The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1136

“Aiya, my lover… why do you put on such a stinky face?”

The black cat felt angry when she asked bluntly, and she stared fiercely at the man finally The boy who arrived was so angry that his chest was ups and downs. She didn’t know where she came from, and she didn’t yell out directly.

“You came too late!”

Because of suppressing anger and the urge to shout, every word in this sentence was bitten very hard and pressed It’s heavy, and it feels a bit more torn.

“The trail came with her best effort… The trail was afraid of something wrong with you, but didn’t even eat any food! It’s just that every time the dog who pointed the way walked a section of the road, You will be distracted by things on the road. It’s really boring to walk along this road!”

Zi Xuanzi has a sad face.

It’s been half an hour since Nandna’s exchange with Kapil, and Zi Xuanzi only arrived slowly, which made her eager to tell Zi Xuanzi what she had heard. The black cat was in a hurry.

“Where is the dog?”

Zi Xuanzi’s reason is reasonable. The black cat thought that the puppy was really unreliable, and turned to look for it.

“Ah, it…”

Zi Xuanzi’s gaze glanced towards the corner by the right hand. The short bushes were densely packed like a cluster, but the branches and leaves Shaking in a different place, a few leaves fell on the ground.

The puppy is probably hidden inside.

It’s most likely to know that it didn’t get things done well, so it’s so scared to hide. The black cat once wanted to care about each other, but after another thought, he felt that he was caressing about a dog. Very stupid, this stopped the movement when I stepped out of the Third Step.

“Zixuanzi, forget it, why don’t you even have this dog…hey!”

The black cat stomped angrily, shook a few fallen leaves, and leaned on his right shoulder The braid on the top shook lightly, like a dog’s tail. Seeing this, Zi Xuanzi couldn’t help laughing.

“What are you laughing at?”


Zi Xuanzi’s reaction was so fast that he would not say that he thinks black cats look like The idea of ​​a really strong puppy! To prevent the black cat from going further, Zi Xuanzi deliberately narrowed his eyes and looked all around for observation.

“But, if there is no such dog to lead the way, I am afraid that the trail will not be able to find this place…The environment in this kind of…It is a bit like it has been arranged with Feng Shui, here is protected by Formation!”

“Do you understand?”

Black cat remembers that Zi Xuanzi only knows some fur.

“I really don’t understand the trail, but Snow Maiden occasionally talks about it, so she remembers the trail. Now it’s okay to fiddle with… and the concepts of Fengshui, gossip, etc. are taught by Taoist There are also theories. As long as you think about it, it shouldn’t be difficult, right?”

“Knowing and immediately recognizing are two different things, let alone infer other things!” The black cat stared unconvincedly and unwillingly. Zi Xuanzi glanced at him, “Zi Xuanzi, are you here to anger me?”

“Hey, Xiao Dao doesn’t mean that…” Zi Xuanzi scratched his head again.

Looking at his disrespectful appearance, the black cat really couldn’t pinch his cheeks and pull them to both sides as punishment. This guy really doesn’t have a trace of consciousness! The black cat was secretly angry.

To become a Grandmaster, innate talent, opportunity and hard work are indispensable, and innate talent is the most important. Without that kind of innate talent, few people in the world can touch the boundaries of Grandmaster just by hard work. Who has the corresponding innate talent to become a person in the Great Heaven Realm? I’m afraid that only Sue Kirin can get here by luck.

“However, this person who arranged the formation is also careless.”

Suddenly, Zi Xuanzi said, his sight is still all around the shuttle.

“How do you say?” The black cat raised his brows curiously.

“If it weren’t careless, how could you find this place?”

Zi Xuanzi’s rhetorical question was a bit irritating, but the black cat had to admit that the truth called her Right. Indeed, if the other party is not inconsiderate, this place must be exposed to the black cat.

“He did not isolate the smell well.”

Zi Xuanzi said the only weak spot of this Formation, “Although the direction is disturbed, this interference is only from the visual and auditory ──These two kinds of people rely on the most important senses, but ignore the sense of smell. They don’t know that this is the realm of martial arts, and there are many living creatures that rely on the sense of smell to act.”

Able to assert, The dog that accompanies the black cat is their greatest hero in discovering this place. It has not yet acquired the human body, and the animal’s instincts are preserved intact, and that’s why it can find it here by smell and avoiding the interference of the result.

In this way, the black cat did little credit, and she simply had no position to blame the dog for its unreliability. After all, it at least brought Zi Xuanzi there.

“Okay, let Xiaodao take a look at the architecture of the Western Regions.”

Without any delay, Zi Xuanzi seems to want to observe the architecture with his own eyes. However, before that, the black cat still has things to tell each other.


She stopped Zi Xuanzi who was already walking leisurely, and Zi Xuanzi blinked and turned her head, making a confused voice:


“I have something to tell you.”

Black cat never forgot the amazing information he overheard.


Zi Xuanzi is very troubled.

The expression he showed at the moment was as frowning as if he stepped on shit but couldn’t erase it.

“You mean, Prince Peacock not at all died, and now he is hiding in that building, commanding the army of Bharata?”

“The two people are That’s it.”

Black Cat asserted that although her Bharatiya language is not good, she would not misheard such important information.


Zi Xuanzi touched her smooth chin, pacing back and forth with a body shorter than a black cat and more than just a little bit, it looks like has several points of The old-fashioned feeling of children pretending to be adults makes the picture a little more funny.

“Could it be that the other party discovered your existence a long time ago and deliberately fabricated this information… If Prince Peacock really stays in that building, Xiaodao believes that the Imperial Court will definitely advocate full attack and capture Prince Peacock’s.”

This is not difficult to understand.

Isn’t this simple? The prince Peacock is still alive, but the reason why the throne fell on others is still unclear, but if that man is really alive, he must have the influence of his actions, enough to become an opportunity and bargaining chip for the truce.

“What are you going to do?”

The black cat thought for a moment, and didn’t have much Young Master’s intention, so he asked.

“Aiya, this is the awkward path of the acupuncture point…” Zi Xuanzi endured the headache and rubbed his eyebrows lightly, “If Prince Peacock is really in that building, Xiaodao thinks that it is time to act now , But I don’t know what’s going on inside. If you rush in, you will undoubtedly break into the tiger’s den. This is not a sensible action.”

“The point is, will the Prince Peacock call in reinforcements Leave in the meantime, right?”

Black Cat is keen on this aspect, after all, she is an assassin and is very sensitive to this kind of timing.

“Exactly.” Zi Xuanzi nodded affirmatively.

“It’s really embarrassing…”

The black cat thought about it.

don’t let slip an opportunity, these four words are even more heavy in the war, and the black cat also understands that often seizing an opportunity can reverse the injustice of the battle, and destroy the immediate situation here. Building, capturing the Prince Peacock alive is definitely a great opportunity to break the current deadlock and even turn defense into offense.

“At that time, Xiaodao should have notified the army to come.” Zi Xuanzi had no regrets.

“I have a plan.”

As a result, the black cat had an idea.

“en?” Zi Xuanzi’s eyes lit up, and his face was full of surprise, “You deserve to be a lover of the trail, hurry up and talk about it.”

He was too surprised, right? The black cat sighed helplessly, and then said:

“I can’t monitor this area. If Prince Peacock really wants to leave here, I’m afraid I won’t be able to detect it–but you are different, you should be able to put it here All are monitored, okay?”

“Hmm…” Zi Xuanzi touched her smooth chin, “The trail is probably okay.”

“So things are simple. “The black cat snapped his fingers,” I’ll inform Xihe and Zhenxi Mansion, so that they can quickly organize a team to come, and the teacher-Cough Cough, Zi Xuanzi, you are responsible for monitoring here. In the realm of Martial Demon, the Prince Peacock is counted. If you want to transfer, you won’t be fantasizing. The escort will definitely not be a large army… In this way, as long as it leaves there, you will intercept it directly, won’t you?”

“This The plan is not a big deal, but—”Zi Xuanzi suddenly felt worried, “I’m afraid that the’sorcerer’ will do the trick… The trail is sure to capture the prince Peacock, but the problem is if the’sorcerer’ intervenes , There may be no way for Xiaodao.”

Zi Xuanzi narrowed his eyes, light flashed in his eyes, and subconsciously touched the sword hanging on his back. Earlier, he used his sword to block the light spear projected by the “Sorcerer”, and the long sword suddenly shattered after the collision. That is the Divine Weapon cast by Heavenly Jade Palace. This alone can prove the strength of the opponent’s “sorcerer”.

“Neither does this, nor does that work, let’s just sit here.”

The black cat rolled his eyes repeatedly, dissatisfied with his plan being refuted. Zi Xuanzi was bitterly laughed again, saying that Xiaodao didn’t mean that, sighed then said.

“Why don’t you send the puppy to inform Xi and them.”

The black cat glanced at the owner master, and knew that he was too sensitive, so he said helplessly.

“I’m afraid that it doesn’t know how to convey information.”

“Well, indeed.” Zi Xuanzi looked distressed, “If you have paper, pen and ink, you don’t need to So far-wait!”

Zi Xuanzi suddenly divine light flashed.

The black cat looked towards him suspiciously.

“Do you have a way?” she asked.

“Buddha says, don’t say it, don’t say it.”

Zi Xuanzi curled up his mouth and showed a triumphant smile, but it was selling off. The black cat was a little angry, and rolled his eyes, and he said:

“You are a person in Taoism anyway, why do you talk about Buddhist scriptures?”

“The principles are the same. “

Zi Xuanzi ignored the black cat’s sarcasm and turned around to find his body. The black cat looked at him suspiciously, wondering what good things he would take out.


“There is a communication symbol from Snow Maiden on the trail!”

Zi Xuanzi proudly took out a wrinkled piece from his sleeve, like It is a magic talisman like a straw paper. The black cat stayed for a while, then ignited unknown anger in his eyes.

“Sue Kirin again!”

The black cat gnashing teeth gave a deep roar, took off his shoes and threw it at Zi Xuanzi.


Zi Xuanzi was hit on the face, and he fell backward. He looked at the shattered sky cut by the branches and leaves of the trees, a burst of tears without tears. To reconcile the contradiction between Black Cat and Sue Kirin may still be a long way to go. Zi Xuanzi only feels that his road to love is still difficult.


The suppressed heaviness, the sense of sacredness also arises from it.

The stone dome was dug into a huge skylight, sunlight poured down from it, on the ground composed of countless stone slabs, and reflected in the sacrifices and pillars made of gold. on.

gold and jade in glorious splendor, these are probably the four words that best describe the situation in front of you.

Who can think of it? In the stone building covered with vines, there is such a luxurious Grand Plaza. It’s just that you shouldn’t be confused by the brilliance of the gold, and ignore the slate that was assembled to form the ground. The stone slab depicts different styles of Totem, with various characters carved on it. The golden wine flows in the gaps of these slabs, reflecting a faint golden glow.

This is by no means a place of meaninglessness, nor a place to show off.

──This square is a huge altar.

Even if Nandana is on the edge, she will have difficulty breathing because of the power gathered in the altar. This altar is presided over by hundreds of “witches” who believe in the same god-the god of bows. It can use the technique that covers the entire Western border and Northern Domain of the Chinese dynasty, and can accurately shoot down dark crows flying in it. It even conducts ultra-long-range attacks on targets in these areas.

Well, this altar is an important strategic facility in Bharata.

It was presided over by the Prince of Peacocks. After several years, it was built with astronomical wealth and protected by Formation under the “Sorceress”. The scale is no smaller than the “Sorcerer” palace. . This can already be said to be the Great Accomplishment of Bharata’s power, and just like this, Bharata can almost completely block the communication within the Hua Dynasty.

Also with the increase in the power of this altar, Kapil and dozens of other gods and witches who also believe in the “god of the bazaar” can disrupt the intelligence of the Hua Dynasty, called the martial arts of the Martial Demon Realm. The demons were unable to detect Bharata’s invasion in time and won the opportunity.

“After His Royal Highness Prince Peacock died of suspended animation, His Royal Highness Second Prince was lifted to the throne, and then he hid here and personally presided over the layout of the Martial Realm.”

Kapil explain.

Nandana looked at all this silently, and finally realized it suddenly. She also wondered at first how Bharata’s companion blocked the communication of Hua Dynasty, and how quietly entered the realm of Martial Demon.

But after seeing everything in front of her, even without Kapil’s explanation, she could figure out what was going on. The scale of the altar in front of her was the largest she had ever seen, even surpassing the Imperial Palace. Moreover, this altar is fully optimized for the only function, with the formidable power of hard to describe.

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