The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1152

At this point, other people finally saw the real body of the black shadow, and they were stunned. After all, the Northern Domain blockade was blocked for a while, and they didn’t know how long they had not seen the Dark Crow.

Besides, this dark crow also carries a small box on his back.

There is the mark of Shuji on the box. This is a letter from Bai Ze. Sue Kirin raised an eyebrow and knew that Bai Ze is one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause. This letter is definitely Very important.

“It’s Bai Ze’s letter.”

Sue Kirin looked at each other for a while before proceeding to draw the letter from the box. On the top, the number lines are written in small letters that are graceful and generous.

The content is quite brief.

Sue Kirin read the letter without spending much time, and then showed a shocked expression. But in the next second, her expression turned serious again, even a little gloomy.

“Qin Shiyu, you should look at this.”

Sue Kirin handed the letter to Qin Shiyu.

Qin Shiyu shook his eyebrows before accepting the letter. She reads faster than Sue Kirin, reading the letter almost in the blink of an eye.

Then, her expression changed just like Sue Kirin, but her face revealed a deeper chill.

“If it’s true, you can take advantage of it.”

“Use it?”

Sue Kirin’s eyes widened, “Could it be In your eyes, who are all chess pieces?” She clenched her fists with anger, and her body trembled.

“When did Xiaoyu and Xiaolu sorry for your Qin Family?”

She asked loudly, stood up excitedly, the action was like a spring.

This change was so sudden that everyone else felt a little abrupt. Qin Shiyu ignored Sue Kirin fiercely’s staring eyes and handed the letter to Princess Ning’s hands, beckoning her to pass it on.

On the other hand, Qi Qiqi got up and took Sue Kirin’s shoulder.

“Kirin, calm down first.”

“Calm down?” Sue Kirin was furious, but did not let go of Qi Qiqi’s hand. From the bottom of her heart, she felt that if it was now Throwing away Qi Qiqi’s hand will be very troublesome afterwards, “Fortunately, Xiaolu and Xiaoyu are not the problem, otherwise I will never finish with the old Qin Family──No, I will never finish with Qin Yu now!”

She is angry His eyes kept pinning on Qin Shiyu, as if he was about to rush to fight her desperately now.

It was probably Qin Shiyu’s sentence: “You can make good use of it!” Sue Kirin was angered, let her pour out the anger accumulated during this time.

“How about Beiming Senior and Bei Sect Leader?”

Qi Qiqi saw that Sue Kirin was so emotional, she knew that it was probably the two people who had an accident, and her heart couldn’t help but Squeeze tightly.

However, there is no need for Sue Kirin to explain.

Because Princess Ning also read the letter, she has already handed it to Qi Qiqi. Qi Qiqi accepted the letter, but couldn’t bear to let go of the hand holding Sue Kirin’s shoulder, for fear that she would become a wild horse.

Like the few people who read the letter earlier, she quickly finished reading the letter.

“This…Is this the bureau set by the Imperial Court?”

The thing written in the letter is nothing more than everything that happened in Qinglun City, including Beiming There are fish and shell roads injured, and this is probably the bureau set up by the Imperial Court, and there may be some agreement between the Western Region and the Imperial Court, and it is speculated that they have secretly begun to march into the emptiness of the Western Region.

On the other hand, the fact that Zi Xuanzi’s place in the Martial Demon Realm has achieved results is also rarely mentioned in the letter, but it is enough to prove that the recovery of communication is based on the Martial Demon Realm against Bharata. One of the results obtained by the army. Only the gods of Bharata can have such power. Sue Kirin is more concerned about Xihe’s safety, so Xihe seems to have nothing to do so that she doesn’t care too much about the Martial Demon Realm.

“No surprise.”

Qin Shiyu answered Qi Qiqi’s surprise calmly, as if she was not the Imperial Court, nor was she the royal person.

“The father of the Gong Family has long been possessed by the demon. I am not surprised by what he will do.”

“This is how you can say Let’s make a jerk like’make good use of’!” Sue Kirin suddenly got into trouble, and Qi Qiqi didn’t react immediately and she broke free. Qi Qiqi yelled Kirin quickly, but Sue Kirin ignored Qin Shiyu and grabbed her by the neckline.

Qin Shiyu almost failed to stand firm and fell to the ground.

“Sue Kirin, you can’t calm down anymore.” Qin Shiyu is still calm, “My palace is not referring to your good friends.”

Sue Kirin is stunned. Live, I feel a little preconceived. She didn’t feel sorry for this, after all, Qin Shiyu’s reaction made her very dissatisfied, quite dissatisfied.

However, she still let go of the hand holding Qin Shiyu’s neckline.

“The Three Kingdoms Alliance was originally unstable. If this is the case, it will fall apart at any time. We might as well give her some help.”

Qin Shiyu took care of her neckline. Wrinkle, he said.

“Help?” Princess Ning caught the point, “What is Yu’er going to do? Are you going to send troops?”

Qi Qiqi also looked at Qin Shiyu, waiting She spoke her thoughts.

“No, although military power is one of the foundations of a country’s stability and prosperity, the role of the military in war is sometimes not as good as a few words.”

Qin Shiyu With deep light gleaming in his eyes, he suddenly turned to Princess Ning:

“Six Aunt Wang, do we have any dark crows?”

“I didn’t bring it.”


Because the communication was blocked and the entire group had to act silently, Princess Ning did not bring Dark Crow. Qin Shiyu didn’t blame much, and turned his attention to Sue Kirin.

“Sue Kirin, give the communication symbol to this palace.” She reached out to Sue Kirin.

Sue Kirin just frowned.

“Just forget about Xiaoyu and Xiaolu?” She obviously didn’t want to let it go.


Qin Shiyu retracted his palm and sighed.

“My palace is far away in the Northern Domain, what can you do?”

“If you want to do something, you can definitely do it, right?”


Sue Kirin is not easy to fool, and Qin Shiyu was silent for a while.

“Then you have to give the communication talisman to the palace first, so that the palace can do something, right?”

“…If you lie to me this time, I don’t care about your life or death anymore.” Sue Kirin threatened.

Qin Shiyu is nodded, I don’t know if she didn’t take her threat in view, or she simply didn’t mean to deceive Sue Kirin.

But in any case, the answer will be revealed soon.

“There are good and evil things, this palace still knows.” When receiving the communication token handed out by Sue Kirin, Qin Shiyu opened his mouth suddenly, his tone a little sluggish. That sentence is not so much emphasized for Sue Kirin to listen to, as it is for her to remind herself.

After that, Qin Shiyu did not indulge for too long and activated the communication symbol to establish communication with King Ning.

“Six Imperial Uncle, please ──”

A series of things will be explained.

among which is included Qin Shiyu mobilized his forces to help Beiming Youyu and Beixiaolu create some wind and public opinion. Hearing this, Sue Kirin was barely satisfied.

I still think about the journey ahead.

Others can’t help but worry about whether Sue Kirin and Qin Shiyu can get along better.

“By the way, can you contact Master Shuji?” Qin Shiyu asked the question again.

“You really treat me as a coolie!”

Sue Kirin raised his brows and yelled indignantly.


Solarita is very busy.

Jialan’s willfulness makes him really annoying, and more importantly, he has no position to accuse him. The other party could kill him with a slap, and he didn’t doubt that Jialan could do such a thing.

In order to chase down the injured Beiming Youyu, she actually took all the monks of Secret Sect back, and the nominal coach was afraid that Jia Lan Union would step into the trap and brought Most of the soldiers from Moon Wheel country chased them, and over ten thousand people were taken away alive.

Even though the troops are still sufficient, as a deputy commander, Solarita, who has now been appointed as the coach, still feels that this is a real farce.

“Have you counted the remaining soldiers?”

The front lines of the Western Regions were not spread too much. Almost all were concentrated around Qinglun City, but they were scattered a lot. The troops were not concentrated in one camp. In addition to being afraid of being overwhelmed by others, because the Western Region Army is composed of several coalition forces, the command system is relatively mixed, so it will be more effective and convenient to command if possible, and conflicts will not occur easily. You must know that the Western Regions were still in a situation of disobeying each other and fighting incessantly.

“The soldiers from Loulan and Moon Wheel are half gone.” The subordinate replied.

Sola Rita, who got the answer, suddenly got a headache, raised a hand and rubbed it on her temple. His eyes dropped, staring at the table full of documents.

“…what the hell is doing?”

All of this may be explained by Jialan’s willfulness. Moon Wheel country and Loulan country are originally related to Secret Sect. It is understandable that they will send people to follow Jialan in two close countries.

The problem is that nearly 10,000 people have gone, even the coach has left.

──The matter itself is unreasonable.

Very unreasonable.

However, Solarita couldn’t fault it for a while. He could not easily make suspicions, because the alliance of the countries of the Western Regions was not strong, so casually suspicion of two countries may cause a series of problems, and eventually cause the coalition to fall out and fight separately. Well, this was originally a very fragile alliance, and he had to maintain it cautiously.

as it should be by rights, Solarita is not without any vigilance.

“What did the people sent out?”

“Yes,” the subordinate said, “They found several dozen li, but they still haven’t found them. Since five days ago , Lord Saintess chased Beiming Youyu into the Kunlun realm, and they disappeared. The Moon Wheel and Loulan’s men and horses are also.”

“Ten thousand troops, add another ten thousand. The Secret Sect people…if they disappear, they disappear…”

Solarita got up anxiously, then paced back and forth. He murmured deeply, his brows furrowed, and he twisted spiral wrinkles.

It’s so strange.

Solarita thinks things are not simple.

He looked towards, placed on the shelf deep in the camp, the machete that was bestowed by the Frost King and forged from Damascus steel.

“…My king, what should I do?”

He didn’t know what to do, he was ashamed of the uniform. He was originally not a general, but only relying on a high and powerful martial arts to fight on the battlefield and get to this step with military exploits. His strategy of war is not outstanding.

His position was originally supposed to be held by the Great General of the Frost Country ── “Cunning Fox” Tuwaka, but at the last moment, he was opposed by the Moon Wheel Country and Loulan Country. Because Tuwaka’s strategy of by fair means or foul calls them fearful.

But if Tuwaka is here, he will definitely not be as helpless as he is.

Thinking about it this way, he has an intuition that he has fallen into a certain overall situation. Bad intuition.

“Write a secret letter, two in one, respectively to Great General Tuwaka and King Your Majesty, telling them about the strange developments of Moon Wheel and Loulan. In addition, this matter should not be the heart of the coalition forces. Uncertain, let out the wind, and said that after investigation, Lord Saintess had already handed in with Beiming Youyu, and because of the Chinese army who had met, the two sides were already in battle.”

In order to maintain the cohesion of the coalition forces, Solarita did not hesitate to lie. The subordinates were a little surprised, but they also understood the Shangguan’s painstaking efforts and took his orders without saying much.

He opened the curtain of the camp and walked out.

In a few moments, Solarita is the only one left. He returned to the seat a little tired, and collapsed on the seat. He rubbed the temple again.

As a result, the curtain of the door suddenly floated, and the light and the light were dragged out with uncertain shadows.

The shadow is like the ominous beast of baring fangs and brandishing claws.

Solarita opened her eyes and looked towards the door of the camp, thinking that her subordinates turned back, but she saw nothing. The curtain gradually fell back, and the movement just now seemed to be caused by the wind.


Solarita sat up abruptly, because the mist suddenly swirled in front of him, like a white whirlwind visible in naked eye. His instinct was wrong, and he immediately got up and stretched out his hand to the scimitar on the shelf, cutting to the strange mist.

No hit feel.

The mist was cut by him with no difficulty in two stages, and then after a long silence, it exploded.


The mist filled the man’s vision and rushed into his ears and mouth. He slashed in front of him, trying his best to catch the movement of all directions, but he didn’t expect that the hand still easily passed through his vigilance and senses, and pinched his neck.


The hand squeezed very hard.

The man can’t even make a sound, and the bones in his throat are on the verge of being crushed at any time. “Don’t talk, don’t struggle.” A cold voice came from the clouds, and a pair of purple eyes showed sight from behind, “This seat does not mean to hurt you, nor does it mean to harm you and your subordinates. But you must be surprised that Moon Wheel and Loulan are right.”

It’s Chinese.

Furthermore, Solarita recognized that this voice was that of a fish in the north.

“How can you…”

“This section of the road is really uncomfortable.” Beiming hummed.

She followed Bai Ze and Bei Xiao Road and the others through the desert, crossed the Moon Wheel and Loulan coalition forces, and went to a large narrow valley to arrange everything, but Bai Ze received To the order from Qin Shiyu.

In order for the whole thing to shake the coalition earlier, there must be a person with enough weight to witness the betrayal of Moon Wheel and Loulan, so the betrayal of the betrayal of the Moon Wheel and Loulan is almost good. Turn back through the desert and choose the right person.

Solarita, who is one of the lieutenants of the Western Regions army and does not belong to the two countries, is the person Bai Ze chose.

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