The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1130

Bei Ming Youyu gradually came under pressure.

Although she has noticed that Beggars’ Sect is approaching here, as Jiang Runzhi said, but the Western Regions also know the importance of positions. Some people even gave up the siege and went directly to besie Beggars. ‘Sect’s elite dísciple, the two sides are caught in a fierce battle, and it is by no means a moment to tell the winner.

So, she couldn’t expect to get help from Beggars’ Sect in a short time.

“Hey, it’s rude to be distracted!”

In the midst of my mind, I saw the huge golden palm prints pressed from the sky, and Beiming Yuyu suddenly pulled out of his thoughts God, raise your bow and prepare to meet.

The four monks did not intend to make her wish.

They formed a bizarre formation, connected with each other by the Golden Spiritual Qi, which looked like a “swastika” symbol from a distance, with a wind-like and thunderbolt-like imposing manner Attack.


A fish in Beiming smashed his mouth, turned around, and the end of his tail threw away several Spiritual Qi groups, and then the light gathered in his hand and shot an arrow at The great hand seal of dropping from the sky.

The arrow suddenly exploded before it touched the handprint, turning into a big net, which caught the handprint.

White net, white silk thread.

Anyone is tenacious and terrifying, even the great hand seal is cut and shattered. At the same time, the monks who formed the “swastika” symbol attack were also hit by Spiritual Qi bullets, and they flew out in a groaning and sorrowful manner.

Beijing Youyu took the opportunity to move, turned into a white mist, and moved a distance from them.

The string of the bow in his hand tightened again, and Beiming Yuyu drew a huge arrow and aimed it at the position below.

“Broken!” She screamed, and the recoil of the arrow sent her higher and higher.

The arrow is like an angry thunder from the sky, about to destroy the position.

“Didn’t I say that this is rude?”

The golden rays of light flickered before the arrow hit the ground.

The sweet smile on Jialan’s face turned hideously, stretched out her slender hands, and followed the huge arrow coming in shock. She seemed to be hugging that thick arrow, and between her arms violently contracted, the whole arrow slammed away and exploded into a large amount of white shavings.

Well, she is stronger than anything in the world.

Beijing Youyu can’t see a hit, and immediately pulls away and moves. The sprinkling arrow rain instantly covered her position just now, as well as the spears thrown by countless soldiers of the Western Regions. Even if they can’t reach Beiming’s fish, they have no intention of letting her do whatever she wants.

“Smelly fox, you are stupid.”

Several shocks scattered, Jialan suddenly disappeared from where she was, and in a blink of an eye she bullied her body and pressed her to Beimingyou In front of the fish.

Bei Ming Youyu stared slightly.

She has often fought with Jialan, but she has fought only a few times in the full form of the opponent. This may be one of the few times.

However, it was the first time she saw Jialan’s speed so terrifying.

You can only see tricks.

There was a fish in Beiming who had been judged in this way, lightly drifted back, all around, and mist gushed out of nowhere. She seemed to melt into the mist and disappeared. The palm that Jia Lan slaps can only fall in the thick fog.

“Yuehua Wanxiang…I almost forgot.”

Jia Lan muttered dazedly.

Then she found that the mist had entangled herself.

As if feeling disgusted, Jialan frowned Golden’s eyebrows lightly, and her body suddenly emitted a strong golden light, dispelling the mist heavily.

Almost at the same time, she felt something pressing behind her.

She turned around, but Beiming Youyu did not know when she came around behind her, Jialan sighed, trying to lift her palm to hit the other party, didn’t expect the other party also printed a lightly Palm.

The palms of Beiming Youyu seem to be light, but the essence is as fast as a gust of wind, and it is printed on Jialan’s chest first.

The air and time seem to stagnate for a moment.

In a blink of an eye, a violent mist gushes out of the palm of Beiming Yuyu, which actually rolled up Jialan. Upon seeing this, Jia Lan didn’t put away the palm he had hit, but after the palm was stretched out as far as possible, there was no hitting touch.

“Play tricks!”

Jia Lan hummed dissatisfiedly, and light appeared on her body again, driving away the heavy mist. After her vision was restored, she immediately turned to look for Beiming Youyu, but saw that Beiming Youyu had already retreated and flew quickly into the city.


Jia Lan stared in disbelief. After all her thoughts, she never expected that there would be a fish in Beiming who would retreat. Without thinking about it, she flew after her.

The speed of the fish in Beiming is not fast, and they only walk straight.

“It’s a bit strange…”

Jia Lan hasn’t caught up yet, so she tentatively slaps.

The huge handprints churned the atmosphere and pushed forward like a mountain. This was really just a tentative attack that’s all, but unexpected results were unexpected.


It was hit.

Golden’s handprints hit the girl who was flying not far ahead, and instantly wiped out the silhouette of the other person. Jia Lan was shocked and didn’t immediately notice that she was hit.

It’s just an illusion made of fog.


Before Jialan came back to God, Fiercely cursed, and wanted to turn around and return to the position, but saw that the four monks had been subjected to varying degrees Injury, and Beiming Youyu has already propped its bow into a beautiful full moon shape, aiming at the position, and the arrow swirling with white light stream in his hand is ready to go.

“Don’t be delusional!”

Jia Lan screamed with anger, her face twisted terrifying.

A strong golden light oozes out of her back. These golden lights seem to be solid, twisted, reorganized, and shaped behind her, depicting a huge Ming Emperor Dharma body.

The Emperor Ming angrily threw the sword in his hand.

The quit knife composed of golden light was fast and anxious, and went violently. The moment when a fish came to Beiming and shot an arrow in his hand, it was blocked by the rays. The two collided and exploded in the air, and the huge cloud of light and dust swelled in an instant, spreading the entire position, showing how much power the two used.

Jia Lan flashed back again, because the anger of being deceived made the Emperor Ming’s body behind her more radiant.

The emperor waved his arm and pressed the top of the head towards the north of the sea. From a distance, it looked like Mount Tai overturned and crushed the slender body of the north sea into a powder. of.

When Beiming sees the fish, he spins threw away and counts arrows. All the arrows pierced the palm of the emperor’s hand, and then exploded. The huge explosive formidable power bounced the palm of the hand quickly, and a fish in Beiming immediately whipped out his slender right leg, drawing out a violent and huge sword energy to cut off the emperor. Dharmakaya’s hand.

After all, it is a nihilistic body composed of Spiritual Qi. The Minghuang Dharma body is far less rigid than Asura’s body.

It’s just that, and that’s the case. With the supplement of Jialan’s Spiritual Qi, the broken arm of the Ming emperor’s body quickly recovered, and there was an extra sword.


Beiming Youyu yelled impatiently.

She failed to inflict heavy damage to the position below under Jialan’s protection after several attempts, so that the soldiers of Qinglun City were unable to fight back. She is getting more and more anxious, wondering how long it has not been so anxious.

“I’m happy to see you so anxious.”

Jia Lan laughed happily, then deceived herself to the place of Beiming Yuyu. The two were caught in a hand-to-hand battle, and Jialan Lidao’s terrifying fists and feet hit the North Mingyou fish like torrential rain. In a blink of an eye, the two had fought hundreds of times, and the aftermath of the confrontation blew away in all directions.

A fish in Beiming stretched out his hand to grab Jialan, who suddenly raised his foot and kicked it. Bei Ming Youyu ducked his head and kicked out his right foot, lashing towards Jialan’s face. Jia Lan didn’t dodge or hide, and resisted, her left arm stretched out and grabbed Bei Ming Youyu’s right foot, and she turned back.

Beiming Youyu, who has nowhere to take advantage of people in the air, was pulled by Jialan’s huge force and his center of gravity was unstable for a while, and he was about to fall into Jialan’s arms and hit her to meet her. But for the palm she slapped, she suddenly stretched out her tail in time and hit Jialan’s right palm. While bearing the force that poured into her body, she flew in the opposite direction, but instead brought her body. The shape was unstable for a while.

At the same time, Jialan unconsciously let go, Beiming Youyu’s right foot immediately regained freedom, hooked Jialan’s neck, and took the other party as the axis, lightly landed and rotated half a circle, and landed Jia Lan’s back.


“Go down, there is no free orphan.”

When Jialan is unwilling to be played with by the other party, she wants to turn around However, Beiming Youyu kicked his back with both feet and plunged to the ground. However, the Emperor Ming’s Law Body behind her turned to cut out the ring knife in his hand, piercing the skirt of Beiming Youyu.

The long skirt wrapped around Beiming Youyu suddenly lost half of the right.

However, Beiming Youyu didn’t care whether he was exposed in the spring. With Jialan’s time when he hadn’t stabilized his figure, he pulled the bowstring and prepared to attack the enemy’s position again. This time she no longer implements the previous ideas, but chooses a saturated large-scale attack. Less than all hits, only to further weaken the opponent’s position.

“slut slut slut slut slut slut slut……”

Jia Lan kept her position steady, and continued to curse viciously, her eyes filled with deep anger, Don’t want to break Beiming’s fish into pieces. She lifted up her breath, trying to prevent Beiming Youyu’s attack from launching.

──But it’s still a step too late.

I saw a fish in Beiming breathe out, his right hand moved rapidly, pulling the bowstring continuously, and then let it go. In a blink of an eye, she has fired more than ten arrows towards the position in the Western Regions.

Moreover, her actions are not over yet.

“Smelly fox, I want to smash you into ten thousand pieces!”

When Beiming Yuyu shot the thirtieth arrow, Jia Lan finally arrived and aimed Beiming Youyu slapped his left shoulder.

Bei Ming Youyu ignored him and shot the thirty-first arrow directly.

At the same time as the arrow left the string, her left shoulder was hit by Jialan’s palm. The terrifying palm strength directly shattered the bones of her left shoulder and penetrated into the body along the bones. The fish opened its mouth and spit a mouthful of blood, and the whole person flew out.

However, Jialan failed to stop the arrow she shot.


Jia’s blue complexion was terrifying, looking at the thirty-one arrow turning into two and two turning into four, turning into an overwhelming arrow. In the battlefield.

The soldiers of the Western Regions couldn’t avoid it, unable to find a living space in such a dense rain of arrows, and they fell to the ground with arrows. The weapons in the position were also struggling to support in the arrow rain. The weapon itself may be hard enough, but most of the equipment supporting and fixing the weapon is made of wood. It was damaged in the arrow rain and eventually collapsed. Down.

Moreover, some weapons were hit in the same place by several arrows, piercing holes.


Jialan bit her lips and bleeds. She knew that she shouldn’t take Beiming Yuyu as her first goal just now, but instead moved forward. To intercept the attack is.

However, Beiming has a fish plot against her.

That “orphan without freedom” made Asura lose her rationality-without him, he was stabbed in the pain. She was so dazzled by anger that she simply couldn’t think rationally, which led to Beiming Youyu’s trickery.

Well, it was because of her fault that the position was hit hard.

──Even if that simply isn’t a serious matter, Jialan can hardly swallow this bad breath.

She turned around and wanted to find Beiming Youyu to settle the account, but saw that the Beiming Youyu who had resisted her palm had fallen on the ground and was frantically besieged by soldiers from the Western Regions, and──

Asura’s eyes saw the black movie.


There are fishes in Beiming like sheep that fall in a group of tigers.

When the soldiers of the Western Regions saw her landing, they rushed in desperately like crazy. Even if they knew that no matter how large the number of people were, they weren’t just an opponent of Beiming Youyu left, but they were still not hesitating enough.

The left arm was fractured, even shattered, and there was only one hand left in Beiming’s fish, which was unable to make a bow and arrow. She simply put away her bow and only used her right hand to fight. Her right hand palm was overflowing with Spiritual Qi, and various Spiritual Qi attacks squeezed in all directions, making the soldiers of the Western Regions unable to reach.

Since the task has been completed, she has no reason to stay here for long.

After suppressing the Northern Soldiers of the Western Regions, she endured the pain of her left hand and pulled up and jumped up, trying to fly away from this place while Jialan hadn’t reached her body again.

At this time, Bei Xiaolu had already rushed to the neighborhood.

“Bei Xiaolu, retire!” Beiming Youyu greeted loudly.

Her voice spread out in the noisy battlefield, and Bei Xiaolu looked up after packing more than a dozen soldiers from the North.

Beijing Xiaolu showed a surprised expression when he saw that Beiming Youyu had little injuries.


The expression solidified in the next instant.

Beiming Youyu was stunned for a moment, and did not notice the eight plates of dropping from the sky. When she noticed that something was wrong, it was already the moment the ban was imposed on her.


Beiming has fish turn pale with fright, but my mind is extremely chaotic.

Whose prohibition?

The technique of prohibition is only owned by Mohist School and Sue Kirin, and the latter will definitely not use the prohibition on his own body-so, there is only one answer.


Beiming Youyu looked around, and finally saw the black shadow approaching from below.

The girl wearing a black robe, holding a big sword, went around behind her at some unknown time, and was stabbing herself with the big sword at an astonishing speed.

Beijing Youyu, whose left arm was damaged, could not fight back with a bow.

She just wanted to atomize and move, but because of the prohibition, she couldn’t do so. It was too late, the opponent’s big sword had already pierced Beiming Youyu’s eyes, and the white lightning flashing on it almost pierced her eyes.

I saw a flash of blue, which was the light of the talisman.

The activation of the amulet proves that Beiming Yuyu should be subject to a fatal attack, so it will automatically launch to protect its holder. Beiming Yuyu only realizes this and sees the sky. Cang blue light and swarf everywhere.

──That is the scene revealed after the amulet is broken.

The big sword in the black robe girl’s hand can easily break through the talisman, just like bursting a bubble. Having lost the amulet, Beiming Youyu had no final barrier, and the big sword was about to penetrate her body.

The big sword that flickered lightning almost covered her vision.

“You owe my old lady a favor!”

The next moment, a shout rushed into my ears.

Beiming has fish eyes black, and then blood blossoms. There was a chill on her left waist. The sharp sword edge of the sword edge cut through her clothes and her flesh, and the lightning on it rushed into the body, interrupting and disrupting her Spiritual Qi movement within the body.

She stared wide.

It wasn’t because of her own injury. The background of Bei Xiaolu reflected in her wide eyes.

At the crucial moment, Bei Xiaolu directly held the opponent’s big sword with both palms, and he just shifted it a little bit, which caused the big sword to not penetrate directly through Beiming. body.

As a price, Bei Xiaolu’s right waist was pierced with a long and deep hole by a big sword, the depth of which almost divided Bei Xiaolu into two.

“Remember my old lady’s favor…”

Bei Xiaolu turned around, said a word with a strong smile, and then spit out a mouthful of blood, staining Beimingyou Yu’s white cheeks.


Beijing Youyu was speechless for a while, and his mind went blank.

“──It’s getting in the way!”

The black robe girl who did not succeed gave a violent scream, and once again drove the big sword to continue to the north and cut off the fish, but Bei Xiaolu was dead. Don’t let go, and don’t know the strength that comes and the opponent strive for high and low.

“Small road! ─ ─ get out of my sight!”

Beijing Youyu felt that the big sword was going deep into his waist, and suddenly recovered, furiously shouted. A strong mist erupted from her body, tearing her clothes apart, the violent Spiritual Qi mixed with shock to push the black robe girl away, and also rushed to stop Jia Lan who was coming. Bei Xiaolu’s body also fell down, like a rag.

The huge white fox emerged from the mist, exhaling a scorching breath.

──A white fox with nine tails.

The white fox opened its mouth in time to bite the body that fell from Bei Xiaolu to avoid the tragedy of the opponent’s body hitting the ground. When the white fox hit the ground, it made a shock and jumped again with the help of force.

The pure white demon rising into the sky flies into the distance with nine tails unstoppable.

“Don’t want to escape!”

The speed of the white fox is amazing. The black robe girl and Jia Lan chased it at the same time, but the nine tails were thrown away by Spiritual Qi. Hit by the light bomb. Each luminous bullet is full of majestic Spiritual Qi, and the quantity is dense.

Both Jialan and Merlele were crushed by the violent light bullets, unable to chase them, even speaking. Those light bombs were like a fortress full of their mouths, and they came like crazy, just like the sand in the desert.

Both of them knew that Beiming had fish and they were desperate.

The light bombs even hit the military formations in the Western Regions, exploding one after another, causing huge dust to rise in an instant. When the dust dissipated, the white fox was already far away in the sky, drawing beautiful red ripples in the air.

──The ripples of blood.

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