The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1131

The willow-like tobacco shreds slowly rises, entangled on the old broken beam.

Sue Kirin let out a dull breath from her small, affectionate lips. The in vain breath melted into the tobacco in a blink of an eye, merged into one, I am afraid it was also wrapped around the beam.

The rising steam condenses into water droplets again on the beam, dripping from time to time, falling into the muddy water.

The girl is in the bathtub.

In order to implement Qin Shiyu’s seemingly like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies proposal, she and Yuyao have devoted themselves to digging tunnels and have been busy all day. The progress is acceptable, but the price paid is physical strength and cleanliness. After finishing the day’s work, she is already too tired to be human, which has something to do with her recent battles and running around.

The muddy clothes hung on a side screen.

Sue Kirin stared at the ceiling blankly, thinking that he finally agreed to Qin Shiyu’s proposal. She originally didn’t at all agree to the idea, but after all, she couldn’t take what Yu Yao said as a lie.

──The original destiny has been distorted, and everything must be brought back to the right track, otherwise you and your cherished people will die in the wilderness of Northern Domain.

Frankly speaking, Sue Kirin doesn’t remember what Yuyao said at the time. He only remembers the meaning of Yomo, but what does this mean? She believed it–no, not so much that she believed it, it was better to say that she couldn’t ignore Yu Yao’s words.

So and so, it can be regarded as half-push half.

“At the end of the day, I am still influenced by all kinds of people and things… What else is the most important thing to do is what I want to do… It’s not my turn at all. “

Sue Kirin sighed again, the breath still melted into the rising smoke, like throwing a stone, but unable to make a ripple on the lake.

──The feeling of weakness.

In the face of the words of righteousness, the overall situation, and the common people of the world, she always seems unable to be completely dominated by her own thoughts and bound by them. She didn’t like this feeling, but she could do nothing about it.

Sadly, she gradually changed from feeling angry and depressed about it, and became only sighing.

Or, after a long time and depression, she gradually forgets how to resist is the best. Her strength stems from everything she carries, but she is also bound by it and cannot be easily reconciled.

But there are only ideas, no power but only a kind of innocence.

Without power, she can’t even live to the present, and can’t even protect the people she cherishes.

“That’s enough…Does the world like not to make people’s dreams come true?”

Sue Kirin sighed three times.

The sigh still melted into the rising heat, even if she raised her hand to try to separate it, she couldn’t avoid this result. Following the wind, you will only lose yourself in the end, and everything in front of you seems to be telling it like this.

The troubles are deeply entangled.

Sue Kirin dips half of his face in the water, exhales through his nose, and blows bubbles on the surface of the water. gu lu gu lu, that voice made her feel that she has not yet completely melted into the so-called mainstream.

In the world, one of the most difficult things is probably to keep yourself that’s all.

Soaked long enough, Sue Kirin propped up his body, reached out to touch the brush and soap on the small table next to him, intending to wipe his body. She hasn’t bathed for many days, even if Grandmaster gave her white skin that won’t ooze oil due to long periods of uncleanliness, it is inevitable for external pollutants to stick to it.

Rao is more or less unbearable because she doesn’t pay attention to her manners.

She held the soap and brushed the left and right brushes on her body, brushing out bubbles to cover her body, and then she took up the hair brush and prepared to deal with other stubborn stains.

The brush sticks to the skin, stinging.

It’s just that this brush may not be destined to touch her skin.

──A tingling sensation suddenly hit his head.


Sue Kirin frowned, and the brush in his hand fell. She raised her hand to hold her forehead, and held the position that seemed to have been acupuncture, but did not rub it.

“This is…”

Sue Kirin thought about the reason, an answer flashed in his mind.

She didn’t know if that was the correct answer, but her body had already moved first and she stood up suddenly in the bathtub. The overflowing water crash-banged to the ground, and her naked body was faintly discernible in the smoke.

“Little Master, have you washed it yet? I have prepared the food.”

The discipline staying outside suddenly uttered a sound, presumably he heard the movement here.

Sue Kirin heard the other party’s question, but refused to understand in his mind. She was caught in some kind of shock, and she looked to the west suddenly. On the far side, there was the culprit that made her split.

Across such a distance from the wall, she couldn’t see the situation there.

She only knows──

“The talisman on the little fish is broken…” Sue Kirin muttered in disbelief.

When she knew that Lingyue Valley was devastated, she also believed that Beiming Youyu would not die so easily, but she didn’t expect that at this moment, she felt her body protect the world. Fu broken breath.

The talisman is broken.

This does not mean that Beiming Yuyu has already lost her life, but it proves that she was unable to fight back when she was attacked by a potentially fatal attack, which led to the automatic activation of the Talisman in an attempt to protect her safety.

The last Life Protecting Talisman was broken.

“Little fish!”

Sue Kirin became anxious, and regardless of whether there was still a lot of foam on his body, he jumped out of the bathtub directly. She snapped her fingers, and a burst of water appeared out of nowhere, swept away all the unclean things on her body. Then, she hooked her fingers again, and the clothes hung on the screen seemed to be hooked, and slid towards her at a speed.

She walked out, putting on her clothes. At the same time, the lines on the clothes shined brightly, driving away the stains on the clothes, and in a blink of an eye, they were as white as new again.

“Little Master, why did you put on your coat?”

Sue Kirin just put on his coat and walked around the screen to the outside room. He was setting up food and water on the table. Yuner asked her in surprise.

She didn’t change her clothes, and she put on her jacket. Shui Yuner knew Sue Kirin well, and she knew Sue Kirin was going out. Otherwise, with Sue Kirin’s personality, he must have put on cool pajamas a long time ago.

“Little fish’s talisman is broken.”

Sue Kirin murmured, walking outside. She couldn’t know the situation far away, but she thought Qin Shiyu or Yu Yao would know something. She intends to find them.

“Little fish’s talisman is broken!”

Shui Yun’er has not had time to be surprised by the sudden information, Sue Kirin used a dull but louder The tone repeated once.

“Beiming Senior?”

Shui Yuner knew what this meant, abandoning the freshly heated food, and hurriedly caught up. She was too surprised and asked in detail.


When they walked to the yard, Sue Kirin master and disciple met Gong Tianqing and Qi Qiqi who were approaching. They must have just finished discussing things with Qin Shiyu and the others, so they should come back to rest.

However, Sue Kirin didn’t feel warm to the two.

“Little Seven!”

Sue Kirin rushed forward and grabbed Qi Qiqi’s arm.

The scorching eyes are compelling, Qi Qiqi panicked inexplicably, and her cheeks also had an unknown flush.

“What’s the matter? Don’t just grab someone’s hand–hey, it hurts!”

Qi Qiqi was still talking and talking with her eyes flashing. Halfway through, he felt a tenderness in his arm, so he changed his anger and tried to withdraw his hand.

Sue Kirin’s strength is so great that Qi Qiqi couldn’t withdraw her hand.

“Kirin!” Qi Qiqi raised her voice.

Her hands are pinched red.

At this time, Sue Kirin reacted and let go of his hand in a jealous manner. But she soon became serious again and asked:

“Little Qi, you just finished the meeting with Qin Shiyu, right?”

“That’s right… …” Qi Qiqi pouted her mouth, rubbing the red and swollen areas on her arms, “So, you have something to do with her? Isn’t she too difficult for her?”

Qiqiqi’s face also changed to look bad. She also had some opinions about Qin Shiyu more or less, and most of them were dissatisfaction with Sue Kirin’s unauthorized drive. Because of Qin Shiyu, Sue Kirin has no idea how many times he has been in danger.

“But, even if this is the case, you shouldn’t put your anger on me?”

Qiqiqi’s brows moved, she seems to care more about Sue Kirin pinching her arm The red thing.

“Where is Yuyao?” Sue Kirin ignored Qi Qiqi’s complaint and asked about the whereabouts of another Grandmaster.

“Yuyao Senior?”

Qi Qiqi blinked and looked at Gong Tianqing. It seems that they never expected Sue Kirin to ask about Yu Yao’s whereabouts, but from the blank eyes of the two of them, it is possible to know that they are most likely not aware of Yu Yao’s whereabouts.

“Little Master, why did you look for Yuyao Senior?” Shui Yuner asked.

“I think she might know something–“

Sue Kirin tapped his forehead as if he wanted to ease the tingling sensation just now.

“As soon as Cao Cao is mentioned, Cao Cao is here–this sentence is really sincere and not deceiving me!”

Sue Kirin sighed, knowing that the tingling in his head just now is not a feeling leftover Or the reason why the pain hasn’t gone away is that she perceives the approach of Yu Yao’s breath.

She was standing at the moon gate in the yard.

Yuyao is still the black and white robe, with white legs, like a tall crane standing tall, with a sense of incongruity with the surroundings.

The red eyeshadow on the corners of the eyes is particularly glamorous and dazzling, as if it will shine.

──The pupil like a jade eye still exists.


Sue Kirin silently turned around, and stepped faster and faster, almost rushing, and walked in front of Yu Yao. With the momentum of going forward, he grabbed Yu Yao’s skirt.

Yu Yao’s silhouette shook suddenly, like a weak and weak person.

“Do you know something?”

Sue Kirin knew he should calm down, but when he reacted, he blurted out directly along with the anxiety and anger in his heart.

“You said that fate has been twisted, and you want to get it back on track-that means you already know a lot of things beforehand, right? Then you should also know that something will happen to Xiaoyu , Isn’t it?”

Looking at that excessively beautiful, but giving a sense of inorganicity, obsidian-like eyes, Sue Kirin asked several times, clearly mixed with anger in his breath.


Yu Yao did not make a sound, and there was sadness in his eyes.

For some reason, Sue Kirin’s heart seemed to be grabbed, and he shook suddenly. Yuyao’s eyes seemed to have told Sue Kirin the answer.

“You already knew, didn’t you?” Sue Kirin asked incredulously.


Yu Yao is still speechless.

“What are you talking about,” Sue Kirin burst into flames, grabbed Yuyao and pulled her cheeks in front of him, “Yuyao, don’t force me…you don’t force me…you Don’t force me…”

Sue Kirin repeated the same sentence three times, and the beautiful and ethereal silhouette of Yu Yao reflected in the bright yellow eyes like gems. As it should be by rights, Yuyao’s eyes are also reflecting Sue Kirin’s distorted expression.

The girl’s face is slightly hideous, but Yu Yao is only sad.

Sue Kirin felt helpless in the face and eyes of the other party.

“Kirin, calm down.”

Qi Qiqi came over at some unknown time, grabbed Sue Kirin and grabbed Yuyao’s arm, and seriously persuaded Sue who was almost out of control. Kirin.

Sue Kirin turned his head to the girl with red eyes in a daze.

“But, Xiaoyu, she…”

Sue Kirin felt that he was going crazy when he thought that a fish in Beiming might have been killed. She couldn’t erase Beiming’s imagination that there was a fish lying in a pool of blood.

“The general trend is that the concubine body can’t just focus on one person.”

Yu Yao answered the question just now, calling Qi Qiqi’s efforts in vain.


Qiqiqi couldn’t help but yell because Sue Kirin pushed her away.

The girl who regained herself caught Yuyao again:

“you guy! Why are you──”

“If the concubine said, What would you do?”

“What should I do?” Sue Kirin quickly replied, “Of course to save──”

“Save her, and then ignore Northern Domain? Abandon it here. Everything?”

Yu Yao interrupted Sue Kirin’s words, there were ripples in her eyes, deepening the sadness. Sue Kirin was speechless for a while, and for a time he lowered his eyes because he didn’t know how to answer.

But she remembered, remembering her entanglement in the bathtub just now, and finally got her words back.

“You guy, don’t tell me anything, I only know–“

“Let the Heavenly Jade Palace──the one you cherished die?”

When Yu Yao interrupted Sue Kirin again, her eyes became more profound. This time, Sue Kirin was really speechless.

“You may want to live more like yourself and act voluntarily, but you have forgotten that the things you carry can never be separated from the general situation-right , You can never get rid of the world. You and your concubine are the same.”

As Yu Yao said so, tears appeared in the corner of her eyes.

Sue Kirin suddenly understood what the sadness in her face and eyes was aimed at. Well, it is for the matter itself.

People are involuntarily in the arena.

Although the words are crude, they can withstand scrutiny.

“The people who really live the most like themselves are often abandoned by the world. The world is cruel and does not allow others to violate their own will. Well, Bei Xiaolu… Can you survive?”

The pitiful lips were sad and sad.

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