The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1151

Start from the east of Bei’an City, bypass the first line of defense, and enter from the eastern border of Northland.

This journey, which can be summed up in a few sentences, actually took an unexpected amount of time to walk. Even if all the personnel were riding on horseback, it took seven days to finally make it possible. Few saw the borders of Northland.

The Northland is a nomadic people. They are not at all fixed strongholds or cities on the border. From a distance, they only see some fresh grass and snow mixed in the ground. If grass is not too barren, the Northland may still be regarded as a fertile land.

But, except for the grass, I really can’t see anything.

Can such a place really be called a rich land? Moreover, grass unexpectedly has a life force, which can grow in the slits of stones, but some grains cannot. Therefore, where grass grows, it may not be able to enrich all life.

At least, the entire group can’t see anyone.

“…This northern country is too barren.”

Sue Kirin, who was sitting on the horse cross-legged, frowned in the front row. Her riding posture is truly outstanding, not only cross-legged, but also holding her chest. She swayed on the horse, but she just didn’t fall over.

At first, the evil heavy knights were horrified at seeing them, for fear that the Grandmaster might make a joke of falling to death. However, as time went by, they discovered that Grandmaster was Grandmaster, and that balance was no joke. Even if she started the so-called “gymnastics” on it, she wouldn’t fall down right away – not even standing upside down.

“That’s it!”

The black cat lying on the girl’s head agreed.

However, the black cat doesn’t seem to hate this place, looking around curiously, his eyes sparkling.

“Hey, Kirin Kirin, can I go down and run?” She suddenly poked her head out of Sue Kirin’s head.

Sue Kirin rolled the eyes, knowing that the other party can’t help being lonely.

Unfortunately, this matter is not for her to decide. She turned to look at Qin Shiyu loudly shouted:

“Hey, Qin Shiyu, my little naughty guy wants to go to the ground Run and run, can you do it!”

Qin Shiyu, who rides the horse at the forefront and walks side by side with Princess Ning, turned his head, but indifferent expression, turned his head and ordered one of the evil spirits accompanying him. The riding general sent a reconnaissance team to guard all around.

The general is named Chen Wan.

Under the arrangement of Chen Wan, nearly a hundred Qingqi led the way, and left the team to all around and perform the task of patrolling. It is worth mentioning that the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry is somewhat inconsistent at the moment, and they took off the black heavy armor of the evil ghost, and all went into battle lightly.

However, even if the heavy armor is lost and turned into a light rider, the formidable power of the evil heavy rider still cannot be underestimated, and it still bears the title of elite. In fact, they could be a heavy or light cavalry unit.

On the other hand, at the end of the team, among the materials dragged by several horses, there are still a lot of easy organ weapons. Li Wanting led the team there to ensure that these high-performance organ weapons did not cause problems.

“Go.” Qin Shiyu replied.

“Did you hear?”

Sue Kirin glanced at the dimen from above.

Tenji hearing this cheered and said: “Thank you Kirin! Thank you Shigure elder sister!” Then he jumped to the ground and ran happily. It seemed that it felt that the cat form was too small and it wasn’t enough to run, so it turned into a tiger form in a burst of white light.

“…Oh, it’s still a child.”

Sue Kirin sighed, looking aside, only to see that Shui Yun’er was still lost, not knowing what she was thinking. After starting from that village, she often fell into absentia. Although Sue Kirin asked her what happened, the other party just smiled bitterly and shook his head, saying that he was all right.

That might be something that can only be solved by yourself, Sue Kirin thought.

Compared with Shui Yun’er, there is a more difficult problem to deal with──

Sue Kirin shrank and cast his eyes to the red shadow on the other side.

The girl riding a horse, even after many days of rushing, is still radiant, her face is spotlessly exquisite as the most beautiful handicraft, and her red skirt flutters like a flame.

There is nothing wrong with her appearance, she is still amazing, and she is not tired of looking at it, but she still feels amazed by the injustice of heaven. The real problem lies in her expression.

She has a straight face.

The delicate and gorgeous lips are firmly closed, and there is an explicit unhappiness between them. Despite this, she is inexplicably more charming.

But this does not prevent Sue Kirin from realizing that Qi Qiqi is very upset at the moment.

She has been in a bad temper for several days. During this period, she didn’t talk to Sue Kirin at all.-Well, since Sue Kirin was “that this” by Yu Yao, she never talked to her again It’s over.

Sue Kirin actually thinks she is more jealous, but it is a little weird once she is so determined. Both of them are women, even if Qi Qiqi knew Sue Kirin’s secret, this kind of thing seemed impossible to be too public. Fortunately, Shui Yun’er seemed to be bothering some things and didn’t notice the fault between the two, otherwise things would definitely become more troublesome.

Sue Kirin sighed, scratching his head, not knowing how to coax Qi Qiqi.

──If you want to blame, blame Yuyao!

Sue Kirin started to complain secretly again, hating Yuyao in his heart. She really didn’t know it at all, it was all Yu Yao’s own opinion, she was really innocent! If Xiao Qi is to blame, you have to blame Yuyao, what is it to be angry with yourself in the future? Sue Kirin is really big.

However, it is worth noting that

The matter will be resolved sooner or later.

At this moment, Tianji is sowing wild on the grassland and rolling around. It is the best opportunity. She wouldn’t say strange things if she wasn’t here, Sue Kirin thought for a while and made up his mind to move forward.

“Little Seven.”

Sue Kirin gave Qi Qiqi a look.

Qiqiqi didn’t seem to hear her, she didn’t even look at her, she just held that face, but she could hear the other person’s nose making a “hmph!”

She must have heard Xueqi poison’s call, but she just didn’t want to pay attention to her that’s all.

Sue Kirin’s head hurts even more, and he scratches his head again.

“…Uh, I don’t know what happened to Xiaoxue and Xiaoqing.” Sue Kirin casually found a topic.

Qin Shiyu’s plan was to divide the troops into two groups, to raid the royal court of the North Kingdom, and to send troops to support Ninglan City to break the siege of Ninglan City. Yuyao is in the team supporting Ninglan City.

This is indeed a race against time. Before Cang Lin found out what was wrong in Bei’an City, Yuyao’s party must first solve the siege of Ninglan City, and then return to Bei’an City with soldiers from Ninglan City, and then counterattack the second line of defense with Bei’an City as a foothold. The strength of the Northland. As long as the second line of defense is restored to half, you can regroup your forces and push toward the first line of defense again.

Although the strategic location of Ninglan City is important, they are almost impossible to move even a little bit now that they are isolated. Even if the North Country does not launch a fierce attack, when the food and grass run out, Ninglan City will Will become that bloodless thing. Even if Gong Jing decides to charge and break through, he is likely to fall into the encirclement and suppression of the North Kingdom and suffer heavy losses.

Furthermore, due to the lack of a Grandmaster, Zhenbei Prefecture may suffer more losses than expected.

So, we must send an elite team to support and open the situation. If he could return with the 100,000 soldiers from Zhenbei Prefecture and abandon Ninglan City, it would be the best choice to retain his strength.

Furthermore, the battle strength of 100,000 troops in Zhenbei Mansion far exceeds the combined strength of all the troops in Northern Domain.

Of course, if Cang Lin discovers Qin Shiyu’s actions, he will definitely send troops to attack Ninglan City and intercept the supporting teams, so this is a fight against time.

In order to be able to successfully open the situation, the organ weapons that go with Gong Tianqing are almost all formidable power heavy weapons, and the new organ weapons brought by Heavenly Jade Palace are among them.

Xia Xue Yinping and other experts all tuned in.

On the other hand, in order to prevent Bei’an City from being captured by Cang Lin before that, King Ning personally sits in Bei’an City, and his sword guards personally guard it. This battle is very risky. Once it is leaked early, Bei’an City will most likely be captured by Cang Lin with all its strength, and Ninglan City and the team going to support will also be in an extremely dangerous situation.

At this moment, you can only resign yourself to fate.

Think of this, as if I want to add tension to the entire group──


A scout came back quickly and came to Ning Beside the princess, said solemnly:

“There are tribes from the Northland ten miles away!”

As the preface, the Northland is a nomadic people, although this means that their population is very loosely distributed , Will gather at various base points according to the season and environment, and sparsely populated, so theoretically it is very suitable for secret raids and in-depth.

But at the same time, due to the loose structure of the Northland, there are many civilians wandering around, so the entire group must be careful to encounter these civilians. Of course, when you have to, you can kill those civilians directly to avoid leaking the situation, but once a battle occurs, it will definitely leave traces and increase the elements of instability.

Qin Shiyu really made the decision to bypass the other party, but before then──

“Strengthen the investigation, so that the other party cannot see us.” Qin Shiyu’s eyes were small. Cold, “If there is any chance…”

She made the decision to execute without any mercy.

Sue Kirin was speechless for a while, although she felt a bit too cruel, but naivety was often not tolerated in war, so she was silent-no, she did not stay silent for too long.

“If necessary, I will block the breath here.”

The formation surrounding the entire Thousand Man Squad group can take effect at any time, and ordinary people should be aware of it. The existence of this army is nothing.

“Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case, my palace is talking about the time when you have to do it.”

Qin Shiyu sensed Sue Kirin’s intolerance, and emphasized it with heavy words One sentence. For some reason, she looked a little uneasy. It might be that Yinping was not around, or she herself was not sure about her risky actions.

Indeed, this battle is a battle based on luck.

Luck is the key.

That’s why Qin Shiyu puts “time” on her mouth, because only fast enough can we avoid long nights and dreams.


Qin Shiyu was silent for a while, then turned around and told everyone.

“When you find a place to rest at night, everyone will change into Northland costumes as soon as possible.”

In order to quickly cross the Western border and go deep into the Northland, Qin Shiyu had almost never done anything before. No matter who stays, naturally there is no time for people to put on the disguise they prepared first.

People answered.

Next, the team began to adjust their route in response to Qin Shiyu’s order. They circled to the north and continued to march north. The land further to the north is the area of ​​the land blocked by ice and snow. When this spring has just begun, there is still a frozen ground environment.

There is really no place for people.

In order to further hide his whereabouts, Qin Shiyu took this route. However, it was also because of the help of spell, otherwise the entire group would not dare to go deep into the permafrost.

So far everything is still going well.

But no one knows if things will go on smoothly.

The farther north the place is, the earlier the night will come, and it will not take long for the entire group to have night. If the entire group travels at night, it will definitely be conspicuous, so when it really goes further north, the entire group still cannot choose night travel.

So Qin Shiyu ordered a rest, which was the end of the day.

──And that dark crow flew at this time.

Due to the need to act secretly, even if the entire group stops to rest, they dare not light up the fire, and can only act on the faint light of the magic talisman prepared by Sue Kirin. Moreover, in order to prevent such a large army from being discovered, many camouflages were also carried out.

Not only prepared a camp similar to a “yurt” in the North Country, but also prepared a lot of North Country clothes to pretend to be one of the North Country’s tribes. In this way, the existence of horses can be reasonably explained.

Of course, some of them are from the North.

These people are all northerners who belong to the Chinese dynasty. They can be traitors, or they can be forced by the powers of the North, and people who have taken refuge in the Chinese dynasty. Of course, there are also descendants or Is a mixed race. Their presence can enhance the persuasiveness of disguise.

Moreover, in order to guard against the unexpected, Sue Kirin even laid a Formation near the camp, which greatly reduced the presence of the camp and the breath that people exude.

While speed is required, careful action is also indispensable.

It’s just that no one expected that the first to break into the camp was not the people or soldiers of the North Kingdom, but the dark crow who finally arrived without knowing how many miles he flew.

It was Sue Kirin who first discovered that he had broken in.

She was still trapped in the trouble of how to coax Qi Qiqi, didn’t expect the dark crow to escape the disguise, and flew over – no, flew directly to her.

“Kirin!” Qi Qiqi also noticed the arrival of the dark crow. Her cry out in surprise directly attracted everyone’s attention. Qin Shiyu at first did not find that the dark shadow that struck was a dark crow, so he stood up nervously.

Princess Ning subconsciously held the long spear next to her hand, and stabbed the shadow with a shot.


Sue Kirin was shocked to realize that it was a dark crow, and before hesitated, he threw away an ice gun before flipping his hands. The ice gun and the long spear collided and shattered suddenly. A large amount of ice dust was scattered, and the Dark Crow surpassed it and fell on Sue Kirin’s outstretched hand.

It yelled “Acridine” twice, seemingly cursing: “You are stabbing you!”

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