The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1129

Occasionally, Bei Xiaolu feels that his decision is not appropriate.

Her decisions are often too rash.

But, she does not regret it. She rarely regrets it. As long as she decides by herself, she is willing to bear any result, even if her actions will affect her own disciplines.

──Even at this moment, she and Beggars’ Sect are facing the onslaught of the soldiers from the Western Regions.

“Squeeze the old lady! The past few days where did all the shouted energy go? Don’t you see that the North Pluto seat is alone in the enemy line? You are Chinese men, just Can you stand this? If this is the case, you might as well cut off those words and find someone to marry the husband and godson!”

Beijing Xiaolu rushed to the forefront, his fists were fierce and fierce. Very, like entering no one’s land, like a tiger rushing into the crowd! Soldiers of the Western Regions were constantly being shot out under her heavy strength. Her screams were mixed with the dull sound of fists and palms, and the screams of the enemy troops in the Western Regions.

“That’s right, didn’t you eat today?”

Beijing Xiaolu’s voice can be said to be echoed.

Beggars’ Sect’s dísciple is united and inspires colleagues when they scold each other. Almost all of them stubbornly tried to resist the wild current from the Western Regions.

Their goal is only to support Beiming Youyu who is not far away trying to open up the situation for them. Well, Bei Xiaolu believes that all the responsibilities should not only fall on Beiming Youyu, putting her in a dangerous situation, and the people of Beggars’ Sect also think so.

This is also the moment when they can be so reckless.

They did not deny that the Hua Dynasty’s army was good at guarding the territory, nor did they despise them. They also knew the truth of the military order, but they just couldn’t watch Beiming Youyu bear everything for Hua Dynasty.

That righteousness shouldn’t just rest on her.

──Never should!

Bei Xiaolu took a thousand Beggars’ Sect dísciple the more fights the more brave is, and it didn’t take much time to really clear the area near the city gate, and to press the charge back once.

However, the number of people is always a disadvantage, and the physical strength is also limited.

Beggars’ Sect disciples can be difficult, like being stuck in the mud, almost unable to move forward. The farther you are from open the city gates, not only will the firepower suppression from the city wall become smaller, but also because of the surrounding enemies, you will be besieged more fiercely by soldiers from the Western Regions.

Furthermore, Bei Xiaolu, who was responsible for opening the road, began to bear pressure.

Naturally, the Western Regions had to target this martial artist of the great heaven realm, and would not let her mess around at will, and began to send martial artists to wrap around Bei Xiaolu, so that she could no longer play a pioneering role.

“Sect Leader, be careful!”

A monk found the opportunity of Bei Xiaolu to shoot a few soldiers from the Western Regions and took a palm from the side. The angle was quite tricky and sinister. Extremely.

Fortunately, a Beggars’ Sect dísciple reminded Bei Xiaolu in time.

Perceiving the strength of the palm behind his back, Bei Xiaolu turned and slapped his body. In an instant, Dragon Qi suddenly appeared, colliding with the palm of the golden light.


The muffled sound scattered with impact, turning into a ring of strong wind visible to naked eye.

Bei Xiaolu and the monk flew out in opposite directions, and landed on both sides like flying cannonballs, knocking down dozens of soldiers from the Western Regions.

What a hard palm!

Bei Xiaolu bounced up on the ground, and at the same time kicked a few soldiers from the Western Regions who were besieged. The arm where she was facing the monk was trembling. The strength of the opponent is not at all strong, but the palm of the hand is terrifying.

That should be the Indestructible Vajra Body of Secret Sect.

Naturally, the monk should not have completed the Great Accomplishment, otherwise Bei Xiaolu just took a palm, maybe all the strength will rebound, she will not only be bounced so simple.

“It’s really hard!”

Bei Xiaolu spit out the dirt that seeped in his mouth and wiped his mouth again. The monk at the other end also stood up. He was handcuffed with extremely heavy metal rings on his hands and feet. Even the pair of wooden shoes-like shoes were made of metal, and they probably weighed more than a hundred catties. , And the tin stick he was holding also seemed to have a certain weight.

Just looking at this outfit, Bei Xiaolu guessed that he was the most difficult ascetic in Secret Sect for cultivation.

“didn’t expect Secret Sect often said that Pudu is to invade other people’s countries.”

“It is true that I am guilty, but I am incapable of saving the world, only for my own sake. The country and the people are looking for more well-being.”

The ascetic monk’s voice didn’t have much ups and downs, and he was calmly talking about a fairly ordinary thing, as if he didn’t feel honored or ashamed for his actions.

That’s how it is dignified.

Beijing Xiaolu didn’t say much, he took a posture, and the monk also made a corresponding posture, and the battle between the two was about to start. The soldiers of the Western Regions surrounding them seemed to understand something, and they just maintained their positions and did not act.

“Well, I will knock you down and call mother first!”

However, Bei Xiaolu didn’t mean to entangle him more.

The other party meant to drag Beggars’ Sect here, so that they could not support Beiming Youyu in time, and Bei Xiaolu would naturally not let them do what they wanted.

She gave a violent shout, pretending to want to rush forward, but before she took a few steps, she violently flew the dust on the ground, blurring people’s vision for an instant.

While the dust is full, Bei Xiaolu jumped up on the ground and continued to rush towards the place where there are fish in the north.

“Hurry up!” She did not forget to greet the disciplines.

Either the ascetic monk or the soldiers of the Western Regions surrounded all around were completely unprepared by this incident, and they were unable to react immediately and made Bei Xiaolu rush out of the siege.

Although it is all’s fair in war, too many people will not escape during the decisive battle, but Bei Xiaolu just did it, and used trickery to shake the dust on the ground, stinging people around的目。


The ascetic monk was full of regret, wiped away the sand and stone that entered his own eyes and was blown away by Bei Xiaolu.

After his vision was restored, he didn’t catch up immediately. Instead, he turned around to deal with Beggars’ Sect dísciple who wanted to follow Bei Xiaolu to support Beiming Youyu. In his thoughts, as long as he turns around to deal with the dísciple of Beggars’ Sect, Bei Xiaolu, as Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader It shouldn’t be, sit back and watch.

As a result, he found that except for the Beggars’ Sect dísciple who was desperately working with him, Bei Xiaolu really didn’t look back, just rushing forward.

He felt regretful again, but Bei Xiaolu had already rushed a long distance away.

More importantly, Beggars’ Sect’s disciplines have also set up a part to deal with him specifically, to fight for other Beggars’ Sect dísciple and their Sect Leader to gain space.

The ascetic monks are now deeply trapped.

After getting rid of the ascetic monk, Bei Xiaolu rushed to the north where there is a fish like a rampage. She took the time to look up and looked towards the other side, but saw that Beiming Youyu had been entangled by several monks from the Western Regions, and she had to face Jialan’s onslaught and gradually fell into a disadvantage.

Must catch up, Bei Xiaolu doesn’t know why he is so anxious.

──The bad premonition is getting stronger.

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