The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1128

In the tall building in Qinglun City, a girl with an ink-colored clothes on top sits on the edge of the house, her legs in red socks hanging in the air, allowing her feet to sway slightly by the whistling north wind.

The noise of collision is constantly coming from the building.

That is the voice of the agency teachers continuing to make preparations below, moving and debugging various agencies. In addition to this building, there are several opportunities in the city where there are also organists who are doing similar work.

Qinglun city has concentrated thousands of government officials and tens of thousands of government weapons. These are almost all family properties operated by the Mo family in recent years. Of course, it also includes the legacy left by Mo Weiyang.

Looking from a distance, you can vaguely see some traces of fierce fighting outside the city.

Between that pure white and golden rays of light collide, interlace, and entangle, the breath that swells always makes the girl’s skin sting and her heart burns.

──Two Grandmasters.

“No matter how powerful, the final result is the same. Beiming has fish. What is the difference between you and Master Weiyang? But it’s just a matter of time, that’s all.”

The girl constricted her eyes and sighed.

From time to time, she would think of her master, and now she thinks again. When she was free, she would often think of him, but at this time it was clearly time to get ready, she still thought of Mo Weiyang.


She couldn’t help but call the dead man again, gradually hugging her body. Although it was cold here, it was not enough to call her so. Well, it is not the weather that is really cold, but the world may also be.

They are about to set off to enter the Western Regions and realize Qin Yu’s ambition.

There is no way, who told her to fall into the hands of Dragon Que and be brought to Qin Yu. In the Hua Dynasty, everyone is a chess piece. The difference lies in how big the chess piece is and how difficult it is to control that’s all, and the girl is the big chess piece that is under the control of others.

“Master Artisan,” a young man climbed up to the top of the building and came to the girl’s side, “Master Jiang has ordered it down, let us act according to the timing.”

” Acting by chance?” The girl sneaked, “What’s the difference between this and no order?”

Speaking, she turned her head and looked towards the young man who had walked to her side.

The visitor is not someone else, but it is the second Mohist Monan. Many times, the girl would think that he is actually the one who is more suitable for the position of the master craftsman of the Mo family, rather than the incompetent herself. Apart from fighting and killing, he didn’t have any abilities, and the Mo family was basically run by Monan at the moment.

She is simply a decoration.

However, she didn’t complain about this, but was grateful for the position that Monan could bear him. One thing worth mentioning is that Menan has always regarded himself as a younger brother. He is also an orphan adopted by Mo Weiyang, and he is indeed sympathetic to Mo Lele.

Suddenly, the girl realized that Menan’s chin had grown beard. Compared with the delicate and pretty handsome appearance a few years ago, he was a bit more mature and steady. He grew up.

The appearance of the girl is the same as it was a few years ago.

She will not be old anymore, even if she becomes an independent existence, she is not alone. She in this world is an outlier. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help smiling.

Master, you made me look like this, just want me to live? But I will never be alone… She sighed secretly.

Menan must have not noticed the girl’s sad thoughts, instead he answered the girl’s sneer just now:

“Master Jiang does not want to get too involved in this.”

“I don’t want to be involved in this?” The girl shrugged her brows and snorted, “Obviously everything is only planned by him, but now I don’t want to involve too much. Isn’t this a contradiction?”

“They are all involuntarily.” Menan smiled bitterly.

Hearing this sigh, Mo Lele felt the same way. Isn’t she involuntarily? If it weren’t for the dragon bird’s hands and the coercion of Qin Yu, they would never appear in the front line to implement his crafty plots and machinations for Qin Yu.

“Moreover, Mr. Jiang’s words are by no means useless. He means that we can start actions at any time from now on, and he means everything is ready.”

Mo Nan interpreted Jiang Runzhi’s meaning more deeply.

The girl sighed, didn’t expect that simple sentence still carries this meaning. This is also the reason why she doesn’t have the trait of being a leader, because she often fails to understand those seemingly simple, but the essence is full of overtones.

She is not smart, she can only work hard.

“You still understand Monan.” She sighed and stood up slowly.

“Master Artisan, there are some things that I don’t have, but that alone is enough to determine the difference between you and me… After losing Master Mo Weiyang, only you can The high seat is in that position, because we, who were adopted by Master Mo Weiyang, have all endured your love. When we can’t be full, it’s not me who gives out food, but you… So, we are all Persuade you, do you understand? Some decisions can be handed over to others, only this kind of personality charm and prestige cannot rely on others.”

Menan seems to be able to experience the troubles of Merlele until now. Knowing that she had always thought she was incapable of that position, but she had never explained it so deeply.

It’s only this time.

“Is this…” Mo Lele murmured.

Then she looked towards Monan and laughed.

“I am afraid that I am not the only one who is so sentimental today…” She was thinking that Monan might be the same as herself, so I will say that many today. He usually will not explain this kind of thing too much.

“Master Artisan, are we really good like this?”

Monan finally couldn’t help asking.

He did not agree with the Mo family’s efforts to help Qin Yu at this time, because this time there is almost no benefit at all, it’s purely a one-time contribution to the country that’s all.

“Can we refuse?” Mo Lele sighed helplessly.

It’s not only the reason why dragon sparrows have given some kind of technique to her body, if it’s just like that, even if she refuses, it’s just sacrificing her own life that’s all. The problem is that Mohism is different from other Sects. Its existence depends on various elements. Among them, the imperial court ban is their biggest life gate.

As long as the Imperial Court bans the circulation of military weapons, the Mohist school will become In name only. The Imperial Court does not even need to send troops to attack, which is enough to suppress the Mohist school beyond recognition. Naturally, the Mohists can still study organ techniques, but once the organ weapons are out of circulation, their products will not be sold, and there will be no capital turnover. After losing the financial support, how can we continue to study organ weapons and even maintain the survival of the Mohist school?

Even if other Sects are suppressed, they can still be self-sufficient and shrink in their respective gates. They don’t need a lot of money to maintain operations, as long as they have enough food and the like.

Of course, even if other Sects are suppressed, they will not end up in such a troublesome situation for the Mohist school, because all the things the Mohist school manufactures, researches, and sells are all sensitive items. To put it bluntly, organ weapons can be summarized as munitions.

The reason why the Mo family can survive now is because of the Imperial Court ── Qin Yu’s eyes are open and his eyes are closed.

Well, all industries related to organ weapons are very fragile and sensitive. In some dynasties, it might be a capital crime to even keep organ weapons. How can it be allowed to see a situation where all kinds of workshops flourish?

Menan also knows this truth.

He just took a long sigh and said helplessly:

“It’s just that our Mo family will become the rat crossing the street if we come to this way.”

paused, he showed a relatively optimistic expression again, and went on:

“As long as the Imperial Court is still there, as long as we have the value of competing against Wu Family, Qin Yu It shouldn’t be Wu Family is not good for us… also, we are unconsciously attached to the Imperial Court.”

“It is different from a thousand years ago, when a hundred families were separated, the government of each dynasty was unstable, and there were several countries. Dingli, that time was the most suitable time for the existence of the Mohist school, but now it is not.”

Milele has repeatedly heard from Mo Weiyang about the situation a thousand years ago, and now Compared with a thousand years ago, it is completely different. The Hua Dynasty was a unified dynasty, and a thousand years ago it was still the so-called feudal system of the vassals.

“Let everyone prepare.”

Milele’s skirt fluttered, turning around and muttered.

“Okay,” Menan agreed and asked again, “I’m ready to break the sword.”

“Thank you.”

Mole Happy smile.

“Without it, I am not sure.”

She knows how difficult the task to be performed next is, and also understands that it will be a serious sin.

But, there is one thing she knows very well──

“Anan, if there is something wrong with me next, you can take everyone to escape. Anyway, you must escape. To survive, we can’t let the master’s efforts be destroyed.”

Like a last word.

Menan opened his mouth sadly, presumably he wanted to say something comforting, but in the end he closed his mouth and clenched his fists, nodded heavily.

Milele laughed.

That is a smile that is difficult to describe as “self-deprecating” or “helpless”.

Then this smile disappeared.

Milele jumped off the tall building.

When she appeared in Menan’s field of vision again, she was like a black bird flying high, carrying a heavy ink tank to the outside of the city. She is like a bird that no longer returns.

“Sister Lele, take care.”

Mo Nan could only watch her go away.

Milele always praised him in front of him, saying that he is capable, but in fact he is still powerless at this time, and can only let his elder sister take on the heaviest things alone.

If one day, he dies, he will have no face to see Mo Weiyang again—his Adoptive Father.

“Master Monan.”

A familiar voice came from behind.

Menan turned around and saw a red hair flying in the air. A girl named Hongxia was standing behind him at some unknown time.

“Master Master Craftsman has set off?” she asked.

The beautiful appearance made Menan couldn’t help stepping forward and stroking.

“Master Monan?” Hongxia tilted her head in confusion, and a faint blush appeared on her face.

“Hongxia, we absolutely can’t live up to the entrustment of the two master craftsmen.”

After that, Menan turned and looked out of the city again.

Hongxia looked at the hem of his robe fluttering with the wind, softly and dullly “Uh…”, she wrapped a touch of red side hair behind her ears.

She didn’t say anything, because men only need silent support.


Everything is as expected, Jialan really got entangled with Beiming Youyu.

Beijing Youyu didn’t even have time to launch a second attack to further expand the results. The brilliant and brilliant great hand seal swept away from the enemy, forcing Beiming Youyu to retreat.

However, she still took advantage of the opportunity to fly backwards and shot seven arrows in a row, hitting several mechanical crossbows in a row. However, only three of these seemingly simple in structure and not strong are directly destroyed. This is not a problem with Beiming’s fish, but because those crossbows seem to be mechanical weapons.

Since a large number of merchants and Mohists have reached a cooperation, after the workshops of organ weapons have blossomed everywhere, no one can ensure the outflow of organ weapons. Not only the Northern Kingdom, but also the Western Regions and Bharata, should have obtained many military weapons made by the Chinese Dynasty through different means.

Smuggling is a problem that can never be stopped.

At the same time, in order to ensure the advancement of the weapons of the Hua Dynasty, except for the Mojia Workshop and the Heavenly Jade Palace, the external weapons will be relatively backward, but this is still the same as before. The martial artists who entered the land of no one added a lot of pressure.

Because anyone can manipulate the organ weapons.

This is troublesome. Beiming Youyu knows that she has no chance to make a third attack for the time being, and her previous two attacks only destroyed that position and not one third.

This result is obviously not enough.

“…” Beiming Youyu withdrew again and backed away.

Because it is another huge handprint dropping from the sky, I want to overwhelm her to the ground.

“Smelly fox, there is something interesting, why don’t you call me?”

Sweet laughter came from behind, and Beiming suddenly turned sideways and escaped From the back, he hit a palm that was strong enough to open a mountain of gravel. While avoiding, her tail drew back, and then yanked it out.


As if ringing on a big bell, there was an extremely hard touch. Beiming Youyu’s tail was immediately hugged, but the other party used it as a point of effort to push her Before the whole person moved, her bow was already full.

“How about entertaining you like this?”

Beijing Youyu twisted his upper body, and pointed his bow and arrow at the golden radiance behind him.

The arrow leaves the string.

The arrow hit Jialan’s face directly, and her plump upper body tilted to the side because of the direct hit, and released Beiming Youyu’s tail.

However, before Beiming Youyu had time to retreat, Jia Lan had already adjusted her figure.

“Smelly fox, the strength is a little bit weaker.”

The full Jialan was unscathed.

The Vajra domain on her body is stronger than when it is half full, and it is definitely not something that can be easily broken through by a fish in the north.

What’s more unfavorable is that the soldiers and martial artists of the Western Regions have noticed that the Beiming Youyu came in alone, and have begun to gather to take down the lives of the Beiming Youyu in numbers.

Well, from this moment on, Beiming Youyu has fallen into a disadvantage.

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