The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1138

A chaos appeared where the eyes could be reached.

The witch and the soldiers of the Bharat ran around, trying to stabilize their minds in the constant rumbling sound. There was a terrible cry of killing from outside, and the sound of Jin Ge’s fighting also echoed in the hall, like the roar of a beast.

“His Royal Highness, these are the martial demons and the soldiers of the Zhenxi Mansion.”

Lina browses knit, with a faint uneasy color emerging on her face.

The Formation here is designed and constructed by the “sorcerer” himself, even if it is said to be the most powerful Formation in the world. Its hiding ability is supposed to be the first in the world. Even if someone digs the ground three feet curiously, it is impossible to discover the existence of the temple.

In that case, how did the other party discover this place?

“A wise man must have a loss when he is thinking about it, and a hundred secrets will have a loss…” Amir squinted his eyes, clenched his fists hard, and the joints turned white because of the force. “It’s just that I didn’t expect Come so fast.”

“His Royal Highness, what should I do next?”

Lina heard the noise outside getting noisier, which means that she is steadily Retreat.

“There is an old saying in the Hua Dynasty, it is called Xiaohe for success, and Xiaohe for failure. Isn’t this the best description to describe the current plight of the king?”

Amir chuckled.

Because the temple is protected by Formation, not at all place too many troops here. In the realm of martial demon, it was originally not suitable to arrange too many manpower and material resources in one place. But because of the existence of Formation, Amir dared to build such a large-scale temple here.


Amir stopped the general who was commanding the soldiers to defend.

The middle-aged man was pulled up by Amir with one hand. He has outstanding ability and can be said to be one of Amir’s left and right hands.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“How many people are there?” Amir asked directly.

“It’s not clear yet, but the temple has been surrounded.”

Suo Tu has obviously heard relevant information from his men and answered Amir’s questions without thinking. . Amir snorted with his nose and looked quite unpleasant.

“That means that this temple has been exposed for some time…No, the martial monsters in the realm of martial monsters are not prohibited by the military…”

Ah Mill was in deep thought for a while, but his steps had already started. The temple altar is too open here, and it is also an important strategic location for the enemy. He will not be stupid enough to stay here and tie the altar together and be killed by others.

Seeing that the most noble one has already acted, Lina and Sotu naturally kept up without saying a word.

Just now Suo Tu has issued an urgent order. The soldiers of Bharat are no longer in a mess, and they have begun to organize their defenses in an orderly manner, taking their positions in accordance with the instructions. They didn’t seem to have any plans to support the hard-fighting companions outside, probably because they meant to stick to the altar.

In contrast, some “witches” have left the altar, ready to support the Bharat soldiers and companions outside.

Well, there is no shortage of troops outside, on the contrary, there is a lack of “witch” power. Sotu’s arrangement is quite reasonable. While observing Sotu’s arrangement and being satisfied, Amir asked:

“How many soldiers are there in Zhenxi Mansion?”

Sotu stayed for a while.

“It’s strange, there are only a few hundred-but there are a lot of martial artists.”

“This is probably an accident…”Amir was gnashing teeth for a while,” The mobilization of Zhenxi Mansion is cumbersome, without the mobility of the martial monsters… From the ratio of martial artist, martial artist and Zhenxi Mansion among the enemies that have attacked, it is not difficult to distinguish the master-slave relationship among them. This attack It is dominated by Taoist Sect and Martial Demon. It can be seen that too much time has passed since they discovered the existence of the temple, not at all.”

The more I said, the more gloomy Amir’s expression became. In the end, he almost weighed every word.

“Is there any deep meaning in this?”

“It means that the king’s surviving situation has been leaked, so the other party will not wait for Zhenxi Mansion to deploy troops, but use mobile The more sexual martial arts and martial artist dominate the attack this time… They aim at this king.”

“How is it possible?”

Lina turns pale with fright, unexpected The existence of Prince Peacock was exposed.

If the altar is destroyed, it can be rebuilt. The most important thing is to return some of the advantages that have been hard-gained back that’s all, but if the other party intends to capture the thief first, and aims at the Prince Peacock, the situation is even more serious. It’s serious. Although most people in Bharata do not know that the Peacock Prince still exists, the Peacock Prince still plays a big role by manipulating the puppet king of Bharata behind the scenes. In this way, if the prince peacock is captured by the enemy or died here, Bharat will be a group of dragons without a leader.

This means that Bharata may be defeated at any time, unable to organize an effective attack again.

──The role of the prince peacock is too great.

Is this also a kind of success and failure? Lina couldn’t help but think so, but shook her head at the moment when the thought came out. That kind of thing won’t happen! She forced herself to believe so deeply, but this time she felt uncontrollable anxiety.

“After many years, I finally got a vision, but didn’t expect became shaky because of this time!”

Amir face looks sinister, punches Hit the wall passing by. With so much energy, he knocked his flesh on the wall and made a very dull sound.

He bleeds, maybe his bones have been hurt.

“His Royal Highness!”

Seeing his palms are bloody, Lina startled and quickly grabbed the opponent’s palm to prevent him from having another time. Amir glanced at her, then looked away again.

“Suotu, this altar may not be able to be guarded. Star smoke informs the’sorcerer’ to support and buy time for the king’s evacuation.”


Suo Tu showed a tragic expression, knowing that he was the queen. The opponent is coming fiercely, and I am afraid that there is another Grandmaster in it. He knows that this time the queen is nine deaths and still alive.

However, the Prince Peacock is too important.

He must not die here. Bharata’s ability to reach this step depends on the Prince Peacock. As long as he doesn’t die, what about losing an altar? Sotu did not forget the kindness that Prince Peacock had promoted, and he also recognized his importance to Bharata, and was willing to sacrifice his life for him.

“You don’t need to send soldiers to protect this king.” Amir said again, and the thoughts in his mind turned quickly. “When you order some soldiers to flee, this king will be among the deserters, and You are responsible for containing the main force of the other party, understand?”

“Yes!” Sutu had no objection.

Amir stopped talking and moved on. Sotu thought he had no more orders, and he stopped and prepared to go back and command the soldiers to fight.

As a result, Amir stopped moving forward as if suddenly remembering something.

“…If everything is correct, how did the king’s information leak out here?”

Amir squinted his eyes. He originally thought it might just be A lack of information led to the leakage of information, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt it was not simple. He cannot ignore the reason for this problem.

“His Royal Highness, recently several of our’great witches’ were intercepted and killed on their way here, and later two were transferred here… One of them was serving the’God of the Fair’ Kapil the Great Witch ── he is the most powerful of all the Witches who serve the God of the Fair, do you think it will be…”

Suo Tu, this is just for the heart. .

Amir hearing this has a complicated expression flashing past, and he thinks it is not impossible. Of course, the temple has been in operation for a period of time, proving that the results and measures to prevent information leakage are feasible, but it does not mean that there will be no accidents. But instead of accidents, he is more inclined to believe that something went wrong.

“His Royal Highness, do you want to take him…”

Suotu saw that Amir had doubts about Kapil, so he offered to raise it. He didn’t finish his words, but the overtones were already on his mind-there was a killing intent in his eyes.

“This is not the time.”

Amir glanced at his loyal general. “The dog will jump the wall in a hurry. If Kapil is now standing on the enemy’s side, we The situation will be even worse.”

“His Royal Highness is still thinking and thoughtful.”

Suotu couldn’t help but admire.

Several people have already reached the exit of the altar at this time, and they will walk into that passage as long as they walk a few more steps. On this passage, there is a secretly thought leading to the outside world, and Amir intends to leave through that secretly thought.

“Suotu, send someone to bring Kapil to this king. He should have been with Nandna. If they are really together, Nandna will have to give it to this king. Find it. The two of them can contain each other, and they are both good handles for the other to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.”

Suo Tu agreed and immediately ordered the nearest subordinate to go. Carry out Amir’s orders. Lina showed an unhappy expression for an instant. Amir did not forget that Lina hated Nandana, but now is not the time for her to be willful.

The sound of fighting is getting closer and closer. It seems that the battle strength alone cannot slow the attack of the martial arts and martial artists. Amir knew that this place shouldn’t stay for long, so he turned to Lina and said:

“Lina, we──”

──The word “go” could not be said.

Amir can only open his eyes and watch Lina pounce on him. In the vision of Amir who fell backwards quickly, he could see a few large rocks dropping from the sky, knocking on the place where he was originally.


The dull crash sound shook people’s eardrums.

The stone hit the ground, breaking the floor that was covered with bizarre Totem. The fragments flew away, flying randomly among the diffuse dust.


Lina who threw down Amir was groaned, and seemed to be hit by the flying sand running stone, and a blood flower appeared in an instant. She collapsed on Amir for a while. Amir noticed an abnormality, frowned.

“Lina, are you okay?”

Lina shook the head, and Sotu also rushed over.

“His Royal Highness, are you okay?” His tone was concerned, but he did not forget to warn the dusty place.

The soldiers of Bharata noticed that there was a situation here, and they quickly gathered around, alerting all around for possible crises.

──The crisis did not strike from the dust group.

He is dropping from the sky.

“The trail turn up without being invited, I don’t know if His Royal Highness Prince Peacock welcomes it!”

The cold voice fell like a spring rain, and the gentle, jade-like handsome man fell on Behind Amir, an Azure Edge Sword with Supreme Ultimate Seal engraved on the guard rests on Amir’s neck.

“The prince Peacock played with the universe and fooled the entire world with fake death. It was really a sigh!”

Zi Xuanzi said lightly, really sighed, not at all I have cared about all around the Bharata people whose gods became tight because Amir was kidnapped.

“Insurgents and thieves, quickly let go of His Royal Highness!”

Suotu loudly roared, pulled out a scimitar from his waist and slashed towards Zi Xuanzi. His knife is fast and anxious, flicking cold glow blade light like an electric flash!


Zi Xuanzi didn’t even fight.

Suddenly there was a sharp wind breaking sound from the dust group, and a black chain whip like a snake drilled out of it, and it was precisely placed on the wrist of Tusso’s knife.

First, star-pointed blood, then bloomed into blood.

Suotu let out a painful cry, and could no longer hold the scimitar in his hand. The knife flew out, and he took a step back against the wound. Zi Xuanzi followed the scimitar, and put it on the other side of Amir’s neck.

“Don’t put your hat on, the trail is not from the Bharat, how could you become your prosecutor and thief? Moreover, the peacock pro King Keshi is dead, and the trail is at best offending a dead person that’s All…”

Zi Xuanzi looked miserable, seemingly innocent.

Amir, who was held by a sword and a knife, stared at him silently, clenching his teeth unconsciously. Coming too soon! The prince peacock is a miss.

“Why did you say that many? Hurry up and grab someone!”

The chain whip that hurt Sotu returned to the dust ball and retracted into the girl’s sleeve disappeared.

As if trying to replace the existence of the chain whip, this sentence floated out of the dust ball, and the black cat waved his hand, and the vigor that had blown away dispelled the unsettled flying dust.

“Yes, yes, I love what you said is very true, the trail will do it immediately.”

“Asshole, you dare to touch your highness!”

Wrist The injured Suo Tu couldn’t watch everything happen, and rushed towards Zi Xuanzi, trying to knock down Zi Xuanzi with his huge size and relieve Amir.

“Hurry up!”

The black cat urged, kicked out, turned around and kicked on Sotu. Although she was petite, she was not too strong, and Sotu was kicked out.

Under the urging of the black cat, Zi Xuanzi abandoned the scimitar and directly stretched out his empty hand to grab Amir.

As long as the Prince Peacock is captured alive, Bharat will be in a difficult situation. Then the Imperial Court has the bargaining chip to persuade Bharat to retreat, reduce the pressure on the third line, and transfer its forces to the Northwest and Northern Domain.


But there is something wrong.

Suddenly, Zi Xuanzi saw blood on the ground intermittently extending far away, and suddenly felt wrong. While his brows trembled, he realized that Amir in front of him had no breath.

“Has it been placed…?”

Zi Xuanzi glanced at Lina, who did not respond, and grasped Amir’s shoulder.

There is no real touch.

He seemed to have only caught a cloud of mist. The silhouettes of Amir and Lina, like sandstone statues blown away by the wind, disappeared into mist.

Not only Zi Xuanzi and Black Cat, but also Suo Tu looked at the deserted place and was stunned.

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