The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1146

Sue Kirin is unwell.

Led by the man who came out to carry water from the nearby village, Sue Kirin and Yuyao stepped into the village to settle down, and then they were surprised to find that the village was not large in scale and could not bear the responsibility of transit at all.

It is said that the nearby villages are of this size.

It’s no wonder that the terrain here is complex and close to the mountain range. It is obviously unrealistic to establish large-scale settlements. However, if there is a loss, there is a gain. There is a large area of ​​open terrain near the village, and there are rivers flowing through it, which can barely be used by the soldiers of Bei’an City to stay.

The rest is to find out if there are any traces of Northland soldiers nearby.

The key to this operation is concealment and speed, and these are also the two most critical points of the war-speed and intelligence. Faster speed can hit the opponent completely unprepared, and the control of intelligence can make the opponent unable to detect their actions. In this era, these two points are particularly particular.

Sue Kirin first asked about the information near the man named Su Mu. After learning about it, he was relieved. He said that since this is not a strategic location, there are almost no soldiers from the North who travel in the vicinity.

Of course, it is difficult to guarantee whether there will be a secret whistle in the vicinity of Northland, so Yuyao volunteered to take a trip to inspect the situation within a five-mile radius.

That was a preliminary investigation.

The army from Bei’an City must take a rest here, because the tunnel opened by Sue Kirin and Yuyao is not enough for some materials to pass through in the car. These things can only be The parts are disassembled and transported out separately, and then assembled or put on a cart. I’m afraid it will take about two days during this period.

So, during this period, Sue Kirin and other martial artists are responsible for clearing this area, and Bei’an City has to attract the attention of Bei’an, and Yu Yao has to return to Bei’an City. Sit down.

Act separately, cooperate with the action, so as to make a quiet counterattack horn sounded.

It may take a while for Yuyao to detect all around. Before initially confirming that there are no soldiers from the Northland, Sue Kirin could not notify the army to pass through the tunnel. However, Qin Shiyu and the others had already set off and rushed here.

They know better than Sue Kirin what to do.

While waiting for them, Sue Kirin took out the bank note that King Ning gave her, and asked Su Mu to arrange some food and supplies first. When Su Mu saw the stack of silver bills, he knew that it was a big business, and immediately consulted with the village heads, and Zhang Luo went with the supplies.

Sue Kirin settled in Su Mu’s home.

Su Mu is married. There is a wife in the family. She looks quite young, and she should be regarded as a village flower level. Sue Kirin saw her wearing coarse linen, scorched and drenched by sun and rain. It’s still delicate and pretty.

I don’t know where the rough man like Su Mu got his wife.

However, this is not about Sue Kirin’s business.

She asked Su Mu’s wife for hot water and a bathtub to wipe off the stains on her body. Before Su Mu left, she urged his wife to meet Sue Kirin’s request, so she immediately agreed.

It’s just that I’m running out of firewood.

Sue Kirin didn’t bother to wait for her to chop wood, so he took out a few charms and threw them into the basin with cold water. Under the heating of spell, the water already heats up.

“Auntie, girl, you…are you a fairy?”

Su Mu’s wife stared with fright.


Sue Kirin, not surprisingly, answered complied casually.

She then took off her clothes, took the towel prepared for her by Su Mu’s wife and began to wipe the mud off her body. While wiping, she was foul-mouthed, and scolded Qin Shiyu for bewitching others.

Su Mu’s wife was dubious about Sue Kirin’s denial, and determined that she must treat the girl in front of her well, so as not to offend Divine Immortal and the like. Living in such a remote place for a long time, the news must be relatively closed, no wonder she didn’t know that there was a spell in Hua Dynasty.

However, Sue Kirin didn’t bother and demand much.

After wiping her body, she didn’t know where the new clothes came from. She put on a new set of clothes, and then lost the dirty set of coarse linen.

Su Mu’s wife was surprised to find that the girl who was covered in dirt just now has been completely renewed, showing her original cute appearance. She was unexpectedly mature, she seemed to be a little short that’s all.

“Lady, I’m back–Huh, who are you?!”

Su Mu seems to have just come back after discussing things, carrying some food in his hand, and seeing that it is completely different when he enters the door Sue Kirin was so shocked that he didn’t even notice that the food in his hand fell to the ground.

It can be seen how surprised he is.

“What are you doing?”

Sue Kirin rolled the eyes and continued to trap her hair, but she was very proud. She took a lot of effort to stop herself from laughing:

“You won’t recognize great aunt me in a bath?”

I heard the word “baa”, man It came to a realization that the girl in front of me was the girl covered in dirt just now. Is she the kind of virgin who follows the fairy? The Spiritual Qi overflowing from her body is stronger than the fairy elder sister.

“cough cough, I’m sorry, I was a little dumbfounded. I saw you covered in dirt just now, and thought…”

Su Mu is quite dumb, so he said haltingly While picking up the ingredients that were thrown on the ground. He gave the ingredients to his wife and asked her to cook for Sue Kirin.

“Little fairy, that…are we going to prepare food for that fairy elder sister?”

“Don’t be the fairy before the little fairy,” Sue Kirin was happy, But this title sounds a bit awkward, making her a little goosebumps, “My surname is Xue.”

“Snow…Snow Maiden.”

Su Mu is a child to teach, and soon He changed his mouth.

“Then, that fairy elder sister’s surname… uh, surname Yu.”

Sue Kirin hesitated for a while, but I really don’t know what Yuyao’s surname is, so I just want to Just say her last name is Yu. Su Mu and his wife looked at each other and were nodded blankly.


Sue Kirin sighed, and then I return to the topic:

“If you want to cook the food, you should cook more, and someone else will come later. In addition, if you can, can you tell other people not to come near here? After cooking, you two should avoid it, after all, we are going to talk about some things next. If you eavesdrop, the surname is Yu The girl from you is likely to be rude to you…you are doing it for yourself. Of course, we will also give you some rewards.”

The so-called ugly words are on the front.

Since the matter is so important, Sue Kirin can’t relax his attitude. She feels somewhat sorry for this, after all, this is considered annoying to the people. Fortunately, King Ning is rich and imposing, she can only repay the villagers as much as possible.

Su Mu repeatedly agreed. He seemed to be in a good mood. This is probably the reason why Sue Kirin was so generous.

“The village chief has already agreed. If the girl has any request, please do not hesitate to tell me. Don’t look at our villages, but everyone is very enthusiastic and will definitely do their best.”


Sue Kirin nodded with satisfaction, then remembered one more thing and reminded them:

“Then you guys don’t leave the village recently Now, this is a very important baa.”

“I have told the village head, and the village head has arranged a patrol. Everyone will definitely not let a fly out!” Su Mu patted his chest. Guarantee.

“Hmm.” Sue Kirin nodded with satisfaction.

She flicked her fingers, and with a burst of blue brilliance, her hair dried out. Su Mu and his wife were shocked again, their faces dull.

Next, Su Mu’s wife and Sue Kirin apologized and turned and walked outside to cook.

In an instant, only Sue Kirin and Su Mu were left in the house. The latter did not know what to say, and the awkward silence immediately filled the house.

This did not last long.

Su Mu’s wife went back and forth, with a complicated expression on her face. When Su Mu saw her, the pressure was reduced inexplicably, and he was about to ask her what’s wrong, but something came out outside──

“Brother Su, are you there? Are you there! If you are there, just respond quickly. Old Brother, please!”

“brother Wang?”

Su Mu blinked.

The person calling outside sounds very anxious, and even has several points of panic. Su Mu thought what was wrong, but after looking at Sue Kirin, she turned around and wanted to go out to find out.

“─Brother Su, several fairies came outside and said they were coming to find the two fairies you found! There are also some men! Come out, they are so beautiful , Old Brother can’t stand it anymore!”

This speech can be said to be quite weird.

Su Mu and his wife showed strange expressions at the same time, but Sue Kirin laughed happily.

“It’s still a fairy! Xiao Qi must be happy to hear it…ha ha ha…” She couldn’t stand upright with a smile.

Although she was curious about what she was laughing at, Su Mu still walked out the door first.

In front of the fenced door, there were many people surrounded. Su Mu saw that his entire vision was dyed red. The girl in the red dress was so dazzling, he couldn’t even look away from the silhouette of her companion.

Another man captured by Qi Qiqi’s beauty.

“Cough, Husband, what are you looking at?”

Fortunately, Mrs. Su Mu also followed and reminded him that he finally recovered. looked towards the man with a miserable look.

“Wang, brother Wang, thank you for your hard work.”

Su Mu hurriedly greeted him, but was too late to ask him if he wanted to stay for a meal, and fled for convenience. In a blink of an eye it disappeared at the corner.


Su Mu was stunned, his raised hand frozen in the air.

But, the more surprised is behind──

“This No way…”

Su Mu’s wife covered her mouth and made a surprised voice. Staring closely at the other girl beside the red skirt girl.

The girl is also outstandingly beautiful, and exudes obvious nobility, presumably she is a person of honor. Her hair is very long, definitely more than twice her height.

Su Mu looked at the girl and then at his wife, not understanding why she was so shocked. Is it the wife’s old knowledge? He was not surprised that his wife would know such a noble person, because his wife’s family background is not simple.

──It should be said that it was not simple.

“Husband, that might be…Your Highness.”

Su Mu’s wife murmured, her eyes turned around with complex emotions. Su Mu stayed in place, not knowing what to do. He obviously also knows something.

Although he has been isolated from the world for a long time and lived a life of incompetence, he still knows some things passed down from his parents.

“Your Highness?”

A suspicious voice came from behind, “Do you recognize Qin Shiyu?”

It was Sue Kirin.

She just came out to greet her, and only after she said hello to Qi Qiqi, she heard the suspicious single voice of Su Mu’s wife, and she suddenly became suspicious.

In this situation, it is indeed strange to recognize Qin Shiyu.

In normal times, Sue Kirin will certainly not be sensitive to this, but now the situation is critical and Qin Shiyu wants to act secretly again, she is not careless. Of course, the other party might have met Qin Shiyu in Bei’an City.

However, everything must be done carefully.

Qi Qiqi and Gong Tianqing are also aware of the situation here, because they also heard the soft call, and immediately drew their swords to surround them.

“Husband, madam, you are doing it──”

Su Mu was taken aback, and quickly took his wife to kneel down, didn’t expect his wife Wenfeng Do not move. In fact, she was also startled, but Qin Shiyu’s reaction would be so great.

His wife shook his hand away, stepped forward slowly, and took an upright posture to salute Qin Shiyu Yingying.

“But the nine Her Highness the Princess? The concubine’s father was originally the daughter of the Crown Prince’s Palace, the long historian Shi Luofeng──Shi Qingge, do you remember your Highness?”

“Master Shi?” Qin Shiyu showed a slightly startled look.

But her side Shui Yuner’s eyes opened wider, as if she was more surprised than Qin Shiyu. Qin Shiyu glanced at her, then turned his gaze to Princess Ning.

“At the time the former Crown Prince was in danger, His Royal Highness Ning did indeed take in many people from the former Crown Prince’s Palace. Teacher Shi was one of them… He was frustrated with the Imperial Court but later retired. The forest, didn’t expect, was hidden here. There were many former Crown Prince’s Palace soldiers who followed him…could it be that this village…”

“No, it’s just that the father brought Several people have settled here.”

Master Ge replied decently, “Brother Su is also the orphan of one of the soldiers…”

Su Mu probably also thought of his father. , Sighed, looked towards Sue Kirin, his complexion was rather complicated.

“I didn’t expect a day when I saw His Royal Highness, so these two fairies are also His Royal Highness…”

Qin Shiyu did not immediately believe the two Instead, she asked carefully:

“How to prove this?” She paused, “Where is the teacher?”

“Father, I heard earlier that Bei’an City was besieged. , Took a few old ministries to investigate, accidentally encountered a soldier from the north country, had died in battle…The concubine body was informed by the old ministry who was desperately escaping from the father before I learned about it…father was buried not very long. Although the father lived in seclusion, he still cares about the Hua Dynasty…In the end, he was martyred by his body.”

“Then you shouldn’t treat me and Yuyao as immortals.”

Sue Kirin asks questions.

If the two people are born as they say, it shouldn’t be so narrow.

“Our husband and wife have been isolated from the world for a long time. I don’t know that the martial artist in the world already has the power to penetrate the mountain range… Moreover, we were young before we were retired, so we can’t talk about our vision… “

Shi Qingge replied awkwardly, and Sue Kirin couldn’t fault it. After answering Sue Kirin’s question, Shi Qingge reached out to touch the neckline, and finally untied a jade pendant and handed it to Gong Tianqing.

“His Royal Highness, please see, this is the jade pendant of father.”

Gong Tianqing took the sword, turned and passed the jade pendant to Qin Shiyu. Qin Shiyu looked at it for a while, and finally passed the jade pendant to Princess Ning.

“It is indeed the jade of the teacher’s history, it is the object of the former Crown Prince’s Palace…This kind of jade pendant, the former staff of the Imperial Palace has one piece, and King Ning also has one piece.”

It can almost be confirmed that what they said is true.

But all this is too coincidental, right? Sue Kirin felt that he couldn’t believe it, but in the next moment someone sang the opposite tune──

“This is all my arrangement.”

Yu Yao returned slowly, it should be a probe The situation is good nearby.

“His Royal Highness, don’t be suspicious, what she said is true.”

“The reason?”

Qin Shiyu asked Yuyao expressionlessly.

Yu Yao laughed, lightly said:

“These are all necessary for victory, and are not missing in order to bring fate back on track.”

Saying that is equivalent to not saying it is probably just saying this.

Everyone on the scene looked towards Qin Shiyu, waiting for her to make a decision, and Su Mu’s life and death is in her hands. However, Qin Shiyu looked towards Shui Yun’er, and Shui Yun’er narrowed his eyes and wondered what he was thinking.

Qin Shiyu felt happy for some reason and raised the corner of his mouth.

“It’s a big deal, I’d rather kill the mistake than let it go.”

False, Sue Kirin didn’t know why he felt this way, so he didn’t immediately go out to defend the Su Mu couple. On the contrary, Gong Tianqing had something to say, and Su Mu and his wife also looked incredible.



Shui Yun’er came forward.

──People unexpectedly stepped forward.

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