The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1137

“You got involved early in the morning, didn’t you?”

Nandana naively thought that Kapil was just like herself and was forced to join the war at the last moment. But judging from the fact that the intelligence of the Chinese dynasty was disrupted and Bharat was able to gain the upper hand, Kapil must have been involved in it long ago.

“That’s right…” Kapil didn’t dare to look directly at Nandna. “Prince Peacock approached me personally and told me that if you refuse his request, your life will be very dangerous. …He said, as long as I am willing to help, you can continue to live your life, didn’t expect that he will go back on one’s word in the end…also, since the moment of his suspended animation, his integrity is no longer It’s important.”


Nandna was a little angry.

She knew that Kapil would also take care of her own safety, so she finally agreed to the Prince Peacock. He was threatened, so he can’t be blamed, and Nandna doesn’t have that position.

She is annoyed that why Kapil didn’t come to her and tell her the truth early.

“With your violent temper, telling you is a bad thing, isn’t it?”

As if to see through Nandna’s thoughts, Kapil said with a wry smile.

Nandena was speechless for a while, she knew herself quite well. Once Kapil reveals the matter to her early, the situation may get worse, and she can also predict this.

Several “witches” wrapped in black robe passed by and cast curious eyes at the two.

Presumably so, Nandena and Kapil were originally more famous “witches”, and recently they have been suspected of treason, and the two have also become more prominent.

“…I want to go back.”

Nandana suddenly said, there are countless vine-like emotions tangled together in the face half hidden in the shadow, like an old tree The packing.

Kapil also realized her contradiction, and couldn’t say anything for a moment. If the other party is not so stubborn and stubborn, things will not develop to this point.


Unexpectedly, Nandana actually leaned on Kapil.

Although the two are the same sect, they have known each other for a long time, but such an intimate behavior is can be counted on one’s fingers, and Nandena took the initiative, which has not been seen in Kapil’s memory. ──No, once, but it was a long time ago.

Since that time, Nandana has learned to be strong and has never been as weak as she is now.

Frankly speaking, Kapil was startled, and there was a faint anxiety in his heart. He also didn’t expect that Nandena would be embarrassed, so embarrassed that he would not hesitate to rely on his chest.

Kapil stretched out his hand speechlessly, trying to wrap the opponent’s shoulders, but for a long time he couldn’t make up his mind. He hesitated for several seconds before finally wrapping the opponent’s shoulders.

The temperature of Nandana’s skin passed through the clothes.

──Ah, yes.

Kapil suddenly heard something. In that rainy night, Nandana was so close to herself. At that time, Kapil had made a vow that he absolutely did not want to lose this temperature. Well, he remembered that he had been doing everything for Nandna, but it turned out to be for this reason.

He likes Nandna.

I like it for a long time, and I have become accustomed to it for a long time, so that he has forgotten that there is such a thing, because it seems to have already become a part of his body, has become a habit, just like When I get up, I always drink a sip of divine wine as natural.

“Let’s go back if we find a chance, and spend the rest of our lives somewhere no one knows-how about me and you?”

Kapil said softly, In my heart, I feel a little embarrassed to be like this. He also realized that his seemingly casual and light sentence had a slight tremor. He must be quite excited at the moment.

After that, there was only anxiety.

Nandana didn’t realize his feelings, and she didn’t answer for a long time. She just leaned against his chest silently, as if she just wanted to share his warmth from him. She may not mean anything to him, and Nandana is also terrifying in this respect, perhaps not even aware of Kapil’s mood.

the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on…Kapil smiled bitterly.

“…Kapil, you want to lie on the same bed with me and do those things, don’t you?”

Breaking speech.

Rao thinks that he can be calm in any situation. He used a cynical attitude to fool Kapil, who was in the past. He couldn’t help turning pale with fright. He jumped with fright and loosened the ring around Nandna. Hands.

“You──what are you talking about?”

His voice was a bit out of tune, and his expression was embarrassing, which attracted the attention of people who came and went. Nandana glared at him irritably, and said without consciously:

“Why are you frightened and flustered?”

“Hey, no, what did you just say? What about it?”

Kapil couldn’t calm down.

He knows the meaning of Nandana’s question just now, but this kind of questioning is a bit too shocking.

“Isn’t that the essence of that kind of thing?”

Nandna didn’t understand what was surprising. Her understanding of this aspect is somewhat terrifying, but also too rational.

“I won’t ask you to be more romantic and poetic, but don’t you have other words?”

Kapil bitterly said, “You are also serving Gods…”

Nandana frowned Mao, disdainfully said:

“Not all gods like the wrinkled way of speaking…There are still some gods I like to be more direct, such as—”

“The God of Sun Wheel, right?” Kapil took away the right to speak, and reluctantly shook the head, “That’s why you don’t know the taste… The atmosphere just now was very good… What good things did you do?”


Nandna muttered impatiently, then looked back again Kapil scratching his head there.

“I’m asking you, do you like me? This is always more interesting, right?”

“It can only be considered quite satisfactory…”

Kapil whispered, thinking that this time he couldn’t be fooled.

Then, he saw Nandna who asked so, her cheeks flushed somewhat. Huh? He understands, why Nandana used that kind of questioning method just now–she might also be covering up her embarrassment.

“I do like you, I think.”

The woman has already taken the initiative to this point. Kapil also mustered up the courage, put on his face, and answered sincerely. Say. However, he did not find a good word, this sentence sounded lacking some strength and determination.

Nandna’s cheeks turned redder in an instant.

However, she quickly turned her face away, leaving Kapil with only the back of her head half covered by white cloth. The purple hair, even if it was near the altar of gold and jade in glorious splendor, still shone with dazzling light.

“…It might not be bad to be with you.”

A small voice came from between the tips of the hair.

Kapil suddenly stared wide-eyed, not knowing what he heard, but when he looked at it, he could only see Nandna’s thin lips slightly raised, with a faint warm smile.

What does she mean by agreeing? Kapil’s expression was dull, but his heart was already overwhelmed. Some kind of impulse to laugh out loud directly swayed him, and he exhausted Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers before he didn’t laugh directly.

“What…what did you just say?”

Kapil asked blankly.

Like a frightened cat, Nandana’s shoulder shook obviously, but she still didn’t look back, still staring at Kapil with the back of her head, as if she was hiding her current feelings.

“I didn’t say anything.”

Nandana’s voice was a little bit shy, but also quite decisive, making Kapil unable to tell where the other party is. Kind of attitude.


In normal times, Kapil can definitely tell, but he is in a state of extreme tension and anxiety at the moment, like a frightened bird. He lost his square inch.

Nandana continued to speak each minding their own business:

“If I can, I think of a place no one knows, with a wheat field, planting land, and brewing god wine , Occasionally entertain some old friends, and live a life without controversy…Continue to serve Sun Wheel. He…well, I also raise some cats and dogs and herd sheep–if I can, I would also like to walk around and move on. In the west, I also want to go to Heavenly Jade Palace to have a look…”

Speaking of her vision of the future, Nandana smiled really softly, like wine, so softly Kapil is going to be drunk.

He tried to imagine that kind of life.

Well, it’s really good.

It’s just that they both have a strong power for the “Great Witch”, and Nandna is a powerful candidate for the next witch… With so much light, can they really be incognito? Kapil was thinking that it should be possible as long as he worked hard, and if he could, he wanted to bring this kind of life to Nandna.

“If you can abandon your current life and live this kind of life with me, I don’t think it’s impossible.

Nandna asked about his thoughts Time.

Kapil did not react immediately, Nandana played the card too unreasonably, he stared at Nandana blankly, and let out a “Yi”, but he didn’t react immediately. , Even too late to surprise.

After dozens of seconds, Nandana raised her eyebrows quite unhappily, and he finally returned to Primordial Spirit and swallowed with difficulty.

“Are you…seriously? He asked.

Kapil felt that he was really embarrassed.

“Aren’t you serious? “Nandena’s eyes widened, her fists clenched unconsciously.

“No no no, calm down first, of course I am serious…”

Kapil’s sight is Nandna’s fist and her face go back and forth, alerting that fist hits her face at any time.

“…I think of a way. “

Kapil deliberately changed the topic, but the next topic was by no means useless.

“Think of a way? “Nandena blinked.

“Think of a way to get out without offending the powerful. “

Kapil rubbed his forehead wearily, and sighed, “You can’t stay any longer, right?” Isn’t it? If I let you stay until the war is over, you will definitely die of misery. You are so violent and quick-tempered, aren’t you? “


Nandna wrinkled a pretty face unhappily, but failed to refute Kapil’s words. Kapil ignored her, each Minding their own business, scratching their heads, as if thinking about ways.

“Hey, don’t you have any more expressions? “

Nandana has a temper.

This is not difficult to understand. After all, in her cognition, she has just agreed to Kapil’s confession. She didn’t act very happy, but was upset there. She naturally felt dissatisfied, even if she actually knew Kapil was thinking about her willfulness.

Kapil suddenly looked up, and Nandna thought the other party I finally opened my mind and put on an expression of dissatisfaction, waiting for the other party’s apology──

However, the other party’s sight went over her and looked outside the building.

“This Dongfeng turns up without being invited… But how did they get around Formation and find here? “

Kapil said.

Nandna didn’t understand what he meant, “What are you talking about?” “

“Don’t you want to get rid of this war?” Now the opportunity is here. “

Kapil answered the question, but after Nandana was dazed, she still became interested.

“What opportunity? “

Kapil sighed and beckoned to Nandana. Nandana frowned and moved her cheek over.

“It seems to be exposed here. “Kapil muttered.

Nandana stared in astonishment, looking towards him. The latter was nodded, indicating that she was serious.

“This is an opportunity. We can take the opportunity to escape. I’ll do some tricks later, so that they all think that I died in battle with you. “

“What about the others?” “Nandna asked.

She’s still a good person! Kapil thought, lowering her voice further and replied:

“I have been surrounded, this battle must be avoided. No more. “

tone barely fell, and people commotion.

──It was because of a roar.

There was an explosion outside the building, obviously Was attacked.

The “witch” in the building and the soldiers of the Western Regions were unprepared. Unexpectedly, they fell into consternation and commotion.

Commanders After reacting, he ordered the soldiers to prepare for battle and asked them to protect the “witches” staying in the building. “Witches” are not all powerless–no, it should be said that most “witches” are far beyond imagination. Their battle strength. They have begun to exhibit Magical Powers and prepare for the next battle.

“Really alive…”

However, Nandana’s attention is all It’s all on the handsome young man who suddenly appeared.

It’s not someone else, but the prince of the Peacock who claimed to be dead, Amir Bharata. Nandana will never forget his appearance, and he Next to him was the enchanting figure named Lina “The Great Witch”.

“Here are all his confidants, so I can not leak the wind, and it seems that those who leave here will be remembered The God’s “Witch” erased his memory… If it weren’t for the five “Great Witches” who were originally sent here to be killed by Zi Xuanzi, you might never see him again. “

It was clear that Nandna’s doubts were seen through, Kapil took the initiative to explain.

“He deceived everyone and started the war with his own death. . “

This sentence was accompanied by a huge impact, directly hitting Nandana’s heart. She once cried over the death of Prince Peacock, and shed tears of guilt, and this is also her One of the reasons why I was willing to participate in this war.

But, all this is just a lie that’s all.

──A big lie that almost ruined her life.


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