The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1162

Only then did Sue Kirin smell the stale stench.

Although Zhang Baiyuan’s appearance is still neat, he has been living in a foreign country for a long time, and his clothes have long been tattered, old and dirty, and he cannot completely get rid of the relationship with the “unkempt face”. He only wears scary clothes under his feet. Straw shoes, several shoe ropes are in danger of being broken, and the toes protruding from the shoes are full of lumps.

Why didn’t you find out until now? That’s probably the reason why Zhang Baiyuan has only become really strange now.

The temperament of the heaven and even the Grandmaster martial artist has covered up a lot of indecent places for him, so Sue Kirin has not discovered until now that he is so…so down and out and pitiful.

He once gave all his strength for one person, but got nothing left, only for the obsession in his heart until now, he is already a walking corpse.

Sue Kirin suddenly understood that the person in front of him was missing something in his heart.

However, why does he have tears in his eyes at this moment, letting those big teardrops fall on his shoulders? Sue Kirin didn’t understand, didn’t understand, but could see Shui Yun’er clearly reflected in the other’s eyes.

“Why…no, impossible…His Royal Highness Crown Prince, why are you…why are you still alive? Are you saved?”

The image is no longer human, It’s really just a walking corpse with only obsession.

The almost corrupt smell coming from him makes Sue Kirin almost unable to hold him. His own power seemed to be taken away invisibly, being crushed by the opponent’s only obsession.

“Xiaoyun, hurry up, this guy is crazy, you go!”

What happened to this man?

Why do you call Shui Yun’er the Crown Prince Princess? Who is the concubine of Crown Prince again? Sue Kirin actually knew that the only candidate was the wife of former Crown Prince Qin Xian.

However, Shui Yuner is absolutely impossible to be the Princess Crown Prince.

Sue Kirin can be sure of this even if he is a fan and his birthplace is unknown. Are you kidding me? Shui Yuner is younger than Qi Qiqi. Impossible is the wife of the former Crown Prince who has been dead for more than ten years.

Otherwise everything will be messed up.

So, is Zhang Baiyuan the wrong person? Sue Kirin thought of this moment, and a shivering chill appeared within the body. Zhang Baiyuan is not really a lunatic. Even if he makes that many ridiculous things after drinking, he has no problem with his cognition and can recognize Qi Qiqi, so he is impossible to see a person and treat her as the Crown Prince Princess.

In particular, the Crown Prince’s status in his heart is not low.

──The only possible explanation is that the two are very similar. Shui Yun’er and the Crown Prince concubine look alike, so Zhang Baiyuan misidentified them.

“Little Master, I…”

Shui Yun’er was also too scared to calm down, his face showing a slight panic. She must have encountered this kind of thing for the first time, but for some reason, when Sue Kirin was distracted and looked at her situation, she saw a hint of disbelief on her face.

──She may not be ignorant.

Sue Kirin has no time to ponder this question, because Zhang Baiyuan is struggling more and more.

“Hey, Zhang Baiyuan, that’s enough!” Sue Kirin shouted aloud, trying to wake Zhang Baiyuan, “That’s my discipline, not the Crown Prince in your mouth! You are making a mistake! Don’t make trouble! Now, can you?”

Unbelievably, this sentence worked.

Zhang Baiyuan calmed down abruptly, his head drooping forward, as if he had lost all his strength, but Sue Kirin was too late to relax, but the other party suddenly raised his head and leaned in front of Sue Kirin. .

The red eyes bulged out as if the next moment was about to fall out.

“You lie!” he yelled.

Sue Kirin couldn’t react immediately because of the man’s image and the fierce sight.

When she saw the burst of light crashing toward her, her reaction was already slow. She drew back and tried to retreat, but the sword light streak across her left shoulder, instantly dragging bloody ripples.


Sue Kirin groaned, walking in a panic, and finally stood firm.

Zhang Bai, who got rid of the shackles, approached Shui Yun’er step by step as far as he was in a man’s land.

“Hey! Zhang Baiyuan, don’t be too unsatisfied!”

Seeing Sue Yun’er in distress, Sue Kirin couldn’t bear it, and reluctantly waved threw away a few charms. The magic talisman burned in the air and turned into a chain of flames, biting towards Zhang Baiyuan like a snake.

However, Zhang Baiyuan didn’t even turn expressions, and an octagonal sword in his hand chopped out the sword net, slicing all the flame snakes into pieces.

Sue Kirin has walked around in front of Zhang Baiyuan.

Her right hand stretched out flat, and Tianji comprehended the master’s meaning, immediately transformed into the form of an organ robe in a burst of light, and automatically put it on Sue Kirin. A long sword immediately stretched out from the hem of the robe, and it flicked into Sue Kirin’s hand.

The girl raised the sword in her hand to her Senior Brother.

“Little Junior Sister, you let go!”

Zhang Baiyuan roared frantically.

“Venerable Xue, did something happen?”

At the same time, the soldiers shouted outside. It’s not the first time they noticed the movement inside, but it must be Qi Qiqi who said something to them that they would hold back and not act immediately.

But at this time, they can no longer stay out of the matter, the movement inside is really too big, it doesn’t seem to be a joke at all.

“Don’t come in!”

Sue Kirin answered loudly.

Those soldiers will not only have no effect once they come in, they are more likely to further stimulate Zhang Baiyuan, and they will also become a burden to Sue Kirin.

“Let people block this place. Someone is crazy. Don’t approach it easily. I will take care of it.” Paused, Sue Kirin remembered one more thing, “Go, find Palace Master Qi !”

Maybe Qi Qiqi calmed him down, maybe Sue Kirin held this hope.

The sound of the soldiers’ response came from outside, and the noise caused by their immediate action can be heard. It was really troublesome, Sue Kirin stared at Elderly in front of him, not daring to take it lightly.

“Xiaoyun, you leave here now!”

Sue Kirin doesn’t want Sue Yun’er to stay here for a long time, it is not conducive to the stability of the situation. Obviously, Zhang Baiyuan will have such changes, all because of Shui Yun’er, so not only will she stay here not allowing Zhang Baiyuan to calm down, she will also become a burden herself.

However, Shui Yun’er, who has always been obedient and knows how to score, did not act immediately.

“Zhang Baiyuan…?” Shui Yuner blinked as if he had heard the name for the first time, ruminating the name blankly. She was a little confused and a little skeptical.


Sue Kirin frowned, thinking that Zhang Baiyuan might not completely recognize the wrong person.

Yes, there should be no.

Sue Kirin still doesn’t know the true identity of Shui Yuner, but from the past, she probably guessed one or two. It is not without clues, and the identity of Princess Crown Prince is somewhat connected with Shui Yuner.

A momentary distraction caused a deadly weak spot.

When Sue Kirin realized that he had been enveloped by Elderly’s silhouette, he was already a little slower. The sharp sword pierced through the air, and the straight cutting path was not difficult to predict, but the sword energy wrapped around the sword was extremely majestic and heavy. Sue Kirin was in a hurry and swung the sword to take the oncoming sharp edge. .


A loud bang.

The Spiritual Qi on the two swords collided with each other, turned into an impact and spread out. It was like a sound that was 10,000 times louder by bursting a bubble, and actually struck the sword with Jin Gezhi The sound was completely erased.

In the camp, many things were lifted off by this shock.

The sword and the sword were in a stalemate, and the harsh sound of “叽──!” between the frictions, Zhang Baiyuan’s wrist strength exceeded Sue Kirin’s imagination, and the sword was suppressed by him at Sue Kirin.

It’s careless!

Sue Kirin had just met Tae Hasti, and failed to use enough strength, so he was suppressed. However, her weapon is not only a sword in her hand. Several magic charms fell from the hem of the robe, and instantly turned into a dazzling flash when they landed.

Zhang Baiyuan didn’t notice for a while, was blinded by a flash, and his strength suddenly loosened. Sue Kirin took this opportunity and immediately pushed the opponent’s sword away. After pulling away, a few fire arrows shot out.


Zhang Baiyuan forced out within the body Spiritual Qi and shattered the flame in the form of impact.

So he doesn’t need to retreat, even stepping forward here, to bully Sue Kirin’s body again. In the next instant, the sword light like a violent storm dumped towards Sue Kirin.

That is no longer a slash, but a strike that wants to knock the opponent into meat sauce, full of impulse to destroy.

“Damn, you’re real!”

The sword in Sue Kirin’s hand also speeds to the pinnacle, blocking the angle of Zhang Baiyuan’s weird, but with formidable power. hit. In an instant, Two Swords had already fought dozens of times, Sue Kirin’s arm was numb, and the opponent’s wrist became stronger.

Hey! Sue Kirin whispered to himself.

Zhang Baiyuan was not satisfied with this stalemate, his empty left hand stretched out, a black shadow seemed to respond to him, and flew in like an arrow. Sue Kirin felt wrong and turned sideways. At the crucial moment, he avoided the blow of the flying sword.

The failed stabbing sword nailed into the ground, and the force caused the sword handle to tremble.

Then Zhang Baiyuan pulled in a second sword, which was a snake sword with a complicated shape. Sue Kirin was not arrogant and only responded with a sword, and a short gun popped out of his machine robe.

The short spear and the stabbing sword have also been handed over, seeming to be fighting over whose stabbing is more powerful.

The two were in a stalemate, and they almost exhausted all their strength, but no one knew why such a battle happened—maybe only Zhang Baiyuan himself knew.

Similarly, probably no one knows how to end this battle early.

──No, maybe someone knows.

“Zhang grandfather, stop!”

Zhang Baiyuan’s sword power came to an abrupt end, all because of his exhausting shout.

However, the caller was not Qi Qiqi, who came after receiving the notice from the soldiers, but Shui Yuner. Sue Kirin didn’t understand why Shui Yun’er called Zhang Baiyuan Zhang grandfather, let alone why Zhang Baiyuan calmed down just because of such simple “three words”, like being poured into a flame of cold sweat.

“Zhang Baiyuan, you…”

Sue Kirin hasn’t reacted yet, and his mind is in confusion. At this moment, Qi Qiqi also arrived. She opened the curtain and walked into the camp, but stopped because of the chaos and strange atmosphere in the camp.

“What…what do you call me?”

Zhang Baiyuan asked in a trembling voice.

“Zhang grandfather, stop.” Shui Yuner shook his head, very desolate.


Zhang Baiyuan’s eyes have restored their clarity and changed rapidly. The blood red and craziness on the cheeks that were originally displayed under drunken excitement has long since disappeared and changed It’s pale as paper.

Finally, he could see a trace of rationality in his eyes, and Sue Kirin moved a little away from the opponent. Although the situation is weird, it seems to have become stable.

“What’s your name…what am I?” Zhang Baiyuan asked again, still the trembling voice.

His face is full of disbelief, and his whole body is shaking.

Sue Kirin is very curious, and Qi Qiqi must be the same, but there is no room for them to intervene between Zhang Baiyuan and Shui Yuner. They became outsiders in this camp.

“You are not Princess Crown Prince…You are not Princess Crown Prince…”

Zhang Baiyuan seems to finally understand.

For such a simple fact, he actually spent so much time and effort, but finally understood.

In this way, it was just a farce.

“Zhang grandfather, the former Princess Crown Prince…Nangong Huayu is dead…She no longer exists.”


Zhang Baiyuan has fully recovered his rationality, and the Two Swords in his hands have all fallen to the ground. He sat down on the ground like a child, shaking his head constantly.

“Yeah, the southern palace is already fragrant…He died before the eyes of the old man!”

He raised his head as if he could see the camp Like the night sky above, the corners of his eyes were dotted with sad tears. His sigh didn’t float far, it melted into the atmosphere feebly.

Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi look at each other and don’t know what to do. They can only remain silent and wait silently for the progress of each minding their own business.

Furthermore, Sue Kirin has a premonition in the dark, and now is definitely not the time to interrupt the two.

──Because a reality has come to the surface, ready to emerge.

They are all waiting for this answer, they all want to know that answer.

“But, it’s really too alike…too much…”

Zhang Baiyuan was crying, but his lips outlined the loneliness of a smile. Is he laughing or crying? Maybe both.


Shui Yuner’s expression is sorrowful, and she doesn’t say more. However, Zhang Baiyuan’s nostalgia for the person who has passed away is definitely not allowing the situation to go nowhere, nor allowing Shui Yun’er to continue to hide. Shui Yun’er must only know this deeply, so she looked at Sue Kirin with sad eyes.

The truth must be revealed after all, and some things cannot be hidden forever.

“Girl, who are you…?”

There may be two people in the world who look alike, but they must be more convincing than coincidence. Zhang Baiyuan does not think this is a time Coincidentally, when he asked this question with expectation, he looked like a child who had been eager for a long time.

If──If Shui Yun’er can become the missing piece in his heart…He has extremely deep hope, only to find the long-lost faith.

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