The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1167

“Just as the Beiming Zunzuo said, you should calm down first, and it is not too late to listen to what General Solarita says before making a decision.”

The opportunity came out to persuade again.

“In that case,” Garsh was forced to be nodded, “Solarita, you better have a reasonable explanation for this matter.”

These people are finally willing to open up With ears gone, Sola Rita was exhausted, and her whole body ached. He had also suffered a lot of skin and flesh injuries just now when he was fighting with them.

Solarita took a deep breath first, her face becoming serious.

Next, he told Beiming Youyu and his own speculation about the whereabouts of Secret Sect Moon Wheel Loulan and the others. The generals hearing this were all shocked and unimaginable.

“Solarita, are you crazy? You will even believe that this kind of rhetoric is that the slut of Beiming has a fish is just an excuse to open us, maybe the Chinese dynasty has already begun to our base camp at this time Raid, I want to hit us completely unprepared!”

Kaban first did not believe it.

He is the most impulsive of these generals, and his resourcefulness is worse than Solarita. He simply didn’t use his brain to think about the various clues revealed in it.

“Kaban, can you explain why Lord Saintess is so avoiding the battle, and Moon Wheel and Loulan claim to chase down the fish in the North Ming and protect Lord Saintess and take away the ten thousand elites? Huh? , Beiming has a fish, but it is right in front of us!”


Faced with Solarita’s rhetorical question, Kaban was speechless.

Different from Kaban, the faces of the other Western Regions present are covered with a haze, because they have more or less noticed the improprieties beforehand, and they are now picked out by Solarita , There is no need to hide the anxiety in my heart.

Among them, Zongwang’s brow furrowed the most.

“If it is true as General Solarita said-no, if all this is true as the Beiming Zunzuo said, the Imperial Court of China and Moon Wheel and Loulan have colluded with each other and tried their best Attracting your troops, if you take advantage of the emptiness of the national defense of the Western Regions, if you make a counter-attack… this is a major event!”

The king sighed sadly, “It is clear that the war in the Western Regions was not easy. At the end, we shouldn’t have another incident to mobilize troops against the Chinese dynasty. There may be such a big conspiracy hidden in didn’t expect… Do the Buddhas really no longer care about the Western Regions?”

” Is there evidence?”

Garsh is not a monk, nor is he a Sect disciple. When encountering such things, he was more rational and directly asked the point.


Solarita couldn’t produce any evidence, because Beiming had a fish to bring him here, just to let him see the evidence. So, he had no choice but to throw this question to Beiming Youyu with his eyes.

Garsh frowned “en?”, guessing that Solarita was actually not sure.

“Solarita, you are still the deputy commander of the coalition army. Why do you follow Beiming Youyu so hastily? Are you it possible that you are deceived by her beauty?”


Speaking of this, Garsh looked at Beiming Youyu with deep fear. For him, Beiming Youyu’s beauty is also a fatal temptation.

“That’s how I was promoted to be a deputy commander… This position shouldn’t fall on my head anyway, right? You should also know who is more suitable for this. Location, but Moon Wheel and Loulan contributed to the flames, so I had to comply with my king’s request…”

Solarita is quite remorseful, regretting his lack of ability.

Unexpectedly, he would admit his shortcomings so frankly, Garsh was speechless for a while. He thought about the way of ruling Solarita, and felt that there was some truth in it. It was indeed Moon Wheel and Loulan who tried to push Solarita to the position of deputy commander, and Garsh was unhappy for a long time.

“hmph, the Frost King is just a person without real power that’s all!”

Kaban said out of time.

“Kaban, you guy dare to–!”

Solarita couldn’t stand someone insulting his king, so she became agitated and couldn’t immediately rush to and Caban competed in a showdown.

However, Garsh stopped them.

“Shut up!” He looked around at people, “If Beiming has a fish that is true, this matter is of great importance.”

“How can it be verified?”

One of the Western Region generals asked.

At this stage, there is no evidence. Whether it is Solarita or Beiming Youyu, they are all unfounded. Why do they believe the words of the two people, and Solarita himself is also There is no absolute certainty.

As for those present, only Beiming Youyu gave them the answer.

People’s sights were pinned to Beiming Youyu. Beiming Youyu didn’t like their sights and frowned at one time, but she didn’t know how to prove it.

The person who will really prove it for them is──

“Well, it’s a bit earlier than expected.”

The ridiculous voice came from behind people Floating.

They turned their eyes back in surprise.

Girls with horns come in styles, and the skin exposed under the dancer-like dress is reflected in the sun, and has a sickly white. White and clean.

“Who is it?”

Garsh narrowed his eyes.

Bai Ze has been living in seclusion in the forbidden library of the academy for a long time. Even with the title of “Shu Ji”, it is difficult for people in the Western Regions to know her existence.

“hmph,” Bai Ze murmured unhappily, “Who am I, do I need to explain to you? You ask the person’s identity, but you don’t even understand the truth of self-reporting. It’s really rude The guy.” She even insulted Garsh, not taking him seriously.

“You mother-in-law!”

One of the Western Regions couldn’t see it, and wanted to stand up for Garsh, but the latter stopped him sideways. “General Garsh?” He stopped in shock.

Bai Ze ignored the two, instead turning to Beiming Youyu.

“It is not a good thing to come too early, but your body seems to be recovering very well, to be able to go back and forth so quickly.”

Beijing Youyu was silent.

“…” Bai Ze squinted his eyes, and he could probably see Beiming Yuyu’s dissatisfaction.

But now is not the time to care.

“Who are you?” Kaban is still the most impatient.

At the same time, Solarita also wrinkled frowned suspiciously. He didn’t know that Beiming had fish’s companions waiting here.

“Who am I, does it matter?” Bai Ze said disdainfully, “As long as you know, I’m here to show you the evidence you want.” “oh?” Kindly, “I don’t know what evidence this girl has that can convince the generals? If the evidence you have can end this war, it is God’s blessing.”

“Boy, you Don’t have the right to speak?”

Bai Ze didn’t give the king a face at all. In a very straightforward word, he called this leader of the Second Great Sect Department of the Western Regions ashamed and unable to show one’s face.

“…It’s the little monk who talks too much.” King Zong smiled awkwardly.

Garsh was somewhat dissatisfied with this, but Bai Ze was not wrong, and there was another Beiming fish guarding him nearby, so he was not able to make trouble for the time being. Of course, he also wanted to know what kind of evidence Bai Ze could produce.

“This girl, if you really have evidence in your hand, please show it as soon as possible.”

Garsh didn’t want to be entangled any more and got to the point. Bai Ze snorted with his nose, walked to the edge of the cliff, and looked towards the side closer to Hua Chao.

“Counting the time, it should be almost the same,” she said.

“en?” Garsh caught the intention, “Could the girl have no evidence? Wouldn’t the girl want to say that she was waiting for the east wind?” He questioned.

“Did the east wind wait for it?” Bai Ze glanced at Garsh. “Fortunately, you are still a famous general, and you will wait for the ethereal east wind.”

Garsh was even more displeased with Bai Ze’s mockery.

“So, the girl is playing tricks on the Profound Void?” Garsh said defiantly.

Bai Ze turned his back to the deep valley.

The wind rushing out of the valley made her clothes fluttering and her hair flying and fluttering. She looked back with a confident and mocking smile. The slightly raised smile portrayed disdain, facing the sun like a silhouette.

People suddenly felt that her silhouette had an incredible power, enough to calm everyone down.

She is like a Daoist who is about to announce the end of the world.

And the fire beacon, which heralds destruction, rose slowly in the next moment──

“General Garsh, look!”

The most The first thing that was found to be wrong was Kaban.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw a faint gray smoke rising from the canyon narrow path close to the Hua Dynasty side, and his sight was immediately hooked.


Other people hearing this also turned their eyes.

The narrow canyon is about five or six miles long, and two cliffs are formed, as if a mountain range was cut open with a sword. Because the nearby is a hilly area, and it is deserted, there are almost no plants, only yellow soil.

So, there will be wind and sand from time to time here.

But that pinch of gray smoke is really hard to confuse with wind and sand.

Everyone present is almost experienced and will never mistake the appearance of the fire beacon. Yes, the smoke rising near the mouth of the canyon must be a fire beacon.

“This is…” Garsh’s heart sank sharply.

At the mouth of the gorge, it is one of the two Western Regions closest to the Hua Dynasty. The fire beacon has already been lit there, proving that it is likely to be burned by war.

If it was not for the Hua Dynasty that had repelled the Western Regions army and launched a counterattack, then other forces were attacking there, or that country had a civil strife.

However, combined with what Solarita and Beiming Youyu said, there is probably two attacks by Moon Wheel and Loulan. People don’t want this to be the case, but they can’t escape it.

This is something they must be sure of.


Bai Ze saw through their thoughts, “Do you think this evidence still meets your requirements?” She had an expression of determination.

Garsh and the others are speechless.

They put on different expressions, but they were equally heavy, only Solarita had a feeling of exhale and raised eyebrows, which was quite out of date.

Please come and confirm with me. “

Garsh took the lead in making a decision and greeted the Western Region generals present. The others didn’t have any ideas to oppose, and they were all worried about why the fire beacon would ignite.

Bai Ze and Bei Ming Youyu did not stop them.

Even Zongwang followed Garsh and the others to get up and ran to the end of the canyon narrow passage to find out the truth.


However, Garsh and the others are just running on their own, and they don’t have time to pay attention to the old and weak sect king.

“Look at their embarrassed look,” Bai Ze watched their backs. Coming to Beiming Youyu’s side, “Everyone is doing their best for their glorious monarch, which is really funny. “


It’s a little unexpected that there is a fish in Beiming. Bai Ze will suddenly ridicule, and he failed to answer the conversation immediately. As a result, Bai Ze shifted his attention to her. .

“You used to be like this. “

When Beiming Youyu heard this, he raised his eyebrows, and didn’t know what the other party meant.

“It is also a good thing that someone is loyal. “She said.

“Can understand,” Bai Ze did not deny, “but it depends on who is loyal to.” You paid a lot for the Imperial Court in order to find a place to stay, but in the end you still inevitably become a pawn. Are you saying this is funny? “

Bei Ming Youyu can’t answer, because even she herself finds it funny. Yes, in order to ensure her own shelter, she has repeatedly yielded and sacrificed a lot for the Hua Dynasty. In the end, everything was lost.

“Well, we are all performing a farce, we are all clowns. “

Abandoning this sentence, regardless of whether Beiming Yuyu is embarrassed, Bai Ze also took a step forward.

“In this kind of world, occasionally look at others The embarrassed appearance, and only in this way, can I make myself better…”

She said, chasing the first step Garsh.

Beijing has a fish and is speechless. Looking at her leaving back, her eyes extended again and again, as if returning to the location of Lingyue Valley, seeing the devastation.

“…It is indeed funny. “

The lips that moved slightly with this sentence trembled a little.


The journey of five miles, for Garsh etc. It’s not long for the generals of the Western Regions.

However, in that short time, the beacon in the distance has been extinguished and turned into the dying thread, swaying.

Presumably it won’t take long for the fire beacon to disappear.

They didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, because in addition to misdelivery, it’s more likely to be the enemy. Fang gave it off forcibly to prevent them from using fire beacon to inform others of the situation here.

Well, it is possible that someone is deliberately hiding the information.

Hurry up!

These two words are probably the words that best describe the mood of all the generals of the Western Regions at this moment.

The road will soon be over.

“…” Then, Presented in front of people, it is the capital of a country that can be seen from a distance. This Western Region country has long served as a barrier to the Southwest for the Western Regions Alliance. The capital is built on the plain in front of the narrow crossing of the canyon. It has a flavor of being guarded by itself.

When the Western Regions army passed through the canyon and met the army of this country, they were hospitalized by the king. Garsh and the others still remember the scenery of this country.

But , All this has become the past.

It’s just a short time that the capital at the other end has been caught in the flames of war. Even after a few miles, the country’s capital surrounded by thick city walls is vaguely visible. There were flames and smoke from many places.

There were also many damages on the city wall.

There were pits that were bombed by artillery, shot out by a crossbow bed, and sunk into the city. The strong arrow in the wall, the city gate has been broken. Due to the distance, Garsh and the others could not see clearly the situation in the city, only some traces.

However, the city wall still seems to be there. Fighting.

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