The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1166

There is only wind and sand in front of me.

And a piece of dark brown near red loess.

Solarita has left the Western Army for several days. Under the leadership of Beiming Youyu, he experienced a peculiar speed – the speed of the Grandmaster.

Beijing Youyu didn’t treat him as a person at all.

No, to be precise, she did not treat Solarita and other Western Region generals as human beings. They were stuffed into a box about the size of a carriage, like cargo, carried by a fish from Beiming, who showed their true form, and traversed many complex terrains at high speed.

Desert wilderness, even mountainous areas.

They even encountered a sandstorm. When people thought Beiming had a fish to make a detour for this, she even rushed in with everyone. At that time, the wind and sand made the carriage sway from side to side. Several people thought they would be buried in the yellow sand. Those people who were deceived by Sola Rita scolded him a lot, and even his ancestor eighteen generations did not let go.

Except for Solarita, everyone else is unaware.

They were all deceived and kidnapped by Beiming. So Sola Rita took on things like “traitors!” “slut!” “Damn!” infamy.

Along the way, Sola Rita has heard more sordid things than he was born up to now.

Just when he was almost unable to bear it, the journey that had taken a few days was finally over. A fish in Beiming landed on the edge of a narrow valley and unloaded them.

When they were dizzy and walked out of the car, several Western Region generals almost didn’t react and slammed down the cliff.

They found that this is a narrow road in the Western Regions.

The terrain of the Western Regions is complex, with numerous hills, and here is also the third country in the Western Regions that is closest to the Kunlun boundary at the Hua Dynasty. Beyond that, there are two more countries.

In other words, after crossing the borders of the Western Regions and the Chinese Dynasty, they also passed through two countries all the way to get here. This narrow road is also a natural barrier for the Western Regions. During the period of fighting in the Western Regions, it provided a natural barrier for the Western Regions to resist the Chinese dynasty.

Between the narrow road and the Chinese dynasty, there are only two Western countries. These two Western countries are closer to the Chinese dynasty, so they bear the greatest pressure from the Chinese dynasty. Of course, the existence of the Kunlun Mountains also relieves them a lot of pressure.

“Als Narrow Road…”

One of the Western Regions generals was shocked to say the name of the Narrow Road.

He rubbed his rope-stripped wrist, and couldn’t help but gasp.

At this moment, this narrow road is a very important strategic location. It runs through the southwest and central parts of the Western Regions. Now that the army of the Western Regions are fighting against the Chinese on the Kunlun boundary, this narrow channel has become the most important supply channel.

If Beiming Youyu intentionally blasted the cliffs on both sides of this narrow path and blocked the narrow path, the allied forces of the Western Regions fighting on the Kunlun boundary would suffer a fatal blow. Supplies will not keep up.

But the strange thing is that there should be heavy guards here.

Could it be because Beiming had fish acting alone and the target was too small, so the defenders didn’t notice anything? It may be that it is difficult for the Chinese dynasty to send a large army to this place. To reach this place, they have to break through the Western Front. In any case, it will cause movement and make this side take precautions, so they are lazy and lazy before any news is sent back. maybe.

“Solarita, you unscrupulous man! The gods will never forgive your sins! You betray Daoist!”

A Western Region The general excitedly grabbed Sola Rita by the collar, not to swallow him alive.

He made it clear that he was aware of the importance of the narrow path in front of him, and believed that Solarita was betraying his side for glory, and that he would have fish in the North Ming ── a powerful enough to destroy the narrow path. People came here to cut off the supply of the Western Regions.

“Caban, calm down!”

Solarita has no treason, and can no longer bear the insults of his companions.

He directly pushed the general named Kaban away.

“You heretical path of the devils!”

Kaban is also very excited, although it is more than fifty, but still full of anger. He took it with him and left it in the barracks with his accustomed scimitar. He didn’t take it with him, so he had to directly raise his fist and hit Solarita’s cheek with a punch.


This fist was quite fleshy, and Sola Rita was beaten so that she crooked her body and stepped on the edge of the cliff. If he fails to stabilize in time, he will fall into the ten thousand zhang abyss.

But Kaban wanted to push him down immediately.

Even if Solarita is remorseful, she will not die in vain. He received the second punch from Kaban, squatted into the opponent’s middle door, and knocked the opponent away.

“Kaban, don’t be impulsive! Although I, Solarita, is not a great person, I definitely won’t betray the country and my king easily!”

“You Fart!”

Caban didn’t listen to Solarita’s explanation, and raised his fist to charge again. He is a good general, but the military force is not as good as Sola Rita, so the latter disintegrated his attack very easily, throwing him to the ground with a single over-shoulder fall.

Seeing Kaban fell to the ground repeatedly, the others couldn’t help but want to step forward.

The Beiming Youyu, who has been silent until now, sees the turmoil in the crowd, knowing that all her thoughts have been lost-she originally planned to let Solarita try to calm the anger in these people’s hearts. She knew she had to stop at this moment, but at the same time──


The dull voice came out, inexplicably crisp, and shocked everyone present.

Kaban got up with difficulty and looked surprisedly towards the old man who slammed the ground with a tin rod in his hand. Seeing him finally come forward, Beiming Youyu withdrew from the steps he had just taken, and closed his eyes to a blind spot in their field of vision.

“ZongLord Wang…”

Kaban and the other generals all stepped back and respectfully nodded in salute.

The Elderly’s head is clean, hairless and spotless, but under that old face, densely packed beard is like pine, about to grow to the ground, covering half of his face. The eyes are full of intellectual brilliance.

If you want to count who is the most innocent involved, he is probably the first choice.

Secret Sect, as a branch of Buddhism, has an absolute position in the Western Regions, even named “Secret Sect”, but it is not the only “Buddhist Secret Sect” faction. There are other factions in the Western Regions. A faction, although its size and size are much smaller than that of Secret Sect, it still retains its status because of various magical deeds. ──The old man in front of him is the leader of “Extreme Bliss Sect”.

The King Extreme Bliss Sect and his Extreme Bliss Sect not at all participated in this war. They have been working hard for the peace of the Western Regions for a long time, and this time the Western Regions mobilized troops to the Chinese Dynasty. He came to persuade the war.

Actually, the generals of the Western Regions are very unwelcome to him.

He is able to control the will of many soldiers of the Western Regions and shake their fighting intents only by using words, but at the same time no one can do anything to him, because in the past, he has saved a lot Many people from the Western Regions have a high reputation in the Western Regions.

If it weren’t for Jialan, he might really persuade many people to withdraw from the war.

For him, the generals of the Western Regions held a respectful attitude. They can outward devotion but inner opposition to something, or simply not see the clan king, but now that he has spoken out, they naturally have to give some respect.

“Also please listen to the little monk.”

Zongwang spoke slowly in that old tone, his voice soft and firm.

“The North Ming Zun of the Hua Dynasty is always wise. If she really intends to be against us, she doesn’t need to spend a lot of time. As long as Solarita gathers us together, she can kill her. There is no need for her to bring us here and leave us with our lives-this is unreasonable.”

Zongwang can become a Zongwang, naturally there is a difference.

Even if he is kidnapped by this kind of thing, he can still remain calm and distinguish the current situation, persuade his companions to be calm, just this calm, call the generals on the scene ashamed of being inferior.

“ZongLord Wang said absolutely right.”

Solarita was able to relieve himself, and quickly agreed with him.

However, other people all cast hatred towards him like this. It seems that to resolve their misunderstanding and prejudice against him, a word from the king is still not enough.

“Zong Lord Wang, even if what you said is reasonable, but now the two countries are at war, and Solarita has joined the Grandmaster of another country, kidnapping us and staying away from the front line. So, Lord Zong Wang, can you tell us how to calm down?”

It was another western general who spoke.

His name is Garsh. He is one of the generals of the Western Regions with more experience, prestige and qualifications. He has the highest right to speak here, and he is more able to influence these generals than the king. idea.

“It’s true.”

Zongwang can’t deny that the current situation is really difficult to calm down.

“But… General Garsh, this is the end of the matter. Even if we kill Solarita, it is useless in terms of things. In case, Solarita really has something we don’t know about. What about the discovery? So didn’t it hurt his companion?”


Garsh’s eyes flickered for a long while, “Zong Lord Wang is too kind, people dispute It has never been so simple.”

He glanced at Solarita, then looked at the chest leaning against the tree, just watching the fish in Beiming here.

“In any case, we should never compromise and yield with the enemy.” He naturally implied that Solarita had no spine.

“Garsh, don’t be bully intolerably!”

So how can Solarita be able to withstand their hard-to-ear insults! He had endured all the way, and he couldn’t bear it anymore. He really regretted that he would listen to everything Beiming Youyu said.

“Garsh, I am subject to the glory of my king, can you insult me ​​at will?”

“en?” Garsh snorted, “a Those who are collaborating with the enemy are worthy of talking about glory?”


Solarita couldn’t bear it and rushed forward to argue with the opponent. “Solarita!” Kaban was the first to block between the two, and punched Solarita again.


Zongwang once again knocked on the ground with a tin battle, but this time it didn’t work. Caban and Sola Rita scrambled together, how can there be a General’s demeanor, and seeing Caban’s loss, two Western generals joined the battle.

However, Solarita is really tough.

Even though he suffered a lot of injuries during the siege, he still fought back and vowed to fight for himself. He did not completely fall under the wind with one-to-many, which also shows the high strength of his military force. Of course, this is also because the generals are not good at boxing and kicking skills, but Sola Rita’s wrestling skills are good.

Zongwang yelled several times, but no one paid any attention to him, just as he was treated indifferently when he persuaded countries to cease war. But as he was old, he didn’t give up, continuously calling them to stop.

Until, he coughed and coughed, coughing blood.

“cough cough cough cough cough ──!”

Too much excitement is also a big burden for him. He coughed up a lot of blood and coughed it all over his palm. Garsh and the others had to stop when they saw this, so as not to further stimulate the Lord Wang.

“ZongLord Wang, please take care of your body.”

Garsh walked to the Zongwang’s side and supported Elderly, and extended the hand to help him smoothly. Despite panting for hu hu, King Zong raised his eyes and looked around at the crowd, intermittently making them stop.

“Stop it!…You and you are so…cough cough cough…Is it necessary to die here because of internal fighting…just make others laugh?”

His question A little weak, but still stern.

Garsh was silent, losing his overbearing attitude. This is more because he saw that the king vomits blood, so he can’t stimulate the opponent anymore.

However, there are still ignorant people.

“Zong Lord Wang, Sola Rita is a betrayal of Daoist! You have abandoned the Ming kings, Zong Lord Wang, as a Daoist, how can you excuse him?”

Caban covered his swollen cheek, refuse to yield an inch, even if Garsh squinted at him, indirectly he don’t be impatient, he ignored it.


A white shadow suddenly passed in front of several people.

Beiming Youyu walked in a cold pace, drifting past like smoke, and approached Kaban in the blink of an eye. She seemed to stretch out her right hand lightly, grabbed Kaban by the neck, and lifted him up without any effort.

As if carrying a child, Kaban quickly lifted his feet off the ground and hung in the air.


Kaban grabbed Beiming Youyu’s hand and tried to open it with all his strength, but his slender arm didn’t look like the wind. move. Beiming Yuyu’s purple eyes shrank suddenly and stared at Kaban. There was a chill in Caban’s heart. “It’s easy for me to kill you. Now that you can talk nonsense here, it proves that I don’t want to kill you. Don’t overestimate yourself, the people of the Western Regions. You who have lost the army guard are like ants in my eyes. Ko, I stepped on one, will not raise my foot to see who is trampling to death, okay?”

Beijing has a fish in a cold tone, and every word is blowing like a cold wind. The faces of all the people present scratched them with pain. They couldn’t find any rebuttal, because they were so powerless in front of Beiming Youyu.

Thinking that it worked, Beiming Yuyu threw Kaban out. The man who was threw away hit a rock and shattered the rock with great force.

Kaban fell to the ground in embarrassment, and couldn’t climb up between tossing and turning, and could only let out a dull scream on the ground.

With him as a warning, the other generals of the Western Regions did not move for a while. It seems that King Zong has spent so many words and talks, and it can’t match the deterrence of Beiming Youyu.

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