The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1139

The blood dripped all the way.

When he walked halfway, Amir felt so instinctive that he would be easily tracked up, so he stopped the soldiers who were passing by and wiped all the blood stains away.

“Lina, can you hold on?” Amir did not forget to care about the woman who saved her life again.

“I’m fine…”

Lina smiled forcefully.

No matter how hard she tries, she can’t hide the facial distortions caused by pain. Her cheeks twitched intermittently, naturally because of the back injury. She was injured in three places on her back, all of which were hit by flying sand running stone for protecting Amir. The most serious place is near the left shoulder. A sharp stone half sank in, and the blood source did not flow out of Danger Land, dripping onto the ground at the end of the stone.

She was panting, and it seemed that the stones were sinking deeper than Amir thought. He didn’t dare to pull out the stones directly, and he even had to pay attention to whether they would fall. Without those rocks, the wound may be bleeding.

Amir can’t blame Lina for implicating him, and the other party has rescued him time and time again, even Amir can’t be so cold. Hmph, he still had such an innocent side, he thought to himself.

“Your Highness, if I drag you back, please abandon me.” Lina’s eyes were dim.

This woman seems to have only the concept of giving, without asking for anything in return-no, she is probably longing for a little bit of tenderness from Amir.

She loves the man named “Amir Bharata”.

“It’s okay.” Amir shook the head.

He has no way to give Lina more.


Amir suddenly realized something.

In the past, in order to keep the light on the sidelines, he deliberately created a shortcoming for himself—loving female sex–and never married. But he should have no such worries now, so why can’t he give Lina more?

Well, that kind of thinking has become inertia, and he trapped himself in this kind of inertial thinking.

“Lina, this king will give you an answer.”

Amir blurted out, this is a sentence that he said without any thought, following the current feelings. He must give Lina something—he must.

Because, he felt that anything was too insignificant before the fact that Lina had saved him several times.

“His Royal Highness, you…”

Lina did not have any joy, only surprise.

It’s probably too unexpected, she didn’t seem to react at all. Amir didn’t say more, just walked forward with Lina. Lina didn’t make a sound for a long time, and she lowered her head when the two walked out about ten steps, and said lightly “Um”.

That voice was shy.

Amir felt a touch of warmth inexplicably, but at the same time a little restless and irritable. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, and he didn’t have time to think about it.

They came to a hall.

In this temple, in addition to the altar that takes up nearly half of the space, there are many rooms, and this is one of them. This room was originally used for some “witches” to rest. It is fully furnished and has a lot of space.

But people who live here can’t imagine that there will be secretly thoughts leading to the outside world.

The secretly thought is hidden under one of the beds.

As soon as Amir and Lina arrived, Kapil and Nandana came together. Before the two had time to salute Amir, several soldiers who had been sent to protect Amir’s retreat arrived.

The leader is a young general.

“The final will be Alis, who is ordered to protect the safety of the prince.”

Among the soldiers, there are several “witches”, they seem to recognize Nandna And Kapil, put on a rather respectful expression towards the two nodded. Nandana and Kapil return one after another.

“Everyone is here, let’s go.”

Amir said coldly, glaring at Nandna and Kapil for a while. Neither of them noticed his cold eyes, let alone know that Amir was suspecting the information they had leaked.

After all, the two had a criminal record.

Under Amir’s instructions, Alis moved the bed and knocked on the floor. Until the voice was different, the location of the secretly thought was finally exposed.

Alice summoned his subordinates and pried the floor with a saber.

The narrow, dark passage underneath showed up.

Suotu considered it very thoughtfully. One of the “witches” who accompanied the team stood up with the palm of his right hand stretched out, and the floating flames ignited out of the air. He took the lead and stepped into the passage, the flame of his palm illuminating the way forward.

In the passage, the stairs lead to the depths.

“His Royal Highness, are you going to retreat?”

Although Nandana was called, she didn’t know what was going on. At this moment, she finally understood the passage, showing incredibleness. Eyes.

“Don’t hold on here.”

Amir responded briefly, and then ignored Nandna, and under the escort of Alis, stepped into the passage. Nandana wanted to say something, but Kapil grabbed her arm and shook her head.

“Nandana, don’t do this.” He earnest and well-meant advised.

“Don’t do this?” Nandna shook Kapil and grabbed her hand. “What about the people outside? Do they know? Since here can’t be guarded, why don’t they order a retreat? What’s the matter with this? Does it make sense?”

Nandna was quite rude, suggesting that it was obvious enough for Amir to escape only by herself, and she even glared at Amir’s back.

Kapil wants to say something roundabout, but before that──

“Nandena, the king’s life is more important, do you understand?”

Amir responded first.

His attitude is very problematic, even with a little bit of thorns, not as exquisite as before. Nandna didn’t expect that the other party would be so shameless and direct, and for a time stunned, but Kapil felt something from the other’s attitude.

Kapil had a bad feeling, and a warning expression flashed in his eyes.

“Nandna, stop talking.” Kapil grabbed Nandna’s arm again.

Nandana still wanted to struggle, but found that Kapil used extra force this time, and she failed to shake the opponent’s hand. Kapil, you let go, she yelled, in exchange for the other’s stern look.

“Stop talking.” He repeated in a deep voice.

Nandana was stunned, feeling pressure inexplicably.

Kapil is serious, she thought, closing her mouth.

“Let’s go.”

The Amir entire group has disappeared in the narrow space aisle, and Kapil urges Nandna to follow. Nandana was a little unconvinced, but when she saw Kapil’s overly serious expression, she could only shut her mouth.

“Patience, I will not forget what I promised you.”

Perhaps noticing that Nandna is a little scared, Kapil suddenly smiled.

“Stop talking.” Nandana suddenly felt shocked, as if being blown by a cold wind.

Kapil opened his mouth in surprise.

It’s just that when he saw the inexplicable uneasiness on Nandana’s face, he closed his mouth as if feeling it.

“Okay, I won’t say.”

Kapil gathered up his courage and took Nandna’s hand.

Nandena stared, faint ripples appeared in her eyes, reflecting Kapil’s face. She seemed to imagine him engraved in her heart, staring at him blankly.

She allowed him to drag herself into the darkness.

Like a salute to see off, a roar suddenly sounded at the entrance of the passage, and the broken sand fell from the entrance of the passage, blocking the exit.

“Really done thoroughly!”

Kapil couldn’t help but sigh.

In order to expose the existence of secretly thought, Prince Peacock used gunpowder to blow up the room where secretly thought was located. However, blowing up only one room may be quite easy to attract the attention of others, so there should be several rooms that have been blown up.

He looked back at the road ahead, it was pitch black before his eyes.

“I just hope that Sue Kirin’s name is reliable enough…”

Kapil’s eyes flashed with inexplicable light, and the whispering voice melted in the darkness.

“Huh?” Nandna made a puzzled voice.

She did not get any response.

But she trusted Kapil.


Follow the traces of blood and follow the Bharatiya soldiers who rushed out madly──

Although there are not many passages The space moved, but the black cat still shuttled through it with a weird and agile body. The soldiers of Bharata wanted to intercept it, but failed with too many attacks. They failed to stop the black cat’s aggression and even confessed many lives.

The girl was fierce and as difficult to capture as if she was smeared with oil, it was as if she was in an uninhabited state.

However, the black cat failed to catch up with her target, and the blood trail was cut off in the middle. The Bharat’s side obviously discovered that she was following the bloodstains, so he took the initiative to erase those traces, and the black cat lost the target.

If it hadn’t been for the Bharat’s soldiers to intercept her desperately and restrain her speed, she would have caught up with the man named Peacock Prince. She unexpectedly wanted to end the war as soon as possible. Although she was an assassin, she did not see such a large number of deaths very often-this may be the second time.

The first time was the siege of Imperial Capital against Wu Family.

And, the overall confrontation with Bharata is the second time. Somehow, it was not the same as before, this time she felt intolerable. In the face of the sacrifices of Zhenxi Mansion, Wuyao and martial artists, she became patient.

She didn’t know if it was Zi Xuanzi’s relationship, she didn’t understand what was wrong with her, and she was even a little confused, but she wanted to end the war sooner rather than later.

So, she rushed over without thinking.


After losing her goal, she suddenly fell into a dilemma. Continue to chase forward may not be able to get the result, but the retreat has been blocked by the Bharat soldiers.

The black cat just hesitated for a few seconds to advance or retreat, and he was surrounded by the people of Bharata.

“…It’s terrible.”

The black cat hummed coldly, and a sharp chain whip came out of his sleeve again, dragging a beautiful, complicated arc. Passing coldly across the necks of several Bharata soldiers.

Blood spurted from their wounds.

The black cat decided to go back, kicking back in the blood rain.

The head-on blow greeted her grandly in the next moment.


I don’t know what happened, the black cat bends into a shrimp shape, and bounces back like a heavy blow. She fell into the forest-like sea of ​​scimitars of Bharatiya soldiers. She barely rotated her body in the air, and the chain whip in her hand curled into a whirlwind with the turning trend, strangling several Bharatiya soldiers.

She landed sideways, and fortunately she wiped the land from the sea of ​​knives.

After landing, she bounced up immediately, and she threw away a few daggers. In the middle of the red heart. Several Bharata soldiers covered their wounds with knives in their throats and fell.

However, the Bharatanatyam soldiers behind immediately filled the vacancy again, calling the black cat almost no respite. The black cat flicked the chain whip again, like a storm, and several heads were thrown up like melons.

The black cat leaped out with blood, and with the help of the wall of the passage, it bounced around on all sides of the passage like a marble, pulling out a very complicated trajectory. She once took this to advance some distance back.

Unfortunately, good times don’t always happen.

It was another invisible strength call. This time the black cat noticed something wrong and used his intuition to respond in advance, but his waist was still rubbed by the strange power.

Her figure flickered.

Fortunately, she barely stabilized her posture and did not land. However, the other party didn’t let her intentions go, and it was a number of invisible force attacks. The black cat escaped once, twice, and three times, but failed to escape the third time.


She groaned again, lost her posture, and fell to the ground. Moreover, not only once, but the power seemed to want to solve her in one breath. The black cat was hit continuously in the air, as if being toyed with, and his body was beaten up and down suddenly left, suddenly right in the air.

The black cat can’t even adjust its posture.

A blood flower bloomed, and she spit a mouthful of blood in the air, finally hitting the wall on one side and sliding down. Bharat’s soldiers immediately gathered around and used their weapons to attack the black cats.

Facing the cold light that filled the field of vision, the black cat couldn’t help closing his eyes and shrinking himself.

──The pain as expected did not strike.

The black cat slowly opened one eye, puzzled, but saw the white robe fluttering in front of him. Further ahead, there are a large number of fallen Bharat soldiers.

The end of the aisle that connects to the altar is almost emptied.

blood flowing into a river, corpses everywhere across the field, these are the best idioms to describe the situation.

“Aiya, the trail doesn’t want to kill…but, who said that the trail has an impulsive, impulsive dísciple? Aiya Aiya, don’t blame the trail…”

Zi Xuanzi’s tone was extremely bitter, and the pitying expression on his face was quite mocking against the Azure Edge Sword that was still bleeding.

Looking at the appearance of him shaking his head, the black cat relaxed inexplicably, as if into a reliable embrace.

“You are really pretentious like this…” She couldn’t help but vomit, showing her relaxed mood.

“Even if it is a trail, it will still be hurt…” Zi Xuanzi turned her head helplessly, “The trail came here to save you, so that so many killings…”

“Don’t pretend, you are not a monk.”

The black cat gave her a white look, and slowly stood up. be that as it may, she is actually full of warmth in her heart, and the corners of her mouth are slowly curled up, with a happy smile.

She was not seriously injured. Although the force was weird, the formidable power was not great.

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