The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1135

“Hey, drunk, there is one thing I want you to do.”

After a while, Long Shanyue seemed to have processed his emotions and spoke suddenly.

“Hey, put on airs so soon?”

Huang Buzui first teased Long Shanyue, but seeing that the other party’s expression was serious, he still asked the other party’s intention.

“I think there may be something weird in this matter. I think you send dísciple to write down what happened here truthfully and send it to the hands of the Snow Venerable.”

“Xue Venerable?”

Huang Budrunk is slightly stunned:

“Do you want to ask Xue Venerable to help find people?”

Huang is not drunk, but I have heard that Sue Kirin can use divination to find people and things, but Longshanyue doesn’t seem to have the idea of ​​using this power-he shook his head and denied it.

“What I value is the connections of the Xue Venerable. Moreover, the Xue Venerable and the Bei Ming Venerable are friends, and she should know about the attack on the Bei Ming Venerable. On the other hand, The West Mansion of this town is very strange, I think you wrote all this in your letter-His Royal Highness Nine is with Xue Zunzu.”

Long Shanyue’s eyes flickered.

Once his mind is no longer focused on worrying about the safety of Bei Xiaolu, his shrewdness seems to have returned. It is with enough ability that Bei Xiaolu will allow him to sit in this position. Sect Leader may not be shrewd, but the people below are definitely not.

“Do you think the Imperial Court is deliberately-“

Half talking, Huang Buzui suddenly screamed, his eyes widened.

He can’t think deeply, because once he goes on, he will only get a chilling answer. He didn’t dare to think about it.

“It’s a son of a bitch,” Long Shanyue cursed roughly, spitting out a mouthful of water, “I hope not.”


Black cats don’t like forests.

Even in the forest, she was able to move more easily as an assassin. The shadows between the branches and trees, the shadows that obscure the sky, can become her hiding place.

In the forest, it is easy to feel dizzy because of the almost identical scenery.

Occasionally, a flock of birds flying up from nowhere, or a beast suddenly rushing out of the jungle, all of these can easily make her nervous. Moreover, these birds and beasts living in the realm of martial monsters are still full of the instincts of wild beasts, so keen and terrifying, it is easy to perceive her existence.

Once the assassin’s existence is noticed, if he is watched, he will feel that something is wrong. Even if the identity of the assassin has been put aside for a while, the black cat cannot easily get rid of the habit cultivated for a long time.

Moreover, there are too few people.

The Martial Demon Realm occupies a very wide area. In comparison, the “living creatures” ─ ─ capable of moving objects ─ are too sparse and have a lot of blank space. This feeling is not true for black cats. like.


Hiding among the branches of the trees, looking at the strange building on the other end, the black cat suddenly changed his mind. Maybe she just felt that the building at the end of her sight was too weird, and she felt that she didn’t like the forest that’s all.

The building looks very magnificent. It is made up of stones of the same size. The placement of these stones seems to have been carefully calculated, but it looks a bit primordial and weird. The sense of resembles nature itself, as if it was dug out from the mountain. The building does not look old, maybe it is not a few years old, but it happens to be such a brand new building, but it is covered with various plants, half sinking in the background of this forest.

It’s like being disguised.

Occasionally there will be strangely dressed people coming and going there. There are obviously several black gaps in the building. Those must be the entrances and exits of the building.

There is a strange sense of sacredness and solemnity, which is quite similar to the shrine of Bharata that she has heard from Xihe recently.

“…That’s probably it.” The black cat murmured softly, not daring to speak too loudly.

Any excessive movement may disturb the people inside.

She has been searching for several days, in this vast forest that seems to have no end. As a result, this building is far away from the horizon. Will it be dark under the lights? This area has obviously been searched by Martial Monsters several times, and didn’t expect there is still a fish that escaped the net.

She once heard Master say that those objects that they don’t want them to see may be protected by Formation.

His Master doesn’t really understand this knowledge, and it is said that he heard it from Sue Kirin. The best formation is often the natural formation. The black cat looks at the new building that almost blends with the forest in front of him, thinking that this building is probably protected by this formation.

In this case, how did she discover this building?

She also doesn’t know, it may be related to her cultivation technique wearing Shadow Sect. There are some Formations that only take effect for people with a certain degree of breath fluctuations, but the Shadow Sect method can suppress this breath to a minimum. The black cat is just in a stealth, at a close enough distance to startle the building exist.

I was surprised at the time.

When she reacted, she was already outside the building, and she could reach the distance of the wall of the building with her hand. The insect on the “Mountain Tiger” that was wrapped around the wall for several floors was reflected in the form of impact. The fundus of her eyes.

It was scary close and appeared quite suddenly.

The black cat finally resisted his urge to scream and retreated to this distance to continue to observe the building. In a short period of time, I have seen rays shooting into the distance several times. That Mitsuya was exactly the same as Mitsuya who blocked the communications of the Hua Dynasty Dark Crow, and the black cat knew that he had made an amazing discovery this time.

This finding is quite important.

If the building in front of you is a temple, then the person blocking communications may be hiding inside. As long as that person is killed and this building destroyed, Hua Chao’s communications may be able to be restored.

Resume communication, this is a big strategic victory.

“I just don’t know if the what the hell witch is inside…”

The black cat frowned.

The god witch is the Grandmaster of Bharata, but he has a part of the power of the gods and can project attacks at extremely long distances. This is also a big trouble hanging on Hua Chao’s head. If he is also inside If so, this is really a discovery that can subvert the war.

Thinking of this, the black cat is a little excited.

Then she found out that the puppy she had sent to inform Zi Xuanzi hadn’t brought Zi Xuanzi over yet. Well, that little dog is a martial demon, and it can be regarded as human, but it hasn’t obtained a human body yet, so naturally he can’t speak.

Although she has urged the other party to really bring Zi Xuanzi there, when she thinks of the way it only wags its tail, she feels that it is not practical enough.

Can it really bring people there? The black cat was a little nervous.

A gust of wind blows.

A few leaves staggered down and hung on the swing of her gown. She frowned, trying to wipe the leaves off, but before that–

“Nandana, where are you going?”

The man’s voice suddenly sounded.

The black cat was heart startled and quickly hid in the shadow between the branches and leaves, peeking towards the sound source.

A tall woman with bronzed skin but shining bright brilliance is coming here, walking fast. Her skin has white lines like tattoos, which look just like those weird arrays of Sue Kirin.

Women are in their early twenties, and they have pretty purple hair, which is very rare. She wears very few fabrics, and the tailoring looks a bit like that of a dancer from the Western Regions, but the texture on it is slightly solemn and does not give people any frivolous feeling.

Of course, the voice of calling does not originate from this woman-it is hard to imagine that the slow male voice will come from this woman.

The black cat looked behind the woman and finally saw the man in coarse linen. The man’s face was bitter, and he chased after the woman in a slow pace.

The woman seems to be Nandana, and the man actually called her just now.

Although the two speak Brahman, when the black cat was still in Shadow Sect, based on various needs, he had learned several languages ​​and could barely understand what they said.


The man called several times, but the woman who was walking in the front did not stop. He began to scratch his head impatiently, when the two of them just walked under the black cat. The black cat held his breath further to avoid being spotted by the two.

She suddenly recognized two people–especially the woman, who was the Bharat “Great Witch” who manipulated the flames of the Sun Wheel not long ago. The black cat still remembers that this woman can speak Chinese.


The man yelled again, this time not only he yelled, but he speeded up his speed and strode forward and grabbed the woman’s arm. The fact that Nandana’s body almost turned sideways was a testament to how hard she walked.

“Wait for you!” The man stared at the woman a little annoyed.


The woman looked back at him speechlessly.

“I thought that after so many years, your temper should be tempered a little. Didn’t expect to be so irritable! You also spit your temper at me indiscriminately. You are too wronged by me, right?”

“Wronged?” Nandena reacted to these two words, snorted coldly, “There is still something wrong with Kapil in this world? You can be the “witch” of the god of the bazaar. , Can you gain all kinds of initiative by manipulating intelligence, so you will also be wronged?”

Thinking that there is something in the other party’s words, Kapil frowned.

“What do you mean?”

Nandana put out a breath heavily, swaying left and right irritably, then glared at Kapil, and asked sternly :

“You knew it a long time ago, right?”

“If you said that Bharata had planned to send troops to the Chinese Empire, I would have known about it a long time ago. I will tell you Not to mention, I don’t want you to jump out and run into Your Majesty, or the Lord of the Gods.”

Kapil said helplessly, the imposing manner that had been uplifted because of his annoyance suddenly withered, just Like a basin of cold water poured into a raging fire.

“Nandna, but the matter is now…this matter is indeed mine, I shouldn’t talk to you. But you should also know that our position no longer allows us to be the first Isn’t it a bird? If Your Majesty is unhappy, we have to be consigned to eternal damnation.”

“Is Nandna afraid of me?” Nandna frowned a little bit. “If this war is righteous, I will not hesitate even if I was covered in blood, but what is it? This is a naked aggression. Without any mercy, massacres are commonplace. How can this show the glory of the gods? “

“Nandna, you are too naive, this is war!”

Kapil roared at the other party, reacting excitedly. Probably she had never thought that her companion would react so violently, like a cat whose tail was stepped on, Nandena was stunned for ten seconds.

“Yes, this is war, but for those unarmed, there should be room for them to survive…”

Nandna closed her eyes, The trembling lips were full of regret and sadness.

“Nandna, you…oh!”

Kapil originally wanted to say something, but in the end he could only turn all the words into a sigh. He had been with Nandna for a long time, and he should have known that the woman in front of him was a kind-hearted and a bit bad.

If she were not so, she would not take in the Chinese Grandmaster who was in Bharat, nor would she offend the royal nobles for her, nor would she be involved in it, nor would two of them. Reverted to such a situation-they are in the Bharata, and now they are almost infamous. Many people think that the death of Prince Peacock is related to them.

Nandana has her own “justice” in her heart, and she has always followed this justice to act.

But now, she was forced to participate in this war, and seeing countless people and things that violated her principles, she finally couldn’t bear it.

Furthermore, she is not afraid of death, she only participated in this war because of Kapil’s safety. Kapil was originally in such a difficult situation because of her willfulness. After Your Majesty’s suspicion and disgust, and the people’s attention, he has no position to accompany her willfulness.

She couldn’t make Kapil’s situation more difficult, so she let go of principles and agreed to join the war.

Well, if I didn’t agree to join the war at that time, Kapil would have been executed long ago-yes, the new king of Bharata threatened her to join the war with Kapil’s life.

However, she finally realized it at this time.

As long as she puts down her principles even once, she will only be forced to give up her principles more times later, and eventually become a walking corpse ── while it’s not too late, she doesn’t want to do it again. Fall down.

On the other hand, there is one more thing–

“It’s not this thing that I’m angry at.” Nandana laughed mockingly, “It’s another thing. “

“What’s the matter?”

Kapil was a little surprised.

Nandna did not speak immediately, but became silent. For a while, only the sound of wind blowing over the leaves reverberated gently.

“──The prince of Peacock is not dead.”

The voice seemed to be blown away by the wind, and Nandna’s confession was like a voice from a dry hollow.

Kapil was hearing this, his eyes widened slowly and surely, to the point where one almost felt that those eyes would fall out at any time.

He did not speak.

Nandna did not speak either, the two just looked at each other.

“…you know?”

Kapil seemed to have lost all his strength, his shoulders collapsed, and even the hand holding Nandna’s arm was loose opened.

However, Nandna’s palm hit Kapil’s cheek hard.


The clear and loud applause started flying several birds.

One of the birds was reflected in the black cat’s round eyes. There was a question in her shocked eyes–

Is the Prince Peacock dead? The black cat felt incredible.

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