The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1153

The dust mist gradually dispersed.

The tall woman exposed behind her has hairy fox ears and a thick tail. Sure enough, there was a fish in Beiming, and the man’s eyes sank, thinking that he was going to die soon.

However, he still holds a machete in his hand.

If you can take advantage of it–the man thought, suddenly attacked, the scimitar in his hand swung like a bouncing, slashing towards the neck of a fish. The delicate neck may be cut off.

The knife did not kiss her neck.


Solarita opened her eyes in astonishment, because Beiming Youyu just raised her empty hand and pinched him with her two fingers The knife cut out quickly.

He tried to draw the knife, but the knife only trembled, and failed to escape Beiming Youyu’s grip. What’s more, Beiming Youyu’s two fingers still did not move, no matter what he did. Pull the knife hard or twist the blade.

“This seat didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Beiming Youyu repeats it again, without any emotion.

“How do you want…?”

Solarita finally relaxed the strength of the hand that draws the knife, and tried hard to ask Beiming Youyu’s intention. He still had the idea of ​​shouting for his companions, but he wanted to pay attention to the movement of Moon Wheel and Loulan, and Beiming Youyu claimed to have come for this, and he couldn’t really ignore it.

“I don’t want to do anything. I just want you to retreat that’s all.”

Retreat? What is this guy talking about? Solarita felt that his attitude of softening just now was a waste. He didn’t expect the other party to just come to do this useless work. Even if he died, it would be impossible to issue an order to retreat. Even if he did, the troops of other countries in the Western Regions would not listen to him.

“This seat is just kindly reminding you that it is up to you to decide whether to retreat or not.”

“…There are fish in Beiming, I respect you as a Grandmaster, but didn’t ‘t expect that you would even talk idiots here.”

Even if she was pinched, Soralita couldn’t help expressing her anger. Does she think she is a person who is greedy for life and fear of death? He can be afraid of many things, but he is not afraid of death. If he was afraid of death, he would not be at the forefront every time he went to the battlefield.

He decided to call someone, even if Jialan is not there, fighting with Beiming Youyu will only suffer heavy losses, and he will not allow the other party to insult their will so much.

Beiming Youyu noticed his intention and increased the strength of his hand.

Sola Rita suddenly felt that the squeezing of his throat had reached the limit, and even breathing became difficult. He subconsciously uttered an anguished cry.

“Don’t mess around.”

In the eyes of Beiming Youyu, there is a star-like scarlet light. That is a real killing intent. If the killing intent had an entity, Solarita would have died under that look.

“I said that I didn’t mean to hurt you and your companions. If you call them, there will only be a unilateral massacre that’s all.”

Solarita sees things other than the killing intent from Beiming Youyu’s eyes.

He calmed down and put off the decision just made. Beiming Youyu seemed to notice this change in his heart again, and the hand holding his neck relaxed. As a result, Solarita regained the ability to speak, he immediately said:

“This is not the attitude of coming to talk with people, Beiming, the seat.”

Youyu was silent for a while, and finally silently released the man’s hand.

The man who regained himself gave him a corresponding attitude, dropping his hand holding the knife.

“Do you want tea?” he asked.

It can be seen that as a deputy commander, he has the qualities that he deserves, he is not chaotic when facing danger, and he does not act impulsively. Beiming Youyu knew what he said, and there was something worthy of him to ask clearly, otherwise the other party would have turned his face long ago.

“…Shu Ji Baize is like a god, and what he said is true.”

Bei Ming Youyu smiled bitterly and whispered.

Man frowned, he heard that there was a fish in Beiming, but he could not hear the detailed content. He did not pursue it, waiting for Beiming Youyu’s next actions, he did not completely relax his vigilance.

“There is no need for tea, after all, this seat is an uninvited guest.”

Beijing Youyu just stood, and didn’t say anything like sitting down. What I have to admit is that some women are just standing, which is amazing. Sorata can’t deny that the woman in front of him is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

There is an airy atmosphere in the coldness, and it seems that there is no human fireworks, but there is a kind of charm that does not know where it comes from.

Of course, stunning is stunning, and Solarita won’t make the same mistake as a sexual entrapment. He was as stable as possible, not looking at the other’s slender legs and feet.

“There are fish in the North Ming, you should know that the Western Regions…we will not easily retreat.”

“Not retreating is also a choice.” Looking at her eyes, the corners of her mouth slightly raised, “However, it might fall back home.”

“Where did it fall?”

Solarita’s nerves were Provoked, eyes widened instantly. He quickly stabilized, but he couldn’t immediately ask what happened. If Moon Wheel country and Loulan country do have other intentions, then things are not good.

No matter what, he can’t believe the words of Beiming there are fishes──

“Why should I trust you?” He continued to ask in poor Chinese.

“This seat says you, you probably won’t believe it.” Beiming Youyu understands the other’s difficulties and is not difficult for others. “So seeing is believing, it depends on whether you dare to go with this seat. It’s a trip.”


Solarita felt that some air was stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t breathe in or exhale.

As the deputy commander, how can he follow Beiming Youyu casually, just to make sure that there is no evidence and only a few clues?

“You are talking foolishly in sleep!” Solarita was furious.

“As far as I know, you are a superfluous person.”

Beijing Youyu pointed out indifferently, still using that indifferent tone. Bai Ze had already taught her how to convince the man in front of her.

“This position originally didn’t belong to you, did it? Who opposed it that made you sit in this position? Isn’t it Loulan and Moon Wheel? You never thought about why the other party To oppose a person who is more resourceful than you as the deputy commander is to be afraid of his behavior by fair means or foul, or afraid that he has the same doubts as you in this key, but he will not be in a dilemma and be able to make accurate What about your judgment?”

When asked about the pain, Solarita hesitated again.

He feels regret, and he shouldn’t agree to sit in this position. Even if it is any general in other countries, sitting in this position must have more ideas than him. “I’m thinking,” Beiming Youyu took a few steps with a light pace, “When you have a meeting with other generals, you are more to listen to their opinions. You must have some ideas yourself, but you feel that you are not as good as them. , So you always take their opinions, and you often find that they are more thoughtful. Moreover, they don’t agree with you, don’t they?”

Beiming Youyu lightly looked at Solarita,” But if you find something they can’t find, this situation may change.”

Take the point of self-satisfaction that Bai Ze teaches. There are fish’s persuasive skills.

Solarita was indeed speechless when asked, and his attitude showed signs of softening. This is a relief for Beiming Youyu. She is the worst at convincing others. If Bai Ze moved too slowly, she would definitely not agree to it.

But it was not the time to expose his lack of confidence, Beiming Youyu secretly took a deep breath and assumed a comfortable posture. In fact, she is only performing that’s all in her true colors, as long as she doesn’t care about what she’s not good at now.

“If those 10,000 people with Secret Sect take the opportunity to invade your country, do you think your country will be able to defend it?”

Yu emphasized his tone so that the sentence became sharper.

Solarita looked embarrassed as if she had been stabbed.

Each country in the Western Regions is not strong. Most of the troops are only tens of thousands. Of course, there are some reserve soldiers, but the real elite can only make up about 200,000. Among them, the Moon Wheel Country Loulan Country and Secret Sect are the most powerful. If the 10,000 soldiers join Jialan and Secret Sect to attack the current empty countries, except for the more western ones that still retain more troops. With the exception of countries that prevent countries from attacking the food, all others must be unable to withstand a single blow.

Solarita looked dilemma and didn’t know what to do.

“You should have kidnapped me directly.” He said so.

There is a fish in the North Ming who is stunned. The deputy commander of the Western Region Allied Forces who really didn’t expect dignified would say this. She once again realized that Bai Ze’s decision was as correct. If she were to switch to someone else, she would have called someone to come over and fight her to the death.

Even if what she said just now was convincing, they would definitely choose to confirm by themselves instead of listening to their own nonsense. Beiming Youyu grinned in his heart, but his face remained silent.

“This seat can guarantee that China will not attack you with all its strength,” she said.

“en?” Solarita raised an eyebrow.

“Because there are 20,000 horses from the Western Regions and 20,000 horses from the Hua Dynasty. A total of 40,000 horses are making a detour to the Western Regions. Do you know what this Majesty’s means? You would definitely think Why does the Hua Dynasty army shrink and refrain from fighting, and Jialan is so passive and sabotaged.”

“This is all to delay time and contain us?!”

Solari The tower is not stupid, Beiming Youyu just clicked like this as Bai Ze taught, and he understood. The man’s face became more and more anxious, more and more embarrassed, and began to pace back and forth when the camp arrived.

“This seat does not bother to deceive you in this way.”

Bei Ming Youyu changed direction to attack again, “This seat is the lord of Lingyue Valley. There are fish in the North Ming. If you have heard of my deeds, you know that this seat disdains such things.”

“This seat is also angry at what the Hua Dynasty has done, Imperial Court and Jia Blue collusion, hit me hard, and at the same time sent troops to the Western Regions and Moon Wheel Loulan to divide the land of the Western Regions. Can you tolerate this?”

“Naturally not.”

Solarita responded subconsciously.

This really seemed to be a blurted word. He stared wide-eyed after he finished speaking, and then became dejected as if he had lost all strength. He was really limp on the chair, rubbing his forehead very tiredly.

“My king, you shouldn’t put this heavy burden on my shoulders. I’m just that’s all. How can I lead the army?”

“If you have a heart Your king, you should believe that this seat is.”

Beijing Youyu continued to gather his eyes and put on that peaceful posture, as if everything had been clearly understood.

“…” Solarita stopped speaking.

The silence that followed filled the camp, making all the movement outside become clearly audible. Well, even the voice of Insect can be heard.

Beijing Youyu stopped talking, staring at the man silently.

For a long time, the man slowly sighed deeply. Beiming Youyu knew what this meant, and the corners of his mouth were raised unconsciously.

“──What should I do?”

He didn’t realize how frustrated and powerless the question he asked was.

“Without him, I just want you to call a few of your friends that’s all.”

Beiming Youyu finally said something for a long time.

As in the preface, the Western Regions are a coalition army, and they are not united. So even if Solarita sees everything, he may not be able to persuade other countries to withdraw.

So, we must take away a few more powerful characters.

Solarita may also understand this truth, but at the same time he was worried about whether the other party wanted to wipe out all the generals of the Western Regions, and fell into a lasting silence.

“──Please make sure you won’t hurt them.”

In the end, Solarita gave in.


It is already white.

I don’t know how many days I have been traveling, the entire group has arrived at the place where the snow and ice have not melted, and the temperature has dropped a lot. This is the real sparsely populated place. Although the land of the Northland is vast enough, most of the land is not ice and snow hiding the sky and covering the earth, or wind and sand. It is hardly a rich land.

So it’s no wonder that the North Kingdom peeped into the land of the Chinese dynasty so much.

Further north, there is a place called permafrost, where the horses can’t even run-in fact, the horses have already run very hard here.

So, the entire group cannot go further north.

“Is it really necessary to go around such a section of the road?”

Sue Kirin sighed.

Once you stop and station in this kind of ghost place, people will shrink into the camp to keep warm by the campfire, and only Sue Kirin, who is in the realm of Grandmaster, can only put on a coat and show his feet. Go ahead in this World of Ice and Snow. Thousands of people have all put on the winter clothes of the northern country, but for those who are not very comfortable with this climate, the weather is still extremely cold. And on this kind of land, transportation is also extremely difficult.

Fortunately, there are mechanisms.

As soon as those carriages enter World of Ice and Snow, the wheels become sleds under people’s operation, and the horses’ hooves are also equipped with anti-skid, boots-like things.

Sue Kirin breathed a sigh of relief, looked at to-and-fro, and wrapped himself into people like zongzi. As she walked, she began to worry about whether these people could hold on. Once you have a cold, things become troublesome.

Walking in the snow, with legs and feet stuck in the frozen wrap from time to time, Sue Kirin finally saw the main tent. She shouted, “I’m here!” she opened the curtain and walked in.


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