The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1160

“Little Junior Sister, do you understand something?”

Zhang Baiyuan returned to the subject, he couldn’t come back without turning the topic off.

“You really drank alcohol, didn’t you?”

“That’s right.”

Sue Kirin checked again and got affirmative reply.

“That’s very possible!” Sue Kirin snapped his fingers, a smug look on his face.

“Kirin, what the hell is going on?” Qi Qiqi was puzzled, but she felt a little bit, “You mean Zhang grandfather’s Grandmaster… Ah, it has something to do with wine?”

Sue Kirin smiled without saying a word, selling off. Qi Qiqi was a little bit dissatisfied, but before she had time to vent her, Sue Kirin jumped out of the bed and pointed her finger at Li Wanting.

“Xiaoting, hurry up! Go to Qin Shiyu and ask for some wine. Isn’t there a lot of kumiss and so on?”


Li Wanting responded readily and got up and walked outside the camp.

Generally speaking, it is forbidden to drink alcohol during the march, because soldiers must stay awake. If people are drunk when the enemy comes, how do you fight the enemy? However, the entire group is now moving in the severe cold, and the right amount of wine can help keep out the cold, so before entering the snow-covered place a while ago, Qin Shiyu sent those surrendered northerners to buy a large amount of kumiss. .

It is said that the tribe was crying with joy at the time, after all, it was a lot of money.

“Is this possible?” Qi Qiqi was still dubious.

“Hey, anyone who eats a book can become a Grandmaster. What else is impossible? But we are often bound by inertial thinking. We feel that as long as we practice martial arts spells to the extreme, we can see the secrets. This inherent The thinking of “too” obliterates a lot of probability, doesn’t it? The solidification of thinking often makes our thinking rigid. How can we achieve different achievements if we don’t dare to think? Only when we dare to think and try can we have the opportunity to achieve unique success. Isn’t it?”


Sue Kirin’s answer seems casual, but it contains truths that Qi Qiqi can’t deny. She tried to think about it, and felt that it was indeed the case. In fact, in the initial period of Hundred Schools of Thought Contend, not only martial arts, but also spells, and organ skills can become Grandmasters. When Qi Qiqi looked up the relevant classics, she once saw someone who was sanctified by writing articles–this sanctification, probably It means to become a Grandmaster. In any case, Grandmaster or other people waiting for the same realm are full of various probabilities.

In this way, why can’t you drink to become a Grandmaster?

Qiqiqi thinks this answer is ridiculous. It is a little bit ridiculous, but she can’t really deny it. This makes her feel quite complicated.

Is it too hasty? She really wanted to spit out loud.

“After all, it’s a guess. I have to test it later.”

Sue Kirin asked Qi Qiqi to don’t be impatient and wait for Li Wanting’s return.

Taking this opportunity, Zhang Baiyuan and Qi Qiqi talked about some things, about the recent situation, and some interesting things about the Heavenly Jade Palace. They talked a lot about Sue Kirin, and Zhang Baiyuan smiled gently for a while When I got up, I couldn’t help but couldn’t help laughing, and for a while, I berated the Imperial Court for being unfair and unjust because of slapped my thighs, and behaved quite nostalgic.

──”The grandson of Qin Yu…huh, the old man guessed that a person like him must be a tyrant! It’s really embarrassing that the former Crown Prince die an untimely death, hated the brother’s cruelty, hey I only blame the old man for uselessness.”

Speaking of the recent situation, and when the Imperial Court suppressed Wu Family under the leadership of Qin Yu, Zhang Baiyuan sweared so much, and a series of dirty words came out one after another.

When the topic turned to Sue Kirin and what happened in the Heavenly Jade Palace in recent years, he sighed again that the Heavenly Jade Palace was plagued by disasters, but there was no danger.

“You can thank Little Junior Sister for these!” Zhang Baiyuan expressed his thanks.

Heavenly Jade Palace is able to survive these countless disasters safely, and Sue Kirin has contributed to it. This is an ironclad fact.

“The old man has no face to face the Master Ancestor Masters, but the former Crown Prince is kind to the old man, and he is kind to the world… Since ancient times, it is difficult to live up to the Tathagata and not to the Qing. Who can get the best of both worlds? The old man didn’t want to lose the trust of the former Crown Prince, nor did he want to lose his thoughts, so he had to lose the grace of Heavenly Jade Palace’s cultivation…”

Zhang Baiyuan’s face is old, and the skin on his face looks a little broken. When he said this, he clenched his fist several times and then released it, as if he wanted to hold on to something but couldn’t do it, and his voice was weak with a touch of melancholy.

He is very guilty and regretful.

It would be nice if he had more power, he thought he had said so. Powerless in some vital things, this is often the most unbearable, Sue Kirin can understand his mood.

Qiqi Qi can also.

“Zhang grandfather, it’s okay.”

Unconsciously, Qi Qiqi has walked softly to Zhang Baiyuan and knelt down in front of him. Her slender and warm hands covered Zhang Baiyuan’s wrinkled hands. Zhang Baiyuan’s hands trembled, shaking very slightly, but also very surely. The mood in his heart at this moment must be extremely complicated, so Qi Qiqi puts her smile as soft as possible and tries to comfort him.

“Zhang grandfather, you just made a choice, and there is no right or wrong choice. It depends on what you want… Maybe, if there were you, Heavenly Jade Palace would be better. But we survived after all. Well, we survived, and we have gained a lot because of it, and the soul of the former His Highness the Crown Prince still cannot be redeemed. Zhang grandfather can run for him, and he is worthy of the world. !”

Qi Qiqi shook Zhang Baiyuan’s hand, and the warmth in it made Zhang Baiyuan shook her hand back unconsciously.

“The old man is shameless…” Zhang Baiyuan sighed, “But…”

He smiled comfortedly.

“You have become an outstanding person, Qi’er.”

Zhang Baiyuan patted Qi Qiqi’s hand and withdrew her hand from it.

“Senior Brother Qi Return to Origin. Although the temperament is hateful, he is a kind person, and your father is an old solid wood head and a sword idiot. It is no wonder that you were born so kind by nature… The old man didn’t expect you to be able to maintain this kindness to this day, become the Lord of a Palace and still retain yourself. This is really commendable… unlike old man and the others who have long lost their way.”

Zhang Baiyuan smiled bitterly.

“Where is Zhang grandfather?”

Qi Qiqi was blushed by praise, and her head dropped embarrassingly. She must also enjoy this kind of tenderness, because Zhang Baiyuan is already her only remaining elder. Sue Kirin is more or less jealous, but also happy for Qi Qiqi.

She believes that even with Zhang Baiyuan alone, some things will not change. If they change so easily, it can only be said that their relationship is too weak. But they have experienced life and death, experienced countless things, how can this relationship fall apart so easily? She firmly believes that it will not.

“I want to return the wine.”

Li Wanting is back.

She returned with a group of soldiers. After opening the camp, the soldiers swarmed in and brought a lot of kumiss. In an instant, the alcohol filled the camp.

“Is that enough?” Li Wanting squeezed her waist, “Little Ancestor Master didn’t say how much, I will move as many as possible!”

, I just want nothing more than that said.

Looking at the large number of mare kumisses, Sue Kirin is a little doubtful whether Li Wanting has emptied the inventory that he just bought.

“Enough is enough, so even Xiao Qi has to drink…”

Sue Kirin rubbed the corner of his eyes and said, waving his hand weakly.

Qiqiqi is the famous Heavenly Jade Palace’s not-to-be-fallen cup, and the opposite is Xia Xue who is poured a cup. Sue Kirin has never seen Qiqiqi drunk.

“Old man doesn’t like mare kumiss very much…” Zhang Baiyuan looked bitter, “Of course I don’t hate it… as long as it is wine, old man likes it.”

“What are you talking about?” Sue Kirin rolled the eyes.

She pointed to the mare cumin in front of her, “Come on, drink it now! Get drunk!”

“This…” Zhang Baiyuan is in pain, “Little Junior Sister is forgiving.” Me!”

Sue Kirin ignored him and turned to look towards Li Wanting.

“Did Qin Shiyu say anything over there?”

Li Wanting leaned on the pillar with her chest, and earnestly conveyed Qin Shiyu’s response:

” Her Highness the Princess said it was all over to you. You have to report to her after you have a conclusion. However, Princess Ning asked about the identity of Martial Ancestor Zhang. I saw that there was nothing to conceal and answered. As a result, Princess Ning seemed very I want to see what Martial Ancestor Zhang looks like.”

“hehe, it’s still Princess Ning that girl is interested, remember that the old man once taught her Spear Art.”

Zhang Baiyuan stroked him proudly The beard of that sign comes.

“By the way, Martial Ancestor Zhang, those scholars complain that your donkey eats a lot and doesn’t eat the finest straws. What should I do?” Li Wanting said again.

“Yuan is really picky and eats very well. You can ask the soldiers to feed some dried meat.”

Zhang Baiyuan said lightly.

“Hey, is a donkey so picky to eat?” Sue Kirin wrinkled his nose.

“Little Junior Sister, old man, that A Yuan is a rare spiritual object, and has been with old man until now, old man naturally has to feed it well, otherwise how can old man be worthy of it? ?”

Zhang Baiyuan had some meanings that he would never give in.

Qiqiqi nodded, turned her head and told Li Wanting:

“Ting elder sister, just go as Zhang grandfather said, we also have some dried meat, so take our Go ahead, don’t ask for it from His Royal Highness Nine.”

“Let’s do it.”

Li Wanting doesn’t matter. With the usual energetic and bustling style, he turned and left. . Maybe, she was eager to finish these troublesome things quickly and bury herself in her organ again as soon as possible.

“Okay, the dried meat is given to your donkey, don’t hurry up Hah! Great aunt I still hurry to sleep!”

Sue Kirin is a little psychologically imbalanced, because She asked Qi Qiqi for dried meat, but the other party had never been so compliant. It’s almost a sheep, this little seven! Sue Kirin in the heart.

She lay on her side with an expression of dissatisfaction, raising one foot indecently to scratch the other.

“Hey, the style of Little Junior Sister, old man likes it!”

Zhang Baiyuan said suddenly, he didn’t know what he liked about Sue Kirin. Then, he didn’t wait for Qi Qiqi to speak for himself, so he got up and picked up the kumiss.

Milan is not light wine.

Under Qi Qiqi’s worried eyes, Zhang Baiyuan ignored the persuasive words she had told him several times to relax, and drank container after container of kumiss. In a blink of an eye, he actually drank a little and a half of kumiss, and his cheeks became very red.

Sue Kirin yawned boredly.

Until the breath rose steadily and became thick and majestic, she jumped up under Qi Qiqi’s surprised eyes.

“Hey, I just said it!”

Sue Kirin snapped his fingers, dancing with excitement.

Zhang Baiyuan has already drunk his face red, and he breathed out drunk breath, but his pair has been dyed with the color of drunkenness, full of red silk like a drunk eye. Inside, it is blooming with extremely dazzling light.

“Really… all kinds of…” Qi Qiqi murmured in disbelief.

──Well, what resides in Zhang Baiyuan’s eyes is the brilliance of Grandmaster.


Zhang Baiyuan even danced his sword.

Well, he was drunk and said he would guide Qi Qiqi Sword Art on the spot. He stumbled and walked outside the camp. He quickly took back an eight-faced sword and came back. Called Qi Qiqi to draw a sword and discuss with her.

Qiqiqi is a cold sweat!

This Bai Yuan was drunk when he was drunk. After being drunk, he actually gained power to rival the Grandmaster, and he yelled to learn Sword Art.

“I’ll report to His Highness Nine, Kirin, you have to take care of Zhang grandfather!”

Qi Qiqi has a quick mind and kicked the ball to Sue Kirin and ran out of bed. Leaving the camp, fled in panic, letting the fluff of red skirt fly.

For this irresponsible back, Sue Kirin is really eye-opening.

“Yo, dignified Heavenly Jade palace lord! Why are you so irresponsible!” Sue Kirin shouted in the direction where Qi Qiqi was leaving.

Next, she glanced at Zhang Baiyuan who was dancing with her sword, and the corners of her eyes twitched. How come none of these people are serious? Sue Kirin thought of Qi Return to Origin, and also thought of Zi Xuanzi, these Ancestor Masters were not serious. Of course, she has no right and stand to criticize them.

“Hey hey hey, stop dancing!”

Sue Kirin wanted to stop Zhang Baiyuan in the past, but Zhang Baiyuan’s sword edge turned around with a sword cut in front of Sue Kirin’s eyes. Fortunately, Sue Kirin retreated in time to avoid the point of the sword leaving a scar on his face.

She was scared into a cold sweat.

“Hey, what are you drunkenly crazy!”

Only calmed down, but with another sword stabbed, Sue Kirin jumped a few steps after being frightened.

“Hey!! Old fogey, are you drunk and even people can’t recognize it?” “Kirin Kirin, he looks like a lunatic!” Tian Ji also emerged from the quilt At the head, Cowering said. Without her speaking, Zhang Baiyuan was simply playing drunkenly.

“ha ha ha, what is Little Junior Sister talking about? The old man hasn’t had such a good time for a long time. The old man is happy! I can meet you with Qier and Little Junior Sister, again Seeing that the Heavenly Jade Palace has been unpredictable over the years, I was so happy to want to dance with swords, but how can this kind of thing…can be enjoyed by only one person? Come, come, Little Junior Sister, come, accompany the old man. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn from each other and pair with fine wine?”

When I said something clearly, it turned out to be a series of wine hiccups.

In the tent camp, the alcohol was soaring.

In spite of this, Zhang Baiyuan’s sword is still not chaotic, and he launched a fierce attack on Sue Kirin.

Sue Kirin jumped left and right, holding his head and running around, just to avoid Zhang Baiyuan’s sword. He stabbed and slashed, seemingly out of order, but every move is quite subtle. If it weren’t for the blessing of “Cang”, Sue Kirin would have fallen to the ground with the sword.

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