The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1127

It didn’t take long for the subordinate to leave, Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader ran over after another subordinate called.

“What are you doing?”

Obviously, I was still brooding about what happened earlier. As soon as Bei Xiaolu came to Jiang Runzhi, his face was stinking, and he threw this impatiently. Sentence asking. Even if she arrived at the tower not very long, Beggars’ Sect was already in the battle, responsible for clearing the western soldiers who successfully climbed to the top of the tower, and Bei Xiaolu also went through the battle, wearing a coat on his shoulders. Stained with a little blood.

“Bei Sect Leader,” Jiang Runzhi held the long spear in his hand, turned around, and said in a deep voice, “Bei Ming Zunzu has already gone to open the situation at the request of the commander. Please, Sect Leader, can you prepare something?”

“Open the situation?”

Bei Xiaolu shook his eyebrows, “What is it? If you have something to say, hurry up, Wen frowned Crumpled.” She said aggressively.

However, Jiang Runzhi seems to be in a much better mood at the moment, not at all and Bei Xiaolu cares.

“The commander in charge would like to ask Sect Leader to rectify some elite disciples. After the North Pluto seat is opened, he will immediately go out of the city to control the vicinity of the city gate and provide the foundation for the commander to counterattack.”

“Why don’t you let yourself go?” Bei Xiaolu blocked the other party.

Although he would not ignore the orders, Jiang Runzhi was still a little dull from questioning. He managed to make everything go as he wished, didn’t expect Bei Xiaolu is still the thorn that made him uncomfortable.

“Insufficient manpower, and Beggars’ Sect dísciple is more flexible.”

Jiang Runzhi gave a convincing reason. He raised his finger to Beiming Yu and Jialan. Where to fight.

“Look over there.”

Bei Xiaolu followed, and then frowned deeply. She was busy explaining the task to Beggars’ Sect dísciple just now, but she didn’t notice the fierce battle at the other end.

“The position is aimed at the city gate. If we send people out rashly, we will definitely be hit hard, so the North Hades has already gone to deal with it… But Jialan is still there, and the Western Regions are impossible to let the North The Pluto seat got his wish, so I don’t know when the position can be taken down…Even if it can take people, the soldiers of the Western Regions must have already controlled the city gate. That’s why the government hopes that Beggars’ Sect can ensure control of the city gate as soon as possible. Otherwise, this war is not easy to fight!”

In order to strengthen his persuasiveness and majesty, Jiang Runzhi bit every word and every word very hard, with a sense of heaviness in his muffled voice, like a hammer Tap on the eardrum of Bei Xiaolu.

“Why do you only let Beiming Senior go alone?”

It can be said that it was a waste of words. Bei Xiaolu was not at all led by his nose, and instead asked this question . She looked towards the other side that whiteness was being suppressed by Jialan and the Western Regions army together, obviously she could not please.

Furthermore, a large number of martial artists from the Western Regions are gathering there. Even if the soldiers in Qinglun City are slightly supporting them with artillery and crossbows, the accuracy is not high due to the distance, almost Did not play a supporting role.

“Why did you only let her go alone?”

Beijing Xiaolu asked again, even if there is a fish in Beiming, no matter how strong it is, it must be impossible under the control of Jialan to move a single step. She has been surrounded by martial artists from the Western Regions, and she is simply trapped in the mud.

If this continues, she might drink hatred here.

Beijing Xiaolu knows that once Beiming has the character that Yu will do her best to complete the task, she will definitely try her best to complete the task—this may be related to her experience as an assassin, Bei Xiaolu is not quite clear, she also heard about that’s all from Sue Kirin.

Anyway, she has a bad feeling.

──Very bad premonition.

“This mansion thinks that one person is enough for Beiming Zunzu.”

Jiang Runzhi took a deep breath, didn’t expect Bei Xiaolu to be too shrewd at the critical moment. No, she doesn’t really seem to be so shrewd, just clinging to that’s all.

She should not be called, Jiang Runzhi thought.

But now thinking about it carefully, why didn’t he think that Bei Xiaolu would treat himself with this attitude, and would be obsessed with Beiming Youyu to deal with the enemy’s position alone. He should have thought of it.

He is also on a nerve. He sums up this mistake to this, but the remedy must be qualitative.

Before Bei Xiaolu spoke, he immediately said:

“The city gate is blocked. If the government sends troops out, it will definitely be severely damaged… Is it possible that Bei Sect Leader is willing to take it with him? Beggars’ Sect dísciple opens up the situation for us? The North Pluto seat is the safest to go alone, and she can retreat without squeezing her.”


Bei Xiaolu didn’t listen to Jiang Runzhi’s explanation, took a fiercely step, and shouted loudly.

“How many persecutions have Beiming Senior suffered before? It is fortunate that she can help us. You actually want her to take risks, and let all of our men from the Hua Dynasty be coward? If she didn’t Utilization value, long ago died in the nameless wilderness! You hypocrites!”

Beijing Xiaolu dropped these words, and turned around abruptly without waiting for Jiang Run’s reaction. While the coat was fluttering, she shouted:

“Beggars’ Sect dísciple, following the order, go to support Beiming Senior with my old lady. It doesn’t matter if this city is not guarded!”

She must It is very angry.

Jiang Runzhi felt that the other party must be ignorant to make this kind of decision. Even if Beggars’ Sect is strong and strong, he has no chance of winning against the army of the Western Regions. They don’t seem to have a fish in Beiming that can advance and retreat, with a transcendent ability, his move will undoubtedly die.

Bei Xiaolu should know this.

Even if they can successfully help Beiming Youyu destroy that position, they will definitely suffer heavy casualties. Almost all the soldiers from the Western Regions outside. Without the city wall, the Qinglun garrison and the support of the Zhenxi Mansion, how can Beggars’ Sect dísciple be an enemy?

“Sect Leader, is it worth it?”

Jiang Runzhi was a little curious and couldn’t help but asked in a deep voice.

“I don’t know if it’s worth it, I just can’t see it. I’m not the henchman of the Imperial Court, I don’t see Beiming Senior suffer any harm. You who put all the responsibility on her, I really lost the face of our Huachao guys, not even a woman!” When answering, Bei Xiaolutou did not turn back, not a trace of hesitation, nor a trace of cowardice. Yes, she was just doing what she thought was right, and she didn’t hesitate to die for it.

Furthermore, not only her, Beggars’ Sect’s dísciple also concentrated on the city gate without hesitation.

“…Hua Dynasty man’s face is indeed lost.”

Watching Bei Xiaolu jumped down from the tower and disappeared in silhouette, Jiang Runzhi was indeed clenched. fist.

Yes, it’s so useless!

Jiang Runzhi used to tore and kill in the battlefield, even when facing an enemy several times his own, he still press forward, but now? What is he doing? He also wanted to kill.

But the problem is that he has lost something since he became the commander of the Zhenxi Mansion.

Maybe it is bloody.

He didn’t know, he couldn’t defy the secret letter. If he didn’t follow it, his head would surely land in the vegetable market. Well, and his family.

Some things are wrong, but he is involuntarily.

At first, he will resist these things… But gradually, gradually, he is numb. Because he knew what he had changed, the reality was terrifying cruelly.

Yes, under Qin Yu’s control, he is just a chess piece that’s all.

Even if it is as strong as Beiming has a fish, isn’t it a chess piece? He smiled bitterly, then laughed out loud, almost biting his teeth while laughing at himself.

“Mandarin, Beggars’ Sect dísciple asked to open the city gates!”

A subordinate came to report, which seemed embarrassing. Jiang Runzhi met his gaze, but he was also depressed when he saw him, presumably he was also touched by Bei Xiaolu’s words, he wanted to go out of the city to fight.

The Hua Dynasty has a spoiler, but his soldiers have never been. As long as an order is given, even if the front is a dead place, the soldiers of Zhenxi Mansion will move forward bravely. In the end, as long as he himself is a fool.

How can he raise his courage to resist orders?

He has no way, but he only opens and closes his eyes…

“Open the door.” Jiang Runzhi took almost all his courage to say this. words.

The subordinate seemed to be dissatisfied, and wanted to say something, Jiang Runzhi thought with his toes, knowing that he wanted to ask to play.


Jiang Runzhi is absolutely unable to play, otherwise the situation created by this time will be wasted. He couldn’t resist, unable to watch his family one by one head to the ground.

If he is alone, maybe he can stand up.

But he is not alone, and there is a huge family. For the survival of the family, he can only give up the so-called righteousness.

“Jiang Runzhi, you are really rubbish.”

He scolded himself secretly, and hit the female wall fiercely with a punch, knocking it off. The subordinate was also shocked when he saw this, and went down to pass the order without saying much.

The city gate is opened.

Beggars’ Sect’s dísciple rushed out.

Before them, there are a large number of black soldiers from the Western Regions.

There is definitely a hard fight in this dim night, and there is still some time before dawn.

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