no doubt that Qinglun City could withstand an army several times more than her own.

According to the general theory, the opponent should try every means to lure the defenders out of the city.

In past battles, the Western Regions actually had a lot of advantages in field battles, and lost the city wall and city fortifications. The battle strength of the Hua Dynasty was not much better than that of the Western Regions. Moreover, the Hua Dynasty is also at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

Jiang Runzhi used to go out of the city to fight, all because of morale considerations, but after days of wars, the Hua Dynasty suffered a lot of losses, and Jiang Runzhi changed to a strategy of defending the city.

Does the other party want to use artillery to bombard the city wall of Qinglun City? Beiming Youyu suddenly thought of this, but thought it was too stupid. The city wall of Qinglun City is not indestructible, but it is easier said than done to collapse it?

Furthermore, soldiers from the Western Regions are charging towards Qinglun City, carrying various siege weapons to climb the city. There are already several ladders on the city wall. The soldiers of the Western Regions climbed up the ladder recklessly, while the defenders of Qinglun City desperately threw some stones or golden juice down to prevent the soldiers of the Western Regions from reaching the top.

In order to support their friendly forces, archers from the Western Regions constantly fired to suppress the Hua Dynasty soldiers on the city wall, and the defenders responded with bows and arrows.

Soldiers from the Western Regions have reached the top and have entered a hand-to-hand battle with the defenders of Qinglun City.

In the past, the soldiers of the Western Regions would certainly not be able to climb the city so easily. The blame is that Qinglun City reacted too slowly, there was no time for support, and the speed of forming the defense line appeared to be slower.

The reason for the days of fighting.

During thinking about all kinds of things, Beiming Youyu never forgot to ask:

“Fushuai Jiang wants me to pull out those positions?”


Jiang Runzhi showed a little embarrassment and stroked the gray goatee.

“We lost the first opportunity and had to be forced to defend the city, but the city gate must not be lost. Once the soldiers from the Western Regions rush in, with their number advantage, our side will definitely be in an extremely difficult situation… This Jiang cannot make the situation worse and wants to take the initiative to send troops to guard the city gate. But in this situation, once our soldiers go out, they will definitely suffer heavy casualties from the opponent’s artillery and crossbow baptism. Therefore, this Jiang can only do so. Please be with Beiming Senior.”

“Should I go by myself?” Beiming Youyu frowned.

It is not difficult to unplug that camp, but Jialan will definitely come to entangle him when she sees herself walking alone. Once she fell into the enemy’s army, even she would be under tremendous pressure.

“As long as Beiming Senior succeeds in unplugging the camp, this Jiang will send someone to take it! But before that, this Jiang must ensure that the city gate is not covered by enemy fire.”

paused, Jiang Runzhi showed a guilty expression.

“This Jiang is here to ask Bei Ming to take his seat.” He bowed his hands solemnly, “We are limited in strength. If we continue to do this, we will be unable to continue! It is this Jiang who underestimates the enemy too much. .”

It’s really underestimating the enemy.

Abandoning the thickness of the city wall many times, sending troops to take the initiative to fight, resulting in a lot of losses for the soldiers.

“In addition, this Jiang will discuss with Bei Sect Leader, I hope she can also bring Beggars’ Sect dísciple to help you respect you.”

Bei Xiaolu has arrived. At the tower, Beggars’ Sect dísciple is being assigned to help guard the city wall, so Jiang Runzhi ordered his subordinates to find her.


Seeing that the soldiers of the Western Regions are getting more and more aggressive, and a large number of shells come over, making her ears buzzing, and there are fishes in Beiming. While sighing, his long ears buckled and closed.

“Okay.” She finally agreed.

Beijing Youyu thinks that the Western Regions must have come prepared, and the night attack this time is definitely not a small mess.

If the city gate is really controlled by the opponent, the gap will be opened, and the city wall may also be lost because of this. Such a situation will definitely endanger the entire Qinglun city.

Without the city wall and the fortifications on it, Qinglun City will definitely fall into the disadvantaged side.

It seems that the Western Regions also aspire to this.

But, it’s so strange, why did the opponent put up all the positions and even strikes one’s own side, Qinglun City will react. Didn’t the people standing guard on the city wall notice the situation?

I don’t know if he noticed her doubts, Jiang Runzhi sighed heavily.

“There was a heavy fog this evening. It is estimated that the other party came here through this fog.”


There are fish in Beiming. Lift your eyes and look outside.

Although there are thin clouds covering the sky this night, it is exceptionally dim, but the visibility is still inferior to that of heavy fog—well, there is no vertical shadow of fog.

“It may be that the’witch’ of Bharat is playing a ghost, and everyone did not react.”

Jiang Runzhi further explained.

Beiming has a fish that understands it. If the Bharat’s “Great Witch” really intervenes, the situation Jiang Runzhi said is entirely possible.

“I will find a way for the battle. Mr. Jiang will send troops when he sees the opportunity.”


Jiang Runzhi solemnly promised .

Everything has been decided, Beiming Youyu turned to face outside the city and stood on the female wall. Then, as the sleeves shook sharply, she leaned forward and fell like a big eagle.

When a touch of pure white touched the ground, it turned its direction and swept away to the enemy’s position.

It’s like the arrows she used to shoot.

──She is an arrow right now.


“The commander, you are ready.”

Looking at Beiming Yuyu leaving far away, the fully armed Jiang Runzhi His eyes flickered. Beside him, a subordinate came to report that all defensive formations were ready.

Jiang Runzhi did not respond, letting arrows and gunfire fall on the city wall indifferently.

Several soldiers from the Western Regions who had finally climbed up the city wall discovered the existence of the Supreme Commander of Qinglun City and screamed to rush towards this side, trying to eliminate the trend of victory.

“The commander, here is the dangerous side!”

The other side, Beiming Youyu has been attacked by arrows from the soldiers of the Western Regions, but with extremely dexterity, she shuttles In between Jianyu, there was no damage.

Jiang Runzhi watched all this silently, without any response.

When he saw this, the subordinates around him became nervous. Fortunately, the number of Hua Dynasty occupied them. After losing the lives of three soldiers, they finally wiped out the seven Western soldiers who were intent on Jiang Runzhi, except The danger of own governor.

In the distance, a fish in Beiming has approached the western position that blocked the city gate of Qinglun City and launched a fierce attack. Her body is really outstanding, and the arrow technique is strong. With these, she didn’t really break into that position, only attacking the position from a very close distance.

As expected, Jialan noticed that there was a fish in the North Ming, and immediately went to meet him, and soon fought with the fish in the North Ming, but the position has not been completely destroyed.

“…Everything is as expected, just a touch of east wind.” Jiang Runzhi whispered softly.

The subordinates guarding the side are anxious that their commander is in a daze here, but they don’t understand what he is whispering. Well, they don’t know, all this time is a farce staged for Beiming’s fish.

A farce.

Jiang Runzhi didn’t understand why such orders and secret letters came from Imperial Capital. Even if he was shocked by the content of the letter, no matter how unreasonable he felt, he had to fulfill it.

It’s just that it’s hard for Beiming to sit, Jiang Runzhi thought.

But no matter how much he sympathizes with each other, he can’t stand up and defend him, because he can’t defy this order. Well, he is only involuntarily.

Jiang Runzhi beckoned to call a subordinate, he is one of the few insiders and his left and right arms. The middle-aged soldier rushed over in a trot, his body was stained with blood, and he must have killed a lot of soldiers from the Western Regions.

“My lord.”

“Are they ready?” Jiang Runzhi asked seriously.

“I’m ready, I’ll wait for an order from the adult-“

Jiang Runzhi raised his hand to interrupt the other party, and said corrected:

“Nothing Ling Bu Ling, they came with the emperor’s command.”

“Yes.” The subordinate agreed without any hesitation.

“Go, inform them, let them find the right time for themselves, success or failure has nothing to do with this Jiang.”

Looking at the pure white and golden entangled in the distance, Jiang Runzhi waved his hand and gave orders without any doubt. The subordinates agreed again, then turned and ran into the city.

Naturally, Dongfeng is not waiting.

The east wind in Jiang Runzhi’s mouth can be blown at any time, so he only needs to let the east wind blow at this time to complete the task that was delivered.

An offensive and unjust task.

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