The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1133

From emerald green to pale.

Breaking into the city of Kunlun, like crazy, I don’t know how much it has gone deep. Like crazy, rushing forward, wanting to take the girl in her mouth out of danger like crazy, dizzy in the pale land.

Until the wounds gradually aggravated and the physical strength was exhausted, the pure white fox could not hold the flight and was about to hit the ground. The snow lifted up, burying the silhouette of the person and the fox.

Then, it was silent for a while.

The huge silhouette of the fox disappeared in the white dust like fog, and when the snow gradually dissipated, there were only two figures lying vertically and horizontally on the ground.

Beiming Youyu, who had recovered her body, wanted to support her body, but her waist injury prevented her from doing so. She tried to get up several times and fell down several times. She tried to reach the Bei Xiaolu that was not far away, but she couldn’t reach the other side. The petite girl was half buried in the snow, and the blood from the terrifying wound on her waist soon whitened the snow.

Ah, I must not at all. How long has passed… Beiming thought about it, and fortunately so.

Looking at Bei Xiaolu’s wound is still bleeding, at least it proves that there is still fresh blood in her within the body. Of course, the amount of blood loss must have been quite worried, and it won’t work without emergency treatment.

Rao is already a body in the big world, Bei Xiaolu’s life force is strong enough, but in the face of the huge wound that almost cuts her in half, can her life force make her live? It is still very unoptimistic to continue. If no good treatment can be done, the girl will definitely die.

There are fish in Beiming but not much better.

She tried to get up again, but the wound on her waist was so painful, and she didn’t know that something had invaded her body, so she couldn’t make good use of the Spiritual Qi that used to be like an arm. She is like someone who has been emptied, only subconsciously remaining.

The lightning flashing on the sword must be the sky thunder.

Bei Ming had a thought, and laughed out loud. Only Tianlei can break her Spiritual Qi circulation to such a point during the invasion within the body, and it is not known whether Xinmai Wugen has been irreversibly damaged. However, at this moment, she couldn’t care too much about her injury, she just wanted to save the girl in front of her.

The name Beiming Youyu is often accompanied by loss. As a Martial Demon, she has lost enough. She has lost most of her life. She has lost the people she loves. She has also lost the belongings that she has established. And now she seems to have lost the girl who tried her best to save her life at all costs. .


Perhaps, the name Beiming Youyu originally meant to be lost, she felt ridiculed.

But this is not a time to complain and have no desire to improve.

Even if you are crawling, you must crawl to the other side. Beiming Yuyu gritted his teeth, spurring his limbs with all his strength, and crawling forward continuously regardless of the pain of the wound—her embarrassed appearance, It is more appropriate to say that it is dragging the body on the ground. If someone sees her like this, they will open their mouths in surprise.

A long blood trail was drawn on the ground, and the tail was stained with blood. Beiming Youyu finally crawled to Bei Xiaolu. She tried her best to prop up her body, but in her heart she thought that she still couldn’t do what she wanted. She didn’t expect any strength, she really propped up her body.

“Bei Xiaolu…”

Beijing Youyu sits steadily, with one hand covering her waist wound that will be more severely cracked by crawling, and stretches out her other hand Go and hold the fatal big wound of Bei Xiaolu. The wound area is too large, and Beiming Yuyu simply can’t cover it, even if the blood slows the speed of the blood out.

“Bei Xiaolu, hold on…”

Bei Ming Youyu called again with that weak terrifying voice. To be honest, it was hard for her to imagine that her voice would be so weak that it was hoarse like a dry desert.

She had to tore off Bei Xiaolu’s coat, twisted it into one, and bandaged it as much as possible for her. Fortunately, she was carrying the golden medicine from Heavenly Jade Palace, which was better than nothing. However, such measures are obviously not enough. Bei Xiaolu’s breath is getting weaker and weaker, and his breathing is almost too weak to feel.

It must be rescued, Beiming Youyu deeply understands this. She didn’t know why she didn’t return to Qinglun City. Even if it is going to some further cities, Yubei Xiaolu may be better.

However, she just ran into Kunlun’s realm.

There are no people, no buildings, there is nothing but whiteness, only ice and snow are the company. Here, Bei Xiaolu couldn’t receive proper treatment at all.

There is a fish in Beiming thinking that she might just instinctively think that Kunlun Mountains are one of the few places where she can feel at ease. I only blame myself for not maintaining my sanity at that time.

“I’m sorry, Bei Xiaolu, I am too useless…”

Bei Ming Youyu whispered softly and made up his mind. She is going to take Bei Xiaolu to the nearby city, hoping to find a doctor to treat her. Even if she knows that Bei Xiaolu’s injuries can’t be dealt with by ordinary doctors, it is better than sitting here and waiting for death.

However, reality is ruthless.

Beijing Youyu tried to lift Bei Xiaolu’s body, but found that she didn’t have enough strength at all. The injury on her body was not too serious, but it was very strange. She couldn’t use any strength, and she was doing her best just by sitting.

So, she did not stabilize Bei Xiaolu, and the two fell to the ground again.

The snow in the shallow entrance has the smell of blood. Beiming Yuyu doesn’t know whether the blood originated from itself or from Beixiaolu. The stench is terrifying, which is also disgusting.

This time, when he fell down, Beiming had a fish and could no longer support his body.

“It’s useless…” She gritted her teeth, but her arms were limp.

Suddenly, she realized something.

It may not only be Bei Xiaolu, I am afraid I will also die in this white space. There is no human smoke, and no one can lend a helping hand to her. In this case, the two injured have nothing but dead end, especially when Beiming Yuyu cannot use Spiritual Qi now, she actually feels it in her body. cold.

This is an impossible situation in the past.



White’s despair, fell into despair in a pure white.

Beijing Youyu is not afraid of death, but she is afraid that Bei Xiaolu, who saved her without hesitation, will die beside her. Mo Lele came for herself, if Bei Xiaolu chose to stand by, she would definitely not fall into death.

“Heh, righteousness…”

Beijing Youyu has already begun to react. This whole thing is unusual. To put it bluntly, Jiang Runzhi had already planned to put himself to death, otherwise he would not just leave himself alone to uproot the positions of the Western Regions.

What about the Western Regions?

Is it already agreed? Thinking of this, Beiming Youyu couldn’t help but laugh at himself, and felt a chill in his heart. If this is the case, she really doesn’t know how to face Hua Chao again.

“…what are you kidding?”

If that’s the case, there will be fish in Beiming that can make those people die here as they wish. She tried her best to prop up her body again, gritted her teeth, and tightened her body.

Remorse, annoyance-these feelings support her and give her strength.

Moreover, this matter must be told to everyone, and everyone must be told to make them aware of the sinister intentions of the Imperial Court.

After finally sitting up again, Beiming Youyu suddenly saw the faint light swaying. The light of dawn fell on the far side, unexpectedly dividing everything within sight into light and dark.

Beiming Youyu is on the bright side, bathed in the radiance of the first sun, while on the dim side, there is a dim but not to be ignored light swaying gently towards this Side close.

Someone is here? Beiming Youyu was taken aback for a moment, and the flickering lights were reflected in his slightly widened eyes. She squinted her eyes, and with her excellent eyesight, she finally saw the person who came.

That is the silhouette that almost melts into the white background.

An astonishing number of white Fengsong hairs, slightly sickly pale skin, gray rectangular pupils, the girl walking slowly, in the snowy white, wearing poor clothes .

Clothes like a dancer, revealing large areas of skin.

The pale skin seems to be hidden deep in the darkness for a long time, and no one who sees the light can have it. The pair of goat horns on the head of the visitor shines under the light of the long handle she is holding. With the light and dark radiance.

Beijing Youyu recognizes that person.

“──Baize Senior?”

A fish in Beiming murmured his name.

She didn’t expect Shuji Baize to show up here, and she blinked her eyes several times because she thought she was wrong. During this period, Bai Ze, who seemed to be slow, had already crossed the boundary between light and dark and came to Beiming Youyu.

“hmph,” Bai Ze was coldly snorted unhappy, “I was depressed because I had to travel long distances to find people in such places where birds don’t lay eggs, but when I saw you This kind of desolate appearance, suddenly felt that this trip is not good, do you think this is a disease?”

The tall girl is not afraid of the cold, standing in the cold wind, reflecting the glory of dawn Mang’s skin is extremely conspicuous, and Beiming Youyu has never seen such a brilliant person.

Maybe I think Bei Xiaolu is saved, a certain string in her body finally broke, and she leaned forward feebly. Bai Ze squatted down and followed her with one hand, letting her lean against his chest.

“The demon of pure white is finally not pure white, and I don’t know if it is a good thing.”

Bai Ze said profoundly, his body warmed amazingly, Bei Ming Yuyu subconsciously wants to bury deeper and deeper, trying to get more warmth from the other person.

“If you let others see you like this, I’m afraid they will be dumbstruck scared…”

Shirasawa sighed, with a rare pity in his breath He couldn’t bear it, and has several points of shallow sighs.

“Why did Bai Ze Senior appear here?”

Although her body can’t help her, her consciousness is still sober, so Beiming Youyu directly asked her about what she thought was strange . But when she finished asking, she remembered what happened to Bei Xiaolu near the ground, and quickly bounced her body, grabbed Bai Ze’s shoulder, stared at the red purple eyes and shouted:

” Senior, save people.”

“You hurt me.” Bai Ze responded lightly.


Beijing Youyu reacted to something wrong, and quickly let go of the hand holding Bai Ze, relying on his own strength to sit reluctantly it is good.

“Really, after living for hundreds of years, I thought it was finally my turn to enjoy my old age. Didn’t expect to make such a big incident again… I still want to go to Heavenly Jade Palace when I am free Excuse me, Sue Kirin, didn’t expect this time to go out but ran into the Kunlun Mountains.”

In the irritable tone, there are explicit thorns.

Probably because of the strange lantern in her hand, her expression was half floating between the light and dark, swaying with uncertain light and shadow. She stood up looking troublesome, and knelt beside Bei Xiaolu instead. She moved her hand up along the long handle and moved to the place near the lantern. She leaned the lantern against the wound on Bei Xiaolu’s waist as if carrying a bright lantern.

“You have no way to go.”

Something strange happened.

The endless flow of blood from the wound has stopped, as if he was afraid of the fire like that was blocked back into the body. That is probably one of the boundary functions of “Yellow Springs Road”, but Bai Ze has no intention of explaining.

“It’s more or less uncomfortable to say it, but I’m here for the two of you.”

Bai Ze said without looking back, his voice sounded far away near.

“Come for us?” Beiming Youyu heart slightly startled, knowing that behind this there must be many things she doesn’t know.

Bai Ze did not explain, and each minding their own business said:

“Blood, I can stop it, but she is about to die.”

She ‘S voice is too flat, so that it gives people a sense of coldness. There was no response from Beiming Fish, and it seemed that he could not react immediately.

How about it?

Bei Ming Youyu’s mind was blank again, and he couldn’t even ask Bai Ze to work harder.

“Your injury is not light, the meridian within the body was damaged by the sky thunder… You ran to this cold place, do you want to die?”

Bai Ze half buried the handle of the long-handled lantern in the snow to fix it, and then said this, standing up, looking at Beiming Yuyu without a trace of ripples in his eyes.

“At least, I will die.”

The expression on Beiming Youyu’s face is quite ugly, ugly and a little insignificant.

“Lingyue Valley is ruined, this is where you belong?” Bai Ze snorts with his nose unhappily.

“Why did I appear here, I won’t elaborate on it, because the incident itself made me very unhappy-but since I’m here, I won’t let tragedy happen. Beiming has Yu, I am Shuji Baize, a person who knows all the knowledge in the world, and a bystander. You must remember that my intervention this time is against my principles, and you and Bei Xiaolu both owe me a favor.”

Said Bai Ze each minding their own business, and then looked in front of Beiming Youyu.

Following the look, Beiming Youyu suddenly discovered that there was another person there. Her attention just now focused on Bai Ze, and her body was severely injured, her perception dropped sharply, so she didn’t notice the existence of “her”.

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