The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1143

The burning incense rose slowly.

Bai Ze finds it very interesting. After all, after several times, few people can see the famous Beiming Yuyu sleeping position–especially such a cute sleeping position.

The long and curled eyelashes tremble with breathing, and a shallow breath is exuding between the small lips. To be honest, Bai Ze feels that Beiming has a fish half full state than her The state of fullness is much more lovely.

Perhaps it is the removal of the “fullness” body, which is almost the same as the removal of half of the burden. For example, as long as people take off their clothes, they will have a sense of relief. Grandmaster’s transition and this behavior may be similar in nature. At least the girl in Bai Ze’s eyes has this feeling. .

I don’t know how long it has passed. Perhaps I noticed Bai Ze’s humorous sight, and the long fox ears on the girl’s head suddenly moved. She woke up leisurely, and slowly propped up her body from the warm blanket in the incense of pale white tobacco.

Purple’s eyes are not as intellectual as before, only ignorant.

“ha ha ha, this is really a rarely seen wonder in the world…”

Finally couldn’t help it, Bai Ze laughed.

She laughed rather restrained, not wanting to subvert her previous impression, but because of this, she was a little bit more teasing.

Beiming Youyu didn’t understand what she was smiling, and looked towards her with those eyes that hadn’t fully awakened, but didn’t realize that she was still in a state of nakedness, her shiny and delicate skin, Only the white cloth that was heavily binding the wound on her side waist.

However, the white cloth almost completely wrapped her upper body, but it did not reveal any springtime. Well, even if there is, as long as it is not a person with a certain interest, she should not be eager for her flat and short body at the moment.

“What are you laughing at?”

Beijing Youyu still doesn’t know the situation, and tilts his head suspiciously. However, she seemed quite dissatisfied, and her eyebrows were twisted.

“I don’t smile when I see the situation rarely seen…how to be…worthy of the conscience of Heaven and Earth?”

Bai Ze is still laughing, so reluctant Then I said the whole sentence, and the whole sentence became intermittent because of the smile. It didn’t take a moment to hear what she was saying.

Beijing Youyu didn’t say a word, looking around and looking around to find clothes to put on. She just puts on that’s all, not at all. It’s no different from just putting on her shoulders.

“How long have I slept?” She asked as she adjusted her clothes.

Bai Ze opened the curtains and glanced at the sky outside. The wind and sand outside took the opportunity to blow in a lot, Bai Ze disliked the frowned Mao.

“For a long time.”

Bai Ze swept the wind and sand under the window to the corner, and closed the window of the carriage. Without the wind blowing from outside, the curtains stopped shaking.

“…Longer than imagined.” Beiming murmured a fish.

Bai Ze ordered the coachman outside to close the door of the South Chamber, and then turned her head back to Beiming Youyu angrily, correcting her and saying:

“More than imagined The medium should be short-this should be the right thing to say.”

Bai Ze said in a bad tone, “You have injuries, and we have to embark on the journey because we are in a hurry. You should also take time to rest and recuperate. That’s right.”

“Master Qu Gu’s medical skills are good, I’m almost healed.”

Bei Ming Youyu stroked his wound.

The wound is still a bit painful, and her frown reflects this. Then, she put on her clothes and covered the white cloth covering her body.

“I don’t just mean your body.”

Baize’s light tone fell in the ears of Beiming Youyu. The latter was stunned for a while before he understood the other side’s overtones.

Not only physically, but also spiritually and spiritually.

“…” Beiming Yuyu stopped talking.

She wanted to try to say that she was fine, but because she had shown her ugliness in front of Bai Ze, she lost her position. Now even if she said that she was fine, Bai Ze would definitely not believe it. Bai Ze has already seen through Beiming Youyu’s injury is not only on the body.

“People often say that the legendary’Shu Ji’ knows everything, you can actually understand the heart of others, right?”

Beijing has a fish voice mocking, like self-deprecating, It’s like trying to cover up his ugliness a little bit. In fact, she herself didn’t know her current mood, and there was a slight sadness between her ugly expressions. She has lived long enough, but her life is always accompanied by loss.

“I only know the things I should know, and I don’t know the things I shouldn’t know. I am also more impossible to understand other people’s minds.”

Bai Ze hummed unhappily. Close the book in his hand with a bang. She sighed heavily, her eyes completely out of focus. Her eyes reflected the appearance of a fish in Beiming, but she did not look at her.

Because of this, her voice sounds like it came from far, far away.

“Don’t you think mind reading and so on are too cunning? Huh, it’s too sad. The relationship between people is not based on completely revealing their inner thoughts, It’s not a good thing to be completely open to others, just like we need to wear clothes. Concealment is also a way to get along. It’s not a complete confession that you are who you are. Do you know what I mean? Be confided and conceal a part , This may be the real self, because where you live, you are not the only one. If you can read everyone’s mood, then you will find that you will be the loneliest one, because of the world you see and others It’s different, because your perception of everyone is different from others. It’s too sad, I don’t want to have that ability.”

An unexpected argument.

A fish in Beiming was stunned.

In her concept, people always hope that others can confess everything to themselves, as if the other party is true only if there is nothing to hide and deceive.

But Bai Ze said not so.

Beijing Youyu tries to think, but she also has past or thoughts that she doesn’t want others to know, even more how is someone else. She was thinking, it must be the same.

So, what then?

What does Bai Ze want to express? Beiming Youyu can’t understand.

“Don’t understand what I’m talking about?” Bai Ze was a little cheerful, she seemed to like the image of profound mystery, “I said, you don’t need to be confessed to everything. It’s either weak or sad. If you like to hide everything, you don’t need to worry about it. Not everyone wants to cry in public, but—”

When Bai Ze spoke, his tone became a little gentle.

“I don’t know how to read minds, I can detect your feelings, all because you have written everything on your face. Do you know? How haggard and sad your face is at this moment Is it? At this point, maybe there is no need to hide deeply, maybe. Rest for a while, all you need now is rest. I don’t want me to save you in vain, you don’t know how much effort I put on “

Understanding that the other party is comforting herself, Beiming Youyu can’t help but feel warm. She always shows herself in front of people with a lonely face. Many people think she is strong and perfect. She doesn’t need the comfort of others. There will be no problems and nothing can’t be solved. She is a Grandmaster. It should be so in the eyes of the world.

Rao is her dísciple also think so, let alone outsiders.

Not good at getting along with others, which made her lonely. If it weren’t for Sue Kirin, she might have spent her entire life here. Since having a friend, Sue Kirin, she finally regained her target.

So, she is very grateful to Bai Ze for comforting her, she also seems to have some strength because of this, and she not only has to thank the other party for the comfort, but also needs to thank the other party for his ten thousand li for saving herself Hebei Xiaolu.

“Baize Senior, I solemnly thank you for your kindness here.”

Sitting on the ground, Beiming Youyu directly lay down and bowed. This is the big gift among the big gifts. Beiming Youyu is a Grandmaster, but Bai Ze deserves it.

“You have to have many thanks alone.” Bai Ze said, “Even me, I can’t predict all of this, let alone go to ten thousand li to save you.” She appeared Not too happy.

“…Is there any inside story?” Beiming Youyu asked in surprise.

Bai Ze nodded, “It’s Yuyao.”

Only Yuyao can predict this situation in advance. Sue Kirin once said that she can “gazing the stars” Clearly understood fortune, this ability must have played a role, Beiming thought.

However, even if he understood this, Beiming Youyu was still shocked.

Why is Yuyao?

“Yuyao, why is she…?” She asked directly.

Even if there are fish in Beiming, they cannot maintain the calm expression before this fact. Moreover, just like the preface, she is half full, with a lot more expressions.

“She came to me personally and said that she had changed all the development. She resurrected Zhang Nianzhi, it was the crime of rebellion, and the rebellion was heaven. She stole the Dragon Vein and her fortune , It will change the entire pattern.”

“She wants to correct all this back?”

According to the previous text, Beiming Youyu made a smart guess.

“hmph, I don’t know if it’s a mistake that can be corrected.”

Bai Ze frowned, as if he didn’t like Yu Yao’s appearance. Beiming Youyu wants to not at all. Few people can like Yuyao. After all, her actions have hurt many people.

However, Beiming Youyu does not hate her.

“I didn’t want to get into the world anymore, but she said it very seriously and asked me to take a trip to Medicine Valley. Qu Linglong and I are old acquaintances, but she has disappeared from the world. For a long time, I don’t think she would—”

“Why do you believe her?”

Beijing Youyu interrupted her suddenly, and Bai Ze showed an impatient expression. . The unhappiness on her face grew deeper and deeper, as if she was reluctant.

“I don’t believe her, but she asked me to save you. I don’t think this is a wrong thing. Maybe the cycle of heaven, closely linked with one another, saving you may lead to a series of Question, but I don’t understand why she lied to me to save you. If she has other plans, she shouldn’t let you exist. If you don’t understand, you don’t want to, so I’m here.”

The disgust and unhappiness on Bai Ze’s face reached the peak at this moment, and the biting was further aggravated, and his eyes were narrowed, flashing with a faint anger.

“There are some things I can’t watch.” She said, without explaining more.


Is that the case? Beiming Youyu didn’t understand it very well, but it was a fact that the other party saved him. Then, she noticed that Bai Ze even clenched his fists, and even his fingers turned white.

She is very angry.

Bei Ming Youyu understands this, but doesn’t quite understand it. Although Bai Ze often appeared very upset, it was rare to be so angry. She and Bai Ze didn’t know each other deeply, but Bai Ze once lived in the Heavenly Jade Palace. During that time, Sue Kirin had already vomited to the north more than once. Some vomit in person, and some vomit in letters.

“There are fish in the North Ming, I am not here to save you in vain.”

Bai Ze seems to be puzzled by seeing through the fish in the North Ming, and like It is a pure reference to that’s all, the difference is hard to tell.

“Maybe I came to save you because of my will, but Qu Linglong is not.”

“Medicine Valley Lord?” Beiming Yu raised his eyebrows.

Bai Ze leaned against the wall of the carriage and closed his eyes, as if remembering something bad.

“Medicine Valley was slaughtered.” She said.

There was another thunder.

“Medicine Valley…what is going on?”

Bei Ming has a fish with big eyes narrowed, and his vision becomes quite sharp. Could it be that the Imperial Court shot Medicine Valley? This is her first thought.

“──It was the hand of the night crow.”

This was another thunder, and Beiming Youyu couldn’t help but stare wide this time. But she quickly recovered. After all, many years have passed. Even if there is a lot of goodwill between Beiming Youyu and Night Crow, it has faded a lot.

Time is indeed a good adjustment to dilute some old hatreds.

“How did the Lord Qu Gu escaped a catastrophe?”

There is no offense to the question of Beiming’s fish. However, Night Crow rarely misses. If she is willing, this Perhaps only the Grandmaster and the one who lives deep in the palace can escape the world.

Although Qu Linglong is the leader of one of the most mysterious organization Medicine Valley, her realm is not high, at most, she is not in the situation, and this is not only the result of Beiming Youyu’s perception , Also Qu Linglong personally admitted.

“She was not within the valley at the time, and even if she faced the Night Crow, she should still be able to save her life.”

Bai Ze replied.

Beiming Youyu also remembered the “cups” used by Qu Linglong when he was treating Bei Xiaolu. Those centipede actually passed through the flesh like a needle and thread, pulling the scary wound of Bei Xiaolu together.

The light was a miracle, but it was also quite disgusting.

“So you understand why Medicine Valley can only be hidden from the world, right?”

It must be that the mood is showing on his face again, Bai Ze noticed Beiming Yuyu’s heart Disliked.

“People in the world may not be able to accept this kind of thing.”

Beijing Youyu was quite self-deprecating, and she sneered when she couldn’t help it. Wu Yao is not something that is not accepted by the world. Bai Ze watched her silently and gave her some time.

It is worth mentioning that many medicines in Medicine Valley are said to use some corpses and poison.

“Qu Linglong is selling your favor, but you have to pay it back.” Bai Ze proposed as it should be by rights.

there’s no free meal in the world, Beiming Youyu understands this truth well, and in order to save Bei Xiaolu, Qu Linglong seems to have used something called “Life Cup” after being raised for a long time. If it weren’t for her, Bei Xiaolu would have died away, and would not have recuperated on the carriage that followed. Although she hasn’t woken up yet, at least her life is temporarily saved.

“The Lord Qugu wants me to do something?” Beiming has a fish and doesn’t go around or avoid prevarication, but rather straightforward.

“No one, only revenge.”

Bai Ze fiddled with the Yellow Springs lamp that was slanted on the wall of the carriage, and the flickering light reflected her face suddenly. Suddenly, she looked over with a pair of eyes in it.

“She wants you to kill the Night Crow, this is the price you should pay for the life of Bei Xiaolu.

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