The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1155

Suddenly, the scouts didn’t know what to do.

They could not confirm Elderly’s identity, but they all knew that no matter who it was, they should be expelled. So the question is, how should they expel each other? One more thing is that the other party seems to recognize them as soldiers from the Hua Dynasty. If this information is leaked, it may cause a series of problems.

Things can be big or small.

They have to deal with it carefully, and they can’t make this decision, so they are waiting for news from behind. Well, the news from behind has not arrived.

Elderly took another sip and hiccuped.

“…I haven’t returned to the Hua Dynasty for more than ten years. Things have remained the same, but people have changed.” He sighed each minding their own business, “Neither I know how the Senior Brother is…”

The scouts looked at each other again, and in the end, Small Captain was ordered to be in danger and stepped forward to ask the identity of this Elderly. However, I spoke first:

“You group of evil spirits staying here, it seems that there is something wrong with the attempt-hiccup!”

Elderly pointed out the scouts directly identity of.


The scouts became more nervous, even a little commotion. They have changed into the costumes of the North Kingdom and have gone through disguise. Even if Elderly recognizes them as people from the Chinese dynasty because of the horizontal sword, it is impossible to know where they belong based on this alone.

It may be that Elderly laughed heartily after seeing the shocked expressions of several people.

“The simple blade technique for military use has some connections with the old man’s ancestors, and…the Blade Technique of the evil heavy cavalry is improved from the old man. The old man is the senior. Although Brother Sword Art is excellent and highly skilled in martial arts, he is a little bit ignorant about the use of Hengdao… When King Ning was not King Ning, he followed the old man to learn for a while. The Blade Technique of riding has also been changed in this way. Compared with the ordinary military simple Blade Technique, your gesture style has a more suitable and formidable power angle. This is a long-term study by the old man and found that it is most beneficial The angle of the cleavage!”

As if talking about something proud, the red on Elderly’s cheeks became more profound. While he was saying this, he was dancing and dancing, and it could be seen that he was really excited.

But this kind of feeling didn’t last long. It was like being poured with cold water and the fire extinguished. The expression changed from bright to dark, and the time it took was just a blink of an eye.

Now, I am embarrassed by those scouts.

Not only were they recognized as soldiers from the Hua Dynasty, they were also recognized as members of the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry-this is no longer a question of not being expelled. Of course, if the other party didn’t have a Chinese face, they might handle it better. This is why they hesitated so far, but now they must leave Elderly in front of them.

The scouts winked at each other, and surrounded Elderly with as little movement as possible.

“en?” Elderly was drunk and dim, staring at a few people suspiciously, “What? Is it something that can’t be said? Also, old man, look at you sneakily staring at Elderly for so long… …It seems that you are scouts or something? What’s wrong, the camp ahead must be your big army!”

Hey, he chuckled, “You guys are really bold! If you are old The man remembered correctly, this should be the border of the Northland… It seems that you are performing some secret mission, and happened to be hit by the old man!”


The scouts remained silent, because the other party basically guessed it correctly.

At the same time, they began to feel a little uneasy, wondering if they were so obvious? They clenched the horizontal swords in their hands, cold sweat oozing from their palms. If it really fought, they all knew that they would probably be here.

“It seems that if you don’t fight this is the old man, I don’t know much…”

Elderly breathed out another breath full of alcohol, his eyes suddenly sober. less.

“To be honest, Elderly didn’t mean to be an enemy of you…According to your generation, you are actually my discipline of grand disciples, so this incident has never happened, okay? Specify-hey hey hey!”

One of the scouts was the first to lose his breath and swung a knife towards Elderly. Elderly exclaimed only a few times and jumped aside in a hurry. That one fell through.

The scouts fully understand the importance of this action, so it is not incomprehensible to lose their minds in anxiety, and when the first person acts, other people’s knives are also rushed. Moved.

They formed a tacit formation, surrounded Elderly among a few people, and the blades slashed towards Elderly like a forest. This formation is a small-scale combat formation created by King Ning. It can be said that it is a tried-and-tested formation, and it must be a success every time.

However, the person they besieged is probably a Grandmaster.

Even though the action was battered and exhausted like a drunkard, he did avoid all the cutting blades and was unscathed. He even has room, earnest and well-meant advised to start teaching:

“You have learned the Blade Technique well, but the angle can be more tricky…and, the strength is not enough.”


After finishing speaking, Elderly clamped a horizontal knife with two fingers.

The scout with the knife caught tried to draw. The knife pattern didn’t move, and he couldn’t move the knife at all.

“The knife is not strong enough, nor fast enough, did it happen right now?” Elderly hehe smiled, avoiding a knife stabbed in the back with ease, and then he grabbed the knife and raised it. , The slanted horizontal knife blocked another cut horizontal knife.


Sparks splashed.

The cross knife that was cut was bounced away, and the scout holding the knife was shocked by the force of the recoil and took a few steps backwards, almost losing weight and falling to the ground.

“It’s not just brute force. If you are not sure that your power is greater than others, once your moves are blocked, you will most likely encounter this situation. Therefore, each move only uses seven Chengli, the remaining 30% is reserved for reserve!”

Elderly clamped the horizontal knife like this, pulling the five scouts’ knives quickly. Seeing that the situation was wrong, one of the scouts immediately took the knife, and ran down the hill and ran towards the camp, and wanted to ask for help.

Generally speaking, you should use Star Smoke.

In the original six-person team, one person went to report the situation and has not yet returned. Now one person goes to ask for help. The remaining four scouts are even more impossible to be Elderly’s opponents.

However, Elderly really didn’t seem to mean to harm a few people. Isn’t he addicted to being a teacher? While dealing with the attacks of the four scouts, there should be a leisurely point out that they were wrong. One of the scouts tried his method, and indeed felt that his moves were more formidable and powerful.

Of course, this is still not enough to hurt Elderly.

The gap between the two sides is too big, the Elderly didn’t even move the swords on the horse.

Elderly’s horse has actually come to the hill and stopped not far away. One of the scouts accidentally noticed the existence of the horse, and when he took a closer look, he realized that it was a horse!

That is a donkey!

The donkey still seemed very upset. He breathed hot and kicked his feet constantly. I don’t know if he was angry at the scouts attacking the Master. The scout felt it was always They would all rush over, aiming at their own buttocks to raise their hoofs.

“Yuan, old man OK! OK!, can’t you wait? Old man can’t find a place to beg for food? Old man didn’t eat it, so the leftover jerky , But you are in a hurry to eat, don’t you think about it for the old man?”

It seems that the scout misunderstood the ass.

Although the scouts feel speechless about this, they really can’t deal with Elderly in front of them. There is nothing to do with him, and once they stop and retreat, they will no longer force to repel Elderly. Elderly is still staring. The eyes asked why they didn’t fight anymore, and they seemed quite unsatisfied.

It’s really hard to tell if he wants to fight or teach this scout how to use a knife.


Suddenly, Elderly looked up, seeming to have discovered something.

“Hey, hit the small one, are you going to provoke the big one?”

Elderly picked up his wine bag and took another sip. Then, he stared wide, cold sweat oozing from his forehead.

“It’s not good, this is Grandmaster!”

He scanned several scouts in turn with a reproachful look, “There is a Grandmaster behind you, why don’t you say… hey! old! man Didn’t this cause serious trouble? I slipped away!”

After finishing talking, before the scouts had any reaction, Elderly beckoned to his donkey. The donkey probably also realized that it was not good, with a shocked look on his face, and turned around without paying attention to the life and death of the owner.

“Hey, Yuan, you bastard!”

Elderly was loudly roared.

Immediately afterwards, he jumped up quickly and landed on the donkey precisely, running away like this, one person and one donkey. Several scouts looked at each other, and for a while they couldn’t understand the funny situation. It took them a few seconds before they settled down and ran to their horses, ready to catch up with the Elderly.

Elderly knows too much to let him escape.

They also understand that they are not Elderly’s opponents, and can only try to hold him back. Speaking of which is also mocking. The situation is changing rapidly. I was thinking about how to deal with it, but now I want to keep the other person.

“──It’s the Snow Venerable Seat!”

Before getting on the horse, a scout suddenly pointed to the sky and shouted.

Several scouts all raised their heads, and the green lightning that pierced the night was instantly greeted. The brilliance of that blue sky was really fast, and it was only a blink of an eye that had crossed their vision, and only an afterimage streamer was slowly dissipating in the air.

Even if Elderly runs hard on a donkey, it is not faster than the shadow of dropping from the sky.

Only one person and one donkey ran out of several ten zhang, that lightning crashed in front of them, blasting large swaths of snowflakes.

The dusty white snow rushed out instantly, blooming like flowers.


“Come as you want, leave as you like, is this your home?”

The organ robe is covered, Sue Kirin falls to the ground After that, he raised the lightning-wrapped gun in his hand and pointed it at Elderly who was riding on the donkey in front of him.

At the same time, she felt a strange sense of incongruity from the opponent in her heart.

Clearly perceive the breath equivalent to Grandmaster from afar, but now I feel that the imposing manner of the other party has weakened, far less than Grandmaster’s degree-at most, the degree of Great Sky Realm.


What is going on? Sue Kirin frowned, feeling a little restless in the breath circulating within the body. No, it shouldn’t be said to be agitation, it is more like an excitement of seeing an old person.

Her mindset is echoing each other’s mindset.

This thing is quite strange.

Probably only when the two minds are quite close, or when they match in some places.

“Hey, the old man also said that there is a fish in Beiming… Are you a new Grandmaster?”

Elderly asked, but didn’t put down the donkey, instead Looking left, he seemed to be still looking for a direction to escape. Sue Kirin put his doubts in his heart for now, focusing on the current strange situation.

‘Sue Kirin, this person is a little weird. ‘

Cang’s reminding voice came in my mind.

Sue Kirin knows what she is talking about, but he dare not take it lightly, because if you underestimate the enemy, you will only suffer. If the opponent suddenly bursts out of Grandmaster’s power, Sue Kirin will still suffer a carelessness.

“The mind of this seat…” Elderly seemed to have discovered something, and narrowed his eyes. “How come you look like that person?” He muttered inexplicably, “That guy doesn’t He would carry Little Junior Sister on his back, go out and engage in three or four, did he give birth to an illegitimate daughter, right? No, where did he come from such a blessing, he clearly has a granddaughter as cute as Qi’er, how could he give birth to such a water spirit? Daughter? No, this may be the blessing of Little Junior Sister! Hey, it’s annoying!”

Elderly each minding their own business said, suddenly scratching the hair that looked like silver frost.


What kind of jerk is this guy talking about? Sue Kirin’s eyes jumped, feeling that he was being ignored. But she was not taken to the head by this feeling, and she never missed the word “Qier” in Elderly’s words.

These two words are called Sue Kirin, which is associated with Qi Qiqi.

She knows Xiaoqi? Sue Kirin frowned, wondering how to characterize Elderly in front of him.

But, does it matter?

It has nothing to do with it. As long as she takes Elderly’s powerlessness back, someone will naturally decide what to do with him. This doesn’t have to worry about Sue Kirin, she just needs to catch Elderly alive.

“What are you nagging about there alone?” Sue Kirin’s eyes gradually turned golden. “Although I don’t know who you are, how come you appeared in this place, but I’m sorry! We The head of the family has an order to invite you to be a guest, please drink mare kumiss!” “I can’t do it!” Elderly refused again and again, holding a pair of big hands. “The old man just passed by accidentally, your boss needn’t be so polite! old! The man will leave immediately, and he will definitely be tight-lipped about your existence!”

At this time, the scouts are about to arrive.

“Venerable Xue, can’t let him go, he has recognized our identity!”

One of the scouts shouted in a voice full of Spiritual Qi.

Sue Kirin hearing this, his eyes narrowed further. In this way, it is even more impossible to let the other party leave.

“The old man really didn’t mean to oppose you…old man really just happened to pass by that’s all.”

Elderly repeats it again, but Sue Kirin did not miss it The other party has reached out to her sword. He must also know that Sue Kirin has made up his mind not to let him leave easily.

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