The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1141

“Your Highness, you go first!”

Lina yelled, desperately stepping forward. She used her ability to control all the men present to Xihe, but not Kapil.

However, Xi and the nine tails were all wrapped in a blade, or knife or sword, turning into Storm of Swords while they were spinning, and instantly strangling all the Bharat soldiers present. They are fundamentally impossible to withstand a single blow.

Xihe touched the ground, glanced at Kapil and Nandna, and then looked away again. She didn’t feel the fighting intent from the two of them, and just heard everything Kapil had said, and decided to leave them alone for now.

Moreover, what she thought more about was that the two seemed to know Sue Kirin.

But with such a distraction, the silhouettes of Lina and Amir are now disappearing.

“Illusion Technique…” Xihe frowned and murmured softly.

She touched her hand in her arms and shot a magic charm. The magic talisman ignited a blue light, and in an instant the entire area was covered by white lightning.

──A crisp sound.

As if the glass was broken, everything in front of me appeared tortoise lines, turned into large pieces and peeled off. As the translucent fragments fall, Xihe keenly caught the silhouette of Amir and Lina running outside.

“Don’t even want to run!”

Xihe gave a violent cry, and turned to threw away the nine blades of the tail, chasing Lina and Amir.

Lina didn’t seem to realize that her Illusion Technique was broken, she just took Amir’s hand and ran forward. All her attention was placed on Amir.

Seeing that the blade weapon is about to hit two unsuspecting people──

Amir noticed the murderous intention of the attack.

I saw that Lina’s silhouette shook unnaturally, and suddenly took the initiative to slam into the flying blades with a surprised expression. She looked towards Amir’s back in disbelief as she fell.

pu chi pu chi pu chi…… After nine consecutive muffled sounds of knives, Lina turned around blankly, only to see the blades that penetrated her chest.

She laughed self-deprecatingly.

It was Amir who pushed her down just now and pushed her onto the ray of the blade.


When Xihe passed Lina’s side, he gave her a silent glance. There is no ridicule, only warm pity.

Through Lina, Amir escaped another distance, but it was still not faster than Xihe.

The silver white silhouette went around in front of him like an electric light, blocking him. Amir stopped with an ugly expression, looking for anything that could save his life, and his thoughts turned sharply.

However, the sound of Xihe’s barefoot footsteps on the ground disrupted his thinking.

“Kapil, Nandina, you just stand there and watch this king die at the hands of the enemy? Losing the glory of your mother-in-law, betraying your own country and gods, why do you think of people? “

Even in the face of Xihe’s approaching step by step, Amir was still calm and steady, and even turned his hands to Kapil and Nandna. His meaning is actually very simple: you still don’t try to save this king? But it just happens to be devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence.

“His Royal Highness the Peacock passed away earlier, and our country mourned for him.” Kapil shook his head sadly and sighed, “It’s only to blame for our ineffective escort. His Royal Highness is dead, from Bharata. People are so convinced. Now that they are dead, how can they be killed again?”

Is this a shot at yourself? The corners of Amir’s eyes twitched, and it was a surprise that Kapil did so thoroughly. He was not surprised that Nandna would come forward to question herself, but he wondered why Kapil could be so determined. In the past, he was the one who knew the current affairs best, and liked to adjust.

He doesn’t understand.

However, the situation will not make him want to understand before it will continue, because Xihe’s footsteps have never stopped. She was almost in front of Amir.

“Nandna, you have to do it again–!”

Amir opened his mouth, and didn’t expect before he finished speaking, he opened his mouth and spouted one Blood.

What’s the matter? Amir was uncertain, but couldn’t do it if he wanted to lower his head.

He could only look down as hard as he could, and saw the slender white tail running through his throat. The tail originated from Xihe, so fast that he could not react at all.

I made a mistake, he thought.

He is arrogant. He has forgotten the character of Nandana and Kapil. He just thinks that the two of them will be able to protect his own safety. He didn’t expect that they would really betray him. Well, the two people who had restrained and cared for each other really stood together. This was his biggest mistake.

“You are too wordy.”

Xihe said coldly, as if it was too annoying for Amir to beg for mercy before he died.

Amir is speechless, opening his mouth is spit a mouthful of blood. He tried to hold Xihe’s tail with his hand up, trying to pull it out of his throat, but the tail didn’t move.

He cried.

He was crying bitterly, or because he was afraid of death, he didn’t know.

Bi Duan Xihe showed an expression of disgust, the remaining eight tails behind him all bounced out, like countless sharp long spears running through Amir’s body.

Blood splattered out, dyeing Xihe and Amir’s body red.

The blood scattered like petals, the silhouette of Amir inside, after Xihe retracted his tail, collapsed ── fell into the pool of blood.

“You die without regret.” Xihe looked at Amir who fell on the ground coldly.

Amir faced the ground, and his body trembled. The last sound didn’t last long before it disappeared without a trace. The eyes reflected in the pool of blood expanded gradually at the speed visible by naked eye, losing their spirit.

“Ah, Your Highness…”

Lina, who also fell on the ground, watched Amir fall in a pool of blood, and tried her best to stretch out her arm, but wondered how It’s out of reach. She didn’t even have the strength to get up. The sword that pierced her body seemed to be filled with lead, and she felt that her body was terrifying.

Lina can only look at the person she loves deeply, and is mentioned by Xihe like a tattered one. His body was still trembling, and the blood from the wound threw away splashed on Xihe’s body. Her tail was dyed half red.

“Your Highness!”

Lina became excited and couldn’t allow the other party to insult Prince Peacock so much. Xihe glanced at her wordlessly and ignored her.

Too excited, Lina opened her mouth and spit out blood again.

But she finally propped up her body, yelled loudly, and roared with mixed anger:

“Let him go! I will never–“

Someone hugged her from behind and interrupted her.

“Lina, it’s not worth it.”

It’s Nandna.

She and Lina were supposed to be two people who were not right, but after seeing Lina being pushed out by Amir and becoming the shield, Nandna suddenly understood.

Lina is just a pitiful person that’s all.

It’s true that the poor person must have something hateful, but the other person is already in danger, only relying on the gods of the “great witch” and struggling on whilst at death’s door. So far, Nandena cannot remember such a general. The dead.

Kapil just watched all this in silence.

“You, if you don’t want to participate in this war anymore, please leave the realm of Martial Demons as soon as possible.”

Xihe finally speaks towards Nandna and Kapil get in a word.

Since Nandana was holding Lina, she didn’t respond, and Kapil was responsible for everything.

“We may not have a stand to say more, but thank you.” Kapil responded with a wry smile.

Xi and nodded turned around carrying Amir’s body. She leaped on the ground, dragging nine red eyebrows, like a bloody meteor, and quickly disappeared into the air.

She seems to be heading towards the temple.

Kapil watched Celestial Demon’s departure without saying a word, and then turned his gaze to Nandna. The Lina she was pregnant with was dying, but she was still whispering in her weak voice:

“Give me back…You are not allowed to insult Your Highness…”

If she had enough strength, she would definitely yell again.

Obviously, Amir pushed her out at the last moment and made her the surrogate, but she still had no complaints or anger.

She loves him so deeply, it will last till death, and she is also blind, stupid, sad, and unreasonable.

Yes, love is always blind.

Lina’s breath gradually weakened, and the expression in her eyes gradually turned dark, like a shining gem.

“Nandena, you must…have never loved…a person.”

Consciousness may have also become blurred, and the dying Nandena has some words No matter the time. She probably didn’t know where she was. Her eyes were blurred by tears, and she looked very bleak.


Nandna admitted, her voice soft.

At the end, she wanted to give Lina a warm place. This can be considered some kind of sympathy or sympathy for her last encounter.

──Maybe I want to atone for a little sin.

She was really sorry for these two people, even if she didn’t think it was wrong, she still felt guilty.

“…But I will try to love someone deeply.”

Lina has lost her voice.

Nandena’s soft whisper must have not been conveyed, but ──

Lina raised a gentle smile, she would be the first to see it Is Amir Already? Nandana thought for a while and hugged Lina’s body tighter. Well, it seemed that she didn’t want to warm Lina, but she wanted to draw residual warmth from Lina’s body.

“…This is really just a farce that’s all.”

Nandna murmured, without any ups and downs of tone.

Kapil looked at the two in silence, but didn’t say a word.


It’s raining.

The rain in the forest always comes suddenly, and so does this rain. The raindrops hit the half-destroyed temple, among the piles of rubble, washing away the blood of those who were injured or who had died.

God can’t bear to bet on such a miserable situation, and wants to wash everything away with this rain.

This is probably a disaster.

In the face of the disaster, I am indifferent, whether it is the people of Bharata, or the people of the Martial Realm and the Hua Dynasty, wounded and dead, fell to the ground and screamed, Hope to survive.

And the people who survived, also quite tacitly did not survive the disaster, but first devoted themselves to the work of rescue partners. There are even some kind people who lend a helping hand to the enemy.

Half collapsed, leaving only one wall of the temple swaying in the rain.

The location of the altar has long been buried by rubble. I don’t know how many people were buried in it. However, the people below are not without the chance to survive. The people who survived came here one after another, removed the rubble and stones, and rescued the people buried there, regardless of whether the rescued people were dead or alive.

There are also some people who can get away on their own.

The rubble was close to the center, and the rubble piled on it suddenly trembled. Several Bharat soldiers and martial demons in the vicinity noticed the movement and leaned forward in unison.

But they don’t need their help.

A huge brick was dropped from the top to the side. It fell to the ground with a touch, shaking up dust and fog.

A head popped out.

He looks handsome and gentle, even if he is now covered in dirt, it does not hinder his elegance.

“Oh, it’s terrible…this is unexpected.”

Zi Xuanzi crawled out of it, and the others noticed that he was firmly guarding him. With a young girl. The girl didn’t even faint, she rolled her eyes for Zi Xuanzi’s words.

After the two climbed out, the girl left the young man’s robes like an electric shock, and even pushed the young man down.

“Ah…Even the trails will get hurt.”

Zi Xuanzi coughed over her chest, seemingly painful. The black cat was taken aback, and hurriedly ran over to care about the other party, and as a result──

“It seems that my apprentice still cares about being a teacher!”

Zi Xuanzi is like a foolish person. Jumped up.

The black cat froze for a while, and his reaction was sluggish. It took some time to understand that Zi Xuanzi was playing tricks on himself. She was a little angry, and stretched out her hand to hit Zi Xuanzi. Zi Xuanzi took a step back in fright, and the black cat withdrew his hand inexplicably, then turned and left with a grunt.

Zi Xuanzi did not see the faint smile on her face.

──It was a gentle smile with a little happiness.

After she realized this, she felt a little sorry for the father who had died. But some things are destined to be irresistible, and the black cat may no longer be able to leave the man’s side.

Well, his presence may have filled her missing to some extent ─ ─ her lost father’s position.

Zi Xuanzi scratched his head, thinking that the black cat was angry, and hesitated for a few seconds to catch up.

“Zi Xuanzi.”

Someone stopped him.

“en?” Zi Xuanzi murmured, smiling lightly, “It seems to be done…”

Xi He dragged the corpse of Prince Peacock and landed on Zi Xuanzi Behind.

As Zi Xuanzi expected, Xihe did succeed. Throughout the entire Hua Dynasty, Xihe is the closest person to Sue Kirin, except for Yuyao. She can handle the incredible abilities of the Bharata “witches” well.

So, Zi Xuanzi will let her stay in the periphery and wait for the machine to act.

“It is?” Zi Xuanzi greeted her with a smile.

The black cat who had taken the first step turned his head and saw him. Although he was not convinced, he was also surprised. As soon as Prince Peacock died, the situation would turn to China, she believed so.

“That’s it.”

Xihe didn’t have any great joys, and the responses were cold and indifferent. She held it in her hand and threw the corpse of Prince Peacock aside like trash.

“Aiya, Xihe girl, his corpse is very important!”

Zi Xuanzi said in surprise, attracting the attention of all the soldiers of Bharata. They were shocked to find that the corpse lying limp on the ground was the prince of Peacock that they had struggled to protect.

This time, it stirred up a thousand stones.

Those Bharata soldiers rushed forward like crazy, trying to snatch the corpse of Prince Peacock.


Zi Xuanzi lightly stepped on her foot, and the rubble on her foot shook up and down. The people on it stood unsteadily, and several people fell directly to the ground.

“The prince of Peacock is dead! We have no intention to dispute again! Your “sorcerer” uses you as pawns and wants to win! I understand that you want to fight for better resources and land for the country , But if your lives are lost here meaninglessly, what should your family do? This is a battle with no chance of victory……”

Zi Xuanzi declared loudly, hidden on her seemingly cold cheeks The dazzling light is like the brightest star in the world.

“──How can you beat me?”

Just after this, he seemed to slap a hand to the side and gave a huge gravel Break easily. Frightened by this, the Bharata men and horses cowered back.

Presumably they are also very clear that they are no match for a Grandmaster.

Especially now that they have suffered heavy casualties, they have long been thankful that the Chinese side did not hit a person when he’s down to them.


“Give me back to Laozi!”

A general screamed.

He is Sotu’s left and right hands. Sotu has died in the explosion just now, so he is now the highest Chief-In-Charge on the Bharatiya side.

“General Li Si?!”

The soldiers of Bharata were surprised at his decision, but in fact they were a little lucky.

“──Are you all blind? Didn’t you see that you were all treated as abandoned sons? What are you still doing here! If you don’t withdraw, stay here for nothing! I won’t be accompanied Now.”

Li Si dropped the scimitar in his hand, turned around and left like this, really not sluggish enough. The Bharata soldiers looked face to face and didn’t know what to do until the first man also dropped the scimitar in his hand.

With the beginning, you can’t stop it anymore.

Many Bharatanatyam soldiers abandoned their weapons and continued to focus on rescue work. Only a few of them did not hold on to their own opinions, but they were all weakened by the Hua Dynasty. In order to provoke disputes again, Zi Xuanzi deliberately kept his side from being deadly.

As a result, it presents a rather strange situation.

Hua Dynasty and Bharata’s men and horses rescued their companions on the battlefield respectively, but no one took action against the others, and this order was maintained by Zi Xuanzi.

This is a very fragile balance.

However, Zi Xuanzi has an absolute overwhelming power, and no one dares to act rashly.

“You should have wiped out these people, you are too naive.” The black cat is not satisfied with the current situation.

Zi Xuanzi laughed bitterly, and asked a question:

“People, don’t you die enough?”



The black cat looked at the scene of corpses everywhere across the field. He couldn’t say anything against his will, only silence.

“In the next counterattack, more people will die, so there are enough deaths now.”

Zixuanzi looked at the sky and lightly sighed.

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