The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1132

“What did you say?”

Sue Kirin listened, but when he heard the name “Bei Xiaolu”, there was a stronger chill in his heart, and his eyes widened suddenly. She eagerly wondered whether her bad premonition was not from Beiming’s fish, but from Bei Xiaolu.

“What are you talking about?”

Seeing that Yuyao has not answered Sue Kirin, he no longer cares about who is in front of him. Between her teeth, flames emerged in her palm.

“Don’t force me to do it, answer me quickly!”

If Yuyao doesn’t answer him face-to-face, I’m afraid Sue Kirin will really do it to her.

It’s about Beiming’s fish, and it seems that Bei Xiaolu is involved, and two important friends are also in danger. How can she maintain her sense.

“Kirin, wait!”

Qi Qiqi grabbed Sue Kirin’s arm again, but only in exchange for a fierce stare. She was taken aback, took a step back, but stabilized in time, did not really let go.

“Are you going to have infighting first?”

Took a deep breath, Qi Qiqi looked straight at Sue Kirin.

“But, Xiaoyu and Xiaolu may be in trouble! How do you tell me to calm down?” She turned her head vigorously and stared at Yuyao again, “This guy may have known that they would be in danger, but there was no Tell me! If she tells me, I might be able to…save them!”

“I know! I know all!” Qi Qiqi yelled, “But even if you and now If Yuyao Senior fights, can I remedy it?”

Perhaps her voice is too loud. Sue Kirin calmed down, and the flame in his hand disappeared out of thin air.

Then, she slumped on the ground as if she had lost her strength.

“What should I do…what should I do?”

Sue Kirin hammered the ground weakly. She hammered harder and harder, and her palm broke within a few strokes, bleeding out.

Qiqiqi wanted to say something, but she was speechless after she opened her mouth.

She also doesn’t know what to do.

──Yes, she doesn’t know either.

Yuyao ignored Sue Kirin, but looked towards the horizon of the west, as an observer looking forward to the dawn of dawn.

“To survive, or to be destroyed–just here, Master Nianzhi.”

Yu Yao’s voice is very light and light, so light that it can rise with the wind .


The offensive of the Western Regions did not last long.

It was probably the reason why the position was smashed. The Western Regions probably didn’t want to entangle too deeply with the defenders of Qinglun City and Zhenxi Mansion, who took the initiative to go out of the city to fight. They retreated just before dawn.

Come in the evening and go in the morning, just like the tide.

However, only a few people in the entire Qinglun city know the reason for the real retreat of the Western Regions. Yes, Jiang Runzhi knows, his cronies know, the culprit of the sneak attack Beiming Youyu and her cronies also know.

Well, that reason must be unknown to most of the Western Regions generals.

That was originally a collusive game.

──A bureau for the North Ming to have fish.

Qin Yu wants to get rid of Beiming Youyu with the hands of the outside world, so is there a better knife than Xiyu, Asura, and Mo Family? Presumably not.

As long as a fish in the North Ming dies at the hands of the Western Regions, it can condense people’s hatred towards the Western Regions. This is very beneficial to the Imperial Court, and Merlele is also involved in it, and can be divided again. Mo Family and Wu Family, this is also what Qin Yu quite likes to see.

This was originally Qin Yu’s conspiracy.

In the end, Beiming Youyu, a highly respected figure who had guarded the border for the Hua Dynasty for many years, was still only a chess piece of Qin Yu. Moreover, when Qin Yu didn’t need this chess piece, she couldn’t end well, and could only optimize Qin Yu’s interests through sacrifice.

What are the benefits of the Imperial Court?

No, it should be said that it is purely Qin Yu’s personal benefit.

The fish in the North Ming is a factor of instability.

Qin Yu appointed the Grandmaster like this world, but there is no basis. The accusation or speculation is purely a kind of “an innocent man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime” that’s all.

But for a man who is suspicious and hates martial artist, this is enough to get rid of Beiming Youyu.

It’s just that, when he knows that Beiming Youyu himself ordered his subordinates to design, and even connected with the Western Regions to put Beiming Youyu to death, but nothing happened, how would he react?

Jiang Runzhi couldn’t help but think about it, and smiled logically.

He is not only laughing at Qin Yu.

──not only.

He is also laughing at himself, that mocking smile is for those who plot against Beiming Youyu together. In the end, Beiming had fish or not died.

Despite being seriously injured, she did not die in anyone’s eyes. No one can confirm whether she has passed away. For Jiang Runzhi, it is not acceptable for Qin Yu. answer.

“…That’s enough.”

In the Imperial Tutor chair, Jiang Runzhi was paralyzed.

His head is terrifying with pain, and he has been reflecting the scene of Beiming Youyu desperately escaping from here. Even if one of the Spiritual Qi light bullets hit me, I am afraid that he will die in honor.

A fish in Beiming did not die.

Jiang Runzhi chooses the fluttering thoughts, if the other party knows the truth one day, will she break her body into pieces? In other words, he was treated like this, he would definitely act like this.

“The commander.”

A subordinate stood by the screen in the hall and called respectfully toward this side.

He didn’t come at the right time, and he was even a little confused. Jiang Runzhi was tired and annoying. But the other party must also have something to report, and loyal to that’s all, Jiang Runzhi will not be angry with the unknowing other party.

“What’s the matter?”

Jiang Runzhi squeezed the few remaining strength and straightened his body. He asked as he poured himself tea. The tea was already cold, and he frowned unsatisfactorily.

“The casualties have been roughly counted.”

The general of Zhenxi Mansion replied, taking out something similar to a report, and the Battle Armor clanged.

The tea is really cold. I don’t know how long it will take. Jiang Runzhi took a sip and pushed the tea cup to the corner of the coffee table, not wanting to touch it again. It’s no wonder that just now he was in the middle of the war, so the servant would do his best to keep the tea warm? As long as the city is broken, they will definitely run away in embarrassment.

“Let’s talk.” Jiang Runzhi said in a dull voice.

The subordinate answered yes and reported the number of casualties separately. That number is not really eye-catching and shocking, it all depends on the strategy of the Qinglun City defenders not going out to fight.

However, no one thinks this is glorious.

Because the subordinate read that when Beiming had a fish dead, his expression was as ugly as the clouds in the sky, he must feel aggrieved. Jiang Runzhi could more or less understand his feelings, after all, he was also young and vigorous.

“That, the commander.”

After hesitating for a long time, he finally mustered up the courage, the expression on the subordinate’s face was telling it. Jiang Runzhi closed his eyes and calculated the loss in his mind, and handed it back to Imperial Capital with a good report, and asked casually.

“What else is there?”

“The matter of the Northern Ming Dynasty…Should we send someone to search and rescue?”

Jiang Runzhi’s brows trembled, like As if opening heavy eyelids, he slowly opened his eyes. He had an angry look, staring straight at his subordinates.

The subordinates were a little cringed by him, but they did not take back their own problems.

Just now, I let the Beiming Zunzu take everything, but I was in the city and did nothing. This time I must also stand up! Jiang Runzhi seemed to be able to hear the voice of the other party. Everything is written on the face, and these people understand a little too well.

If everyone in the world is the same, a lot of effort can be saved. Jiang Runzhi’s thoughts are a little far away.

“How to search and rescue?”

Jiang Runzhi sighed, forcing the unhappy heart to ask.

“Beijing Mingzuo, but did not escape back to the city, don’t you understand? She can’t believe us anymore.”

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Jiang Runzhi said Some things that should not be said. He thought about it, maybe it was too depressing, so he wanted to talk to people. Although this talk to the person is too inappropriate.

“Can’t you trust us?” The subordinates obviously stared in surprise.

He must not think deeply about this.

“Do you know who stabbed her?”

“Aren’t they from the Western Regions?” The subordinates who answered this way blinked, and it seemed that they didn’t know it.

“You heard the rumors, did you?”

Jiang Runzhi’s eyes flowed.

The subordinates hesitated again, only to hesitate to answer one word.

“The people of Beggars’ Sect said that it was the master craftsman of the Mo family.” He continued.

“Even if the Bei Ming Zun is in a dangerous situation, how can it be hurt by ordinary people?” Jiang Runzhi leaned back on the chair again and rubbed his swollen forehead, “Indeed, hurt her The person must have very strong strength, and that huge sword – besides the Mohist artisan, who else?”

“Why does the Mohist artisan hurt the Beiming Venerable Seat?”


“Private grievances.” Jiang Runzhi used the rhetoric that he had compiled long ago.

Well, this matter must all be pushed to Mo Lele’s head, otherwise the military will definitely be unstable, and both Jiang Runzhi and Qin Yu want the Hua Dynasty official to get rid of all relations with this matter . They don’t want to bear the turbulence caused by plot against Beiming Youyu, otherwise Qin Yu would not need to plot against again, murder a person with a borrowed knife.

Today is different.

In recent years, Lingyue Valley’s prestige has become more and more important, and the relationship between Wu Yao has been improved with the efforts of Four Great Sects, and Beiming Youyu has long been less deceived than before.

It was a farce, Jiang Runzhi thought.

“So, it should be reported to the Imperial Court immediately.” The subordinate’s proposed voice rushed into my ears irresistibly.


Jiang Runzhi chuckled and understood that the focus of his subordinates was not to “report”, but that the Imperial Court would stand up for justice after the report. Beiming Youyu has great prestige, but Mo Lele is far from each other, and he doesn’t know who his subordinates will stand on.

“The report must be reported naturally, but what about the report?”

“This…” The subordinates were a little surprised, “This should not seek justice for the North Pluto seat. Is it?”

“Look at this mansion that you have shit in your head. Why don’t you think about the Imperial Court’s attitude towards martial artists?”

Jiang Runzhi cast aside his subordinates.

“…I don’t understand.” The subordinate was dumbfounded and gave the answer in these four words.

“I don’t understand, it’s because you are not sitting in that position. People with different heights can see different things. Of course, the taller people will see farther and wider, but at the same time There may be some details missing-this is originally a kind of function assignment, there is no level, and because of this, you can just take care of yourself.”

“But…the North Pluto seat is now Still life and death unclear.”

“Sending someone to search and rescue will naturally have to send someone to search and rescue, but… now that the Beiming seat is lost, Qinglun City is almost undefended, so you have to be clear. Imperial Court is likely to ask the Mohist family to support us.”

“How can this be?” the subordinates screamed in surprise.

However, a casually response from Jiang Runzhi is enough──

“Then you have to volunteer yourselves to single-hand Asura?”

make him dumb Speechless.

Jiang Runzhi sighed heavily, thinking that some prestige work must be done, otherwise it may stimulate some resistance or conflict.

“Let’s do it, since you made this suggestion, it’s up to you to complete it. Later, you will take the letter written by your own mansion and go to Master Lin Xu and ask him to arrange a hundred soldiers for you. Secretly go out of the city to search for the whereabouts of the North Ming Zunzu. Well, but you can’t go too far, it’s about a hundred miles away. This matter is left to you, how about it?”

The subordinates didn’t seem to think about it. After this task, he would fall on his body, and he would stare wide without responding. Jiang Runzhi didn’t plan to entangle him more, and banged on the table, prompting his subordinates to return to their senses.

“Yes, the last general will take the command.” The subordinates finally responded seriously.

“It’s so good,” Jiang Runzhi waved his hand, and finally the two talked, “Retreat.”

“The commander…”

But the subordinates did not intend to turn around and leave, instead they showed a rather embarrassing expression.

“Why, what else?”

Jiang Runzhi moved his eyebrows impatiently, his patience was almost exhausted, and he couldn’t help all the depression in his heart. Pour on the subordinates in front of you.

“Beggars’ Sect Elder wants to see you, the commander, now outside the official mansion.” said the subordinate.

This sentence evoked an annoyance, as if some kind of bad ridicule hit Jiang Runzhi’s face. He wanted to growl loudly for a while to get his subordinates who didn’t know what to say and look at before him to get out.

However, Beggars’ Sect matters should indeed be dealt with.

Bei Xiaolu insisted on going her own way to support Beiming Youyu, and she did it. She sacrificed herself and saved Beiming Youyu’s life. Jiang Runzhi had seen it. If it wasn’t for Bei Xiaolu to arrive in time, and desperately deviated Mo Lele’s sword for Beiming Youyu, Beiming’s fish would no longer be in a state of uncertainty.

──Well, if that sword is not crooked, Beiming Yuyu will definitely die here.

Although the sword still severely inflicted Bei Xiaolu and Beimingyouyu, the life and death of the two could not be confirmed for one day, and Jiang Runzhi could not feel at ease. Not only was he unable to feel at ease, Qin Yu would certainly not be satisfied with this answer.

Furthermore, Bei Xiaolu is the Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader. How could Beggars’ Sect dísciple be willing to give up? They will certainly cause all kinds of troubles. On the other hand, the most terrible thing is that Jiang Runzhi needs to cooperate with Mo Lele, colluding with Asura and Secret Sect to conquer the Western countries in order to realize the ambition and ambition of the Moon Wheel king.

Yes, Qin Yu and King Moon Wheel, who are unwilling to be only one lord, want to take this opportunity to divide the land of the Western Regions equally.

For this, Beggars’ Sect must be stabilized ──If you can’t stabilize it, find a way to drive them all out of the city. While thinking that this must be another series of troubles, Jiang Runzhi nodded and said to his subordinates:

“Well, call him in.”

He thought, this must be a long pull. .

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