The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1148

A clear sentence.

This sentence echoed around the beam in the room, as if it had been entangled here for a long time and could not leave.

At first, Fortune did not react immediately. He was just stunned, as if he could not understand the language Qin Yu was speaking, his eyes widened and his mouth slightly opened and closed slightly trembling.

“Your Majesty, you…” Fugui finally said his voice, his voice trembling, “Who do you want to see?”

“My words, I won’t say it again. “Qin Yu did not experience the shock of wealth.

He got up, turned around while flicking his sleeves, looked towards the outside world and took a step. Fugui watched his actions and stayed for a few seconds before he woke up suddenly and quickly caught up.

Wealthy’s action was too urgent, so that I stumbled when I trot.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!” Fugui anxiously shouted several times, “Your Majesty, please wait!”

“Is what I said is not clear enough? “

Qin Yu kept walking and glanced back at Fortune. The two of them had just walked out of the study, and the two attendants looked at each other inexplicably, but their classmates scattered in the courtyard outside the study saw that Qin Yu had the intention to travel, and immediately organized a team to ensure Qin Yu’s safety. These imperial guards are all experts out of a hundred.

“Your Majesty, but that’s a madman!”

“A madman?” Qin Yu laughed twice, and then his vision shrank for an instant and became sharp, “You are so big Goofy, are you saying that my brother is a lunatic? Or are you saying that I didn’t treat him well, that is why I drove him crazy?”

Fugui was taken aback and considered I realized afterwards, but I also knew that I had already stepped on thunder. He immediately knelt on the ground, yelling: “The minion has a lot of mouths!” He slapped his mouth repeatedly.

“My brother, you are not a dog slave like you can arbitrarily argue. Keep this in mind.”

Qin Yu brushed his sleeves again, speeding up and walking forward.

The guards followed look steadily forward, and several court ladies followed closely behind them.

The wealthy dare not look up, even if the footsteps are already far away.

His back is already covered with cold sweat, and his forehead is also wet. Qin Yu looked towards his eyes just now, even if he didn’t see it, he could still feel a deep killing intent. Fugui can’t remember how long it has been since he had seen Qin Yu stare at himself with such eyes.

Well, he is convinced that he has just walked past the gates of hell.

I also blame myself for being negligent, and I don’t remember what to say and what not to say. That was Qin Yu’s twin brother, but he dared to say that he was a lunatic. Even if that is true, it should not be arbitrarily arguing about the Imperial Family, especially Qin Yu’s biological brother.

──Even Qin Yu’s unknown imperial brother was driven crazy by Qin Yu.

He can only comfort himself. Qin Yu can let himself know his existence and trust him. He should feel lucky. He kept convincing himself in this way, but his mouth murmured uncontrollably:

“…It is clearly Your Majesty that your cruelty makes everything so distorted.”

After that, there was a rush of footsteps in front of him. Fugui was so frightened that his body stiffened, thinking that it was Qin Yu who was returning, and he heard what he had just blurted out.

“Rich father-in-law, Your Majesty allows you to keep up quickly.”

Is a young eunuch who just followed.

Fortune saw that it was not Qin Yu who dared to raise his head, subconsciously sighed in relief, but wondered if the little eunuch had heard his mumbling. The struggle in the palace is quite fierce. One carelessness may be consigned to eternal damnation. If the little eunuch in front of you complains to Qin Yu afterwards, he will be in a bad shape, so he has already thought of dealing with this little eternal damnation.

The little eunuch in front of him still doesn’t have any sense of crisis.

Fugui inquired about Qin Yu’s mood, but the little eunuch couldn’t answer anything, and Fugui could only accept his fate to keep up. The two trot for a while, and finally caught up with Qin Yu and the others who had taken the lead.

Qin Yu doesn’t like sitting on the bridge to move, so he usually walks. Although he hates martial artists and does not practice martial arts, he is still willing to take a few more steps to get fit.


Qin Yu realized that wealth was catching up with him, and put his chin on him, motioning him to come to him. The wealthy knew that Qin Yu was trying to suffocate himself, but he didn’t dare to resist, so he came to Qin Yu bitterly, raised his ass, and then Qin Yu kicked him to the ground.

“In the future, I will dare to arbitrarily discuss my brother, next time I will let someone cut your neck with a knife.”

“Yes! You shouldn’t be a slave!”

Fugui fell a dog to eat shit, but didn’t dare to stay on the ground for a while, and quickly got up to apologize. Qin Yu snorted, no longer paid attention to Fugui raised his foot again and walked forward.

It’s not a matter of wealth and honor to go, nor is it to stop, I have to brace oneself to keep up.

The entire group was walking on the huge palace. I don’t know how long it took to walk from the center to the deserted part of the Imperial Palace. As if it was a Chu River and Han boundary, after passing through a certain moon gate and arriving at the Leng Palace, the area within sight suddenly became dim.

There is a mildew in the air.

The smell of staleness, even the palace walls are hung with plants like Mountain Tiger because of lack of care. Several birds and crows stood on the walls of the palace on both sides, staring with a pair of blood-red eyes at the entire group that came in with a lantern, reflecting the silhouettes of several people.

The guards here, and the servants of the palace maids, eunuchs, and the like are all lack of anger, lifeless, and everything looks extraordinarily gloomy. This is the darkness under the light, and it is also a place of death in the Imperial Palace. I don’t know how many people were caught in this place because of offending the emperor, and eventually died here, turned into a pile of dead bones, and then they were treated casually by the people.

Lonely, deserted and gloomy–the air around here alone is enough to drive people crazy in a short time.

People who can get out of here are often like experiencing life and death, and there is no shortage of people who can get out from here and stand up again in history. This is a place of death and a place where people can reborn from the ashes.

Even so, no one wants to stay here for one minute, as if staying here for a while, death will be closer to oneself. There seemed to be resentful spirits or Demon leaping from both sides at any time, biting the throat of the person who came in.

This area of ​​the Imperial Palace was like a murderer who fell on the ground, choosing people to eat.

As the entire group continues to deepen, this feeling is getting stronger and stronger. They even slowed down their breathing, and they always felt that something irresistible was entangled in their bodies and lingered. Moving forward in a gloomy environment, under the passing people, the entire group came to the deepest part of this area. There is a strange building there, which is completely enclosed. From a distance, it looks like a box, except that where the box connects to the ground, there are two palace walls close to each other. This place was originally a palace, but higher walls and roofs were added later to seal this area firmly.

In front of the hall, there are two dead trees of unknown species, and two guards stand beside them.

They are fully armed, wearing heavy black Battle Armor, their complexion is also hidden by the mask connected to the helmet, and only a pair of eyes are shining brightly. They are like statues, their patterns are not moving, they just glanced at the entire group they came to, even if the leader is Lord of a Country, they remain unmoved, just like those ghost soldiers.


They are the most elite guards in the entire Chinese dynasty. There are only a few hundred people. They are only ordered by Qin Yu. They are all experts among the experts, even if they are Guard or Imperial Guards. In front of them, it is just the enemy of one.

And this elite army is guarded in the imperial tomb most of the time, only a few are transferred to the Imperial Palace to defend this kind of palace wall which has been covered with Tengman and has fallen into disrepair. palace. The palace has no name. Most people call it the Anonymous Palace. It does not exist in the establishment of the Internal Affairs Department. Many palace ladies and eunuchs don’t even know the existence of the Anonymous Palace.

Just like its owner, it does not exist in the world.

“Open the door.”

Qin Yu stood in front of the palace’s door with his hand in his hand, and gave orders in a deep voice.

The two dragon guards finally moved when they were ordered, and they were shocked to realize that they were really not stone statues. At the same time, they took out the keys hanging from their waists.

The lock on the door is very big and heavy, comparable to the big lock in the warehouse.

The two guards put the key together, and then pushed the key into the big lock together. You can hear the sound of ka-cha, the key is successfully engaged, and then with the rotation, the surface of the big lock opens, revealing the complicated mechanism structure underneath.

A new keyhole protruded.

This time Qin Yu took out the key he was carrying, inserted it into the keyhole, and turned it around. After three full turns, the lock was really unlocked. The two guards pushed the door open hard.

A burst of moldy gas blew out from inside.

Qin Yu, frowned, just stepped forward. Fortune even covered his nostrils with a handkerchief. The result of long-term no ventilation is that the air is extremely cold and humid.

Unexpectedly, although it is dim in this space, it is not impossible to reach out. The Ye Mingzhu hanging on the wall shone with a faint light of eternity, so that this space would not be completely immersed in darkness.

When the eyes adjusted to the dark environment, people saw the palace itself.

The palace sunk in darkness.

A palace that nobody cares about.

The palace of light will never be seen, here is the secret that must be buried deep in the dark forever.

Neither the guards nor the maids were allowed to enter this palace, only Qin Yu and Fugui passed through the threshold and stepped into this dark palace. When the maids and attendants in the palace saw Qin Yu and the rich, they did not bow to salute. Their eyes are dull and dull, and their skin has become sickly white because of long-term lack of light, like a walking corpse with an empty body.

The footsteps of the two people seem to be infinitely magnified here, reverberating continuously.

They crossed the corridor, around the corner, and finally came to the courtyard behind the palace. Looking around, there are half-wilted flowers. Without him, without sunlight, plants cannot survive. Only regular replacement can barely maintain the appearance of the garden.

A man sits on a rocking chair, looking up to the sky, not knowing what he is looking at.

There is no starry sky, only darkness. What is so good about it? Wealth didn’t understand, but didn’t delve into it, he just went to light up the lights around him.

The environment suddenly became brighter.

Qin Yu walked to the man, holding his hands, making no sound. The man treated him as if he didn’t exist, just continued to look at the empty place. The other subordinates all stood by, and the incarnation is a stone statue.

“What are you looking at?”

In the end, Qin Yu broke the silence.

“…I’m not looking at anything, my world is pitch black, and I can’t see anything.”

The man’s voice is very hoarse, but he and Qin inexplicably Yu’s voice has several points of similarity. His face was obscured by the overgrown and messy black hair, leaving only a pair of half-protruding eyes between the cracks.

“I shouldn’t have been born in the world.”

“You should fix your hair.” Qin Yu said after a long silence, “You are also my brother anyway. , The appearance still needs to be neat.”

“I’m just your shadow. The shadow without the name doesn’t need what you said.”

“Shadow, that’s If you look like this, are you like?” Qin Yu sneered.


The man hearing this was silent for a while.

He turned his head like a windmill that was too old. Just the action itself, there is a sense of dilapidation that the surface of old trees is peeling off.

His eyes seem to protrude more again, as if they are about to fall anytime.

Then, the man opened his scary, curtain-like bangs, revealing his original face.

“Aren’t I like you?” His eyes exploded countless bloodshot eyes.

The face hidden underneath is exactly the same as Qin Yu.

Even the wrinkles around the eyes are the same.

The twin brothers are not so similar, right? They are almost carved out of the same mold.

“…” Qin Yu looked at the familiar and unfamiliar face, speechless for a moment.

“I’m just your shadow, not your emperor brother. When I came out of my mother’s womb, I existed to fight for power. The man and woman who gave birth to me were afraid that you would die of persecution and deliberately wiped out Because of my existence, I can become your surrogate when necessary. And you, as a brother, did not have any resistance, because your essence is the same as them, you…except yourself, it doesn’t matter to anyone else. . You are nothing except yourself, and other things are no longer important, right? Qin Yu.”

The man said very lightly.

Now that the matter is up, he is probably desperate, he has no such resentment. He doesn’t care anymore, otherwise how can he live in this darkness to this moment? “…” Qin Yu closed his eyes, “I am Monarch of the entire Country. An Imperial Court does not need two Monarchs of the entire Country.”


As if he didn’t want to hear any answer from Qin Yu, the man turned his gaze back on track.

“Go ahead, is it time to use me?” He then asked.

“Oh, can you feel it?”

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow with interest.

“I just don’t want to stay here anymore. I want to die.” The man is expressionless, “So, do you want me to die for you?”

“Yes. “

Qin Yu nodded, and looked far away:

“I want to give you the liberation you have longed for.”

“Liberation?” For the first time emotions appeared on the man’s face.

That is ridicule and disdain.

“My time has stagnated so far. Only death can make me move forward. If death is a kind of liberation, please liberate me.”

“Okay “

Qin Yu closed his eyes and answered in a deep voice.

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