The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1142

Beian City is located in natural danger, almost surrounded by mountains.

The two mountain ranges are in the shape of a double half moon and frame a flat ground. The city of Bei’an was built on that flat ground and has a history of nearly a thousand years. However, as a military powerhouse, this lonely city did not become dilapidated because of the ebbing of time. Instead, it was expanded and strengthened day by day because of its importance. It was almost a fortress, and its solidity was after King Ning settled in. It’s a peak period.

There is no lack of Qin Shiyu’s credit. She has contributed a lot to strengthening the fortifications of this city. She also contributed to the arrival of new types of organ weapons.

As the saying goes, water can carry a boat, and it can also overturn it.

Although Bei’an City is located in natural dangers, it is quite easy to be blocked off the entrances and exits of the north and south and become an isolated city. There are pros and cons. Everything is one and two sides. The North Kingdom has taken a fancy to this point and isolated Bei’an City so that the army inside cannot retreat. Of course, in order to seal the passage to the south of Bei’an City, one must first pass through the front line of defense, and the North Kingdom successfully sealed Bei’an City with a completely unprepared this time.

So, Bei’an City is almost impossible to be isolated.

But once isolated, Bei’an City will lose all its functions and will be locked in the city until it breaks out and rescues.

In this case, reinforcements are naturally impossible to arrive in time. Because of this, Lord Qin Shiyu Zhang You took the initiative to break the deadlock. First, he used Sue Kirin’s power to charge his position, and joined forces with the Evil Heavy Cavalry to repel the northern army in the south. Of course, the army of the North Kingdom is only retreating, and the blockade has not been completely lifted, but Bei’an City has a certain degree of self-sufficiency, and supplies and supplies are sufficient, and it will not run out of ammunition and food for a while.

The only thing to worry about is the truly isolated city of Ninglan.

So, Qin Shiyu actually wanted to open up the mountain range and send troops to the royal court of the North Kingdom, relieving a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers. Of course, the cycle of this time will be very strong, and distant water can’t save the near fire, so Qin Shiyu and Gong Tianqing discussed another plan during the period of opening up the mountain range. Concubine Ning and Gong Tianqing led half of the army in Bei’an City and joined Yu Yao to break the siege of Ninglan City, further compressing the strategic space of the North Kingdom in Yancheng and its surroundings, thereby gradually forming a siege.

For this reason, Ninglan City had to withstand the force of the North Country outside the Northern Domain.

After the plan was decided, while Yuyao and Sue Kirin were breaking through the mountain range, the entire Bei’an city moved. Not only is it necessary to prepare materials and allocate troops, but also to buy time to rest and rectify.

However, having been isolated by the North Country for a long time, the generals and soldiers in Bei’an City suffocated, and they all actively asked to join the battle out of the city, but they were not afraid of the problem of low morale.

Well, they are all people with blood energy.

In a intensive preparation work, the mountain range finally took five days to get through.


The mountain range surrounding Bei’an City is good.

Not rich, not bad, but in the vicinity is also a good place, so there are many villages around the mountain range, and there are also some small towns.

These villages are also under the jurisdiction of Bei’an City.

Since the Northland blocked Bei’an City, the people in these villages and towns were alarmed for fear that the Northland would settle in to attack. With their strength, they simply cannot hold their homeland. However, day after day passed, they were surprised to find that the North Kingdom came to collect some grain at most, and they had no interest in the place where they were.

They observed for a long time. Although it was a little unbelievable, life still needs to continue. They did not continue to hide in their house because of the existence of the Northland, holding the “weapon” in their hands── Things like farm tools are shiver coldly.

They continue to hunt in the mountains, cut wood, gather fruit, or farm, and continue their unchanging life.

Then, changes suddenly came to one of the villages.

It was found that the abnormal man was a man hitting water in a mountain stream. Holding a wooden barrel to fetch water from the spring at the foot of the mountain is already his daily task. He uses the water to move back to the village to make his village’s unique fruit wine. The wine is very sweet, and merchants often come to the village to buy it and sell it far away.

Among them, this mountain spring played a lot of roles.

The mountain spring is not big. The spring source water comes from the mountain and is supplied by a small stream. Behind it is a small cliff, and the stream is on it, flowing down to form a small waterfall. The straight down stream was only one person wide, and it was completely out of touch with the magnificent imposing manner.

But it is this small mountain spring that brings a lot of income to the village.


There are several buckets of water on the bank that are already 70% full. The man is playing with his eighth bucket of water and intends to use his The water is transported back to the village for some payment.

However, a dull roar suddenly interrupted his actions.

The man made a puzzled voice, and his body was shocked. The sound was like the sound of a large number of horseshoes stomping on the ground. He thought that the army of the North Kingdom had arrived, so he couldn’t help holding his breath and looked around.

I didn’t see any silhouette of the cavalry.

He listened carefully and found that there was a subtle difference in the sound, more like the sound of a landslide, so he turned his eyes towards the mountain, but didn’t expect to catch the vision first.

The small waterfall seemed to be blown by a strong wind, swaying from left to right, threw away a large number of drops of water, hitting all around. The man’s face also suffered.

“The ground sounds? The dragon turned over?”

The man murmured blankly, returning to his senses in an instant, intending to pack his things and leave the mountain as soon as possible. Long standing up is the so-called earthquake. The disaster caused by it is far from human comparable. The man has to leave here as soon as possible to survive, and he has to inform the residents of the village.

──Even though the scale this time seems to be small.

But as far as he is concerned, he only has memory, and he is terrified by the intense earthquake that almost destroyed this area.

Then, before he picked up the water, things changed again and again.

The stone behind the waterfall rolled away, and the whole cliff exploded, in an instant flying sand running stone, the falling stone fell in the spring water, causing waves of water to explode. The man was drenched.

A few stones fell beside him, smashing the buckets containing spring water.

He gritted his teeth and protected his body with his arms in this storm of sand and water seeping water, trying to survive the storm. A single thought popped up in his mind: This should not be the dragon turning over.

There was another roar.

The entire cliff in front of me completely collapsed, and then there was another dull sound inside, blasting the rocks in all directions.

The man was surprised to find that a huge shadow covered him in the next instant.

If you were hit by that boulder, you would definitely be crushed. The man knew this well, but he couldn’t avoid it. The stone came so fast that he closed his eyes in fright and waited for death.

“Ah, I’m sorry, there are still people wandering in places where birds don’t lay eggs, did not expect, are you doing something ugly?”

The sound of Spiritual Qi pours into the ear.

The man opened his eyes blankly, but saw that petite, Spiritual Qi-filled silhouette with long black hair like cloak, quickly intervened from the side.

“Drink!” She whirled and kicked, kicking on top of the stone, and it exploded.

Shards of the stone blasted away in all directions, but the man was unscathed. The semi-transparent film suddenly shining in front of him protects him from harm, and the stone crashes or rebounds like an egg hitting it.

“Hey, are you scared?”

The man was staring at everything, and someone suddenly patted him on the shoulder from behind. He was startled, and immediately fell to the ground.

“Daxian is forgiving, I didn’t know that Daxian was digging here to play. It shocked Daxian and made Daxian angry. To blame, I have dim eyes couldn’t recognize the gentleman, which disturbed Daxian. Yaxing, damn it!”

“Then do you want to die?”

Looking at the man lying on the ground and shaking his body, the girl asked angrily , Pinched her waist, “If you want to die, just say bleat, so that I don’t have to save you just now.” She wrinkled her nose and snorted with her nasal sound.

“Don’t want to think about it!”

The man was shocked again, and quickly replied, shaking his head.

“Then you will get up.” The girl rolled her eyes.

The man swallowed his saliva and hesitated for a while before he finally looked up, but he saw the “big fairy” in front of him covered in dirt, and his coarse clothes and linen clothes were also covered in mud , There is no trace of Immortal Qi.

──Except for the pair of eyes.

The bright yellow eyes did not lose their brilliance because of the girl’s sloppy. They were the most beautiful eyes a man had ever seen, much more beautiful than the only gem he had ever seen.

This may be the only place where she can get hooked with “fairies”.

“Hey, why are you looking at me stupidly? Frightened? Lost your soul? Hurry up and take your soul back!”

Sue Kirin As if chanting, he said flatly. The man looked at her stunned, it seemed that the Primordial Spirit had finally returned to his place, and he kept asking: “You…you are not a fairy?”

“Why not, I Doesn’t it look like a’fairy’?” Sue Kirin snorted.

“…I didn’t know that there would be fairies covered in mud.”

Sue Kirin glared at the man, and the man shrank up, inexplicably afraid of the girl in front of him. Well, it must be. Can an ordinary person make such a big movement casually? The man thought that the other party was a desolate mountain god or something.

“Yuyao, why are you hiding in there?”

The girl suddenly turned her head and shouted to the side of the collapsed cliff, where there was already a hollow, bottomless The void. The man suddenly looked thoughtful, is she digging a tunnel?

“I just watched you chat happily and didn’t want to interrupt it.”

In response to the voice, another woman walked out of the dusty place. She was wearing a black and white gown, her bare feet, and her pair of eyes did not have a trace of smoke, which looked ethereal and illusory.

“…Fairy…Lord fairy?”

The man was dumbfounded, because the woman was spotless, and the slightly sacred face was completely revealed, like a Only the independent crane remains.

“Are you the boy under the fairy seat?”

The man hasn’t reacted yet, he turned to look towards Sue Kirin and asked.

“get lost!” Sue Kirin was stunned for a while, and then yelled, “Who is whose virgin! I just don’t bother to maintain my image, so I don’t want to start Formation like someone Not to be polluted by sand and dust.”


The man seemed to understand, but his eyes were dumbfounded.

“You scared others.” Yu Yao said.

“You don’t need to say.”

Sue Kirin is also depressed enough, this man really can’t speak.

“Hey, are you from a nearby village? There should be a village nearby, right? What are you doing here? Do you have food there? By the way, everything you see here is not allowed to say no Go out, or you will bleed and forget Seven Orifices. Yes, the’fairy’ in your mouth has already cursed you, do you know?”

Sue Kirin contorts one’s face in agony threatening the man Said, the man hearing this was another shock, and lose one’s head out of fear was completely confused.

“Got it?”

Sue Kirin was too lazy to explain, and asked fiercely again. The man was nodded in a panic, covering his mouth with his hand, only making a wú wú wú sound, indicating that he would not say more.

“Okay, take us to your village. I will have a lot of friends coming to rest later. I have to go and see the situation in your village-what to see, your village has been requisitioned by me! If you dare to refuse, I will turn all the people in your village into pigs!”

All the people in your village will become pigs? The man tried to imagine, and shivered quickly.

He didn’t dare to refuse the girl in front of him, and when he cast a plea for help at the “fairy”, the other party just smiled lightly and didn’t mean to make any move. He hasn’t forgotten the scene of the opponent kicking the boulder to pieces, and he hasn’t had the courage to reject the opponent at all. The opponent must be able to kick his head easily.

“I, I, I…I will lead the way right away, please.”

The man jumped up in a panic and made a please gesture.

“Hmm, count you as interesting.”

Sue Kirin was nodded with satisfaction.

Looking at the interaction between the two, Yu Yao couldn’t help but smile. How can Sue Kirin have the appearance that a Grandmaster should have? He is completely straightforward and self-explanatory. This is what Yuyao envied.

“No wonder she is always surrounded by so many people. This is also the ability to defying heaven changing fate?”

Yu Yao whispered softly, no one heard her This sentence.


The carriage is shaky, like a cradle.

The wind blowing from outside makes the curtains float from time to time. The wind that comes in has the characteristic dryness of sand, and it smells a bit “dry”, like a very hard flatbread.

The girl’s nose moved a little, and the pair of ears on her head collapsed like a loss of vitality.

She doesn’t seem to like the smell.

The girl was half-dream and half-awake, but she didn’t wake up, lying in the spacious carriage, curled up with her small body, buried in the wool blanket that doesn’t know the value.

The funny thing is that her tail, which is more shiny than a blanket, is exposed, and it looks more comfortable than the blanket.

Sitting in the car, another woman at the edge of the car window looked towards the girl with interest from time to time, with a faint smile on her mouth. She had an unfolded book in her hand, and every time she read it, she glanced at the girl who was curled up.

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