The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1165

The North Kingdom retreated and left the south of Bei’an City. After the narrow gap between the two mountain ranges, Bei’an City built a stronghold with thousands of remote evil heavy riders there.

As long as this narrow crossing is not blocked, Bei’an City will not be completely isolated.

Leaving the mountain range and Bei’an City, there is an open field further south.

Here, it is difficult for the North Kingdom to intercept all the teams going to and from Bei’an City, and the charge of Sue Kirin and Qin Shiyu caused a lot of damage to the North Kingdom army, so it can only be scattered later. Some distance for rectification.

However, the threat of the Northern Army to Bei’an City still exists.

Northland did not rashly blockade Bei’an City again, because at the narrow mouth, Cang Rin thought that Sue Kirin was capable of smashing the mountain range and burying the northern army. That would definitely make the already damaged army worse.

Therefore, after experiencing the previous period of onslaught, the North Army entered a period of rest and recuperation. With the city of Bei’an facing each other, they were actively preparing for war. It can be said that there were ups and downs.

be that as it may, the initiative is still in the hands of Northland.

The strength of Bei’an City is not sufficient, and it is more able to exert its strength by relying on natural risks. Before Qin Shiyu or Gong Tianqing achieves the victory, sticking to Bei’an City is the most appropriate strategy. Thinking of it, put on a stand-in.

On the other hand, if the City Lord of Bei’an launches an attack, the army of the North Kingdom guarding the main roads of the north is likely to do something, and Bei’an City will easily fall into a situation where the city will be embarrassed head and tail.

Therefore, both Cang Rin and King Ning were very tacitly garrisoned to rest and reorganize, achieving a situation where the two sides looked at each other from a distance, but each restrained themselves.

And when this situation will be broken, at this stage, it is completely in the hands of Northland.

For the army of the North Kingdom, who has won many victories along the way, but does not intend to be defeated in front of Bei’an City, they are extremely anxious and want to find opportunities as soon as possible.

But Canglin did not order for a long time.

Alo asked Cang Lin several times whether he wanted to attack Bei’an City, but he didn’t get a response. As the lord of the defeated army, Aluo naturally couldn’t be tempted to retaliate, but Cang Lin was in the army and he couldn’t make a decision rashly.

However, Allor really couldn’t swallow that breath.

Yeah, before he once again came to Canglin’s camp, he asked the two eagle guards who were guarding the door to pass in. The stronghold of Bei’an City has been initially completed, with a large number of organ weapons erected, making it like a simple fortress quite difficult to attack. As time goes by, this stronghold will definitely become more fortified, and it will be more difficult to attack at that time.

Allor thinks that he should take the lead and gnaw off the harder and harder bones earlier, and then in a spurt of energy join forces with his companions in the north to capture Bei’an City.

“Imperial Teacher let the general in.”

Among them, Yingwei gave Alo’s permission to reply after passing in.

Allor adjusted the skirt of his clothes, and the cloak with hair collar draped on him, then opened the curtain and walked in.

“It’s rude, Lord Imperial Teacher.”

Alo didn’t forget the etiquette, and walked quickly to the middle of the camp, with his right hand obliquely placed on his chest to salute. At the corner of his half-dangling head, he could see the huge White Wolf ─ ─ Silver Soul curled up beside him. Its body shape is still cramped in this barely spacious camp.

This wolf alone was enough to kill Allor.

“Well, something?”

A cold and short answer came from the front, Allor raised his head slowly, but was stunned for the next moment.

“The final general offended!” He quickly apologized.

What is this doing? Alo couldn’t help muttering in his heart, because Cang Lin was only half wearing his clothes.

Although he was facing him with his back side, he didn’t see anything at that glance, only the half of the other’s back was seen, but he still made him feel offended.

“I think you are in a hurry.”

Cang Rin also understands that he wants to wear half of his clothes, covering the exposed half of his back and fragrant shoulder. . After she tied the straps of her clothes, she greeted Allo and said:

“Okay, look up.”

Allo took a tentative glance and saw Cang Lin really After dressing neatly, he really dared to lift his head. Yes, Cang Rin is already like a god in the hearts of the people of the North Kingdom. Alo knew that Cang Lin was not really omniscient and omnipotent, but he still, like those ignorant people, did not dare to desecrate the woman in front of him.

Because he knew that it was Cang Rin who stood up when the North Kingdom was at its worst, brought the whole country to prosperity again, and personally supported a capable new king to rejuvenate the North Kingdom. Her contribution is enough to become a grand stroke in the history books.

“What’s the matter?”

Cang Rin didn’t care about Allor staring at him blankly, blunt asked.

“Imperial Teacher, the stronghold on the south side of Bei’an City has gradually taken shape, time must not wait…”

For an instant, Cang Lin seemed to sigh softly, as if Said: “Sure enough.”

“I know.”

Cang Rin’s tone was complied briefly, and then asked: “What else?”

Allor was speechless for a while.

Cang Rin must have understood what he meant, but she avoided talking about it. The meaning is already obvious, that is, she still has no intention of ordering troops.

“Imperial Teacher!” Alo was a little excited, and couldn’t bear it. “We are here to stay on the ground, but it’s just a waste of time! Dark crows have already flown in the direction of Bei’an City. The front line has been defeated, we can’t wait any longer!”

“The prince of Peacock is dead.”

Alo originally wanted to distinguish the pros and cons, and hoped that Cang Lin could order troops. didn’t expect the other party gave news like a thunderbolt in the blue sky in a tone that was almost clear.

“…Imperial Teacher, do you mean that the Peacock Prince of Bharat has died in battle?”

Alo was surprised, “Didn’t he die a few years ago? “

“He didn’t die.”

This is something that even Allor doesn’t know, and perhaps only Canglin knows about the entire Northern Kingdom.

“The new king of Bharatiya is a waste of no good and no use. The Prince Peacock retired behind the scenes through suspended animation a few years ago, and everything in Bharatiya can progress so fast.”


“Even…this happened?”

Alo didn’t know what to say for a short time.

If Prince Peacock is the master of Bharata behind the scenes, and now he is dead on the battlefield, what does it mean? This means that the Bharata Frontier may completely collapse. “That’s the case!” Allor firmly strengthened his thoughts, “I should enter troops as soon as possible!”

“I know.”

Cang Rin is still the indifferent tone. .

How can she not be surprised like this? Inexplicably, Allor felt an impulse ignited, and couldn’t help taking a step forward again.

“Imperial Teacher, this is related to the national fate of the North Country!”

Cang Rin did not blame Allor for the offense, but Yin Po seemed to have some opinions, and supported it. The huge body made a thick threatening sound at Alo contorts one’s face in agony.

“Silver Wolf.”

Cang Rin just called out, and Silver Wolf obediently lay down again. It looked a little unconvincing, but Cang Lin ignored it.

“This seat knows what the general said.”

Cang Rin grabbed the blanket beside her hand and put it on her lap, as if the weather was a bit too cold. Allo is getting more and more irritable, but before he wants to speak again──

“What’s happening in Bei’an City?”

“en?” Allo was startled slightly, “Nothing The movement is silent, they only take care of the fortifications, and put on an attitude of stubborn defense.”

“It’s not right.”

Cang Rin’s comment is only three short words.

“Imperial Teacher thinks something is wrong?”

“Qin Shiyu took Sue Kirin to join Bei’an City with great difficulty. It should not be so peaceful.”



Alo felt that Cang Lin’s words had some truth, and faintly felt that there was something wrong, but he thought about it for a moment and felt that there was still a possible explanation:


“My lord Imperial Teacher, the general thinks that although Qin Shiyu has already joined King Ning, this time we came and attacked quickly. They definitely need some time to gather information and rectify the army. They are ready. Before, there was no movement, so it should be understandable.”

“──It is stupid to explain to others.”

Cang Rin disagrees with Allor’s statement. The tone of the answer was a bit cold. That was an expression of dissatisfaction with Allo’s answer. The moment Alocha realized this, his shoulders suddenly became heavy.

“I’m sorry, but I will miss it at the end.”


Cang Rin was silent, his eyes narrowed as if a little tired.

“The opponent is Qin Shiyu, who is not content with the silent person.”

know yourself and know your enemy emerge victorious in every battle.

Cang Rin and Qin Shiyu have not only fought for the first time. There are direct and indirect. They can be said to be the people who understand each other best. Therefore, Cang Rin does not think that Qin Shiyu will not have it. Any action.

Suddenly, a strange light flashed in Cang Rin’s eyes.


Cang Rin raised his voice and shouted, and an eagle guard immediately came in and waited for orders.

“Intensify efforts to search for Bei’an City all around, and any impropriety must be reported.”

The Eagle Guard took his orders.

Cang Rin looked at his back and bit his nail a bit.

“I am also a little too slow to react…”

“Imperial Teacher?” Alo was unsure.

“Bei’an City is too peaceful, Aluo.”

Cang Rin still repeats this statement, Aluo does not understand what is wrong with it. By the time she even frowned her eyebrows.

“Alo, how is the Ajislan side?” She asked another place.

“General Ajislan has no news yet, but Ninglan City is still on guard.”

The communication in the north is very close, and Aluo received Ajis. The daily battle report not very long from Lan, naturally I remember it clearly.

“If you were Qin Shiyu and you now have an army in your hand, where would you send troops to fight?”

“Naturally, to support Ninglan City.”

Allor answered not even think, and then he realized the subtleties.

“Wait…Imperial Teacher, do you think Qin Shiyu has acted? Where did she come from to support Ninglan City?”

” Grandmaster can match an army.”

Cang Rin’s answer is simple.

Alo was slightly startled, and then recalled the situation when Sue Kirin took the only one thousand Chinese soldiers and attacked his tens of thousands of troops. At that time, the battle strength she exerted was terrifying. Between all kinds of flames and lightning, she almost had no strength to ring her hands, and she could only rely on bows and arrows to attack.

“Tomorrow, send troops to attack Bei’an City.”

As Allo remembered, Cang Lin suddenly gave this order. For a time, Allo showed an expression that he didn’t understand that he heard and so on, and it took some time before he showed his surprise.

“Imperial Teacher is going to launch a full-scale attack on Bei’an City?”

Cang Lin did not respond to Allo’s expectations.

“No, I want you to test the reality of Bei’an City.” She said carefully.


Alo was puzzled again.

“Test if Sue Kirin is still in Bei’an City.”

Cang Rin’s meaning is very simple, that is, Bei’an City is too calm. If Qin Shiyu really had a secret method, or sent Sue Kirin as a single soldier to support Ninglan City, Bei’an City would definitely be strong in appearance but weak in reality, and she wouldn’t mind sending troops to take it down immediately.

But at the same time──

“Also, pass this Majesty’s order, Alo, you write to ask Ajislan to guard against reinforcements and launch an all-out attack on Ninglan City. What is Qin Shiyu’s attempt? As long as she wins Ninglan City first, she will fall short.”

Only when he issued the order, can Cang Lin say such a long speech in her cold, crisp voice. . This must be a kind of enjoyment, but Allor didn’t dare to neglect the content by listening to the other’s voice.

Even if the result is not exactly what he wanted, at least the stagnant Northern Army will finally start again.

“Yes, the final admiral will definitely order General Ajislan to advance!”

Allo agreed in a deep voice, one-knee kneels down.

He and Ajislan are at the same level, and because he is supported by Canglin with Canglin as a backer, he has more say than Ajislan, so he can use it. The word “strict order”.


It seems that he is not used to speaking so much in one breath, Cang Rin slowly shrinks his back after giving orders. She extended the hand, lifted the teapot heated on the stove next to it, and poured brown red tea into her golden cup.

The sweet tea fragrance filled the camp.

She lightly took a sip, her eyes narrowed less.

“──The rest is Jialan’s problem.”

“Master Saintess of the Western Regions?”

An unexpected topic again, Ah Luo raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

“She is too negative.” The North Kingdom not only pays attention to the battle situation of its own side, but also pays attention to the battle situation of Bharata and the other two fronts in the Western Regions. Since it is an allied force of the three countries, it is natural to cooperate closely, and Cang Rin will naturally not lose care.


Cang Rin once again called out the eagle guard.

Only one eagle guard who was left outside the door walked in.

“Go, arrange for an eagle guard team to go to the Kunlun Mountains area. We need to know which side of the situation. It is very important whether Jialan is still on the front line.”


Receiving the token that Cang Rin handed out, the remaining eagle guard also took the order and left.

“Is the Imperial Teacher worried about internal problems in the Western Regions?”

After watching Yingwei’s departure, Allo turned his eyes and asked the question in his heart.

“──Whether it’s this seat, you, or Ajslan, we are too involved in the battlefield here, and our vision has become narrow…”

Cang Lin sighed heavily, and the expression was faint:

“──This is fatal.”

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