The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1145


Beijing Youyu doesn’t know what to say to accurately describe the complex mood at the moment.

“Although it is said that the Three Nations Alliance, but also not monolithic. After all, the countries of the Western Regions are just alliances and do not have a unified regime. In such a random distribution of forces, one or two leaders can be persuaded. They are all I want more power and land, and this is definitely more than the gains from the invasion and occupation of the Chinese. The Western Regions large and small have nearly 20 countries, even after the large and small lands in the Chinese dynasty, the Bharat and the North are deducted. Yes, the victory items that these 20 countries can get are definitely very few. It is better to use the power of the Chinese Dynasty to annex the Western Regions. It is more profitable… Very simple arithmetic problem, isn’t it? Cang Rin counts. , It’s just too small to see that the Western Regions are not an element of instability for a unified country.”

Bai Ze’s voice is full of mockery.

However, this is probably also to agree with Cang Rin’s ability, and then a little bit hate iron for not becoming steel to her this misstep.

…Cang Rin──Did she really guess it? Beiming Youyu couldn’t help but hesitate. She guarded the Kunlun Mountains in Lingyue Valley for a long time, and she had no shortage of experience in fighting Canglin and fighting wits and courage. In her eyes, Cang Rin is always hard to make mistakes. If it weren’t for the strong national strength of the Hua Dynasty, and the refined military strength, I am afraid that it would have been lost long ago.

Such a person would really make such a mistake?

No one knows the answer, even Bai Ze should not be able to know the answer, and even if Beiming Yuyu doubts whether this will be a plot against, he can’t stop moving forward. Footsteps.

“On this huge stage, whoever is not a chess piece if there is a little value?”

Bai Ze said as if he could see through everything, while Bei Ming was silent. Qu Linglong also had a sad look, she also understood the truth.

For a long time, only the campfire was burning, and the shaky shadows were painted on their faces.


Will you sleep too much in the morning?

Or is it that Bai Ze’s words can’t be waved away for a long time, thinking about it?

In any case, Beiming Youyu couldn’t sleep at night. Bai Ze and Qu Linglong had already returned to the carriage to rest, and the liberated horses had eaten their dazzling grass and fell asleep on the ground.

The firewood sticks have already been burned, and only some charcoal with red light is left.

A few wisps of smoke rise slowly, seeming to want to use that thin power to cover the sky full of stars, just like people in the world want to defying heaven changing fate and manipulate their lives. Rao is the Grandmaster, and in front of Heaven and Earth, he is only a thin body.

No, there is a fish in the North Ming, even the one who sits high on the imperial court throne can’t resist. What about a battle with Heaven and Earth?

It’s just that sometimes she has to fight.

This time the Imperial Court murdered her, she didn’t intend to bear it any longer. Her forbearance had already destroyed the Lingyue Valley she had created with one hand. If they knew it beforehand, the destruction of Lingyue Valley had something to do with their knowledge. She didn’t care what Qin Yu meant, let alone whether the intention was for selfishness or for the stability of the Hua Dynasty. She had no plans to rebel, nor did she want to harm the people of the Hua Dynasty, so she could no longer bear Qin Yu coming to murder herself with “restlessness” and other reasons.

She was thinking, maybe after this war, no one can stand it anymore.

Wu Family has endured the scourge of annihilation and swallowed the suffocation of being besieged in Imperial Capital earlier, but after bearing it again, it became unbearable, and things definitely couldn’t go beyond three.

Even if you don’t conflict with the Imperial Court, you must defend your a side World.

Great justice?

Go damn righteousness, there is a fish sneaked in Beiming, and there is an unknown light in his eyes. She has never forgotten how dazzling Bei Xiaolu’s back is so reckless. She was thinking, maybe even Sue Kirin had forgotten that she still acted recklessly, only Bei Xiaolu remained the same.

They are burdened too much, so they are not themselves.

When faced with some grievances, they will tell themselves the first time: “Be forbearance, there is no need to care about it, even for the people they love and care for.” But they forget. Taking a step back may not be broad, the other person may think that he can be deceived, deceived repeatedly, unsatisfied.

And now, Beiming Youyu has no room for those people to bully themselves further. She has almost nothing to lose. At this moment, she just wanted to find all her lost Lingyuegu dísciple. She must protect them this time.


Well, no matter what, life has to go on.

“…Are you awake?”

While self-thinking, there was a faint movement, and Beiming Youyu’s ears moved. Because she was too addicted, she didn’t realize the source of the sound, thinking it was a question from the person who occasionally woke up in the night and saw herself.

But she raised her eyes and looked around, but she didn’t see anyone’s silhouette.


Beiming Youyu made a puzzled single tone. At one time she thought she had heard it wrong, but she perceives movement in the carriage where Qu Linglong is. Breath. The person who woke up seemed to be Qu Linglong.

No, there is another awakening breath near her.

──Is it a small road?

This idea came up in Beiming Youyu’s mind, but before he was sure, the situation progressed on its own.

The curtain of the carriage was lifted from behind. Qu Linglong’s head came out from between the curtains. After looking around for a while, his vision seemed to be pinned, fixed in Beiming. There are fish on them.

“Just right,” Qu Linglong looked sighed in relief, “Beijing Mingzuo, hurry up and get water.”


Bei Ming frowned and felt puzzled.

“Quick!” Qu Linglong was anxious and increased her tone between urges. Affected by this, Yuyu in Beiming didn’t have time to think about it. He became a coolie who was called by others and quickly got up and ran to get water.

I have to say that Qu Linglong’s medical skills are indeed superb-no, it may be beyond the scope of medical skills, maybe it’s not an exaggeration to describe it as a miracle. Even if a fish in Beiming runs like this, The wound didn’t hurt too much. In just one or two days, her injury might be almost healed.

A fish in Beiming got into his carriage, and Bai Ze was asleep in it. In order not to wake her, Beiming Youyu deliberately stepped lightly, looking around but found that the water bag was already empty.

Probably Bai Ze drank the water before going to bed.

Beijing Youyu left the carriage again. The young man and the girl in the academy were still asleep. She planned to ask them where the water was collected, but saw that the young man had already handed a water bag to Qu Linglong. . The latter immediately retracted into the carriage without any explanation.

“Yuehua Vientiane” stayed for three seconds.

After her perception caught the escalating breath-in fact, the breath was still weak, but no longer dying, she finally realized that Bei Xiaolu woke up.

However, with such a serious injury, trifling can wake up in a few days…?

Bei Ming Youyu is half-believing, and can’t believe her perception. She was afraid that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, but her steps had already moved forward unconsciously, out of her control.

step by step, and then another step.

No matter how slowly you walk, the distance will eventually be over. Beiming Youyu finally came to the curtain. There was a little movement inside, but they all looked cautiously, and there was no sound that could confirm whether Bei Xiaolu woke up.

Without any hesitation, Beiming Youyu climbed out of the driver’s seat and wanted to enter the carriage──

Qu Linglong opened the driving curtain again and probed out.

Her movements were rushing and fierce, almost destroying Beiming Youyu. Fortunately, even if it was injured, Beiming had fish or Beiming had fish. She stabilized her fall in time. , And at the same time supported Qu Linglong, who fell into the carriage due to the force of recoil.

In spite of this, the two still made a lot of noise.

“Noisy──cough cough cough!”

In the carriage, there was a strong cough.

Qu Linglong gently pushed away Beiming Youyu, turned around, and crawled into the carriage.

“You just woke up, don’t be too excited, if the wound breaks open again, I can’t help it!”

Qu Linglong’s tone was severe, and then some people dried up with noise , The voice comparable to the dry and cracked wasteland responded:

“The old…the old lady is still dead…can’t die…the curse is for thousands and thousands of years, the old lady is the curse…the harm…”

A fish in Beiming was stunned.

Even if you don’t need to think, you can understand whose voice it is. He claims to be too familiar. A fish in Beiming feels his stomach is overwhelmed. Pressing on her shoulders, something heavy suddenly disappeared, and she almost vomited.

The corners of my eyes are a little moist.

A fish in Beiming took a deep breath, wiped away the teardrops from the corners of his eyes, and put on that cold face, raised the curtain of the car to enter the car, and said coldly:

“It really is the Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader Bei Xiaolu who has been in the market for a long time, and you are not afraid of vulgar words?”

With the help of Qu Linglong, the Bai Xiaolu wrapped in white cloth drank painfully. , When she heard Beiming Youyu’s reproach and dissatisfaction, she coughed again.

“cough cough cough!”

She coughs her nostrils and sprays water in her mouth at the same time.

Beijing Youyu didn’t expect the other party to be so nervous, secretly frightened, because Bei Xiaolu actually spit out blood and sprayed Qu Linglong all over. The blood was black and smelly, with lots of lumps on it. That should be a blood clot.

“Are you okay?”

Bei Ming Youyu felt sorry, and his expression showed a little regret.

“Bei Ming Zunzuo, she just woke up, her injury has not been completely recovered, she can’t be scared!”

Qu Linglong said with some dissatisfaction, a pair of brows frowned deeply Deeply, I don’t know if she is dissatisfied with Yu Bei Xiaolu vomiting blood to her, or Beiming Yuyu scared Bei Xiaolu to vomit blood. Well, maybe there are both.

“However, this is also a good thing.”

Qu Linglong’s conversation turned sharply in the next second.

She took out her handkerchief and wiped her blood, and continued:

“Although’Ming Gu’ can attack dead human flesh and bones, it is also highly poisonous, even if I use the medicine fight poison with Poison cancels out part of the medicinal properties, but it is not harmless. It is the three-point poison of medicine. Even more how is the “Gu” raised by poison?”


Beijing Xiaolu eased his strength, lay down, and jumped up again when he heard the exquisite words, but he coughed again and coughed up some black blood.


Beiming Youyu walked forward silently, stroking Bei Xiaolu’s back. Bei Xiaolu was taken aback again, but because he hadn’t slowed down yet, he couldn’t speak, so he could only stare at Beiming Youyu with his dim eyes, which seemed very startled.

“You saved me, shouldn’t I treat you well?”

Beijing Youyu helped Bei Xiaolu and let her lie down, as it should be by rights. Say. Still in that restrained and plain tone. Bei Xiaolu was still coughing, but she must be even more surprised from the perspective of her wider eyes.

“Also, I don’t think Lord Qu Gu will harm you. Even if it is’poison’, you are indeed getting better. Even if the injury comes, the medicine will be ineffective. You can survive. It’s already a blessing.”

Bei Ming Youyu said lightly, with fear hidden in her voice. She can finally relax. Bei Xiaolu may have sensed the complicated feelings in her heart and became silent.

“Sect Leader, don’t be anxious, you still need to meditate and recover.”

Qu Linglong smiled and explained gently:

“The’Gu’ that saves you is a thousand-section centipede that I have carefully medicated and raised. It penetrates into your body and pulls your wounds and shuts your mouth. At the same time, it connects your flesh and barely stops your bleeding. Then, I used a poisonous spider to stimulate your body’s recovery and barely saved your life. Although these poisons are poisonous, the problem is not big since you can survive, and you just vomited out the remaining poison. , I was still thinking about how to detox you, didn’t expect Bei Ming Zun Zun itself is a good medicine for you, and it won’t be troublesome.

It’s okay just now, Bei Xiaolu listens. After these explanations, her face is blue.

If it weren’t for her weak body now and unable to get her strength, she would have jumped up early and gave the other side a kick. This is really disgusting .

“… Lord Qu Gu, don’t irritate her anymore. “

Beijing Youyu said grimly.

She was still thinking if Bei Xiaolu asked how she was cured, how to answer, didn’t expect Qu Linglong indirectly solved her troubles. Of course, Bei Xiaolu’s uncomfortable is another matter.

“Ah…It’s better to kill the old lady…”

Bei Xiaolu looks up to sky and heave a deep sigh, thankful that her stomach bag is empty. Then, as if thinking of something, she asked in a still weak voice:

“…Yes, it’s passed Several days? “

“Less than ten days. “

Qu Linglong took the lead to answer.

“Less than ten days? That kind of injury? “

It seems that Bei Xiaolu was really taken aback, obviously there is no sense of avoided a catastrophe. She has an inquiring sight on Beiming. She believes in Beiming more than Qu Linglong There are fish in the Ming.

“It is true. “

Beijing Youyu first answered Bei Xiaolu’s question, and then when Bei Xiaolu looked unbelievable, she raised her eyebrows unhappily and said:

“You overestimate one’s capabilities. To block the sword for me, I have written down the courage and kindness, but you are also the master of Beggars’ Sect, so you should always care about your life and death. If you die, what should Beggars’ Sect do? “

She couldn’t help preaching.

Beijing Youyu was never a type of preaching, but she felt very heavy. The act of giving up her life to save herself made her somewhat While being flattered, but also consciously hard to return the kindness.

“Isn’t it right to save you? “

Bei Xiaolu rolled the eyes, even with such a simple action, she still did a little bit difficult, presumably it was because of the injury. However, she has learned well and put it as much as possible In a low voice, with a volume that he can afford, he said disdainfully:

“If my old lady ignores you because she cares about Beggars’ Sect and herself, she will be called a person in vain. My mother just wants to save you, even if I’m sorry for Beggars’ Sect, it’s my mother’s business. My mother will naturally take the responsibility, but if a person lives with one breath every day, can he live comfortably? The death of others is the business of others, and the most important thing is that my mother lives comfortably. “

For a while, Beiming Youyu was speechless.

It is difficult to say whether Bei Xiaolu’s behavior is correct, but her behavior is definitely the most do as one pleases, the one that suits my heart the most.

Yes, Beiming Youyu thinks that Bei Xiaolu, who dares to love and hate so much, is quite dazzling.

“…but you See it thoroughly. “

Beijing Yuyu can’t help but sigh, his face is full of self-deprecation and helplessness.

“This truth, many people in the world can’t understand it for many years after thinking about it, didn’t Expect makes you understand first. “

“My old lady has come alive like this since she is sensible. “

Bei Xiaolu hummed twice with his nose and responded triumphantly.

As a result, this smile affected the wound again, and she was contorts one’s face in agony again, painful You have to breathe in. Looking at her like this, Beiming Youyu couldn’t help raising his mouth and chuckling, seeing the shadow of Sue Kirin from her.

The two can become good friends, maybe It’s because of her similar personality, she thought, and then she wondered if Sue Kirin in the distance is well at the moment.

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