The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1154

Sue Kirin stared wide-eyed.


Sue Kirin stayed there.

On the other side of the line of sight, there is a girl who is half-dressed.

A girl with very long hair.

Her exposed back is as smooth and tender as a white jade, and the pipa bone is clearly visible. Sue Kirin thought to himself, how could this guy undress in this horrible weather, only to find that there was a pot of hot water next to her.

Well, Qin Shiyu must have been taking a shower just now.

Noting this, Sue Kirin realized that the other party’s hair was still wet.

Qin Shiyu seemed to have noticed Sue Kirin’s arrival, but just turned his head and looked over in disapproval. When she was about to speak, a crash-bang sounded first.

Sue Kirin’s eyes were hooked for an instant.

The screen of the camp is divided into two sides. Qin Shiyu is on one side, but the sound of water comes from the other side. I saw that there was also a bathtub in the other side of the space, and another slender girl stood in it, staring blankly at the side.

Just to meet the red eyes, Sue Kirin knew it was not good.

“Kirin, what are you — ah!”

Qi Qiqi spoke blankly, realized the situation in the middle of speaking, shrieked her chest and retracted into the bathtub. Although she reacted promptly, Sue Kirin felt that she had seen enough.

Sue Kirin quickly averted his eyes to show his innocence.

She turned around and quickly tried to escape, but Qin Shiyu did not make her wish──

“Sue Kirin, you came just right.”

Already worn Putting on the clothes, Qin Shiyu who was tidying up suddenly spoke and stopped Sue Kirin. Sue Kirin didn’t look back, but the other party had already said to himself:

“My palace has wiped the hair several times, but it still hasn’t dried. You can use spell to help my palace dry the hair.”

“Yo yo yo, you wouldn’t wipe it a few times by yourself?”

Sue Kirin resisted, but inexplicably lacking confidence in his tone. In fact, it is also as it should be by rights, because Qi Qiqi is staring at her with murderous eyes.

“I can wipe it dry, why do you need it?” Qin Shiyu rolled the eyes, holding the outstanding gloss and length of the ink hair, like a black river, “Quick help My palace, what should I do if my palace catches a cold?”

Sue Kirin is really not good at rejecting this situation. If Qin Shiyu really fell ill, things would be troublesome again.

In the race against time, she must never fall ill.

“You know you will get sick like this, why do you have to take a bath?”

Sue Kirin wrinkles, and teaches Qin Shiyu a lesson. But she still snapped her fingers, and a warm and soft spring breeze blew over Qin Shiyu’s long hair.

In just a blink of an eye, her hair dries out.

“Well, it is really convenient.” Qin Shiyu shook her hair. This action was a bit heavy for her, because the hair was too long. However, when she flicked her hair, it was really eye-catching.

“How?” Qin Shiyu looked towards Qi Qiqi, “Palace Lord Heavenly Jade, where are you hiding, do you want to dry your hair too?”

” No need!”

Qiqiqi is like a cat with its tail trampled on, only half of her face is exposed from the bathtub. It was still the fierce look of choosing someone to eat, reflecting Sue Kirin’s face.

Sue Kirin scratched his face, coughed slightly, and even looked at the corner of the camp, whistling, indicating that it was none of his business.

“Did you not wait for us to respond before you came in? Really, we haven’t allowed it, why did you come in?”

Qi Qiqi saw through Sue Kirin and wanted to escape The idea of ​​responsibility, some have no desire to improve shrieked.

Sue Kirin covered her ears and said, “Yes, yes, it’s my fault.” He wanted to go outside the camp. She pretended to be calm in her footsteps and trembled in a panic.

Qin Shiyu looked at Qi Qiqi and then at Sue Kirin, a little confused.

“Even if you adore each other, you don’t have to be so defensive between men and women, right? You are both female, don’t you? It looks so funny.”

” Mutual──!”


Qiqiqi’s cheeks flushed with a puff, and there seemed to be an explosion cloud on her head straight up, her eyes turned wildly, Sue Kirin hearing This is also embarrassingly tripped with left foot and right foot, and almost fell a dog to eat shit like this.

“Qin Shiyu, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Sue Kirin subconsciously yelled retort, but the unnatural red cheeks were obviously hiding and so on. Qin Shiyu sighed unhappily, how shocking it would be without what he said just now.

“Although this kind of thing is small, but our Chinese culture is also open, there is nothing–“

“You give great aunt and I shut up!”

Sue Kirin knows that Qin Shiyu can say something more amazing, so she hurriedly threw her throat to stop her from speaking. Qin Shiyu wasn’t angry when he was blocked, but the movement between the three of them attracted attention from outside.

“His Royal Highness Xue is seated in the Palace Master, what happened?”

One of the two guards guarding the door asked, he did not dare to enter without authorization. Sue Kirin blamed them: These two people were obviously taking a bath, so why didn’t they notify them when they came in by themselves?

“It’s okay, please don’t worry.”

Qin Shiyu answered the guard outside politely.

Since Her Highness the Princess has spoken in person, the guards returned to their posts as it should be by rights and did not go into further details.


“I have seen Princess Ning.”

There was such a greeting voice outside.

It seems that Princess Ning is here.

The next moment, the tall Princess Ning opened the curtain and walked in. She saw the two big bathtubs, and Qin Shiyu’s cheeks were red from the first shower, and she knew what had happened.

“Yu’er,” she squeezed her waist, “You really are taking a bath…”

“Aunt Six Emperors, your Yu’er is a girl anyway, wash Isn’t a bath just right? I haven’t had a bath for more than ten days.”

That’s true.

Qi Qiqi has to take a bath several times a day. It must be quite uncomfortable to ask her not to take a bath for ten days, so it is not difficult to understand that she will be here. Qin Shiyu is even a Princess, and it is understandable that she would have unbearable not having a bath for a long time.

“This is not the time for you to take a bath.”

Princess Ning sighed first, and then became serious with a sudden expression.


Qin Shiyu made a puzzled voice and asked carefully:

“What happened?”

Hearing Qin Shiyu asking like this, Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi looked at each other, their expressions also became tense. “Yes, there are some conditions in the north.”

The expression of Princess Ning was a little weird.

Qi Qiqi on the side knows that time cannot be waited. After ordering Sue Kirin not to look at her, she immediately got up from the bathtub and quickly put on her clothes in Princess Ning’s eyes.

“Explain in detail?” Qin Shiyu tied all the straps of the skirt and put on the coat.

“The scouts patrolling all around found something wrong. There was a silhouette nearly ten miles away.”

“Is it a tribe in the North? How many people are there?”

“…There is only one person.” Princess Ning’s eyes were rather severe.

Obviously there is only one person, and it should be solved easily, but Princess Ning will show this expression, which proves that things will not be so simple.

“Is it an expert?”

“I am afraid it is above the heavenly level-in this kind of weather, a person riding a horse backwards and wearing only a thin linen cloth , And only the martial artist of the heavens.”

Princess Ning’s tone is calm, but she has an aura of uncertainty.

“These are the rewards of the scouts ahead. In fact, it is still unknown whether they are in the heavens. They immediately sent someone to report when they found that the man was approaching here. I have Order them to be more vigilant, but don’t act rashly…After all, they will also be the opponent of that person.”

Princess Ning was a little embarrassed, “Yu’er, this person may not be good at him. “

There are two points.

First, that person came straight here; second, that person has a realm corresponding to the heavenly realm ─ ─ Two points together, the situation is not optimistic. Of course, it won’t be too difficult to kill the opponent, after all, Sue Kirin is there.

However, there is one thing worth noting, that is, it is impossible to be sure whether the opponent is in the heaven.

The opponent may be in the realm, or above the sky. After all, this is the place of the ice and snow Heaven Sealing. In the vast territory given to this by the North Kingdom, even if it is unknown, it does not belong to any influence. The Grandmaster is not surprising.

──I’m afraid that person is a Grandmaster.

Qin Shiyu’s thoughts turned sharply, thinking about how to deal with that person. However, this situation is not too difficult.

“Let Thule lead someone to guard first. If the other person is really approaching here, let them send someone. If the other person wants to rush…” Qin Shiyu turned his head looked towards Sue Kirin, “Sue Kirin, just hand it–did you notice something?”


In the camp, Sue Kirin speechlessly Looking into the distance, a pair of eyes are terrifying bright.

Naming Yellow’s sight was like the sharpest spear, which penetrated the camp and reached the people approaching here in the north. She has captured the breath of the arrival.

“Qin Shiyu, no need to waste your strength.”

Sue Kirin finally pulled his eyes back, and with his silent eyes he reflected the silhouettes of the people present.

“──That’s a Grandmaster.”


At night, there is an endless snowy ground.

ten thousand li In the cloudless sky, the moonlight is bright, reflecting on the snow like a layer of silver light. The land in front of me was like a dream mixed with silver sand.

The hoof of the lone horse is on the snow like that.

Every time you take a step, some snowflake fragments will be brought out, just like walking on snow.

Immediately there was an Elderly riding backwards.

Elderly looked towards the direction of the flattery strands, sitting on the horse shaking. From that back, it looks quite old. The beard and hair that are occasionally shaken by the cold wind are like silver frost hanging from the Willow Tree, making people wonder if his beard and hair are really frozen.

In such a cold weather, he was only wearing thin clothes full of patches.

──But this is not the focus of their vigilance.

Behind the hills, the scouts half-hidden in the snow already mentioned their throats, because the occasional breath of Elderly made them shiver.

That is definitely a martial artist.

Moreover, not an ordinary martial artist, his realm must be beyond imagination.

“…That guy carries a lot of swords.”

One of the scouts suddenly pointed out.

Their comrades hearing this also narrowed their sights, and as expected, they saw a large number of swords hanging on both sides of the horse. There are nine swords in total. In the concept of Hua Dynasty, nine is the number of Paragon, so do these nine swords have the same metaphor?

The answer is unknown.

The Elderly is getting closer and closer. As long as he passes them, he will definitely be able to see the camp ten miles away. After all, the camp has lit a campfire, which is quite conspicuous in the dark snow.

But, can the Elderly riding backwards really see the front?

“Ohhhhhh ──! What are some young men staying here for?”

Suddenly, Elderly disappeared from their eyes, setting off a circle of snow.

Too fast.

As the voice fell from behind, the dynamic vision of the scouts caught the afterimage of silver. Several people froze in response, and there was still a picture of the horse walking alone in their minds, turning their heads over.

Elderly didn’t know when she had stood behind them, took the water bag and slammed it into her mouth, and didn’t know if she was drinking or drinking. His wild look was wild enough, his beard was soaked.


The scouts didn’t even dare to look at each other, and immediately pulled out the horizontal sword hung behind their waist, suddenly got up and took a posture.


Elderly looked over drunkly.

The gray eyes there looked dull, but the depths were dotted with extremely dazzling light.

“It’s been a long time since I saw it…” He suddenly exhaled a deep breath, mixed with strong alcohol, “Hua Dynasty Saber Blade Technique ── this speaking of which and old man His ancestors still have some origins…”

He said each minding their own business, and he hiccuped after talking.

There is another strong alcohol.

The scouts looked at each other, and they didn’t know whether to attack first-they knew that even if they all rushed up, they might not be Elderly’s opponent in front of them. However, Elderly’s current sword is not at hand, and he is in a drunk state. If he can act first, maybe there is a glimmer of survival.

It’s just that no one really dared to swing Number One Blade against Elderly.

People were waiting for this Number One Blade, but they didn’t wait, so they were in a predicament of wanting to move.

“Right,” Elderly breathed out another breath of alcohol, “Do you know how to get Huachao Imperial Capital? The old man is lost…I don’t know if I have been lost here for a few years. It’s really uncomfortable…”

Elderly scratched her head in the trouble, and her wrinkled face wrinkled deeper. “In this place where birds don’t lay eggs, you see snow on the left and snow on the right. It looks like a bird when you go north and south.”

“Who are you?”

One of the scouts asked first, he was the Captain of this scout team.

“Who am I?” Elderly pointed to his red nose and blinked, “Hey, if you don’t ask, I might not remember…”

His eyes drifted away for a while, but quickly pulled back.

“The old man’s name is Zhang Baiyuan.” He stroked his wet beard and said.

“Zhang Baiyuan?!”

A scout seemed to know the name, and looked up and down Elderly in horror.

“Do you know him?”

“No…No, you don’t know? The former Crown Prince was next to–ah!”

The scout answered his companion’s doubts.

When he finished speaking, he consciously missed his mouth, so he quickly covered his mouth and made the sound of lose one’s head out of fear.

“Oh, boy, you know the old man!”

Elderly admitted this identity, “old man has been living in different places for a long time, didn’t expect to meet old man here man, this can be considered ── hiccup, fate.”

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