The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1158

“Is it really Zhang grandfather?” Qi Qiqi was still dubious.


Zhang Baiyuan snorted, holding his chest in a rather extraordinary look.

Qiqi Qi trembled forward, raised and lowered her hand, walked to Elderly, and looked at him carefully. Look again. Since Sue Kirin prompted the identity of the other party, the more she looked at the other party, the more familiar she became.

“When you were a child, you cried to find you Zhang grandfather, I will change your diaper!”

Zhang Baiyuan told Qi Qiqi’s embarrassment when she was a child.

When Qi Qiqi heard it, her face turned red again.

Seeing her embarrassed, Zhang Baiyuan’s stern face instantly softened and became a lot softer, his eyes filled with nostalgia and emotion. The expression he showed was really like the kind Great Grandpa.

“Aiya, Qi’er is still the same as she was when she was a child. She blushes at all times! Others say that the eighteenth woman has changed, but Qi’er, besides growing taller and looking good, your personality is still like that… also I don’t know that your grandfather is the blessing of cultivation there, to have a beautiful granddaughter like you… Hey, Qi’er, how come your breasts don’t seem to grow? Obviously your grandma and your mother’s breasts are quite big!”

Are all the old people in Heavenly Jade Palace like this? Suddenly, Sue Kirin felt that the old man in front of him, and the return to origin of the old man, were not too good to be true. Well, of course she is almost the same, but she is actually very young.

As a result, Sue Kirin began to wonder if Ye Zhen would become like this as he grew older. She was a little hard to imagine Ye Zhen’s lack of seriousness.

During her random thoughts, Qi Qiqi’s eyes jumped because of Zhang Baiyuan’s last sentence. The palace lord of Heavenly Jade is both talented and beautiful, but the only drawback is that the chest is slightly smaller than the standard body shape, so she has always minded the size of this part. This time, Zhang Baiyuan hit her most painful Out.

“Zhang grandfather is really Messy Old Man!”

Qiqiqi snorted and gave Elderly a cute look. Elderly hearing this just stayed for a while and didn’t know where I said the wrong thing.

At this moment, footsteps came from outside the door.

People’s eyes turned away, and Li Wanting with messy hair raised the curtain and walked in.

She is in charge of the transportation of military weapons and all related matters, but she is very busy. In such a severe environment, organ weapons may be subject to various unknown damages. She must always follow up and observe and pay attention to it, so she is busier than anyone else.

However, she just enjoys it because she can observe the performance of the things she developed in this harsh climate.

And she will be here, all because Sue Kirin asked the scouts to call her over. Zhang Baiyuan is from the generation of Qi Return to Origin at any rate, the elder of Heavenly Jade Palace, and Li Wanting is reasonable in every circumstance.

This time Sue Kirin was unexpectedly thoughtful.

“Little Ancestor Master, what can you call me? Those organ weapons are frozen, I have to deal with them quickly… By the way, Little Ancestor Master, is there anything you can prevent Things that freeze things, such as talisman… If there are any, everything will be easy.”

Li Wanting just walked in, complaining again and again, she was really committed to work.

“Hey, you can have it, but you have to give me some time to make it!” Sue Kirin responded first.

“Okay, it’s all up to you.”

Li Wanting was carefree, and only then did she move her eyes to observe the situation in the account. Then, her eyes fixed on Zhang Baiyuan can be said as it should be by rights.

Seeing that Elderly, Li Wanting was also deeply puzzled.

But then–

“Isn’t this Martial Ancestor Zhang?” She recognized Zhang Baiyuan at once.

“Oh, oh, isn’t this Li Family girl!” Zhang Baiyuan let out a surprised voice.

The two approached each other, their faces were full of surprises.

“Look, see, old man used to look at you, but he just shrank in the room and didn’t know what research he was doing. He also followed the old brother to do this and that in front of the fire. He was afraid of you. I will suffer too much and will not grow long. Didn’t expect to grow so tall now!”

For some reason, Zhang Baiyuan’s eyes fell on Li Wanting’s plump chest.

Sue Kirin knows what he is thinking, but he probably learned it well. He not at all said anything inappropriate to stimulate Qi Qiqi again.

“Martial Ancestor Zhang, aren’t you dead? Where have you been in the past ten years?”

Li Wanting looked at Zhang Baiyuan up and down and saw his body Wushu finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then asked the point.

Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi also cast curious eyes on him.

If he is still alive, he should return to the Heavenly Jade Palace early. After all, the Heavenly Jade Palace has gone through many hardships over the past ten years. He should lend a helping hand but not. If there is nothing unspeakable, Sue Kirin is going to settle accounts with him.

“Ai, this is hard to say…”

Elderly’s complexion turned dark, as if she was getting older all of a sudden.

Qiqiqi and Li Wanting looked at each other, knowing that he must have been uncomfortable all these years. Under Qi Qiqi’s eyes, Li Wanting removed a simple folding chair and opened it to Elderly to take a seat.

Sue Kirin doesn’t have to be so troublesome. She went directly back to her bed and took a seat. The black cat standing on her shoulders suddenly jumped off the bed and shrank into the blanket to rest.

“This thing is really convenient and ingenious!”

Zhang Baiyuan was so strange that he exclaimed, and finally sat down after touching the chair. He also moved his hips, as if confirming that the chair was unstable.

“Girl Li must have designed this, right?” He smiled happily, stroking the long beard.

“The chair is made by me, but the design is not me…” Li Wanting scratched her head embarrassingly. She was quite happy to receive the approval of her elders, “This chair was designed by the little Ancestor Master .”

“Little Ancestor Master?”

It took Zhang Baiyuan a while to understand, oh oh twice, “The Little Ancestor Master in your mouth is Little Junior Sister, right? !”

“I was right.”

Seeing Elderly’s eyes cast over, Sue Kirin yawned first, and then replied.

“It’s really the rear waves of the long river drives on those before. The cultivation base of Little Junior Sister is better than my old fogey.” He sighed.

But among them, there are also unwillingness and embarrassment.

Being surpassed by people with lower generations is an embarrassing thing whenever you are in Wu Family. As long as they are of the same generation, it is inevitable to be compared and unavoidable.

“Then you are going to die on the beach?” “Kirin, Zhang grandfather is also your Senior Brother anyway, how can you talk like this?”

Sue Kirin was originally just With a casual joke, Qi Qiqi jumped out and scolded her, making Qian Bai startled to realize that her status had dropped by one place suddenly.

“It’s all right!” Zhang Baiyuan didn’t mind at all, “Little Junior Sister is lively and cheerful, and full of Spiritual Qi, which is a good thing.”

“… count you as old The man can speak.”

Sue Kirin is a little awkward, she feels a little at a loss, but as long as it takes some time, she can still adapt. It feels like my own family, suddenly the elders of the other party appear.

“Since Zhang Grandfather has said so…”

Qi Qiqi pouted, but then gave Sue Kirin a fiercely look. Sue Kirin really wanted to shout that she had no status, and cried that Qi Qiqi had changed her mind after seeing a difference.

Sue Kirin is not going to have a temper here, it is too uninteresting.

Several people haven’t seen each other for a long time, so it is understandable that they will be so enthusiastic about the past.

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