The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1157

“Are you from the Heavenly Jade Palace? Then you should know Qi Qiqi! Don’t say no, you just used Tianfeiliu, if not, you are stealing it!”

The moves in the Heavenly Jade Sword Manual are not secreted, so the opponent should be taught by Heavenly Jade Palace.

“The old man naturally knew Qi’er! When Qi’er was as young as a ball, the old man embraced her.”

“Hold her?”


Sue Kirin blinked and jumped off the donkey.

“Who on earth are you?”

“The old man is Heavenly Jade Gong Zhang Baiyuan… I also forgot the generation of dísciple, but if you return to Origin, the old fart you Should you know? The old man is his Little Junior Brother.”

“Return to Origin’s Little Junior Brother?”

Sue Kirin repeated it once, with his eyes strongly Stared.

She felt incredible.

However, the thoughts in her mind quickly jumped to another place.

At the Heavenly Jade Palace, Sue Kirin announced that she was the disciple accepted by the Master on behalf of the Master, and she was the least ranked in that generation. Elderly in front of him is the Little Junior Brother of Return to Origin, and his entry time is obviously earlier than Sue Kirin.

In this way──

“Are you my Senior Brother?”

Sue Kirin exclaimed, his voice resounding across the sky.

Zhang Baiyuan was also shocked at hearing this, and looked up and down Sue Kirin.

“Are you the Junior Sister of the old man? When did the old man have a Junior Sister ──Don’t recognize your relatives indiscriminately, girl!”

“Crazy you A big head!”

Sue Kirin jumped his feet with anger, groaning wildly with her beautiful hair.

“──great aunt, I am your old fart Senior Brother. Return to Origin collects on your Master’s behalf! It’s your Little Junior Sister!”


Zhang Baiyuan was just stunned, not knowing how to answer.

Sue Kirin gave up the explanation, sighed heavily, and collapsed his shoulders and head. She knew it was another trouble to explain.

…That’s enough!

She stomped fiercely and kicked up some snowflakes.


“──Zhang Baiyuan, it is indeed grandfather’s Junior Brother.”

Qiqi Qi was very surprised, and she answered Sue Kirin’s nostalgia. problem.

Although Sue Kirin had been mentally prepared for a long time, after receiving Qi Qiqi’s affirmation, he couldn’t help but sigh in the heart of the coincidence of world affairs and the unruly destiny, and even made such a big joke.

After initially establishing a relationship with Zhang Baiyuan as fellow apprentices, Zhang Baiyuan no longer resisted visiting the camp as a guest, and followed Sue Kirin back to the camp under the watchful eyes of the scout. Zhang Baiyuan should go to see Qin Shiyu first, but because of his almost paranoid hostility towards Qin Yu, even Qin Shiyu hates him. Sue Kirin still told the scouts to take Zhang Baiyuan to see Qi Qiqi to confirm his identity.

Although the scouts have some opinions and hesitate about this, Sue Kirin just squeezed his waist and said: “Do you still think this Messy Old Man can make any noise?” Successfully blocked their mouths. They had to agree with Sue Kirin’s idea, first let Sue Kirin take Elderly to find Qi Qiqi to confirm her identity.

When Zhang Baiyuan followed Sue Kirin to the camp where Qi Qiqi Shui Yuner and Li Wanting rested, only Qi Qiqi was in the camp, and she was packing her bags. In addition to a few replacement clothes and some small accessories in her bag, there are only some essential items for travel, which is very simple.

Nevertheless, Qi Qiqi was surprised when Sue Kirin came in with a gray beard old man, she still lost one’s head out of fear and hid it, after all, she had her underwear inside. .

And when Sue Kirin asked her if she knew Zhang Baiyuan, she was completely stunned, and even forgot to investigate how Sue Kirin brought in a stranger.

“However, Zhang grandfather is an alcoholic Messy Old Man, and he likes to preach, so Xia elder sister dislikes him very much.”

Only after answering Sue Kirin’s question, Qi Qiqi added another sentence with a weird expression.

“Ah, Xiaoxue doesn’t like Zhang Baiyuan…”

Sue Kirin also glanced at Zhang Baiyuan with a weird expression. Didn’t expect that the other party has already blushed and his mouth is still foul. -mouthed:

“Xia Xue, that dead girl, do you want to deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors?”

It seems that Xia Xue belongs to Zhang Baiyuan’s direct descendant.

Sue Kirin doesn’t remember these relationships. She has always been like this. After all, she has the highest status in the entire Sect. Even if she doesn’t pay attention to these, no one dares to say anything.

However, her current position may have to be moved from the first to the second.

The second and second child, this ranking really makes her feel complicated. After all, the word second child has many meanings, and among these meanings, Sue Kirin does not have a favorite.

“Zhang grandfather is indeed a Messy Old Man.”

Qi Qiqi didn’t realize that Zhang Baiyuan herself was right in front of her, she drew her soft hair, and emphasized again that she echoed Xia Xue Views.

This is so angry that Zhang Baiyuan blows his beard and stares.

“Qi’er, how can you say that to your Zhang grandfather me?”

Zhang Baiyuan rushed forward and rushed to Qi Qiqi in the blink of an eye, scaring Qi Qiqi eyes Got wide and took a step back.

“Who are you?” Qi Qiqi frowned, very dissatisfied.

“Who is the old man?”

Zhang Baiyuan was so angry that his beard trembled, “Qi’er, you stare at your eyes! Look at who the old man is! Lost old man when he was a kid I even hugged you and changed your diaper. You forgot even the old man! Huh, people say that being beautiful is without conscience. It seems that Qier of my family looks like the sky Immortal-like, so the conscience is gone. La!”

“Who is your Qier!”

Qiqiqi is also a little angry. What is this Messy Old Man unfathomable mystery talking about?

It’s no wonder that although Zhang Baiyuan is an important member of the Heavenly Jade Palace, like Yinping, he also joined the sword guards in the middle and became the former Crown Prince side sword and shield. He has not seen it for a long time. Qi Qiqi, and the former Crown Prince lost power, Zhang Baiyuan also disappeared in the Hua Dynasty. It has been more than ten years since Qi Qiqi did not recognize him.

After all, Qi Qiqi more than ten years ago, how old she was, how much can she remember?

“Kirin, who the hell is this Messy Old Man? It’s really annoying, why do you bring such a strange person back?”

Qi Qiqi was staring at Zhang Baiyuan , Left his side and walked around Sue Kirin’s side, complaining loudly.

Sue Kirin secretly smiled in her heart, already impatient wants to know what Qi Qiqi’s expression will show when she learns the truth. “Xiao Qi, I didn’t bring people back casually, think about what I asked you just now, and feel it with your heart, you will understand who this old man is.”

“What Ah…”

Qi Qiqi raised her eyebrows suspiciously, looking puzzled.

But she probably really followed what Sue Kirin said, trying to think about it seriously. She is very smart and will soon have the answer.

“You mean this Messy Old Man is Zhang grandfather?!”

Too much astonishment, that Qi Qiqi’s eyes widened, and there was no response for a while, as if she was hit Soul-Lock Technique is the same. She stared at the old fogey blankly, and muttered: “It’s a bit like…” Then her cheeks flushed rapidly at the speed that naked eye could see.

When her cheeks were red enough to bleed, her hair “peng!” became fluffy, like a bomb exploded in her hair, which was especially funny. In fact, it was too much shame, which caused the body within the body Spiritual Qi to suddenly speed up and turn sharply. After the meridian was under pressure, it broke out from the top of the head to relieve the pressure.

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