The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1140

“The people are lost.”

Bharata’s soldiers looked at each other and failed to immediately organize the offensive again. Some were more timid, and even watched the corpse of their companions vomiting, and the yellow vomit that was thrown up all over the floor was sour and smelly.

However, Black Cat and Zi Xuanzi do not have this problem.

They have already taken offense. After all, one is from an assassin, and the other, even if he says he doesn’t like killing, lives long enough to participate in such large-scale conflicts many times.

“Prince Peacock is well-known. Some people say that his existence is the key to Bharat’s excavation… If it weren’t for his feigned death in his early years, it would make people suspect that Bharat’s former Second Prince was behind the scenes. I am afraid that his legend will not be interrupted… Such a person will definitely find that you are chasing the blood.”

Analyzed by Zi Xuanzi, it also meant to comfort the black cat. The black cat is even more unwilling. She doesn’t know how many times she has failed.

“What should I do?” she asked angrily.

Those Bharat soldiers seem to have slowed down, and under the constant spur of the commander, they are slowly surrounding here. They appear to be quite cautiously, trembling with fear, for fear that they will become the first person to die in the Zixuanzi sword.

“My beloved disciple, we are not alone.”

Zi Xuanzi’s answer seems a little wrong at first glance, but the black cat is a little careful and understands him Deep meaning.

“Are you referring to the martial demons and the others?”

“The abilities of those’witches’ are so mysterious, they really make a small path and two big ones…but you Forget that the instincts of the martial arts are equally strong? Their facial features or certain abilities are stronger than ours. Don’t forget, forget who discovered this temple.”

Zi Xuanzi She laughed like self-deprecating.

He laughed so terribly, like a stone thrown into the lake causing ripples. All the Bharata soldiers who approached were shocked, thinking that he had to act first.

But he didn’t. He just continued:

“We often measure everything by our own standards, but forget that some things and things are not applicable to us. Standard…Sometimes, we are too arrogant, that’s why this temple is exposed. That’s why, the prince of Peacock is not perfect.”

Zi Xuanzi laughed back to the black cat. , “Wuyao is much more useful than us in many ways.”

Is it true? The black cat frowned.

It’s not so much doubt, it’s not convinced. She doesn’t think that humans will lose to the martial demon. Even if the facts are in front of her, it is quite difficult to admit this.

She is far less indifferent than Zi Xuanzi.

To put it plainly, she doesn’t have the kind of open-minded mood of Zi Xuanzi.

“In any case, I have to believe them. Moreover, Xi and the girl are not good, and the’Great Witch’ on the side of Prince Peacock was seriously injured. There must be a lot of opportunities.”


“Is it a chance?” The black cat rolled the eyes.

Zi Xuanzi is too optimistic, to catch such resourceful Prince Peacock easier said than done.

“10% is too little, maybe 20%.”

Zi Xuanzi replied funny, raising two fingers, as if it was something worth showing off It’s like. The black cat showed an expression that couldn’t stand it and wanted to punch him. However, his fist hitting Zi Xuanzi’s body would definitely not hurt or itchy.

“It can only be so…”

The black cat also has no good solution, so he has to agree with Zi Xuanzi’s idea and solve the altar first. She has seen Mitsuya flying out here, and it is almost certain that this will block the air communication facilities.

──Well, at least one.

“Then let’s have a fight!”

The black cat loudly shouted, and the chain whip in his sleeve burrowed out again. Zi Xuanzi responded with a good voice, and jumped out as well. Rao is a black cat and difficult enough, even more how there is a Grandmaster.

Bharata soldiers can’t stop the two at all, let alone besiege them, but those “witches” can contain the two a little bit, but it’s only a “slightly” degree that’s all.

Among them, the surgical technique that interferes with the senses is more troublesome.

Zi Xuanzi simply closed his eyes, so that those phantoms would no longer affect him. However, there are strange sounds disturbing him, so he had to concentrate one’s mind to capture the enemy’s location, and the long sword in his hand did not stop being merciful, and accurately killed the enemies.

He even has room to pay attention to the situation of the black cat.

If the “sorcerer” of Bharat does not take action, no one can stop Zi Xuanzi-a Grandmaster’s offensive-he is almost act wilfully. In the end, his robe was almost dyed blood red.

However, things will not always go smoothly.

The accident happened when he and the black cat returned to the altar. Many martial demons and martial artists have already attacked in the altar, and they are confronting the defensive formation of Bharat soldiers. The soldiers of Bharata were also hard-spirited, and they seemed to have blocked several onslaughts. It is also due to the existence of the “witches”, otherwise they alone-even though there are martial artists among them-should not be able to stop the offensive of the Hua Dynasty.

Zhenxi Mansion should still sweep away the enemy outside the temple.

Zixuanzi immediately joined the battle when he saw the situation. No one could stop the charge. He easily penetrated the Bharata soldiers’ defense line and stepped onto the altar.

Then an accident happened.


The back of Zi Xuanzi’s neck was cold, and he instinctively turned and cut out the sword in his hand.

The eyes are illuminated by the white light, which is the long spear of light hanging high in the sky and hidden behind the stratus clouds. It suddenly fell, faster than the meteor, and accurately and quietly hit Zi Xuanzi’s back.

This must be a sneak attack that has been gathering for a long time, and the formidable power is strong.


Seeing Zi Xuanzi’s sword shattered in the light, the black cat cried out in astonishment. She wanted to step forward to support, but in the next instant, her vision was buried by a burst of white light.

The temple was destroyed in the white light.


The light of destruction rose up into the sky, almost whitening the entire sky, reflecting the trees.

Amir and the others crawled out of a tree hole, and their eyes went dark because of the shrine’s too dazzling light. After a few seconds, several people adapted to the glare.

“This is…”

Nandana looked at the beam of light that penetrated the clouds in astonishment.

That is the “sorcerer” technique, Nandana is impossible to mistake the formidable power of the divine spear. That is one of the main gods among the gods, the destroying spear of the “God of Spear”.

“What’s the matter?” Nandna turned her head abruptly and stared at Amir.

“This is the intention of the Lord’Sorceress’. If Nandana’s’Great Wizard’ has any questions, you can ask the’Sorceress’.”

Amir Leng In response, she stretched out her hand to pull Lina out of the tree hole.

Several Bharata soldiers dispersed for only a week, first to investigate the situation nearby, while the remaining “witches” all looked at the fading light in the distance with all their faces in astonishment.

If they did not leave with the prince peacock, they would definitely be involved in it. Although I don’t know how the situation is there, but from the formidable power and the waves of shock, the temple must be destroyed.

──Many people died.

As “witches”, they can no longer understand the capabilities of “sorcerers”.

“This impossible is an attack projected by Lord’Sorceress’!” Nandna suddenly claimed, “Although Lord’Sorcerer’s gun can be shot at a long distance, the formidable power and distance are It’s related. With the current position of the “sorcerer”, it is impossible to launch such a large-scale technique!”

Nandena’s tone is affirmative. Those “witches” were affected by her words, and they showed deep thoughts. Emoji. paused, Nandana got more and more angry, and even rushed in front of Amir.

“The technique has already been laid! From the very beginning, if the altar cannot be held forever, you should activate the technique and the’sorcerer’ from a distance to destroy the temple!”

Nandana stretched out her hand to grab the silent Amir’s skirt, but Lina dragged her body to block her in front of her, sternly asked:

“Nand Na, are you going to commit and commit the crime of treason again? Don’t forget, it was you last time that your Highness was in danger!”

“I thought he was dead I even live in regret, but he is not dead, he lied to all of us! We are just his pawns that’s all! Lina, so are you!”

“Shut up!” Lina yelled loudly as if she was in pain.

“Isn’t it?” Nandana was unwilling to give in, and took a step forward again. “Isn’t it? You gave him almost everything, but what did you get? You got nothing. , Isn’t it?”

Lina fell silent.

Nandena thought she had finally convinced Lina that she could be lost, but the other party suddenly laughed. At the moment when she heard the laughter, Nandana thought it was a ridicule, and was angry in her heart, but when she stared at the other person, she realized that it was a soft smile.

Lina smiled softly.

“Nandena, you must have never loved someone deeply, have you?”

But her question is different from the smile on her face, very sharp and very sharp. The ground hit the nail on the head.

Nandna is dumb.

Although she and Kapil barely stand together, are they really loving each other? Kapil may be in love with her, but she cannot say that she loves Kapil. She dedicated her life to her gods, dedicated to her beliefs, but never dedicated to a particular loved one.


No, this is just a kind of selfishness, it’s just self-satisfaction that’s all, not even self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice is a false concept. People only have to be sacrificed.

Well, just like the people in the temple, the people who have been sacrificed.

Even if Nandana thinks with her ass, she knows that the people who stay in the temple are completely unaware, and she doesn’t know that a deadly trap has already been laid there. If they knew, those “witches” would not show such a shaken expression.

“I see, you and Amir are in the same group. No matter what he does, you will be on his side, right?”

“Nand Na, it would be great if you could understand.”

Lina nodded in response, feeling for the first time that she and Nandna could understand each other. However, Nandana did not forget the focus of the moment because of the consensus with Lina.

“I still can’t agree with your actions.”

Nandna’s voice has slowed down a bit, as if the light in the distance has faded. Amir, who has been silent until now, finally speaks at this time, using a rather serious tone.

“Nandena, the enemy’s main force who came to attack the temple just now must be the main force of the enemy, so surely it will be able to severely inflict damage to the people of the Chinese dynasty, right? The temple will become a cemetery for the elites of the Chinese dynasty. Remember, We are at war, not playing house.”

“But they don’t know it!”

If they were all informed and willing, Nandna would indeed lose her position .

However, this is definitely not the case, she believes so much.

“hmph, don’t you understand such a simple calculation problem?” Amir narrowed his eyes. “Although it was an act of self-defeating eight hundred and one thousand enemies, this temple could not be guarded, so It is a simple tactical idea to damage the enemy.”

Prince Peacock said too much as it should be by rights, as it should be by rights, as if any loss is just a number in his eyes. , Nandana heard a burst of fire, and moved forward again.

“Ah, can I insert a sentence?” Kapil suddenly said.

His intervention can be said to be a bit abrupt, because he must have stopped Nandna in normal times, but he has finally broken the silence so far.

A light flashed in Amir’s eyes, knowing that Kapil was standing in the direction of Nandna this time.

He didn’t know what happened between the two, he finally understood after seeing Kapil walk to Nandna and hold her hand.

I made a mistake, he shouldn’t have brought these two people.

Didn’t expect this change happened between them, and they have moved forward and retreated together-well, something that lay between them but not the barrier was broken.

However, he doesn’t think the two want to be disadvantaged here.

“His Majesty, don’t get me wrong. If the two of us are unfavorable to His Highness here, the nature will be different…Although we have become street rats now, there are still some differences between King Killing… “

Kapil raised a finger expressionlessly, and the few Bharat soldiers had a bad instinct. They raised their weapons towards the two “great witches”, while the other “witches” just questioned each other. Look, I don’t know what to do.

Kapil looked around for a while, then smiled and said:

“I just want to correct your Highness. You may have to pay more.”

“What do you mean?”

Amir felt bad instinct, and gently squeezed Lina’s side waist to show Lina’s warning. At the same time, his gaze narrowed as sharp as his gaze, piercing Nandna and Kapil.

“I amplified the voice of the conversation here a hundred times that’s all in some way.”

Kapil said in a joke.

Amir and Lina’s eyes widened in an instant. They didn’t understand what was going on, but they knew that Kapil was probably not joking.

Even Nandana looked at Kapil in shock.

“My promises to you are all true.” Kapil just spread his hands, “I didn’t lie.”

As soon as his voice fell, the flames dropping from the sky.

Fireball hit all around several people, lit up the trees, and turned into a wall of fire that surrounded several people. Lina held her breath and looked up at the sky with Amir, only to see the silver silhouette falling here extremely fast.

The deserted and illusory posture, as if carved from the Moon Wheel, Xihe struck silently and extremely fast.

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