The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1149

Su Mu and Shi Qingge found that more and more people were coming.

The mountain range tunnel that was opened up, since Qin Shiyu and the others arrived, another team of a hundred people arrived. They seemed to be scouts, and after a little rectification in the village, they scattered and patrolled the surrounding area.

After they confirmed that there was no enemy all around, the tunnel was fully operational, and the supply of materials and manpower was transported out from the people of Bei’an City, and it quickly filled the entire village and the nearby flat land. .

The villagers were shocked.

Although the place they live is close to Bei’an City, there is a mountain between the two. In fact, they can’t witness the situation in Bei’an City very much, and many of them have never been to Bei’an City.

Looking close but far away is used to describe the people in this village.

For some people in a corner, no matter how bright the world outside is, it is still far away. They live in a certain place and live a life of rising from the sunrise and resting at the sunset for the sake of life, there is nothing else. This village is probably the same. For most villagers, this village is their world.

In view of this, when they saw those strong and powerful teams arriving in their village, they also brought various organs and weapons they had never seen before, as well as an endless supply of hay and other materials At that time, how surprised they were can actually be imagined.

Even if they live in a larger town, this is rarely seen, not to mention when they learned that the soldiers in front of them were evil heavy cavalry, and Princess Ning, the main general, had arrived here. . They all felt that Sansheng was lucky, and the whole person became motivated.

I have to mention that they want to see Princess Ning’s demeanor.

That is a living legend in the Northern Domain. As a daughter, she is not conceding to men as the coach of the elite cavalry of Bei’an City. She charges in the front and guards the gate of the country. The villagers have also heard of it, and this is more intimate than those Grandmasters who name shakes the whole world in Central Plains.

However, they found that there were many women, and they couldn’t recognize that one was Princess Ning.

When they heard about the identities of the women, their mouths were so startled that they could fit an egg.

──The culprits who caused everything have no time to take care of the feelings of the villagers.

After Qin Shiyu ordered the Xie Xie heavy cavalry to warn all around, he expropriated the village chief’s house-it was the largest building in the village and had ample space-to start the advance meeting.

For some things, although countermeasures and preparations have been made early, problems often appear after implementation. Their meeting corrected some ex-ante countermeasures to bridge the gap between reality and plan, as well as future plans. Correction.

“The important thing is time.”

Sitting on the main seat of the hall, Qin Shiyu knocked on the handrail and said. Her voice reverberated in the hall, and it must be able to reach all ears.

“The information impossible has been kept secret, and paper cannot contain the fire after all. The Northland discovered that our departure is only a matter of time, and we have to respond to them and intercept or send the intelligence back to the corresponding Before the ground, a surprise attack was launched. Therefore, the soldiers are very fast.”

Qin Shiyu picked up the hot tea that Yinping had prepared for her, took a sip, and his slender legs cocked.

She constricted her eyes to patrol all the chief officials of the evil heavy riders in front of her, while Princess Ning, who was sitting on the other side of the deputy, remained silent, but her eyes would occasionally fall into the corner. In the middle, the people of Heavenly Jade Palace-mainly on Shui Yun’er.

“A Tooth For A Tooth, an eye for an eye-I also want Cang Rin to taste the sensation of a sharp knife suddenly inserted into the heart.” She licked her lips, her eyes Li Huimang was uncertain, “As long as the North Kingdom’s throne can be captured-no, as long as the North Kingdom’s royal court is severely injured and turned into a state of traveling, Cang Rin will have to withdraw his troops.”

Qin Shiyu almost leaked his heart .

This adventurous battle was originally focused on forcing the retreat of the North Kingdom, but Qin Shiyu seemed to still retain the idea of ​​capturing the King of the North Kingdom alive.

“Hey, don’t you be unsatisfied!”

Sue Kirin was the first to catch Qin Shiyu’s leak and jumped out to say. She became the frightened bird, because Qin Shiyu didn’t know how many risks had been taken along the way, and called the entire group into a dangerous situation, even if Qin Shiyu’s adventure was successful.

──But she feels that one’s luck will run out one day.

“This is an unexpected joy after all, that’s all.” Qin Shiyu face doesn’t change, without any conscious, “It would be good if we could go further, but our current strategy is still around You can rest assured about how to force the army to retreat from the North Kingdom.”

She used a stubborn tone, obviously serious.

Seeing her saying this, Sue Kirin was still worried, but couldn’t say anything, so he wiped his nose and walked back in full view.

It is worth mentioning that because Sue Kirin and Yuyao are distinguished, they should be eligible to sit on the table, but Sue Kirin thinks that everyone is standing and sitting by themselves is too conspicuous, so he refused Qin Shiyu and Princess Ning’s kindness. Yuyao seemed to have become her follower, and also refused the two people’s invitation.

“Yu’er, Xue Zun is not unreasonable.” Princess Ning accidentally stood on Sue Kirin’s side, “I usually take risks, that’s all, this time I would go deep into the tiger’s den and grab the tiger’s beard. You are too greedy, and it may be counterproductive.” Princess Ning made it clear that Qin Shiyu’s personality and past bad deeds were more clear, and her words were full of worry.

Qin Shiyu’s eyebrows raised, a bit irritable. She took out the fan and shook it, sighed sharply.

“Six Emperor’s Wife is reasonable, Yuer will remember it.” She seemed insincere.

Princess Ning sighed for a while, knowing that if Qin Shiyu was going to make trouble, she had no choice but to try her best to persuade her, and could not do too much.

At this time, the lone evil heavy riders who guarded the village house walked in.

“Report!” As soon as he walked in, he straightened his body and saluted, and said in a deep voice, “The village chief is outside, ask if you want to serve food first.”

“Go ahead. “

Princess Ning answered first, she knew that this meeting would be another long-term battle.

The soldiers led away.

It didn’t take long for the food to be served by the villagers. The village chief saw that his hall was full, and many people stood outside the courtyard. There was simply no place for these distinguished people to eat, and he was embarrassed, so he immediately thought of requisitioning the tables in the villagers’ homes and plucked up the courage to ask. Qin Shiyu and the others will provide a table. “Lao Zhang, don’t care about us. Since we are members of the military, we can eat anywhere and anytime.”

The answer was Princess Ning as the representative.

Lost an opportunity to be courteous, the old village chief was a little disappointed, but since the other party also said no, he didn’t want to be nosy.

After the meal was delivered, the villagers retreated.

Since there is no place to put the food, almost all the food is stuffed on a table, but no one cares too much. One person carries a rice bowl and automatically walks to the table to hold it. After finishing the food, he returned to his position and started to eat.

Among them, Yuyao is quite special. She uses spell to drive the land up, forming a table in front of herself. She puts the food on the table and eats gracefully. Sue Kirin looked left and right, and felt that she was still so comfortable, so he requisitioned another position and built a stone chair to sit on.

Yu Yao laughed and didn’t say much.

The meeting continued. Qin Shiyu Gong Tianqing Qi Qiqi Ning and the others expressed their opinions from time to time, gradually improving the plan in hand, and ordered the soldiers to prepare. The whole village is in a tight and busy state. When the villagers see people coming from outside, people going are always soldiers, they seem to feel depressed, and they retract to their homes, not wanting to disturb the soldiers’ to-and-fro , And at the same time do not want to get into trouble.

In the meeting, even Sue Kirin, who was paddling, had to participate in the discussion many times.

Sue Kirin’s advice is necessary on many issues. The entire group was discussed, although there were controversies, but consensus was still reached. In this case, time passed so fast, it didn’t take long before night, and the second meal came.

However, the number of participants in the meeting has also decreased.

There are sayings that each perform their duties, divide labor and cooperate. After some generals have understood their tasks, they are ordered to leave by Qin Shiyu and go to prepare for their own work. Well, it’s all in order and eagerly.

“There is a problem.”

It is Yu Yao who raised his hand.

She has just finished her second meal and dinner, and is wiping her mouth with a handkerchief.

People are a little surprised that Yu Yao will give advice. After turning his eyes, he was still sluggish for a few seconds. On the contrary, Qin Shiyu was calm and steady, and made a gesture of please──

“Jade Yaozun, and it’s okay.”

“If I understand correctly, the key to this battle is the will of the stars, and the second is whether the information will be leaked out too early. Is that so?”

“…what the hell is that the will of the stars?”

Sue Kirin murmured that although Yuyao is quite normal, he still talks occasionally One or two words of “secondary” will appear.

She complained relatively quietly, even if someone heard it, no one would pay attention.

“It is true.” Qin Shiyu nodded replied, and then asked: “Is there anything wrong?”

“There are at least three thousand evil spirits here. One thousand of them, led by Gong Eldest Miss and Princess Ning, went straight to Ninglan City with a large number of organs and weapons, and I also want to accompany, right?”


I have discussed it here just now, and we have launched a detailed plan discussion on this. There is nothing to deny, so Qin Shiyu answered almost quickly.

“Then, the remaining one thousand will be led by the nine Her Highness the Princess, and the Heavenly Jade palace people, and go straight to the royal court of the North, right?”

“Yes “Yes.” Qin Shiyu was nodded again.

“How many people are there on Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry?”

Yu Yao asked briefly, Qin Shiyu hearing this was nodded clearly.

“so that’s how it is.”

Sue Kirin doesn’t understand what she understands, but Qin Shiyu then asks Yuyao as if trying to explain it to her:

“Jade Yaozun is afraid that we will tune too many remote evil heavy riders. The northern side will find that the number of remote evil heavy riders in Bei’an is wrong, and thus realize that something is wrong?”

“His Royal Highness is nostalgic, he is really smart.”

Yu Yao didn’t know he was slapped, anyway, Sue Kirin got goose bumps. Qi Qiqi noticed her reaction and gave her a look of “You should be safe!”

Sue Kirin rolled the eyes and yawned.

I don’t know how long this meeting will continue.

“Please don’t worry about the Yuyao Zunzai. The Evil Heavy Cavalry already has reserve members, and the Battle Armor and the number of horses are also in stock. As long as the other soldiers are camouflaged, it should not be easy for the northern side. See it, it is.”

“I don’t understand it very well. You should have the economy. Since you think it is feasible, then I have no opinion.”

Yuyao nodded , But his eyes turned to Sue Kirin.

“The problem is…Sue Kirin.”


What’s wrong with this? Sue Kirin raised a one-sided brow in confusion.

Qin Shiyu and Princess Ning didn’t seem to know what white jade Yao was referring to, they looked at her and waited for her explanation.

“What Yuyao Senior said, shouldn’t it be a breath problem, right?” Qi Qiqi took the lead.

Yuyao nodded confirmed her guess.

“Although Sue Kirin and I are both Grandmasters, the shapes and breaths are not the same. If I were to sit in Bei’an City, Cang Rin would find it wrong sooner or later. As long as I come forward, things will happen. It will be exposed.”

Yu Yao said flatly.

Even if she is not so firm, everyone here knows that it will definitely be exposed. Once it comes to the situation where Yuyao must come forward, someone will definitely realize that she and Sue Kirin are not the same.

Not only the face, but also the breath.

So, it is hard to guarantee that they will not think about a question: Where is Sue Kirin?

Yuyao exists as a replacement for Sue Kirin to guard the Northern Domain, so the whereabouts of Sue Kirin has become a question that Northland must think about. What needs Sue Kirin to keep secret?

“What does Yu Yaozun think?”

Qin Shiyu’s complexion is still stable, but from her rhetorical question, we can know that she has indeed missed this point. Even Dingguo Ji is not exhaustive.

Fortunately, it came up in time! Sue Kirin was depressed.

If they discover this problem after they set off, the consequences will be disastrous. Because it is difficult for anyone to predict when the North Congress will launch a full-scale attack on Northern Domain again, Yuyao must not be able to hide behind the scenes in order to deal with Ajislan and Canglin. Once she shows up, Sue Kirin is gone. Cang Lin would definitely be suspicious.

And this is easier than Cang Rin discovering that Xie Xie heavy rides a fake. “In terms of appearance, the problem is easy to solve. I can use spell to become Sue Kirin, but with breath…” Yu Yao turned his eyes and fixed his gaze on Sue Kirin, “However, this requires Sue Kirin to cooperate.”


Sue Kirin cannot remain silent and can no longer be a bystander.

“What on earth do you have to mimic my breath?” She was puzzled.

It is not difficult to change appearance, but breath is the only sign of spiritual beings. Everyone’s aura is a little different, and no matter how similar they are, there must be subtle differences, even for twins, even more how are two completely different people.

“Just let a drop of ink stain the entire tank of water.” Yu Yao answered lightly.

Her pair of black eyes are so deep that they can swallow everything in, and there is a strange light in the faintness.

“Also, it is not difficult.”

Looking back at Qin Shiyu, Yuyao “boasted about going to Haikou.”

“My palace understands.” Qin Shiyu replied without thinking, and stopped shaking the hand of the fan. “What you want to do, just tell Sue Kirin. My palace will find a way. Let her cooperate with you.”

“Wait, what’s my opinion?”

Sue Kirin made a solemn protest. Qin Shiyu had led her by the nose and walked enough.

“Your Highness, I think Kirin’s opinion is still necessary.” Qi Qiqi also stood next to Sue Kirin.

Qin Shiyu raised his eyebrows and said nothing. However, her lips moved, as if she was saying: “It’s really troublesome!”

“It doesn’t need to be so troublesome.”

Yu Yao seems to see that this problem is not for a while. It can be solved for a while, and he just stood up. She seemed to want to open the situation on her own, and looked a little anxious.

“Sue Kirin, you come with me.”

Yu Yao walked to the side of Sue Kirin, did not wait for the latter to react, and took her hand, half-pulling her towards Pull out the door.


Sue Kirin was a little embarrassed, and became a little staggered while his feet were unstable.

However, she didn’t struggle much, and was taken away by Yuyao. This may be because the other party was more forceful.

Other people left in the hall, you look at me and I look at you, but there is no reaction for a while. It happened too suddenly.

After Yuyao and Sue Kirin disappeared outside, Qi Qiqi and Shui Yuner asked to follow and left the hall.

“It seems that something interesting will happen again.”

Qin Shiyu raised a fan to cover half of his mouth, a pair of eyes curved into the shape of a crescent , Watching the silhouette of Qi Qiqi and Shui Yun’er leave.

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