The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1147

Looking at the lamp, he always felt that the palace lanterns were Eternal Inextinguishable.

As long as you need to use it, it must be on first when you see it. There is never an exception.

The huge Imperial Palace, countless palace lanterns are like this. Only in some extremely remote places where I hardly go there will occasionally be exceptions.

However, if he temporarily consciously goes to those places, the palace lanterns there will still light up first. He didn’t know how long he hadn’t seen a palace lantern that was extinguished. No, maybe I have seen it, but he didn’t notice much either. Until now, he thought about this problem again, and there was no impression.

As for the places where the palace lantern may not be lit, it is not in his thinking, because he will not go to those places at all except on a whim.

Invisible is clean, he agrees with this sentence.

However, the irony is that throughout the entire Hua Dynasty, he almost listened to all directions and looked around. Many of his eyes and ears outside will see and listen for him, so he needs to think about many things.

But he didn’t know that the palace lantern in that palace was not on. It can only be said that the lamp was dark.

Even he is not omniscient and capable of solving all problems. He can only solve all problems as much as possible and make everything as his expectations and plans as possible.

However, even if the palm resources are as much as him, he can’t straighten everything out.

Qin Yu is not omnipotent. On the desk in front of him, the secret newspaper is the best proof. The secret report was written by Jiang Runzhi, stamped with numerous secret seals, and sent back quickly from Qinglun City after passing through an unknown number of stations.

This thin secret report carries Qin Yu’s heavy expectations.

I don’t know how long, he has been so expecting the result of one thing. In recent years, the overall situation he has planned has not been as expected. Among them, Zhang Nianzhi even broke into the Imperial Palace, once threatening his safety.

He is more jealous of those who have powerful palms and the power of one person to become an army, and at the same time he is somewhat powerless. It’s been a long time since he got his wish. He also knew what he expected, for the first time in history, but he was still disappointed.

He has been disappointed time and time again.

He didn’t know how many times he felt exhausted, lying on his working chair, rubbing the sore forehead lightly.

──As it is now.

The secret report brought a good news, but the whereabouts of a fish in Beiming were unknown, and Bei Xiaolu was hit hard. This result is not a result that Qin Yu can be satisfied with. It doesn’t matter whether Bei Xiaolu is dead or not, because it is not difficult for her to predict her behavior, but Qin Yu thinks she is easy to deal with. Only Beiming has a fish, he even borrowed a knife from the Western Regions but still failed to get rid of her.

At least, Lingyue Valley was eliminated.

However, there are fish in the North Ming that never die, and Lingyue Valley can still reappear in the world. The existence of an organization’s cohesive centripetal force does not depend on the strength of the organization and the strength of the system, but on whether there is a person who can unite people.

A few years ago, Qin Yu tried his best to differentiate various sects in order to succeed when he launched the disaster of extermination. Didn’t expect someone to stand up and be beyond doubt The authority ordered various sects to resist the imperial court encirclement and suppression.

That person’s name is Qi Return to Origin.

And now, although Beiming Youyu is not as good as Qi Return to Origin’s fame and powerful formidable power back then, it is also a generation of name shakes the whole world. As long as she stood up and gave orders, there must be countless martial artists willing to respond to her orders.

She is a martial demon.

What is even more disturbing is that she and Sue Kirin have a very good relationship. Once the two Grandmasters join forces, the power they can exert is unimaginable.

Since his repeated and repeated failures, various sects of the martial artist he intended to suppress have developed. Among them, the Heavenly Jade Palace is the most powerful and the fastest growing. It was also forced by this that he thought of removing Lingyue Valley.

He can temporarily tolerate a strong Heavenly Jade Palace, but he cannot tolerate the existence of a more powerful Heavenly Jade Palace and a Spirit Moon Valley. Heavenly Jade Palace is the Sect of humans anyway, while Lingyue Valley is the Sect of Martial Demon.

Now with the Heavenly Jade Palace and two new martial artist Grandmasters, Beiming Youyu and her Lingyue Valley have become redundant. There is no need to leave extra things, especially if this thing is difficult to control. He is not afraid of the existence of the double-edged sword, but if the double-edged sword is too sharp, he must consider abandoning it, so as not to hurt the enemy while also hurting himself.


It failed again.

He was disappointed again.

The plan has been planned for a long time, and the plan to wipe Beiming Youyu from the world with one blow ended in failure. Although Beiming Youyu was injured, Qin Yu knew that a Grandmaster would never die so easily.

“…The sky is not what one wants.”

Qin Yu leaned against the back of the chair, staring at the beam with dull eyes. His eyes lack the look they should have, and he seldom shows this ashamed expression in front of others, except when he is alone like now.

His eyeballs are a little protruding, and the bloodshot eyes on them are faintly visible, as if they are about to pop out of the surface of the eyeballs at any time. A few small insects flew around in sight, like flies waiting for the man to eat his corpse after his death.

Time passed by little by little. I don’t know how long it took before the man turned his eyes and narrowed his eyes. The protruding eyes suddenly retracted.

“hmph.” He was sneaked, not without self-deprecation.

At the same time, there is some hatred.

He straightened his body, but he didn’t like the lamp that was burning in the corner of the desk. He stretched out his hand to pinch the light out, but still not satisfied, got up and pinched the light in the room one after another. He squeezed it with bare hands and was not afraid of finger burns.

In fact, his finger has indeed been burned.

“Your Majesty?”

The voice of wealth and dignity came from outside the door. He must have seen the lights go out in the study, so he was deeply disturbed.

Qin Yu did not respond to his concerns.

He picked up the secret report and moved to the firework of the last light. It’s just that the corner is stained with flames, and the confidential newspaper instantly turns to ashes.

The still burning confetti fell on the luxurious carpet.

Most of the confetti went out feebly, only that one ignited the entire blanket. Once the top grade wool was ignited, the fire spread at an incredible speed. Qin Yu didn’t have time to react. A large area was already burning, even near his shoes.

“…” A single spark can also provoke the original. That’s what it is! Qin Yu was inexplicably irritable, took a step back, and had no plans to put out the fire.

Smoke floated out of the window.

There was movement outside, and the guards seemed to notice the fire.

“Your Majesty!”

The sound of patting the door came, and it was still the rich and the yelling. It must have been discovered that the door is actually not at all locked, and the situation is urgent. The wealthy and wealthy also ignored Qin Yu’s failure to summon him, so he pushed the door and rushed in.

He hurriedly broke the silence in the room.

Fugui went around the screen and turned blue with surprise when he saw the burning carpet. He shouted in shock: “It’s a fire! It’s a fire! Hurry up and help drive the fire!” He opened his throat, and his voice was harsh.

Qin Yu glanced at him unhappily, but didn’t say much.

Two guards followed and saw a fire, and immediately put into fire fighting work. The other guards outside were also all mobilized, as if the fire had been out of control.

In an instant, sand was poured and water was sprinkled, and other cloth products were even used to extinguish the fire.

──It’s almost a mess.

With the concerted efforts of all the staff, the fire was quickly put out. Fugui and the guards only breathed a sigh of relief, and the rest of the breath will have to wait until──

“Your Majesty, are you okay?”

Fugui knelt on the ground , Shiver coldly, the other guards are the same.

Even if the fire has nothing to do with them, but if Qin Yu loses a hair, they will not be able to protect them well, which is a serious crime.


Qin Yu looked at them and was silent for a long time.

“The rice bucket!” He suddenly cursed, “It’s all rice buckets!”

His voice was so fierce that all the people kneeling on the ground trembled, for fear of Qin Yu The next moment will order their heads to be cut off.

However, Qin Yu didn’t have any plans to execute everyone immediately, instead he returned to his seat anxiously and took his seat heavily.

He stared at them silently.

People kneeling on the ground feel that time has been stretched infinitely, and it has become very difficult and long. As long as Qin Yu didn’t make a decision for a day, they couldn’t get up and couldn’t be relieved.

Capital crime is not terrifying.

Sometimes, waiting for the death sentence is the most uncomfortable.

“Little fire, what do you panic like? The emperor is not in a hurry, the eunuch is in a hurry! Isn’t the person I raised can’t kill even this little fire? So panic, how decent is it? !”

Qin Yu took a few shots on the table, and was really furious as he screamed.

Of course, what he feels angry is not necessarily their performance. This is just a fuse that’s all ── he just wants to find a place to vent his depression and anger that’s all.

“Pray Your Majesty for forgiveness!”

Wealth and the guards begged for mercy in unison.

Seeing their trembling, Qin Yu suddenly felt very meaningless. They are loyal to their duties, even if they lose their temper at them, how can it help? He didn’t feel guilty and thought about it, he just felt a little weak and empty.

He was sighed, and then he collapsed on the chair.

At that moment, he seemed to be much older. Seeing the tea cup from the corner of his eye, he subconsciously reached out and picked it up, only to find that the water there was empty.

“Will you come to pour me tea?” He frowned and called.

Wealthy startled and looked up blankly, only to understand that Qin Yu meant not to be held accountable, and quickly got up and ran to Qin Yu to pour tea for him.

Qin Yu picked up the refilled tea cup and took a sip of tea. The sip of tea with slightly hot water, like the coldest thing, fell into his stomach and poured out his anger.

A sip of tea naturally does not have that magical ability, he just adjusts himself.

“──Retire all.”

He put down the tea cup and finally drove people away.

The guards, such as the amnesty, stood up and retired like a few chickens. After Qin Yu gave his consent, they disappeared outside the room.

“Your Majesty, everyone is nervous about your safety, so you are so anxious. And ah, this Imperial Palace hasn’t caught fire for many years, and everyone may be a little bit scornful.

“Rich, are you explaining for them, or are you trying to kill them? “

Qin Yu suddenly felt funny, “It’s also a big crime to be negligent here.” The entire Hua Dynasty is revolving around me, and I must not neglect, and this group of minions should do the same. “

“Yes, Your Majesty learned the lesson. “

Wealth and honor repeatedly answered, he called the maid to replace the burnt black blanket, cleaned by the way, and lit the lights one after another. They looked like no in Qin Yu’s eyes. Just as they existed, he didn’t even look at them.

“What happened recently? “

Qin Yu opened the other memorials on the table to read, and asked nonchalantly.

“What does Your Majesty mean?” “Wealth and nobility are not surprised.

“Naturally, it is the group of demons and ghosts who like to be demons at the foot of the world. “

Qin Yu hummed.

Wealth and wealth will come over, knowing that he is asking about something worth mentioning in Imperial Capital. It is often said that it is black under the light, black It’s dark again, Imperial Capital is the core of the entire Chinese dynasty. No matter the gods and ghosts like this city, naturally there will be many things. There are some who can see the light, and some are not.

And the one who can see the light, Qin Yu Naturally, it is clear that he asked about things that are not visible and he hasn’t noticed.

“There are some. “Fugui said cautiously.

The things here may seem simple, but they are actually very involved. The relationship between Imperial Capital is intertwined and affects the whole body. Wealth cannot dare to say too much.

“If you don’t say it, it’s the crime of deceiving the king. “

But every time Qin Yu threatens him like this.

Fugui can only persuade himself to tell each other frankly. The exchange between the two has become a tacit understanding. Fugui recalled for a moment. , Talked about some recent events in Imperial Capital. Some are known to Qin Yu, some are unknown to him. Qin Yu listened silently, sipping tea.

One tea after another Tea.

Qin Yu’s expression changed a little until the pot of tea was all drunk. He raised his eyebrows suddenly, because he heard the rich and the honor talk about Qin Mu.

“hmph, he has been low-key for a long time… Tomorrow morning, he often jumped out to show his presence and make trouble, but now he is so low-key and silent. It really doesn’t look like him. “

“Your Majesty, perhaps His Highness Second Prince has figured it out?” “

Fugui helped Second Prince to say.

In his eyes, even if Qin Yu has not made any decree, Second Prince is still the most likely heir. He is not afraid to sell. Favor to Second Prince. “I figured it out? “Qin Yu sneered, “The country is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change.” Nothing happened. How can a person’s nature change so easily? I couldn’t be more clear about this son. “

“What does Your Majesty mean?” “

Fugui just mentioned that some of the Prince Qin Mu’s mansion has been too quiet recently, saying that His Royal Highness Second Prince may be sick, but Qin Yu bit on it, feeling a little abnormal.

” If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. “

Qin Yu closed his eyes and made a conclusion, “Medicine Valley was slaughtered a while ago, and the person who started it is still unknown—huh, it’s so easy to sect a hidden organization so easily. But those few people that’s all. “


After thinking about the wealth, there is still no answer.

“It was the hand of’Bad Kill Ji’. “

“Her? “Fugui turn pale with fright,” Why did she start with Medicine Valley? Medicine Valley has provided a lot of good medicines to Taiyuan Hospital for many years! This is about the dragon body! Does’Killing Ji’ mean treason? “

“hmph, she is now in my unfilial son’s house. “

“Your Majesty already knows? “It’s not strange to be rich.

“Night walk not to be trifled with. “Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with cold light, “Although’Kill Ji’ is a World’s First assassin, there are still some things to follow. As long as it exists, it is impossible to completely eliminate the traces, and my “Night Walk” is the best at grabbing the tail and pulling the fox out. “

“You mean, this is His Royal Highness Second Prince’s hand on Medicine Valley? “Wealth cannot hide surprise.

“Not necessarily. “

Qin Yu denied it.

Paused, he said in an inexplicable tone:

“However, Medicine Valley is good at medicine and poison… …If you need medical treatment, there is no need to destroy Medicine Valley, but if it’s for poisoning…”

Qin Yu didn’t finish his words, the cold glow in his eyes is almost as sharp as his eyes. The wealth is first startled, then An expression of astonishment appeared.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, this is–! “He held his breath and even took a breath.

Qin Yu was silent and didn’t say much. Rich and wealthy didn’t dare to say anything, and the two fell silent.

“──Rich, it’s time to see my good brother. “

For a long while, this sentence was squeezed out word by word from Qin Yu’s mouth.

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