The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1164

It’s hard to find even trees.

Every time you step, you will get caught in the snow, and every time you pull out your foot, it will bring out a burst of snowflakes. It is hard to imagine that anyone can survive in such a harsh environment. It is said that in winter, there will be wind and snow almost every once in a while.

The wind and snow enough to bury all living things.

Nevertheless, there is no life here. When you walk on a section of the road, you can see the grass growing from the cracks between the stones, and occasionally you can see the bare trees resisting the cold and growing Star-like tender grass.

Under the ice-covered lake, you can occasionally spot small fish swimming back and forth.

──The so-called a glimmer of survival is probably such a thing.

Sue Kirin and Shui Yun’er walked side by side on the snow. No one was the first to speak out, only the occasional sound of cold wind blowing in the ears. Those wind sounds are a bit harsh. The shoes are soaked and will get wet with every step.

The soles of the feet are a bit stinged by the cold.

However, the two still didn’t mean to stop, as if roaming in the snow was a fun thing, even if neither of them spoke, but just moved forward.

They didn’t actually go too far, and they could see the campfire far away with a slight tilt.

Shui Yuner invited Sue Kirin to come out and walk.

In the end, she still failed to answer Qin Shiyu’s question-she didn’t know who she should be and whether she should mention that identity again.

A rabbit walking in the vicinity shocked the two.

They thought that something was there, they tense their nerves and turned their heads to look at it. After they found it was just a little bunny, they looked at each other blankly, and then laughed out loud.

Smiling lightly.

The next moment, the smile faded from their faces, and Shui Yun’er just opened his mouth lightly with the traces of the smile left behind:

“Little Master, How much do you know about the former Crown Prince?”

“Uh, does the former Crown Prince?”

Sue Kirin seems to be unable to cope with it, presumably he hasn’t been mentally prepared enough. But she tried to continue the topic and thought a little bit.

“Well…I heard that, others say that he is Mingjun.”

“Not sitting in that position, talk about He Mingjun…” Shui Yuner sighed The voice laughed bitterly, “Actually, I don’t remember him very much…my biological father.”


Sue Kirin is also understandable.

When the former Crown Prince died, Shui Yuner was probably only a few years old. It has been so long, and after the time when things are most easily forgotten, it is understandable that she does not have many impressions.

“I just remember… he has a big warm hand.” Shui Yuner’s eyes flashed with recollection.

“Well…that must be very warm.”

Sue Kirin is actually the same, and he doesn’t remember the appearance of his father. However, she was surprisingly like Shui Yun’er, still remembering the touch of father’s hand.

Perhaps, fatherly love is often reflected in those hands, she thinks so for no reason.

“Mingming and I are actually relatives. We met very rarely, but she didn’t recognize me… Obviously my hair is obvious.”

Shui Yun’er twisted two strands of her hair, looked at it blankly for a few seconds, then twisted and stretched it towards Sue Kirin, scratching her nose. Unexpectedly, Sue Kirin didn’t have any preparations. He immediately got itchy nose and sneezed.

“Aiya, why are you so naughty!”

Sue Kirin protested and pushed the other’s hair away.

By the way, Shui Yun’er’s hair color is indeed very distinctive, even if he counts the Hua Dynasty, it is very rare. It’s so distinctive, why didn’t Qin Yu notice it? He must be too confident, thinking that everything is under control.

──Yes, if he didn’t have the almost arrogant self-confidence, he would not have repeatedly encircled Wu Family.

“By the way, you and Mingming can be regarded as relatives because of the former Crown Prince concubine – uh, your mother, a member of the Nangong Family, right?”

“Yes, the former prime minister, Nangongwen, is my grandfather.”

The matter was over, Shui Yuner admitted directly without covering up.

“After my father was murdered, my grandfather changed me out of the Nangong Family. For my safety, I could hardly enter or leave the Nangong Family Mansion. I was able to hide in the depths. But in the end I was still unable to escape. I don’t know if Qin Yu discovered my true identity, or if he wanted to do something with his grandfather at first. After Nangong Family extinguish sect, I once again I escaped a catastrophe and wandered out. It took a while before I met you, the little Master.”

“At that time, you wanted revenge, so you insisted on worshiping under my door, right? “

“Yes.” Shui Yun’er smiled bitterly and shook his head, “I was thinking, why…I almost took everything from Qin Yu, I really wanted to kill him I really want to think about it, but…I don’t really want to give up my current life now, am I weakened?”

“Is there a conflict?” Sue Kirin blinked.


Shui Yun’er looked surprised.

“You want revenge, and don’t give up the current life, I don’t feel conflicted.”

Sue Kirin touched the chin said.

“If I insist on revenge and expose my identity, I will involve you little Ancestor Master. By then, I absolutely cannot stay in Heavenly Jade Palace.”

Shui Yun Er said sadly.

“Hey, do you stay in Heavenly Jade Palace, but Qin Yu has an excuse for that’s all.”

Sue Kirin stopped and laughed. Voice:

“He has already started with Xiaoyu, he must not be able to accommodate Heavenly Jade Palace, after all, the Heavenly Jade Palace is far beyond the past, and the research and development capabilities of the sword room cannot be underestimated. It’s also predictable that Qin Yu will do the Heavenly Jade Palace. The reason why Xiao Qi grows the Heavenly Jade Palace as much as possible is that he knows that no matter what, there will be conflicts with the Imperial Court again, and only with the corresponding power can the other party refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.”

Sue Kirin squeezed his waist with one hand, snorted:

“Sometimes having power is to take the opponent’s thoughts before the fight Squeeze it out.”

“Is this a soldier without a blade?” Shui Yuner chuckled twice, “Master Xue.”

“Hey, I’m not kidding you.”

Sue Kirin wrinkled his nose and solemnly said:

“Although Heavenly Jade Palace may not be able to rebel with you, I will always be your Master. If you really decide Yes, I will definitely support you. If there is a case, I will definitely protect you.” “That would be too selfish.” Shui Yuner’s expression was even more ugly.

Sue Kirin scratched his head.

This is indeed a difficult thing.

Shui Yun’er wants revenge. This is undoubtedly a rebellion. If Heavenly Jade Palace is involved, it will definitely cause great trouble to Heavenly Jade Palace. Although Sue Kirin cannot sit idly by, but at the same time she cannot watch Heavenly Jade Palace in distress.

It’s really embarrassing… She’s a little irritable.

However, one thing is certain, that is, she will never allow anyone to hurt her dísciple. If Shui Yun’er insists on revenge, Sue Kirin must protect her life even if she doesn’t help.

──Even if the Imperial Court is approaching.

Sue Kirin secretly made up his mind, clenching his fists very tightly.

“But, Xiaoyun.” She laughed, “Whether it is Shui Yun’er Nangong Yun Yao or Qin Yuzhen, it is still my discipline. In my eyes, you can only be you , So no matter who you want to be, it is the same. The important thing is that your nature has not changed, is it?”

“Can I only be me?”

Shui Yuner cudded quietly, then smiled helplessly.

“Little Master, you didn’t say this. It’s too cunning. If I choose one of the identities, I can take on the responsibility of that identity──”

“Hit!” Sue Kirin heard nodded and dizzy, “Where is it so complicated? Even if you are only a Shuiyuner, can’t you do what Nangong Yun can do? What’s wrong? Do whatever you want, don’t you have to play a banner? There is such a troublesome thing!”

Sue Kirin really thinks Sue Yun’er is too particular about it.

“Isn’t it simpler?”

Shui Yun’er smiled bitterly. Perhaps this question became too simple when Sue Kirin’s mouth came to her. Know what to say. She even wondered if she was too entangled, complicated such a simple problem so far, and spent a lot of effort to think meaninglessly.

In this world, some people live very simple lives, some people live very complicated lives, and Sue Kirin is probably the former.

“No matter what you want to do, as long as you are still you, I will stand by your side.”

Sue Kirin took a few steps forward, looked back and met Shui Yuner’s eyes threw this sentence. For Shuiyun’er, this sentence is full of tenderness. She lowered her eyes to hide the rippled water eyes, but her lips were slightly outlined into a happy solitude.

“Little Master is always like this.”

“Not good?” Sue Kirin smiled triumphantly.

“It’s not bad, but occasionally it makes people feel that their troubles are superfluous and stupid.” Shui Yun’er showed her tenderness rare and pursed her mouth in dissatisfaction.” Yes, it’s like now…I don’t know how many times I have tried to imagine, imagine how you will react when you have to know the truth.”

“Didn’t I almost fainted? “

“But, the meaning is different, you are just a little scared, simply did not struggle with my identity…”

“Well, not all.” Sue Kirin curled his mouth, “Even if I am heartless, some things still have to take some time to accept.”

“en?” Shui Yuner blinked unexpectedly, “Is that right?”

“en?” p>

“Yes,” Sue Kirin nodded, “For example, taking this time as an example, I don’t know if I should call you your Royal Highness.”


Shui Yuner stomped the ground cutely because she knew Sue Kirin was playing tricks on herself.

“Little Master, can’t you be more serious?”

Sue Kirin smiled like a tricky trick, and lightly jumped to the side, avoiding Shui Yuner’s dissatisfaction Coming palm. Then, she suddenly became serious:

“Xiaoyun, there is no need to think too much, and it is unnecessary to think too much about things. Even Xiaoqi–she may not be able to use Heavenly Jade Palace Lord’s I stand beside you, but Qi Qiqi will definitely stand beside you, just like everything we have experienced together in the past.”


Shui Yun The child froze.

She didn’t respond for a few seconds, but a thin smile gradually appeared on her face.

“Yeah, so I’m really happy.”

“It’s good to know.” Sue Kirin straightened his chest and looked very proud, “It’s all because of the encounter Fuck me!”


Shui Yuner agreed. This is an undeniable fact.

If she hadn’t met Sue Kirin, it would be hard for her to imagine what she would be like now.

“However, you will be a Princess. It’s still a bit far beyond imagination.”

Sue Kirin’s tone is full of emotion.

“I have never been alive like a Princess, and I have no title, just a troubled Princess. This is not an honor.”

Shui Yuner snickered She said that she didn’t mean to laugh at herself, presumably she had already seen it.

“Anyway, it’s a Princess. Next time I meet Bei Xiaolu, I must show off to her.”

Sue Kirin snapped his fingers and said to himself Up. Shui Yuner felt helpless, but at the same time he was relieved. She thought Sue Kirin would not be able to accept it.

Look like this–

“It’s stupid, Shui Yun’er.” She muttered to herself.

“en?” Sue Kirin didn’t hear too clearly, “What did you say?”

“You are cunning.”

Shui Yuner opened again With a joke, Sue Kirin stepped forward again and decided to ignore her.

“By the way, Nangong Yunyao is your pseudonym hiding in the Nangong Family, right? Why is it called Yunyao?”

This question is purely out of curiosity.

“I don’t know, but it’s said… that my grandfather said this is the title given to me by my mother. As soon as my father takes the throne one day, the two words Yunyao will become mine. Title.”

“Aiya, really disrespectful.” Sue Kirin gave Shui Yun’er a weird salute, “The little one pays homage to Yunyao Her Highness the Princess here!”

Shui Yuner stayed for a while and laughed.

“Well, no gifts and no gifts.” She made a quick and flat gesture.

The two laughed again, as if nothing happened.

“If in the past, I knew that you were a Princess, I am afraid that I could not accept it as easily as now.”

Sue Kirin mentioned suddenly.

“Why?” Shui Yuner was curious as it should be by rights.

“That’s because we have experienced enough, no matter what, nothing can easily destroy the connection and relationship between us…that’s why I can accept it so calmly.”

“Yeah…” Looking back on these years, I really experienced a lot. There are happiness and misfortune, Shui Yun’er will never forget all this.

“Little Master, I used to think for a long, long time, and thought many times, but didn’t get the answer, but now—”

Shui Yuner stopped and stared Look at Sue Kirin. Each other’s eyes reflected each other’s appearance, and their eyes were not limited to the surface of each other’s eyes, but reached a deeper place.

“──I think I will get the answer soon.”

Sue Kirin smiled.

The cold wind came, blowing their hair gently. With the flurry of hair as the background, Sue Kirin’s smile seemed to be carved there.

“Really?” She whispered, “That’s all right.”

Shui Yuner didn’t make a sound.

Enough is enough. She is just looking at Sue Kirin steadily at the moment, wanting to hide the girl in front of her in her heart and memory for a lifetime, until she passes away.

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