The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1144

We have already spent most of the day starting from the small town where we have settled for a few days.

From the beginning of the sun to dusk, due to the proximity to the desert, the climate changes quite a lot. It was about to enter the night, and the temperature plummeted. Carriage will be very difficult on the next journey.

It’s not a good practice to take the shell road that has not yet woken up through the desert.

However, even if you bypass the desert, other roads are not comfortable. The terrain of the western part of the Hua Dynasty is too complicated.

Originally, Bei Xiaolu should continue to recuperate in the town where he settled, but considering that there may be hostile people nearby, and the town is in the War Zone area, so Beiming Only fish will agree to Bai Ze’s proposal, allowing Bei Xiaolu to heal in the forward carriage. Of course, there are also factors that Qu Linglong agreed.

From this day on, Bei Xiaolu’s situation is stable enough, and it seems that this decision is not too bad.

It is worth mentioning that, apart from Bei Xiaolu’s strong will to survive, Qu Linglong is also indispensable. Those “cups” are quite magical, Bei Xiaolu’s injuries recovered quickly, and within five days of staying in the town, the surface of Bei Xiaolu’s wounds has almost recovered. Although the scars like centipede are hideous and distorted, it may take a lot of time to disappear, but at least the life is saved.

It is already a miracle to live from such a serious injury.

This is not a miracle that can be easily reproduced, the “fate cup” is invaluable. The reason why Qu Linglong used it to save Bei Xiaolu was not because of her kindness, but because she hoped that Beiming Youyu could avenge her.

──To kill the night crow, there was a master who was once a fish in Beiming, this is Qu Linglong’s only request.

Well, Beiming Youyu agreed.

Bei Xiaolu was hit hard to save herself, and the two were friends—even though they were just friends–bei Ming Youyu still felt that Bei Xiaolu had a certain amount of weight in her heart . She didn’t want Bei Xiaolu to die for herself, so Qu Linglong rescued Bei Xiaolu, no doubt selling it to Beiming’s great favor.

She has to pay this favor.

Don’t want to be an enemy of Night Crow? There are more or less, but it is not her turn to choose.

“It’s not what people want, but is it good…?”

Leaning on the car window, looking at the deserted scenery outside, Beiming Youyu sighed Tone. The white breath didn’t drift far and disappeared, and the girl felt as cold as the wool blanket wrapped tightly around her.

After nightfall, the wind and sand are not as strong as during the day, and you can finally open the window to breathe fresh air.

Two small lights hung in front of the carriage.

The wick is an ordinary wick, but it is lighted from the Yellow Springs lamp. It is said that it can last a whole night without going out, and it can make the terrain in front of it flatter. That is naturally the function of the “Yellow Springs Light” boundary, which is also one of the reasons why Beiming Youyu agreed to Baize’s proposal.

In the carriage, Bai Ze didn’t know when she fell asleep. It was not easy for her, a book girl in the realm of Grandmaster, to run around for days.


In silence, the corner of the line of sight noticed that the blanket covering Bai Ze had slipped off, and Beiming Yuyu leaned forward as lightly as possible. Help Bai Ze put on the blanket again.

Then she went back to the window and looked out.

In addition to the stars in the sky, she occasionally looks back, looking towards the other carriage that follows immediately. Bei Xiaolu, who had not yet woken up, rested in the carriage, and Qu Linglong stood by her just in case.

The incense is burned out.

This seems to have become a signal, the last ray of sunlight on the other side of the sky is also hidden behind the mountain, and the sky is finally completely night. At that moment, the entire world seemed to be quiet again.


“Master’Shu Ji’,” the driver’s respectful voice came from the front, “It’s already night, we should find a place to spend the night.”


The young man who was in charge of driving in front was one of the members of Xianyizhuang Academy. With some martial arts, he came out with Shuji this time to be responsible for driving. Although this is an insignificant job, driving the car for “Shu Ji” is something to show off, not to mention that there is a Great Grandmaster with the name shakes the whole world in the car.

The name behind the car is also from the academy, and the other girl who came to work as a coachman is gnash the teeth.

“Lord’Shu Ji’?”

No response was received, so the young man called again.

Beijing Youyu wanted to remind him that Bai Ze was taking a nap, but considering that she really should find a place to spend the night, she hesitated for a while, but Bai Ze had already woke up leisurely.

“What’s the matter?”

Bai Ze asked in a lazy tone.

“It’s time to find a place to rest.” The young man said respectfully.


Shirasawa rubbed his eyes, and the pair of rectangular pupils had not been focused yet. After three seconds, she got up, opened the curtain and opened the car door and leaned out.

In the driver’s seat, the young man was taken aback and quickly made room for Bai Ze.

Bai Ze did not go out and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Is there any land nearby?”

Looking from a distance, there is only wind and sand, and no people can be seen. Bai Ze doesn’t want to be in a sandy wilderness without tiles. Spend an evening covering your head. Her hair is too densely packed, and the amount of hair is scary, and it can easily penetrate into the sand.

“Yes, I think it’s pretty good over there.”

The young man pointed to a short distance, where there was a stone that was only half a half circle. It looked like a half-collapsed arch bridge, with a space covered by tiles.

“Just there.”

Shirasawa looked unsatisfied, but he had no choice.


The young man readily agreed, leaned aside and made a gesture to the car behind, telling them to change to the rock. Driven by the youth, the horse slowed down gradually, leaning against the stone at an unhurried speed.

The space covered by the stone is quite wide, and the top is not high. It can cover a lot of wind and sand for a few people, which is a good place. The youth and girls in the academy settled in the carriage, using the carriage as a wall, and stones to enclose the three sides of the activity space for several people to minimize the impact of wind and sand.

Then the two hurriedly untied the sticks tied behind the carriage and used the Yellow Springs to light the fire.

“I forgot those convenient things.”

Bai Ze suddenly uttered, as if thinking of something, she took out a few from her luggage. Zhang Lingfu ─ ─ Most of these magic symbols were used as bookmarks in the books. She opened several books to gather the magic symbols.

These charms are simple charms made by Sue Kirin.

Bai Ze seems to be very skilled in arranging the cloth.

After the Spiritual Qi was injected and activated, the magical talisman immediately raised a faint Formation, covering the wind and sand for several people. If she took it out earlier, the youth and girl would not have to bother to drive the carriage to use as a wall, but the two dared not complain.

In the previous town, several people bought some bacon, which can be stored for a long time. This is the meat for dinner for a few people today.

Bai Ze seemed to be quite dissatisfied with everything, and kept a foul face.

However, she is also prepared.

She carried small exquisite tea sets in her luggage. These tea sets were all made of metal. No matter the style or the patterns on them, they did not look like the products of the Hua Dynasty. It is probably the tea sets from the West. maybe.

Even the tea she put in the small tin can is a tea from the West. Beiming Yuyu has seen it several times. The expensive tea seems to be a kind of tea called black tea. .

First heat the water, and then slowly add the tea leaves, and soon the aroma of tea comes out.

That burst of sweet, exotic aroma, among the few people who gnawed bacon, seemed particularly coveted. Bai Ze didn’t plan to eat alone, and filled the teapot with everyone one by one. As if it was done, the tea was just empty.

Beiming has a fish stick holding the metal cup, feeling the temperature of the burning hand. She took a sip of tea, sighed comfortably, and then turned to Bai Ze who was also sipping tea.

On the other side of the fire, the skin exposed by Bai Ze was reflected whiter ─ ─ sickly white.

“Baize Senior, where are we going?”

Beijing Youyu originally thought that everyone left was to return to the Hua Dynasty, even if at first did not embark on the familiar The road, she also thought it was to avoid the strategy of chasing soldiers.

However, they are getting closer and closer to the desert.

As long as you pass through the place full of yellow sand, it is the countries of the Western Regions. The fish in the North Ming gradually discovered that several people are moving towards the Western Regions, and after the whole day, she becomes more sure.

The gray eyes looked back, reflecting Beiming Youyu’s purple eyes.

“hmph, are you convinced?”

“…What do you mean?” Beiming Youyu noticed that there was something in the other party’s words and couldn’t help frowning, “We are not In the Hua Dynasty, you are heading to the Western Regions, right?”

“Master’Shu Ji’ didn’t tell the truth about Bei Ming Zunzu?”

Sitting around the campfire Qu Linglong was the representative of the other three people who looked at each other and asked questions because she was the most senior of the three.

“Baize Senior, have you confessed something?”

Beijing is frowned, and getting along with Bai Ze is just trying to guess what the other person means. This is a bit troublesome and exhausting . However, this time she had a hunch that Bai Ze had surprising intentions.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier? Some things are the best if they are not open.”

Bai Ze is at ease, without any concealment of facts, to lead people Here is an improper consciousness. She yawned, raised her slender legs, and took another sip of tea.


She has no plans to confess the truth at all.

Bei Ming Youyu is speechless for a while, she is really not good at dealing with old rascals like Bai Ze. Her eyebrows wrinkled deeper, and Qu Linglong on the side could only smile when she saw her.

The other two are not even qualified to speak up.

It wasn’t until the whole cup of tea was consumed and Bai Ze let out a satisfactory breath, she finally broke the silence:

“We are indeed rushing to the Western Regions.”

“Why…?” Beiming Youyu asked in surprise.

Although she has been aware of the clues for a long time, she still can’t help but feel weird to get affirmation. It is her current mood.

“Have you never thought about why Mulele wants to sneak attack you?” Bai Ze picked up his chest and shook his white legs and feet, “I didn’t understand why Yuyao wanted me After saving you, I took you to the Great Narrow Valley of the Western Regions. I didn’t understand until you told me that it was Merlot who hurt you.”

“Is there any connection?” Bei Ming Youyu did not understand.

“It’s not Mulele who wants to get rid of you, she’s just a saber that’s all.” Bai Ze’s eyes flashed with the intellectual brilliance of wisdom, and there was a surprising sigh in casually, “I really want to get rid of Yours is the Imperial Court.”

For an instant, a fish in Beiming held his breath.

After being injured, she did not take Bei Xiaolu back to Qinglun City, all because it was an instinctive judgment. In fact, she did not quite understand why she made this decision afterwards.

seek luck and avoid calamity is the instinct of creatures.

At that time, this intuition and instinct may have played a role, so Beiming has fish to penetrate into Kunlun realm. Her subconsciousness may have sensed that Jiang Runzhi and the Imperial Court were wrong.

It’s just──

Beiming has a fish gritted her teeth, and her heart is depressed. If you think about it a little bit, you can understand why the Imperial Court took action against her. There are too many Grandmasters. Compared to Sue Kirin, Zi Xuanzi and the others, she is the only Martial Demon Grandmaster, and people have a natural fear of Martial Demon, so it is not surprising that the Imperial Court takes the lead in removing her.

No, why don’t you have such a sense of crisis? Didn’t you think that the other party chose to target yourself when the Hua Chao was in trouble, or did you feel that you had no merit and effort, and the other party would not be abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal?

There are fish in the North Ming, and there are fish in the North Ming. In vain, you are the Great Grandmaster of the Hua Dynasty. In the eyes of the Imperial Court, you are just a big chess piece that’s all! Beiming Youyu laughed at himself with a scorching throat. She felt like vomiting, which was a bit disgusting.

“Imperial Court had a plan.”

Bai Ze ignored the entanglement of Beiming Youyu, “Don’t you think it’s strange? Even if the three countries can jointly block all kinds of news, Impossible Without leaking a little wind, Hua Chao was in such a situation. Cang Rin must be very strange, why did things go so smoothly? She is on the string and has to send it, and we are a piece of chess being manipulated.”

“It seems that the Imperial Court has heard the wind a long time ago.”

The voice of a fish in Beiming became cold, and a shadow was cast on his cheeks. Bai Ze laughed loudly, leaned forward, put one hand on his knee, and lifted his cheek.

“Qin Yu must have been prepared, otherwise he would not choose to shoot you at this time. He is paranoid, but not stupid. He must have planned long ago this time, aiming Western Regions.”

“…what did Yuyao say?”

“She doesn’t know.” Bai Ze raised the corner of his mouth and added water to boil it, as if he wanted to soak For the second cup of tea, “But from the perspective of Jialan’s negative challenge, Secret Sect may have reached some agreement with Hua Chao.”

“Agreement?” Beiming Youyu has an ugly expression.

“Now that all the countries in the Western Regions have emerged from their nests, most of the countries in the Western Regions are in a state of emptiness in national defense. If Jialan carries Secret Sect and joins forces with Merlot, almost all of these countries unable to withstand a single blow.”

“Why do you do this?”

Baize glanced at Beiming Youyu, and continued to follow the kettle, for fear of missing the water boiling. At that moment. Her voice also became distorted because of the high temperature of the campfire.

“I don’t know that Secret Sect has reached an agreement with that country in the Western Regions. It may be the Moon Wheel King or the Western You King… There are many probabilities, but no matter which one can annex half of the land, it is The temptation is irresistible. And even if the Hua Dynasty does not divide the land, they can also take advantage of the Western Regions to inflict heavy damage on the North Country. The Royal Court of the North Country is quite close to the Western Regions.”

hearing this, there are fish and silence in the North Ming. Up.

Bai Ze’s analysis is quite correct and impeccably correct, which makes Beiming have Yu Hanxin.

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