The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1156

As soon as the battle begins, it depends on whoever moves first.

However, compared to Elderly, which is just a warning, half drawn out the first sword-a big sword-Sue Kirin has no such good patience. She waited a few seconds and saw Elderly There is still no action, so he can’t hold back and act.

“──Hurry up!”

Furiously shouted, Sue Kirin stomped on the ground. A few arrows in her robes shot into the ground, and then between the snow and dust she stepped on the ground, a stream of flame-colored light seemed to be in the potential snow, and it swiftly swept to Elderly’s side.

“en?” Elderly looked embarrassed, “What is it?”

He didn’t know whether to deal with the girl first or the weird light. But he obviously felt that the long spear in the girl’s hand was more deadly.

As a result, the firework suddenly accelerated and reached his feet directly.


The snow under his feet was suddenly blown up, and the snow shot into the sky like a hot spring, and the indiscriminately flying snow swallowed Elderly’s silhouette in an instant.

Sue Kirin plunged into the flower with a gun.

Only heard a loud, piercing and shocking sound, and the snowflakes covering the silhouettes of the two were dispersed by the impact. Elderly even took a fierce stabbing blow from Sue Kirin.

“Really strong!”

The long and broad sword in his hand, which looked like a Western two-handed sword, trembled with the long spear, and Elderly’s eyes gleamed. He drew the second sword with his backhand and straightened Sue Kirin’s eyes.

cold light and items.

Sue Kirin tilted his head back to avoid the sharp stab, kicked Elderly’s wrist, and backed away. Elderly groaned, the stabbing sword in his hand almost fell, but he saw Sue Kirin pull away and did not let go of this opportunity.


The right hand violent veins, he screamed and turned the blade of the big sword in his hand, and slammed down at Sue Kirin. Sue Kirin swung around to avoid this violent cut, and the missed sword fell to the ground!

Just like cutting on a river, the snow on the ground exploded on both sides, and it splashed on both sides at a certain angle like a flake. Sue Kirin was like being in a fountain. Clothes are all up against the current.

Diffuse snowflakes cover the silhouettes of the two.

But what people didn’t expect was that in the next instant Elderly ran out on a donkey. The donkey spread four legs and ran fast, at an amazing speed, even faster than the scout horses.

All this made the scouts stunned, they didn’t expect Elderly to escape.

“…The donkey runs too fast, too.”

A scout whispered, completely dumbfounded.

“Don’t try to escape!”

Sue Kirin shouted loudly among the snow dust that had not yet dispersed.

Immediately afterwards, several cavities appeared in the dust mass, and several startling strings shot out, like a flying snake biting Elderly’s back.

“Hey, dignified martial artist, I used a crossbow!”

Elderly complained indignantly, and quickly returned the two-handed sword to its sheath and drew out another broadsword. The sword face of that broad sword is very broad. Elderly swung a broadsword backward, and the crossbow shot by the fan of wind blew away.

The arrows fell randomly all around, but the lines carved on it shined with blue brilliance in the next instant.


Elderly also noticed the anomaly of the arrow, but he didn’t pay much attention to it, just riding the horse forward-no, the donkey.

As a result, he quickly suffered a great loss for this.

Those arrows instantly formed an art style, which rolled up the violent storm and trapped Elderly inside. Elderly found that there was a wall of wind and snow ahead, and immediately strangled the donkey under his seat to raise his hoof and stop.

“What is this stuff?”

Elderly showed a look of consternation, “This is really…” He didn’t seem to have seen spell, and he stood still for a while. When Sue Kirin slowly rushed into the blizzard and came behind Elderly, he suddenly recovered.

“Look where you flee!”

Sue Kirin pinched his waist with one hand, and the organ-covered robe on his body was unexpectedly soft. The gun she was holding was stabbed diagonally in the snow, burying the tip of the gun.

“What martial arts do you use?”

Elderly even thought about asking this one, with curiosity on her face.

“What martial arts!” Sue Kirin rolled his eyes, “You are great aunt, I used spell!”


Elderly stayed for a few seconds , There was a sudden awakening expression on his face.

“Is it a Taoist technique? This thing hasn’t been lost for a thousand years. Who are you?”

“You care about great aunt, who am I!”

Sue Kirin is too lazy to say that he just wants to complete the task and go back to rest and eat, and is too lazy to struggle with Elderly. Take it! She then loudly roared, long spear lifted up a lot of snow.

Under the cover of the snow screen, Sue Kirin flew out, and the long spear pierced like a spurred arrow. The long spear dotted with cold glow takes Elderly’s shoulder straight.

“Good spear method-no, good Sword Art!”

Elderly saw that Sue Kirin made the skill of the long blade gun more of a Sword Art, and let out a surprise . He didn’t forget to challenge, and the stabbing sword in his left hand predicted the trajectory of the long spear stabbing, precisely between the blade and the barrel of the gun. The long spear’s stabbing trajectory shifted, brushing Elderly’s cheek, taking away a few strands of silver-like hair.

Then, Elderly released the broad sword held by the right hand, replaced it with a bizarre long sword with only one blade, like a horizontal sword, and slashed vigorously at Sue Kirin.


Sue Kirin saw that the opponent changed his skills quickly, and he knew the opponent’s martial arts profound.


When the single-edged sword slashed to Sue Kirin’s side, the empty space suddenly exploded in a directionality. The blast wind pushed the cut single-edged sword away, and Sue Kirin drew out the half-cut knife hidden under the organ robe and gave it back to the color.

The short horizontal blade is peculiar, the blade is only half the length of the horizontal blade, but after Sue Kirin presses the mechanism on the handle, the half of the blade instantly pops forward, returning to the standard horizontal blade length .


Didn’t expect this change. Elderly calculated the length of the knife incorrectly, and it was almost counted. However, relying on Superman’s reaction and experience, he immediately leaned back and avoided the sweeping knife.

Sue Kirin couldn’t get a hit, immediately changed his move, twisted the blade, and hacked down.

She didn’t use all of her strength, so as not to cut Elderly into two pieces with the donkey. Elderly used actions to tell her that the worry was superfluous. When Elderly kicked her left foot from the donkey, a dagger was kicked out and shot towards Sue Kirin’s face.

At the same time, Elderly turned his head to the side, biting the grip of another sword, straightened up and quickly pulled out the sword.

Sword light flashed! Sue Kirin was not surprised when faced with Elderly’s simultaneous multiple attacks. She put aside the short sword and long spear in her hands, and withdrew her hands into the robe. But no new weapons were drawn.


Seeing Sue Kirin, she didn’t hide or avoid. Elderly thought she had committed mental illness and wanted to remove the strength from the sword, but the shot There is no way to deal with the short sword.

Sue Kirin is not sitting still.

The lines on her robes all light up, the original soft robes seem to have changed their appearance, and a layer of golden is added, and every piece of robes becomes straight.

The short sword that was shot hit the robe, knocking out the sound of Jin Ge and then bounced off.

Elderly removed the half-strength sword and chopped on the robe, but did not cut the robe. There is no spark, but the touch through the teeth is hard enough, harder than many metals.

“Very strong, right.”

Sue Kirin smiled like Jialan.

Elderly only felt the grim smile, and immediately drove the donkey back. The donkey didn’t know what was going on, and even slid back with Elderly, as if he also knew martial arts.

With this retreat, Elderly reached the wall of wind and snow, almost scratching her back by the blizzard.


Elderly knows herself badly.

The girl in front of me is not only a Grandmaster, Sword Art, but also a magical spell. She is simply not an opponent. So he had the idea of ​​breaking the wall of wind and snow and fleeing here.

“This honorable seat, the old man really has no intention of being an enemy of you. The old man is also from the Chinese dynasty, and he will only appear in this kind of ghost place when he travels around the world… I didn’t expect to meet the noble seat and your companion.”

He said while wiping cold sweat.

“I don’t want to be an enemy of you either.” Sue Kirin sighed, feeling helpless.

She also realized that Elderly once showed mercy just now, and then she felt that she owed her favor to the other party and started this conversation.

“I also follow orders. It’s a matter of great importance. If you are willing to be a guest for a few days and so on, I don’t think that many things will happen.”

Sue Kirin shrugged Tan Shou, “great aunt, I am hungry and sleepy…so you understand?”

“Can’t you let the old man go?”

Elderly was crying The face is very distressed. Sue Kirin knows that he may not be the enemy, maybe he is just unspeakable, but to be on the safe side, she can’t let the other party leave.

“So, if you can obediently surrender, everything will be easier, isn’t it?” She tried her best to convince each other.

“This is really difficult…”

“What difficulty is there to do?”

“I don’t like the Imperial Court very much. “Elderly is straight and angry.

“I don’t like it very much either.”

Sue Kirin wrinkled her nose. She hates Qin Yu and her henchman the most. This is a truth, not a deception. Elderly, even if she is with Qin Shiyu at the moment.

“Dare to ask Snow Maiden, who is the leader you are talking about?” Elderly tried to ask, “But is King Ning?”

” King Ning is not there. , But Princess Ning is here.”


Elderly’s eyes lit up, “It seems that His Royal Highness Ning is still guarding Bei’an City, so the old man can find He lay down.”

“Do you know King Ning?” Sue Kirin looked at him suspiciously.

“Hehe, the old man can be regarded as his half Master.” Elderly smiled and stroked his beard, showing off proudly, “Since the seat is working for His Royal Highness Ning, then the best of both worlds If you have not seen the old man, the old man can report to King Ning in person. What do you think?”

“No.” Sue Kirin sighed, “You don’t want to Bargaining with me. I made my position very clear just now. If it weren’t for seeing that you don’t look like an enemy, I would be too lazy to say a few more words to you.”

paused, Sue Kirin gave it The other party rolled his eyes.

“If you want to explain, or if you want to reminisce about the past with King Ning’s stubborn eyes, you can talk to Qin Shiyu, don’t tell me, I can’t make any decisions, okay?”

Sue Kirin really exhausted his patience and simply kicked all the ball to Qin Shiyu.

“Qin Shiyu?”

Elderly’s eyes widened surprised and angry because of this name.

“But Qin Yu’s youngest daughter! Very good, didn’t expect that the daughter of the guy Qin Yu killed that day is here, and the old man will kill her now, with the spirit of the enemy in the sky!”

He roared excitedly, seeing Sue Kirin confused, brow beaded with sweat.

What’s wrong with this guy? Have hatred with Qin Yu? Sue Kirin wiped his sweat secretly, but it is not surprising that Elderly will have an enmity with Qin Yu, because all Wu Family and Qin Yu have an enmity. But what does this matter to Qin Shiyu? This can be regarded as anger, right?

“Hey hey hey, even if you have a grudge against Qin Yu, don’t–huh?”

Elderly seems to have a murderous heart, and his eyes have long been filled with bloodshot eyes. He drew out the two-handed sword he used first, but this time he no longer held it with one hand, but used two hands.

He kept pouring Spiritual Qi into the big sword.

In a blink of an eye, the white Spiritual Qi was covered with the sword body of the big sword, and then outlined a larger sword shadow, like the rush of light, the majestic breath is extremely violent.


Sue Kirin turn pale with fright, this move she couldn’t be more familiar with.

But, how could Elderly make this move? Sue Kirin was full of questions, his mind was a little confused, and suddenly recalled the word “Qier” that Elderly had mentioned.

Could he really be from Heavenly Jade Palace? This idea suddenly came to mind.

“Hey, wait, you don’t know Xiaoqi, right?”

Sue Kirin said Qi Qiqi’s nickname in a hurry, but forgot to listen to others I didn’t understand the title, so I quickly changed my words and said:

“I mean Qi Qiqi, you know Qi Qiqi──wait!”

The moment after I asked, the violent Guanghua buried her Her vision also obscured her voice.

Only white light remains in the entire world.

The wind and snow were blown, divided into two under the slash of the sword light, and then exploded. The snow on the ground was also swept away, and the fierce wind and snow instantly raged all around.


Sue Kirin used his sleeve to block his face, and didn’t expect the formidable power of the opponent’s blow in front of him was beyond imagination. Several short guns were pierced from her robe, deep into the ground to prevent her from being blown away.

In an instant, there was only the sound of violent snow and the sound of clothes hunting.

The violent sword energy and Spiritual Qi disturbed her perception, and it took her a little effort to finally capture Elderly’s breath. He didn’t move, and stood there blankly.

“en?” Sue Kirin stimulates the Spiritual Qi within the body, which is called into a burst of shock to disperse the turbulent flow around.

The so-called violence against violence is such a thing.

The wind and snow subsided in a short time, and on the other side of the restored vision, Elderly still stood there blankly.

“You old fogey can’t listen to people well?”

Sue Kirin spit out his depression, stepped forward, jumped on the donkey, and grabbed Elderly Of the placket. The donkey under the two seemed very dissatisfied with the increase in weight, and moved all four hooves irritably.

“Respect, you just asked the old man, do you know Qiqiqi?”

“You have heard, why use Tianfeiliu?”

Sue Kirin subconsciously wanted to stamp his foot, but realized in time that he was a donkey underneath, and then awkwardly stopped the foot he had just raised.

“Isn’t this old man unstoppable?” Elderly looked sad.

Sue Kirin glared at him and let go of the hand holding his collar.

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