The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1161

“Hey, I rely on!”

A carelessly, Zhang Baiyuan’s sword was cut on Sue Kirin’s bed.

How could that bed withstand the strength of Grandmaster, so it broke in two easily and collapsed. The sword was almost slashed by the side of Tianji, so scared that it bounced up, and sensitively bounced left and right on the fallen bed, away from the collapsed scene.

Sue Kirin was so angry that his nose was crooked looking at his bed.

She looked at her bed, and then at Zhang Baiyuan who was still drunk over there. Sue Kirin held a trembling finger and pointed at Zhang Baiyuan without saying a word.

This is the only bed, because there are so many things to transport, there is no extra space to transport the backup bed, so Zhang Baiyuan’s sword will declare that Sue Kirin will be in the future. I can only sleep on the cold, flat and untouched floor.

She has all the desires to cry – yes, she also has the desire to kill.

“Hey, surnamed Zhang, you pay for my bed!”

Sue Kirin flashed the lightning in his hand, and when he waved his hand, a lightning bolt shot at Zhang Baiyuan. Zhang Baiyuan yelled “en?”, he was about to swing his sword to Sue Kirin before he waved his hands.

Lightning flashes.

The sword cut precisely on the lightning and exploded. The electric gu that ejected wildly and violently touched Zhang Baiyuan’s body, and he yelled in surprise.

“What kind of magic is this?”

Zhang Baiyuan casually patted the electric gu on his clothes, didn’t expect those electric gu got his hands and called him arm Numb for a while.

He has suffered from spell’s loss.

Sue Kirin took this opportunity to stand forward and walked around Zhang Baiyuan’s blind spot, with one hand reaching out to Zhang Baiyuan. Upon seeing Zhang Baiyuan slapped his free hand, he tried to force Sue Kirin back.

The girl didn’t let him succeed, she also patted another palm. The difference is that the lightning is densely covered on her palm. Zhang Baiyuan knew that he couldn’t make a head-on touch, so he immediately withdrew his hand and avoided that palm.

However, his sword was still caught by Sue Kirin.

Zhang Baiyuan was a little embarrassed. He got rid of Sue Kirin’s restraint with a twist and turn, but couldn’t escape the lightning coming from her hand. His hands numb for a while, and he almost can’t hold the sword.

“Oh oh oh, the spell of the little’shu’ sister…exquisite…exquisite.”

Zhang Baiyuan’s speech is lost, and his breath is full of breath. I don’t know how long he hasn’t brushed his teeth, the breath smelled on Sue Kirin’s face, and she almost couldn’t help but vomit it out.

“Zhang Baiyuan, don’t you be drunk, okay?”

Sue Kirin resisted the desperate plan with the other party and gave an ultimatum.

“ha ha ha, it’s been a long time…I haven’t had such a good time to drink, little book girl…you don’t want to scan old man…old man’s pleasure!”

It’s been a long time since this guy, Sue Kirin rolled his eyes.

She snapped her fingers, and Zhang Baiyuan’s silhouette suddenly sank. It turned out that the ground under his feet had been made by Sue Kirin, forming a hollow. Sue Kirin wanted to put a little pressure on the ground that just can bear his weight, and he would fall into the pit along with the collapsed ground.

In order to prevent him from continuing to make trouble, Sue Kirin directly buried him. The two sides of the pothole squeezed past, and Zhang Baiyuan suddenly only had one head exposed.

“Ah, Little Junior Sister ──hiccup! How can you…how can you shame?”

Zhang Baiyuan was very dissatisfied, struggling with his body but failed to break through. He must have not tried his best, otherwise he would definitely be able to break free with the power of his current Grandmaster.

It seems that he is not completely drunk, he knows some measures.

Sue Kirin will naturally not let him out. What if he slashes with that sword after letting him out?

Zhang Baiyuan is still yelling.

Sue Kirin simply snapped his fingers again, calling the plant roots that broke out of the soil to seal his mouth, and firmly tied his cheeks so that only two eyes were exposed.

“Grandma, a bear, why do these troublesome things always come to me? Really, they are all elders anyway, and there is no one more serious? They are all so disrespectful!”

Sue Kirin scolded while rubbing the corners of his tired eyes.

She turned her head and glanced at the empty containers that originally contained kumiss, and sighed and shook her head.

“It seems that I have drunk too much. I think a little is enough…This is to my carelessness.”

Sue Kirin is not without any responsibility. .

“Kirin, are people tied up?”

Tian Ji didn’t know when he escaped from the camp. At this moment, seeing that there was no movement inside, he probed in to check the situation.

Without any loyalty, Sue Kirin withdrew his mouth.

Tianji saw only one head left—a pair of eyes—exposed Zhang Baiyuan, and came over with some curiosity. When he found out that it was him, it once showed a surprised expression, but soon He couldn’t help but laughed, and even slapped two pairs of small paws with excitement:

“Who called Old Master, you scare me! It deserves it!”

It danced.

Sue Kirin sighed then said, looking at her broken bed, planning to use spell to fix it, otherwise she might really fall asleep tonight. In such places where birds don’t lay eggs, she really doesn’t want to sleep on the ground.

At this time──

“Little Master, I heard that you have retrieved your Senior Brother?”

A head came from the curtain of the camp The probe comes in.

Like the willow branches covered with dew, the water-colored hair is flickering, and the girl’s water-colored eyes are dotted with small crafty, but the appearance is beautiful and refined, just like a lotus just coming out of the water.

Her cheeks are warm, showing a touch of powder.

Needless to say, Sue Kirin saw through Shui Yun’er at a glance and just took a shower. However, didn’t she go to help Li Wanting maintain the organ weapons? Where do you go to take a bath in your free time? Sue Kirin has a strange expression.

“I don’t want to recognize this old man as the Senior Brother!”

Sue Kirin gave Zhang Baiyuan a fiercely look.

“en?” Shui Yuner blinked, then opened the curtain and walked in. Sure enough, I took a shower and put on new clothes.

However, she is quite suitable for those furs.

At the moment, she is wearing a light-colored skirt, and the outside is covered with cloak with hair on the collar, which makes it extravagant. But that kind of extravagance is not eye-catching, compared to even a kind of low-key. Well, it’s like in the bones.

“I just heard Elder Sister Li say that my uncle can only use the power of Grandmaster when he drinks. I am still dubious…” She glanced at the mare cumin container there , Her eyes snickered with a little surprise, “Now it seems that there is such a thing…” Shui Yun’er squatted down and lifted up a few large jars that were originally filled with mare’s milk wine. .

“Aiya, this is a mess…” Shui Yuner whispered.

Sue Kirin raised her eyebrows, knowing that she didn’t mean to complain, she just said casually, but it still sounds a little uncomfortable.

“Just let you do something, otherwise you will have to think about it again. Humph, pretending to be profound, don’t know what you’re thinking, and don’t tell me.”

Look When I came to Sue Kirin, I was more concerned about the situation where Shui Yuner lost his mind in the past few days. Ever since Shui Yun’er set off in the village outside Bei’an City, she would often fall into absentia. Sue Kirin intuitively felt that this had something to do with Shi Qingge and Shi Changshi.

The origin of Shui Yun’er is still unclear, but it seems to have some claws from the forces of the former Crown Prince. This can be known from the fact that Shui Yun’er was lost and perplexed for related matters several times. Qi Qiqi once speculated that Shui Yuner might be related to the Nangong Family, but she must have not been confirmed.

Naturally, this Nangong Family and the Nangong Family of Nangong Mingming are not the same, but the family of the former prime minister Nangong Wen, and the Nangong Family patriarch where Nangong Mingming is located is Nangong Wu, both are Brother’s relationship can also be said to be close relatives, but it is still different.

The former prime minister, Nangongwen, was convicted of deceiving the emperor a few years ago, and was brutally extinguished sect, and his power was destroyed. Many of the gossip and slander mentioned that the crime of Nangong Wen may be related to the dispute over the throne more than ten years ago. In other words, his extinguishing sect may be implicated by the former Crown Prince.

The king of mourning-Qin Xian.

The former Crown Prince who had high hopes.

Although he has not yet ascended the throne, he has demonstrated all the qualities that a benevolent prince should have, but at the same time he does not have an excessive tendency to clemency. He is an ideal king with superb methods, but he is defeated by Qin Yu Under the crafty plots and machinations, they live and die in the Crown Prince’s Palace.

Qin Xian’s death even led to the death of Emperor Xiandi.

The loss of his beloved son, and the loss of an heir who was placed high in hopes, and it was the other prince he loved the most that caused all this, and he was so angry that he fell ill and depressed. And die.

This kind of thing can generally only be described as a family misfortune, but it is quite common in the royal family.

Perhaps, to blame Qin Xian for not being vigilant, and the first emperor’s psychological endurance is a little too poor. Sue Kirin is difficult to characterize the matter itself, but Qin Yu must be at fault. And cruel.

While Sue Kirin’s thoughts were drifting away, Shui Yun’er stopped her hands because of Sue Kirin’s dissatisfaction, and was stunned for a moment.

“Little Master?”

In the end, Shui Yuner came back to his senses first.

She walked lightly to Sue Kirin and waved in front of the lost Goddess child. Sue Kirin turned her head back in response, and saw the hand dangling in front of her, and she pulled it away angrily.

“You still know that you are worried about me.”

Sue Kirin is like a grudge.

Shui Yuner covered her mouth and snickered, “Now, little Master, are you jealous?”

“Who is jealous?” Sue Kirin rolled his eyes.

“Naturally, you are the little Master. If you are not jealous, why do you have to look like a grudge? You must be jealous.”

Shui Yun’er The temperament to play tricks on others is guilty again.

At this moment, she is like a hunter who is staring at the prey, but does not want to kill the opponent with one blow, but wants to play for a while first.

Sue Kirin rolls his eyes straight.


Zhang Baiyuan suddenly made a puzzled voice.

He was half-dreaming and half-awake, not knowing when he fell asleep, and now he woke up again.

“Is the old man dreaming?” Because his mouth was sealed, his voice sounded like gu lu gu lu, “Why did the old man hear the voice of Princess Crown Prince… …”


Shui Yun’er screamed in surprise, and looked at the head that looked like a green fruit, only to realize that there were other people there. .

“Little Master, why didn’t you remind me earlier…”

Shui Yuner complained a bit.

“You didn’t ask again.” Sue Kirin easily pushed the blame away.

“Is the old man really dreaming? Little Junior Sister.”

It seems that Zhang Baiyuan was asleep just now.

“Yes, yes, you must have a dream! Where is the Crown Prince from here, what do you mean in your dreams?”

“No, old man, indeed I heard it…Hey, how did the old man get buried?”

I really woke up a lot, and I completely forgot how I was buried. It must be an innate talent to be able to sober up so quickly.

Zhang Baiyuan seemed to want to find out, turning his head laboriously.

“You don’t have to look for it, what I just said was my discipline ──In other words, it’s your nephew, don’t have any strange thoughts, or don’t blame me for being It’s impolite.”

Sue Kirin put the ugly words at the forefront, but Zhang Baiyuan has a history of drunkenness and hacking.

“The old man just lost self-control that’s all for a while.”

Well, it seems that he is not completely conscious.

Finally, Zhang Baiyuan’s eyes met Shui Yun’er, and the two looked at each other. Shui Yun’er showed a faint smile, and politely called him an uncle, but Zhang Baiyuan didn’t have the posture that an elder should have. He kept staring at Shui Yun’er like an evil.

His eyes are wide, and the surface of the half-protruding eyes is covered with red threads.

“This…this…how is this possible?” He whispered unknown words.

Sue Kirin feels have one’s hair stand on end for a while, and Zhang Baiyuan’s expression is too terrifying.

“Uncle Zhang, may I ask…” Shui Yun’er could not maintain the calm and calm expression on her face.

Zhang Baiyuan did not reply.

But the ground trembled, which was Zhang Baiyuan’s struggle. I saw a burst of sword light flashing, and all the constraints imposed on Zhang Baiyuan’s body were shattered.

A lot of dust is lifted up.

A black shadow jumped out of it, pierced through the dust and mist, trembled, and stretched out his hand to Shuiyun’er. He walked slowly, but inexplicably terrifying, Shui Yuner took a step back in fright.

The situation can be said to be quite strange.

Sue Kirin called Zhang Baiyuan several times in a row, but did not get a response. She stood up anxiously and stood between the two.

“Zhang Baiyuan, you scared my discipline!” She yelled aloud, trying to wake up this old man who might be in a drunken state again. The old man still didn’t respond, just yelled “Ahhh…” and made a meaningless single tone. He meant to bypass Sue Kirin many times, but Sue Kirin refused to let him die, and even hugged his waist directly, preventing him from moving forward. Under the rivalry between the two, no one can rival the other, and they are in a stalemate.

“Little Junior Sister, don’t block the old man! Don’t block the old man!”

Like a walking corpse who has only food in his eyes and a long-hungry walking corpse, Zhang Baiyuan has only The appearance of Shui Yun’er. His eyes were bloodshot, and he continued to let out a low, muffled roar like a beast, and his heavy breath was sprayed on Sue Kirin’s small face one after another.

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