The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1163

“Zhang grandfather, this is Zhen’er…”

Shui Yuner’s smile is ugly and ugly.

When this name, which was given the meaning of out of the ordinary, but had not been used for a long time, was said again, it was unexpectedly not as difficult as she had imagined. As if everything is resembles nature itself, I can easily and fluently say it.


Zhang Baiyuan seemed to be frozen, dumbfounded.

His lips trembled uncontrollably.

“Are you…Xiaoyunyao?”

Before nodded, Shui Yuner took a deep breath.

Seeing the girl confessed her guess, Zhang Baiyuan really lost all her strength right now, and her upper body collapsed directly.

“very good…very good…”

He couldn’t stop the tears from the corners of his eyes, completely demeanor that Grandmaster should have.

“I thought that after the Nangong Family was extinguished sect, you died along with it… didn’t expect… didn’t expect you survived and became the discipline of Little Junior Sister… …Maybe this is also a fate…Anyway…It’s really good anyway.”

Elderly was already crying.

Shui Yun’er walked over quietly and handed out his right hand. Zhang Baiyuan grabbed the hand, pulled it to his chest, and held it tightly.

“very good……very good, His Highness the Crown Prince will definitely feel relieved in the spirit of heaven……”

Zhang Baiyuan just kept repeating these words.

So far, Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi still cannot get the answers they are looking forward to.


The sobbing voice of Zhang Baiyuan could not be stopped for a long time.

Shui Yun’er did not withdraw her hand, let Elderly hold it tightly and hide it in front of her chest, letting Elderly gain strength from her body. She didn’t turn her eyes back, as if she was afraid of facing Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi.

Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi also couldn’t get in.

They are still outsiders in the camp, the entire world seems to be only Shui Yuner and Zhang Baiyuan left. Xueqidu and Qi Qiqi looked at each other wordlessly, evading each other in their eyes, but still failed to choose a representative to break their silence.

The deadlock seems to continue.


“As of this time, there is nothing worth hiding, right?”

With this mixed sigh, Qin Shi Yu forcefully opened the curtain of the camp, and walked in hurriedly but gracefully accompanied by Princess Ning.

People’s eyes are instantly hooked off by her posture.

At that time, her wagging hair had not yet completely fallen off, floating in the air like splashed ink, like a landscape painting exuding ink fragrance.

The picture seems to stagnate for a moment.

“Zhang Baiyuan, the guardian of the sword, the former Great Grandmaster of Heavenly Jade Palace, and the only Junior Brother who has returned to Origin in five hundred years. The palace has heard of your name for a long time, and I finally saw it today… Well, you really deserve to be an expert from outside the world, and his outfits are so extraordinary.”

Qin Shiyu didn’t really look at the atmosphere of the scene at all, and even photographed flattery to the feet of the horse. She must have wanted to applaud the other party as soon as she came up, but she saw that the other party was dressed in tattered clothes again, so she had no choice but to continue talking cheeky.

“Who are you…?”

Zhang Baiyuan frowned and asked, as if he felt that the other party disturbed his and Shui Yun’er’s recollection. Indeed, the atmosphere just now was destroyed with the arrival of Qin Shiyu.

However, who knows if she did it on purpose?

Before thinking about this question, Sue Kirin was surprised that Zhang Baiyuan and Qin Yu’s family had an enemy. She immediately wanted to open her mouth and shout something to stop Qin Shiyu from introducing herself.

“Zhang Baiyuan, this palace is not a stranger, it is when the ninth daughter of today’s son-Emperor Ji Qin Shiyu.”

──still a little bit slower.

Sue Kirin failed to stop Qin Shiyu from introducing herself, so she could only hold onto her sword immediately to prevent Zhang Baiyuan from attacking here. Although she hated Qin Yu, she was different to Qin Shiyu, and if Qin Shiyu died here, things would be in trouble.


Didn’t expect Zhang Baiyuan was just silent.

His gaze is very sharp, staring straight at Qin Shiyu, looking at her up and down, as if he wants to penetrate her body with his gaze.

However, Qin Shiyu did not flinch. Even though her eyes were full of coercion, her feet were already trembling, but she still held on, and did not look away.

“Since you know who the old man is, you should know that the old man and your father — that grandson of Qin Yu has a bloody vengeance… You are not afraid that the old man will kill you?”

“Every injustice has its perpetrator, this palace believes that Zhang Baiyuan Senior will not irritate others indiscriminately, otherwise, what is the difference between your style and your father?” Qin Shiyu replied quite confidently , But only Sue Kirin saw the other hand gestures from a very tricky angle. What she meant was obvious, that if she was in danger, Sue Kirin had to help in time.

“This guy…”

Sue Kirin was inexplicably annoyed, and the other party took advantage of his presence to assume that posture of not being surprised. This can be regarded as bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections.

“The old man is not afraid of being stigmatized.”

Zhang Baiyuan did not have the intention of Qin Shiyu, slowly propped up his body, holding the falling sword.

“Hey, Zhang Baiyuan, you don’t want to be crazy!”

Sue Kirin yelled out first when he fell, and stood in front of Qin Shiyu. Zhang Baiyuan was not surprised that Sue Kirin would act like this, because he knew this was Qin Shiyu’s camp.

“Zhang grandfather, the ninth majesty benevolence, I hope you think twice!”

Qi Qiqi also came to Qin Shiyu with a sword to guard against Zhang Baiyuan’s troubles.

“Zhang grandfather, Shigure’s elder sister protects me a lot. If you shoot him, it will be unjust.”

In the end, it was Shui who made Zhang Baiyuan stop. Yuner. A simple sentence, without any reprimand, just a statement, is enough to make the hostility in Zhang Baiyuan’s eyes drastically reduced.

“hmph, that is what their family owes you.” Zhang Baiyuan refused to admit defeat.

“The palace indeed owes you.” Qin Shiyu agreed with a smile.

Her beautiful eyes turned to Shui Yun’er, reflecting the clear silhouette of a water-colored girl. The sight that came out was clear and deep, as if all the truth in the world could be clearly understood.

“Shui Yuner Nangong Yun Yao, or Qin Yuzhen, you should decide that the name really belongs to you, right?”

Qin Shiyu repeatedly tossed gently Three names are used to question Shui Yun’er.

Sue Kirin felt tight, ruminating these three names in his heart. The name of Nangong and the surname of the royal family-Nangong Yun Yao and Qin Yuzhen are very meaningful.

“Qin…?” Qi Qiqi thought of something and took a deep breath suddenly. Sue Kirin was sure she wanted to go to the same place as herself, so they looked at each other with the same shock.

“You, there should be no way to hide it anymore, right? The imperial Sister of this palace…”

Imperial Sister.

──It couldn’t be clearer what these two words mean.

Sue Kirin only felt dizzy and could not stand firmly for a while, and the long sword in his hand fell to the ground. Fortunately, Qi Qiqi helped her in time, so she didn’t really fall to the ground in embarrassment.

The girl looked at Shui Yun’er with her eyes wide open, seeking true or false from her.

Shui Yuner smiled, an ugly smile, a smile twisted by crying, and then she slowly but surely nodded with this smile.

At this point, everything has become a conclusion, and the dust has settled.

“Oh my God…” Sue Kirin covered his forehead with one hand, his mouth wide open, “My discipline is the Imperial Family? Then am I the Imperial Tutor or something? God, how much is the salary? Huh?”

Sue Kirin can only respond with this attitude.

Even if she had been prepared, this identity was a bit too frightening, and her little heart almost couldn’t bear it.

However, judging from her speech, she actually doesn’t at all care too much about who Shui Yuner is.

She would be so shocked, it’s purely that that’s all beyond imagination, there is nothing else.

Well, it’s different from Qi Qiqi.

Qiqiqi still has an unbelievable expression. If she didn’t hold Sue Kirin, she might have fainted.

“Kirin, don’t talk nonsense…” She still complained.

Sue Kirin rolled the eyes.

Qin Shiyu from the other side spoke again:

“How about? Good Imperial Sister in my palace, you should already have the answer.

“Qin elder sister, who do you want me to be? “

Shui Yuner asked back.

“This is not something my palace can decide…” Qin Shiyu raised a fan to cover her beautiful lips, “Yes. Only you decide this matter. “

“No, you have decided for me. “Shui Yun’er shook the head, and did not let Qin Shiyu talk to herself, “If it’s not like this, you don’t have to break in now – you have been waiting outside for a long time, have you? “

Qin Shiyu’s eyebrows trembled and she didn’t speak, but she was like acquiescence.

“You all want me to be Qin Yuzhen, Master Shuji Baize So, so are you, so you will try again and again. In fact, you already knew who was in the village… After all, you chose the route at the beginning, didn’t you? “

Indeed, Qin Shiyu personally selected the mountain range on either side of Bei’an City.

In other words, she can manipulate Shui Yuner and Shi Qingge. Encounter. All of this may have been set up by Qin Shiyu, in order to awaken a certain identity that has been hidden by Shui Yuner and hidden deep.

“But, Zhang Baiyuan’s whereabouts , Elder sister, I don’t know…”

Qin Shiyu laughed out loud, quite has several points of self-deprecating taste.

“…” So does Shui Yun’er Silence.

Even if Bai Ze wants to pick Shui Yun’er’s identity again, Qin Shiyu’s layout is not as good as Zhang Baiyuan’s occasional encounter.

“Imperial Sister Ah! , The sentence that the destiny is hard to violate may be difficult to hear, and I don’t like it in this palace, but—”

Qin Shiyu stood at a leisurely pace, walked back to the door of the camp, and raised the curtain high Gao opened it. The cold air poured in in an instant, flying her hair.

From the silhouette of her person and the doorway, you can see the night sky covered with thin clouds. The starlight shines through the thin clouds. It flickers dimly, but it can’t really fall on the ground.

“──What my palace and Bai Ze do may be superfluous, and it may be heaven that really wants to call you back. Maybe…”

“Does it make sense? “

Shui Yun’er sighed and asked, “Even if I re-present my identity, what’s the point?” “

“Yes, this may make you die. “

Qin Shiyu loosened the curtain, and the curtain gradually fell down due to gravity. A gust of wind swayed again, stroking her dress and hair as if countless things came out from behind her.

“However, there are many people who believed in your father. Now they are living in the wilderness. They are confused and do not know where to return. They don’t know where to go… Well, although the uncle has passed away, there are still Things stayed. He still has the responsibility to stay, and the relics are left, and only you can inherit all this. “

Qin Shiyu’s words fell on her shoulders, making Shui Yun’er feel heavy. She seemed to feel cold, lightly picked up her shoulders, and her body slightly shrank into a ball.

“…I obviously almost forgot. She raised her head, her hair pouring out, “I’m almost forgetting, why I worshipped the little Master…”

The scene fell silent.

Shi Yu stopped speaking, and Shui Yun’er just raised his head slightly and looked at the top of the camp. Maybe it was difficult to intervene. Sue Kirin, Qi Qiqi and Zhang Baiyuan were unable to speak. There was a feeling of suffocation, suppressed and imitated. It’s like being in a cold winter.

“It’s just…it’s just that many years have passed. It turns out that there are still people who want to go so on for those who have passed away… I don’t know… neither I know…”

Shui Yun’er lowered her head, her eyes rippling, and her gaze fell on Zhang Baiyuan. Well, it was Zhang Baiyuan. It was Zhang Baiyuan’s scary look just now, which touched her and became the last Overwhelmed

“It turns out…There are really people who are clinging to those past events, and that many people cannot escape from the past. “

“──Then, do you want to become their faith again? “

Qin Shiyu asked again, his words were clear, but his tone was casually.

“Why?” “

Shui Yun’er’s answer was a short rhetorical question.

“If I admit this identity here, your father will definitely not let me go… I believe you, you shouldn’t let me really fall to death, I want to know, why? “

Qin Shiyu laughed, with a very light smile, as if she was inadvertently amused. She first set her eyes on Zhang Baiyuan, and then at the direction of Bei’an City, unexpectedly a little lonely.

“Some people are still lost; some people are still not knowing what to do; some people are still clinging to the past-don’t you think they are too pitiful? “

Qin Shiyu looked directly at Shui Yun’er, her eyes sharpened suddenly, and plunged into the pair of water eyes like needles. “Some bloodlines are born and cannot be escaped. They are Imperial. Family, it should be like an Imperial Family, we should be born like this. “

“Although I have never lived like a Princess? “Shui Yun’er asked with a wry smile.

“You might think I am not qualified, but…” Qin Shiyu said flatly, “Even though you have never lived like a Princess. “

paused, Qin Shiyu said sadly:

“When necessary, you still have to die like a Princess. “

Shui Yuner was silent.

For a long time, she sighed softly:

“It’s really unfair…”

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