The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1159

“So, Zhang grandfather, where have you been in the past ten years?”

Qi Qiqi still cares about Zhang Baiyuan’s experience over the past ten years.

Not only her, Li Wanting and Sue Kirin are also quite curious. Although Sue Kirin and Zhang Baiyuan have no fellow apprentices, they still have a nominal relationship. At the same time, she is curious about Zhang Baiyuan’s experience over the past ten years.

“…This is really hard to explain in a word.”

Zhang Baiyuan showed that kind of rather embarrassing expression again, a pair of wrinkles and cracks, like stale and dead wood hands clinging to his The thighs and trousers are tightly wrinkled.

“More than ten years ago, the old man failed to protect the former His Highness the Crown Prince… he failed to protect him from those crafty plots and machinations… the old man was ashamed of the wine Sword The name of Immortal’…”

Such words as if oozing with sand and stones, when Zhang Baiyuan recalled this incident, his face was regretful, disappointed, discouraged, guilty, regretful, etc. When it became a ball, it stuck on that weather-beaten face.

He is really like a huge tree that is broken in two, and the trunk has long been corrupted.

Qiqiqi and Li Wanting looked at each other, but they couldn’t talk to each other for a while. Sue Kirin was rather curious. He raised his hand ignoring the heavy weather and said that he had a question to ask.

“What’s wrong?”

Qi Qiqi asked her angrily.

They initially ignored Sue Kirin’s actions, but the latter shouted, “I have a problem!”

“Why do you feel that there are so many people in our Heavenly Jade Palace who have joined the sword guards?” she asked directly.

First there was Yinping, and then Zhang Baiyuan seemed to be one of the sword guards. Although his former His Highness the Crown Prince was dead, he was also one of the sword guards.

“The first emperor and the first emperor, benevolence and virtue.”

Qi Qiqi first started with this sentence, and then kept her eyes in her eyes. She was mocking and she went on with nostalgia:

“The royal family was originally from Wu Family, and the relationship with Wu Family has been very good for thousands of years. The previous emperors were even more benevolent, so the relationship between Wu Family members and Imperial Court at that time was quite good. Because the Imperial Court also needs the power of the Wu Family, in many policies, Wu Family is given preferential treatment and a lot of resources are provided. In this case, Wu Family naturally has to be courteous and sent a lot of vigorous power to the Imperial Court. Many of the offerings in the guards’ palace, and even the martial arts instruction, are derived from the power of the Wu Family.”

paused, Qi Qiqi sighed.

“At that time, various sects of martial arts assumed part of the function of cultivating talents from the Imperial Court, and because of this, the Wu Family and the Imperial Court complemented each other, the Chinese dynasty became stronger and stronger, and the military battled The strength has also been greatly improved. However, the Imperial Court did not underestimate the status of the literati, so the Imperial Court also has some restrictions on Wu Family… However, the environment of Wu Family has always been very good! And Wu Family is also provided here. The relationship was recognized by the Imperial Court, and gradually expanded, and it has blossomed everywhere. There have also been some disturbances, because people who learn martial arts are not necessarily those with outstanding martial arts. When people have power, they may show ambition. So there have been many cases, but thanks to the self-control of Wu Family and the power of the Imperial Court, most of these things did not cause much impact.”

Qi Qiqi’s eyes fell even more. Lowered, the long-fingered hands were also lightly held.

“──Until Qin Yu became the throne.”

After that, Sue Kirin is also quite clear about what happened after that. Qin Yu hates Wu Family, suppresses Wu Family, and sweeps away the previous Imperial Court’s attitude towards Wu Family, destroying the relationship between the two parties indecently.

And in this kind of conflict, Wu Family’s power was forced to shrink.

However, Wu Family has a thousand years of foundation. Qin Yu has not achieved very good results. Instead, several Grandmasters were born. Sue Kirin thought, he must be very angry.

“hmph, he’s the best to be mad…” Sue Kirin muttered.

“Qin Yu is a grandson!”

Zhang Baiyuan was so angry that he slapped his thigh, as if he had a deep hatred with Qin Yu.

Even if he didn’t say it, Sue Kirin probably knew what it was all about. Zhang Baiyuan is not only a member of the Wu Family, but also a guardian of the former Crown Prince. It is understandable that he hates Qin Yu deeply.

Although no one dared to speak out in person, and there is no definite evidence, many people actually know one thing, that is, the former Crown Prince was killed by Qin Yu’s murder. The original dispute for the throne was accompanied by blood, a cruel battle.

Whatever I have to say is like raising Gu.

Many candidates are in a cruel struggle in a “container” ─ ─ Imperial Palace. Only the one who survives to the end can sit on top of that seat. Isn’t this a dispute with the throne? ? Just replace those insects with princes that’s all.

“The former Crown Prince was a man of benevolence and virtue. If he was enthroned, he would surely bring the world back to heart, and the Chinese dynasty would be more glorious. However, Qin Yu’s sinister kid set up a plan to murder his brother. The former Crown Prince, and even sent troops to encircle the former Crown Prince’s cronies…old man is not talented, although he has the confidence to protect the former Crown Prince from military force, but didn’t expect Qin Yu to be insidious to this point… With an incontrovertible face, he did so many actions secretly.”

If the former Crown Prince became the emperor, maybe Wu Family would not have to endure so many hardships.

“Great Grandpa, do you know how the Dog Emperor dealt with us?”

The black cat popped his head from the bed and asked indignantly. It also waved its two small front paws, as if to fight Qin Yu to the death.

“Aiya, I’m going! Why did the cat talk.” Zhang Baiyuan’s eyes widened in fright, raised his fingers and pointed at the black cat, “Little Junior Sister, is your cat a martial monster?” “


It was troublesome to explain, and Sue Kirin casually passed it.

“old man, since the death of the former Crown Prince, I have vowed to avenge him, but Qin Yu is already the Monarch of the entire Country, and I want to kill him easier said than done…so the old man can only Become stronger. For this reason, the old man travels all over the world to refine the sword technique, wanting to get a glimpse of the Grandmaster’s path. However, although the old man is already in the big world, he is not good at it. For more than ten years I couldn’t get a glimpse of the secret.”

“Even the Grandmaster can’t kill Qin Yu.”

Sue Kirin sighed, she knew the existence of the dragon bird. The only flying fairy who guards the Dragon Court and guards the emperor is an alien bred from the Dragon Vein of the entire Chinese dynasty. “…The old man also knows, but if he gives up, the old man is not reconciled.”

Zhang Baiyuan’s face is full of bitterness, but his will is quite firm.

“Ohhhhh, wait a minute!” Sue Kirin raised his palm and raised his eyebrows suspiciously. “You said you haven’t seen the secret, you are not the Grandmaster, but I did feel it from you before. The breath of Grandmaster…what is going on?”

She almost forgot this important thing.

Zhang Baiyuan took a long breath, stroked his long beard, exuding helplessness.

“The old man doesn’t know…old man has traveled to the outside world for a long time, and has fought against many experts. I want to talk about fighting with war. The old man once went to the extreme west and fought against those assassin experts. , I have also been to the southernmost Barbarian Desolate Land, where I have lived and died with those swordsmen, and I have also been to the islands in the Far East, where I have discussed with the knights who use knives. After life and death…”

” Still nothing A glimpse of the secret?”

This incident is always about chance. If you don’t see it, you don’t see it. Sue Kirin is not surprised, but I can’t help but feel sorry for the elderly Elderly.

“…It’s not without it.”

Zhang Baiyuan was unfathomable mystery embarrassed and looked embarrassed.

It’s clear that there is something unsaid.

“Zhang grandfather, is there anything strange?” Qi Qiqi asked gently.

Sue Kirin, Li Wanting and Tian Ji both looked at Zhang Baiyuan with curious eyes, waiting for him to confide the unsaid things.

“…I’m really ashamed.”

Zhang Baiyuan stood up embarrassingly, “In the early years, the old man and the Western blademaster were at a disadvantage…Western duel, It was a life-and-death duel, and the old man thought he was dead…At that time, the old man was stabbed with three swords in the chest–the blademaster’s sword was too fast. The old man was not an opponent. It was not long before the old man fell dead. When he was over, the other party stopped his hands and started talking to the old man. It was probably a sorrow… We had a drink all night that day, and the blademaster probably thought the old man could not be tomorrow. The old man was drunk. Now, I seem to have seen the secret in my confusion… Ah, that is really a beautiful girl… But when the old man 2nd day miraculously survived, nothing changed… It was just that he woke up, so the old man also I don’t know if I saw the hallucinations after being drunk…cough cough!”

Zhang Baiyuan is really self-aware, and he can make such funny things.

He really has to be ashamed of this incident.

Anyway, whether it is Qi Qiqi or Sue Kirin, everyone present was dumbfounded after listening to his narration, and the expression on their faces seemed to say: “No way!”

“Hey, Senior Brother, are you too funny?”

Sue Kirin chuckled, not knowing that being angry is good for being funny.

Zhang Baiyuan didn’t say a word, but only increased ashamed and unable to show one’s face. Although he was old, his still majestic body was about to shrink into a ball, and he couldn’t find a bed like Tianji to get in.

Qi Qiqi didn’t help Zhang Baiyuan anymore, instead she muttered:

“Why are both of them like this…no one is reliable! Really, it’s a peep Heaven’s secret is such an important matter, but I got drunk… grandfather often said that Zhang grandfather would one day be bad because of love wine as one’s life, and it really is!”

“Hey, Qier…” Zhang Baiyuan coughed again and his old face blushed, “Zhang grandfather, I don’t have any preferences, so I like to drink… If you have a lot, please spare Zhang grandfather! You are now the palace lord of Heavenly Jade, you should have a palace lord. The belly volume should be, right?”

Looking at how he rubbed a pair of big hands, it really has several points of the feeling that the kid was confessing something wrong, Sue Kirin couldn’t help but laugh, The sound of breath.

However, when Qi Qiqi looked over, she immediately pretended to be coughing and went over.

“Kirin, what do you think?” Qi Qiqi still talked to Sue Kirin, asking her opinion.


Sue Kirin groaned, pinching his small chin, and sitting cross-legged on a simple bed. Her eyebrows trembled and she looked quite cute.

“Old Zhang head──ahem, Senior Brother’s situation is indeed a bit strange, but Grandmaster is the person closest to the sky, and the sky changes this sentence has some truth, that is to say, the form of Grandmaster There are various probabilities. Look, Mo Weiyang’s technique to become a Grandmaster is an example. And the most representative one is probably Bai Ze.”

Shu Ji ─ ─ Bai Ze.

An outlier who relies on eating books and absorbing the knowledge inside to become a Grandmaster is indeed the most atypical.

“Kirin was saying that Zhang grandfather might also be the case?”

Qi Qiqi was surprised, and a pair of red eyes blinked.

“This just confuses me.” Li Wanting interrupted, “Martial Ancestor Zhang doesn’t eat books, and doesn’t build swords and institutions. Can he become a Grandmaster in other circumstances?”


“Drink and drink into a Grandmaster.”

Sue Kirin spread his hands and said half jokingly, “It’s not called’Sword Immortal’, and love wine as one’s life? Maybe? It’s just drinking and drinking–Huh?”

“Kirin, are you serious, okay? It’s really annoying.”

Qi Qiqi scolded Sue Kirin and felt this. The joke is a bit outdated.

However, Sue Kirin did not respond. She just stayed where she was looking thoughtful, she didn’t know what she was whispering.

“Kirin?” Qi Qiqi tried to call her.

As a result, Sue Kirin yelled “That’s right!” Then she clapped her palms, frightening Qi Qiqi.

“Does the little Ancestor Master understand something?” Li Wanting asked.

“Did you drink before you met me?”

“Little Junior Sister, how did you know?” Zhang Baiyuan was a little surprised, “Before the real fight with those scouts , The old man is indeed drinking.” He suddenly thought of something and interrupted the topic: “By the way, when did the speaking of which Little Junior Sister enter the door? There is no sound of the old man–“


Qi Qiqi screamed and hurriedly waved her hand to interrupt Zhang Baiyuan’s question.

Sue Kirin’s origins are very well-documented, and it was not clear for a while, and it would be difficult for the thief to convince Zhang Baiyuan.

Fortunately, Li Wanting was the only one present, and she caught the clue too much with her rough nerves It shouldn’t be.

“Return to Origin, old fogey, you don’t know, the method I cultivated is different from yours, so I have been retreating in the sword mound… And Senior Brother, you are the guardian of the sword. , He might forget to tell you.”

Sue Kirin explained vaguely. Some things are not good if they drag on, and if the answer is given without letting the other person think too much, there may be even more unexpected effects, she thinks so. Qi Qiqi was dissatisfied with her behavior and glared fiercely.

The result─

“Well, is that so?”

Zhang Baiyuan was dubious, but before long, he put on a “Forget it!” The expression, without much care, is really casual.

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