The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1134

That is someone Beiming Youyu has never seen before.

Appearance is about early twenties, and looks similar to Bai Ze and Beiming Youyu. His face is gentle, and even has several points of Chuchu pitiful──I’m afraid there is also that on the other’s face. , The reason for the black cloth covering her eyes.

Is it blind?

The female is of good figure, wearing a dark green skirt, but the standard is not the common standard of the Chinese dynasty. Some are like the tailoring of some ethnic minority clothes. There are many silver ornaments on the body, revealing Lots of skin.

“Hello, there are fish in Beiming, we have heard of your deeds a long time ago.”

The female voice has a remote accent, which seems to be an accent near Nanzhao.

Beijing Youyu, who once lived in the realm of martial monsters, is also familiar with this accent. Nanzhao belongs to the southwestern barbarians and is a relatively backward place in the eyes of the Central Plains, but at the same time Quite mysterious. There are so many mountain ranges and plenty of forests, as if all the most incredible things can be hidden.

People think that the Martial Demon Realm is a mysterious place, but in the end, in the eyes of the martial demon like the fish in the North Ming, the Hua Dynasty also has many mysterious places, and the mountain range of Nanzhao is also the same mysterious.

It is said that people in Nanzhao do not take a bath, but the women in front of them are exceptionally refreshing, and their appearance is incredibly elegant.

“Are you…?” Beiming Youyu intuitively feels that the person in front of him is not simple.

The female laughed and turned to face Bai Ze.

“We and your Shuji are also considered a bad fate.”

“hmph,” Bai Ze curled one’s lip unhappily, “Nick fate? If you are rescued from the ravine, it is also the evil fate. I am afraid that one of them does not know how to be grateful.”

From this point of view, Bai Ze seems to have saved this woman.

The female giggled twice, with a unique charm of the exotic. Along with her slightly shaking body with a smile, there was also a strange crash from the big box she was hanging on one shoulder.

“Is she a doctor?” Beiming Youyu blurted out.

“She is not an ordinary doctor.”

Bai Ze’s unhappy response was full of far-reaching implications.

Bei Ming Youyu immediately understood the reason why the other party appeared here ─ ─ or the reason why Bai Ze brought her here. Beiming Youyu doesn’t know how Bai Ze foresaw this situation, maybe the whole thing was just a coincidence that’s all, but who cares? Bei Xiaolu is living hanging by a thread.

However, before Beiming Youyu made a request, the woman took action──

“These old things should be talked about slowly, and now, just Let’s save this little girl who can serve us tea and food first, and it will not be too late to say a good word.”

Said I don’t know if I’m joking, the woman has already walked slowly to Bei Xiaolu. Beside, squatted down. Under the silent gaze of Beiming Youyu and Bai Ze, she lightly and carefully examined the injuries on Bei Xiaolu’s body.

Her eyes are blinded behind the black cloth, can she really see it? There is a fish in Beiming who has this doubt.

However, the concentration of women really makes people unable to disturb them easily. Beiming Youyu decided to hide the doubts in his heart. There are many capable people and strangers in this world, and Bai Ze doesn’t want to play tricks on himself.

Fortunately, the blood has stopped.

As long as the bleeding does not continue, at least the loss of blood and death can be avoided. But even so, Bei Xiaolu’s injury is still not optimistic, and the woman has already frowned.

Beijing Youyu can’t help feeling a little bit chilly, and his face is rarely uneasy.

“Don’t put on such an expression, you are a Grandmaster anyway.” Bai Ze came to Beiming Youyu, lightly threw this sentence, “Grandmaster should look like a Grandmaster , And ── if even she can’t save Bei Xiaolu, you can help her dig her grave now.”

Bai Ze’s words may have been meant to give Bei Ming the confidence, but Beiming Youyu felt even more anxious because this was the last chance. If the woman in front of you really can’t save Bei Xiaolu, it means she only has a dead end.

There are fish sighed in the North Ming.

“I don’t know how long it’s been so weak.”

“You were just dragged down from the altar by Sue Kirin that’s all.” Bai Ze’s words were very light. But in Beiming Youyu’s ears, it was extremely heavy, “You are still the mysterious, misty, and powerful Beiming Youyu in front of outsiders, but in front of Sue Kirin, in front of Bei Ming’s pavement, it’s just an awkwardness. , A cold-hearted woman that’s all.”

Perhaps Bai Ze’s words are full of emotions—sighs, sighs, and smiles with little knowing-you, Bei Mingyou Yu and Bai Ze remained silent for a long time.

“I’m still like that duckweed, swaying lightly.” Beiming Youyu’s face was a little dazed.

Bai Ze looked at her, and scratched the surprising amount of hair with a sense of “it’s enough”.

“…I see you are quite happy.” After a while, Bai Ze murmured angrily.

Beiming has fish startled, finally showing a faint smile.

Perhaps, she thought to herself, some memories of recent years appeared in her mind from time to time. She is no longer the lonely Grandmaster who only stayed in Lingyue Valley. Since that time, she followed Jieyu’s and Ning Mengqi’s suggestions and went to Jinling to participate in the banquet at Heavenly Sword Gate. She met that girl. It seems to be back in the master and disciple days that I spent with Qi Return to Origin a long time ago.

From that moment on, the pure white Grandmaster gradually became stained with color.

That’s not bad! Thinking about it, Beiming Youyu shook the head with a faint smile.

However, her smile did not last long, because the inspection at the other end seemed to have been completed. The woman looked back at the two. For an instant, Beiming Youyu’s heart seemed to be grabbed by the other’s eyes, for fear that the other party would shake his head and signal that Bei Xiaolu was not saved.

“Very serious injury, her meridian within the body was injured by the sky thunder, Spiritual Qi stopped the cycle-she could survive purely by the will and the physicality of the heaven.” Female She looked down at Bei Xiaolu and sighed bitterly, “Hey, she is also a stubborn person. She is as stubborn as a stone if she can persist until this time.”

Xiaolu is straightforward and Lusang, is a typical violent temper, and stubbornly terrifying, things will not change easily if you look for it. This kind of person is easy to make mistakes, but if she walks on the right path, she is the most People who are not easy to go astray.

Some people look at Bei Xiaolu and think she can’t be a great weapon, but in the eyes of Beiming Youyu, she is the most real person, full of brilliance. Yes, Beiming Youyu admires her very much, because like Sue Kirin, she lives very real, very selfish, and at the same time better than the latter. Compared with Sue Kirin, Bei Xiaolu looks more selfish, and never hides, scolds when he is unhappy, and laughs when he is happy.

Presumably Sue Kirin likes Bei Xiaolu so much because of this.

“Is there any help?” When Beiming Youyu asked like this, his tone was slightly trembling.

“I can’t save her.”

The female’s answer is very light, but it sounds like thunder in the ears of Beiming Youyu. She felt as if she was emptied of all her strength in an instant, dizzy, and the pair of fox ears on her head seemed to have lost support, and folded half weakly.

My mind is blank.

Seeing Beiming Youyu’s look unlovable, Bai Ze sighed and glared fiercely at the woman.

“That’s the end of the bad behavior, right? The valley owner of Medicine Valley──Qu Linglong.”

“Since Shuji Baize Zunzu said so, my little There is no reason for the Gu Master to disobey.”

Female–Qu Linglong answered with a smile, and pretended to cupped the hands towards Bai Ze. Bai Ze was even more unhappy, his entire face almost wrinkled.

Bei Ming Youyu opened his eyes and looked at them for a long time. As if she wanted to see more clearly, she slowly supported her weak body. Because of her movements, another blood flowed from her waist.

In spite of her own blood, she slid down her legs and landed on the snow.

“…what do you mean?”

Beijing Youyu didn’t even have time to be surprised by her identity as a woman, so she only thought about Bei Xiaolu.

“I can do my best, but I really can’t save it–but she persisted, and whether she can survive it depends on her good fortune.”

Linglong sighed back to this sentence.

But it is enough.

The body that Beiming Youyu had just propped up fell back to sit on the snow, startled a snowflake. She closed her eyes, her eyes lit up with a sparkle.

The teardrop finally fell on the ground and shattered like glass.

“Your injury is not light, I’ll bandage it for you.”

I can feel the breath of Bai Ze leaning on his side, Beiming Youyu listens to her, Just silently nodded, did not open his eyes.

Beside, Qu Linglong has opened her medicine chest.

“It’s okay to close your eyes, the next thing may be too shocking for the average person…”

Qu Linglong muttered like this, it seems that he saw Beiming The expression of the fish is gone.

She probably just has some problems with her eyes that’s all, maybe she is not really blind. While thinking, Beiming Yuyu couldn’t help but eyes opened and looked over, but saw that the medicine box was full of poisons that were still crawling–worms, all worms. There are also some porcelain jars.

She couldn’t help but gasped. What are these things?

“Poison is also a kind of medicine.”

When Bai Ze said this, the voice seemed to come from the abyss.

Beiming Youyu wants to ask more, but she doesn’t know why she feels depressed. She opened her mouth but couldn’t spit out even a word.

In the next scene, Beiming Youyu will definitely be unforgettable for a lifetime. She secretly made up her mind that if Bei Xiaolu really woke up and asked how she came alive, she would definitely remain silent.

Beijing Youyu wanted to get closer. He looked at Bei Xiaolu, but was afraid of disturbing the two of them, but if he didn’t look at Bei Xiaolu, he was afraid that Bei Xiaolu would feel lonely, so he had to sit on the ground cautiously , Let Bai Ze ask for medicine and cloth from Qu Linglong to burden himself.

She sat there, waiting for the longest time in the world to pass.

──Hiding my anxiety and hope.


Beggars’ Sect has become a mess.

Beijing Xiaolu’s life or death is unknown, but he was taken away by Beiming Youyu, and definitely nowhere. So, how can you allow Beggars’ Sect not to be messy? Moreover, the various events of the dísciple’s death are piled up like a mountain, which is really busy for the leaders of Beggars’ Sect.

“Is there no news from Sect Leader yet?”

In the courtyard, Longshanyue paced back and forth anxiously. He has sent countless dísciples to search for fish in Beixiaolu and Beiming, but there is no news.

With the passage of time, the seriously injured Bei Xiaolu became more and more dangerous.

“Not yet.” Huang Buzui, who was sitting on the stone chair, replied with a sigh.

He kept drinking, presumably he was also worried about the safety of Bei Xiaolu. Long Shanyue shook his eyebrows, angrily and anxiously, almost not kicking the stone beside his feet to pieces.

“What’s the situation in Zhenxi Mansion?” He asked again.

“Fu Shuai Jiang seems to have sent someone out to search, but there is no news.”

Huang Budui was shrugged, a wry smile appeared on his face. Long Shanyue stepped on the ground indignantly, heavier than once, and the ground was about to be crushed by him.

“Asshole! I hate those Mos who have no mothers!”

“Vice-Gang Leader, you should calm down first, it won’t help.”

Although Huang Buzui has been drinking, he still seems to be able to maintain his sanity. Long Shanyue glared at him fiercely, and it was a series of shots:

“Just calm down! Sect Leader still doesn’t know the life or death. How do you call me calm like this? Grandma is a bear, those of the Mo family Slut, even if the Bei Ming Zun seat is conspired, he has been ruthless against Sect Leader! Damn guy, if I meet someone from the Mo family, I will kill one if I see one!”

The more angry, Longshanyue fiercely punched the tree next to him, making a deep fist mark on it.

“Hey, Sect Leader talked about loyalty, and blocked the sword for Beiming Zunzuo, otherwise it wouldn’t be the case.”

I thought Huang Budrun was complaining, Long The mountain yelled in a bad tone and he said:

“We Beggars’ Sect has no spoils, Sect Leader, this is good, it’s me, I will also block!”

” Hey, I didn’t mean that. Sect Leader is naturally good, but it doesn’t help if you are like this. Will there be news of Sect Leader if you are upset here?”

Huang Buzui scratching His head, but his half-dangling eyes were full of positivity. He increased his voice and continued without waiting for Long Shanyue’s response:

“Sect Leader is not there, now you are our leader. If you are messed up, what about the disciplines? Anyone can mess up. , But you can’t. If something happens, how can you explain to Sect Leader?”

Huang Buzui’s tone is very severe.

Although Longshanyue is a Vice-Gang Leader, there is no relationship with Long Tianyu among them, and he is high only from the seniority. Huang Buzui’s generation is far higher than him, and more experience.

Long Shanyue was speechless for a while, naturally he felt that the other party made sense.

“You drunk still makes some sense.” He took a deep breath, then responded guiltily.

“Since Sect Leader’s matter has been explained, we can wait for the results. The disciplines will definitely try our best to find Sect Leader, and don’t look at Liu Yu, that woman is like an explosive barrel. But it is quite reliable to get things done, and Vice-Gang Leader you, before Sect Leader returns, all you have to do is take care of Beggars’ Sect, right?”

“It is true. “

Long Shanyue sighed again, “It can only be so.”

Huang Buzui relaxed, it would be nice to be able to convince the other party. Long Shanyue is not a fool, he has a certain ability, but if he is just worried about Yu Bei Xiaolu’s whereabouts and is not willing to help, then he won’t be able to do anything strange.

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