The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1168

“…Is this the Hua Dynasty counterattack?” Garsh muttered to himself.

His eyes are wide, and his eyes are full of red threads. If the capital is breached, the narrow canyon will be exposed, and the way into the Western Region will be opened here.

“Solarita!” Kaban searched for Solarita again excitedly. He was distraught. “You betrayal Daoist, you must have colluded with the group of dogs in the Hua Dynasty. Move away from the front!”

In fact, everyone here knows that probability is definitely not the only one identified by Kaban.

But they all hope that this will be the case. It will be the result of Solarita colluding with the Hua Dynasty and transferring them from the front line to sell to the Hua Dynasty weak spot. They are almost wishful thinking, hoping that this is the case.

Even Garsh is no exception, which can be proved from his mumbling just now.

In fact, Solarita didn’t think she was wrong? But he has noticed that the army fighting in the capital is the 20,000 elite soldiers of Moon Wheel and Loulan. He has seen the golden light emitted by the Secret Sect monks when they are fighting.

The iconic golden light. The light of Vajra.

Solarita couldn’t let herself ignore those lights. He originally came for this answer.

“Are you blind?” Sola Rita pushed Kaban away, pointed to the distant capital and shouted, “Those lights should be the most familiar to you! That’s Secret Sect. The monks are fighting and attacking our companions! This is a civil strife, a long-planned conspiracy!”

“What did you say!” Kaban still didn’t want to face it.

Garsh and other Western Region generals remained silent, and the atmosphere became heavy. No one paid any attention to the conflict between Kaban and Solarita. They must also know that they are actually deceiving themselves more.

“As the leader of an army, do you still like to deceive yourself and others?”

Bai Ze took a leisurely pace, arrived slowly, and said something mocking: “Or say , Do you people from the Western Regions like to help others’ morale to destroy your own prestige?”

“Manny!” Kaban was furious, “What do you mean?”

“Mother? “

Bai Ze’s eyebrows jumped straight. I don’t know how long he hasn’t been scolded like this. However, she did not bother to care about too much with the people in front of her.

“Boy, you have a lot of courage… In fact, there is nothing, I just feel that the front line constructed by the countries of the Western Regions with all the power of the whole country, in your mind, it can be so. Easy to break through.”

With a hum, she stopped.

“Hundreds of thousands of soldiers in your regiment would be afraid that the tens of thousands of soldiers from the trifling Huachao Zhenxi Mansion could break through and counterattack. They came here in just a few days… You in mind, How unable to withstand a single blow are the armies of the Western Regions?”

The generals of the Western Regions were speechless when asked.

Because of the long-term war, the replacement rate of the army is very high, that is, the number of veterans is very small, but also, the army has plenty of actual combat experience, and it is definitely not a weak group. Such an army would have all the members of the Zhenxi Mansion, and it would not be easier to talk about winning easily. Even more how, only half of the Zhenxi Mansion is now defending Qinglun City.

Without the support of Grandmaster, this is almost an impossible task. Although Jiang Runzhi is a handsome talent, he is definitely not the kind of genius who can create miracles.

The generals of the Western Regions were silent for a long time, only Kaban and Soralita stared at each other. It seems that Kaban, the thick-lined person, still holds that pale hope.

At this time, the Zong King who had caught up with not very long finally said:

“The people in power in this world can give up everything for fame and fortune and achievement… Moon Wheel and The kings of Loulan, you are really worthy of the Western Regions Alliance… worthy of the Buddha looking at you in the sky?”

The sentence of Zongwang was sent with emotion and became the last one to crush the camel Root straw.

“Damn it!”

A Western Region general screamed and punched the ground. He tried hard, and there were some cracks on the ground. With him as a representative, other generals of the Western Regions must be unable to escape.

The facts are here.

In that city not far away, it is the monk of Secret Sect who is fighting the soldiers of that country. If it weren’t too far apart, they must have seen the silhouettes of the soldiers of Loulan and Moon Wheel.

The strongest city often begins to collapse from inside.

And this country-this member of the canyon for the sake of the Western Regions Alliance, I am afraid I would never think of it. Some people should unite and fight against the outside world and directly attack themselves. The capital of the country.

“It’s not hard to imagine how easily Moon Wheel, Loulan, and Secret Sect deceived the country’s gates. When the people in the capital opened the city gate, they were met After the 20,000 people who should be their companions betrayed, the people of this country will show how desperate expressions.”

Bai Ze lightly stated, as if he had seen all this happen in the sky.

“So, you have to deceive yourself and others, let those who believe in you die in vain, and let your country suffer the insidious swords of betrayers? People of the Western Regions.”

White Ze’s voice is very delicate, the question is very sharp, and blood can be seen in one shot.

“Bharata helped the Western Regions Alliance. With the presence of the new king, the civil strife in the Western Regions finally stopped… I originally thought that the Western Regions could finally be united… didn’t expect, it was just There is only a superficial fragile unity…It’s just that fragile glass that breaks when you tap it!”

Garsh finally spoke.

With the facts in front of him, it seems that he cannot continue to deceive himself. What made him even more ridiculed was that this news still originated from the Grandmaster of the Hua Dynasty.


“It seems that the Hua Dynasty is also the same…”

He looked towards Beiming Youyu, who had just arrived at the end , Revealing that he has won back some sense of accomplishment.

“Even if you are a person, there are times of conflict. When you have to be forced to betray yourself, things are endless, even more how is it a huge country?”

But he spoke quietly.

Garsh and King Zong looked towards her in amazement, didn’t expect that she would open her mouth to comfort them-Bai Ze was naturally not comforting them, she was more comforting Beiming.

It’s just that Beiming Youyu doesn’t know what he is thinking, and ignores them. “Kaban, you go with Meli. Seeing it is not believable. You can find a way to sneak into the city and check the situation. I want to know if Moon Wheel and Loulan are attacked by the whole army. If you can, think of a way. Bring the king out. We owe them.”

Garsh gave orders without doubt.

Originally, they are all generals belonging to different countries. Garsh does not have the power to order a few people, but the alliance is still there, and the countries are still in the state of coalition forces. Garsh has a relatively high discourse in it. Power and prestige, so it is understandable that he will give orders at this moment.

Kaban and Meili agreed with regret, but Beiming Youyu unexpectedly stood up and said:

“I will go with you.”

For a while, everyone present did not understand what was heard.

Because Beiming Youyu’s proposal is beyond everyone’s imagination.

“hmph, do you feel sorry for the same illness?” Bai Ze looked very unhappy.


Bei Ming Youyu glanced at her and didn’t say more. Without waiting for Kaban and Melly’s response, she walked towards the two of them, grabbed the back collar with one hand, and leaped under the canyon narrow path without saying a word, leaving the rest of the Western Region generals messy in the wind.


Gong Tianqing’s brows have never been stretched.

In the past few days, she looked sad, because she was now bearing the lives and deaths of thousands of people, but she still couldn’t find any chance to break the enemy.

A small metal lantern hung on a sword nailed to the trunk.

Its brilliance illuminates the few forest areas in this wilderness.

A map of sheepskin, including Gonglan City, nearby is spread out on a stone. Gong Tianqing’s silver screen and a group of generals gathered in that small light space, facing the one The map is gesticulating.

The unexpected happened after all.

They came all the way and managed to avoid all the Northland’s eyes. However, the soldiers of the Northland who besieged Ninglan City had somehow noticed. They have launched a certain degree of vigilance to the outside world. Certain measures.

No one knows what went wrong, and the probability is too much.

It can be clearly noticed that those northern scouts are not only patrolling, but are investigating some kind of troops approaching the encirclement of the northern kingdom-this is the situation that Gong Lanping noticed, he is in the detection team His experience played a decisive role.

“How about attacking along here?”

Yinping pointed to a hilly area northeast of Ninglanping and proposed. Gong Tianqing and the chief of Xie Xie Zhongqi looked over, frowned and thought about it, they must have their own sand table deductions in their minds.

Long looking forward to being with Qin Shiyu, Yinping’s proposal is definitely constructive.

“Martial Ancestor of Yinping means to launch a raid on Ninglan Northern Part of City through the hills?”

Gong Tianqing guessed the meaning of Yinping.

Yinping approvingly nodded, of course this also has a positive meaning.

“We are very fast, but we did our best and we still encountered an accident, so we had to tear up the gap for Ninglan City as soon as possible. According to the information obtained by your Brother Yi from the palace girl, north The army’s strength is the weakest.”

“Ah, Mr. Gong is not my Brother Yi.”

Gong Tianqing corrected the sentence, which was completely subconscious. .

The silver screen was hearing this for a moment, and showed an embarrassed expression. It might be that the relationship is a bit complicated. She didn’t know how to answer the conversation for a while.

“Ah, sorry!” Gong Tianqing consciously said the wrong thing, a little panicked, “I don’t mean to complain.”

“I know.”

Yinping is naturally not dissatisfied, so don’t mind if you call Gong Tianqing quickly. The Xie Xie Zhongqi general who was sandwiched between the two was embarrassed and had to remain silent.

“Martial Ancestor, do you mean that after we tear the gap, Ninglan City will use this to break through, and walk north to Bei’an City to meet with His Royal Highness Ning, does that mean?”


Yinping was nodded, and the commander of the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry objected in a deep voice.

“The meaning of the girl in the silver screen is also understood by the final general, but this is too much the sword moves with side stroke. The reason why the forces on the northern part of city in Ninglan are weak is because the further north is Northland is here. Northland has large and small troops stationed in the vicinity. If we go north, we will definitely be besieged by them.”

“General Chen’s words are not unreasonable.” Gong Tianqing muttered. Get up, “But no matter where you go, you will definitely be pursued on the road…”

She was half talking, and then became silent again, as if thinking about something.

“Yuyao Senior, can you create some obstacles or traps to contain the enemy’s pursuit?”

Gong Tianqing suddenly raised this question and moved her eyes. looked towards the tree on the other side.

Xia Xue leaned on a thicker branch of the tree, her slender legs drooping down. She is taking a nap. In the past few days, she has spent a lot of spirit strength to help the team detect all around. She is really tired.

Below Xia Xue, a girl sat cross-legged with her eyes closed.

The girl’s face is small and full of Spiritual Qi, and her long black hair has an outstanding sheen. Even if she is short, she is still very symmetrical.

──If you insist on describing her, it’s “Sue Kirin”.

Well, the person sitting cross-legged under the tree and meditating looks exactly the same as Sue Kirin, but the insiders know that Sue Kirin is now deep in the north, and it is impossible to appear here.

She is not Sue Kirin, but Yuyao, who put on a disguise and turned into Sue Kirin by spell.


After hearing Gong Tianqing’s question, Yu Yao opened those black eyes and replied briefly.

“So, Yuyao Senior, please create some traps in these places in the next time.”

After Yuyao got up and walked over, Gong Tianqing Then pointed out a few places on the ground. Yuyao glanced twice and said that he had written it down. Next, Gong Tianqing told her some details.

“Ms. Gong, are you going to go directly to the east?”

Looking at the places where Gong Tianqing was about to lay down traps, the Xie Xie heavy cavalry general understood what he would get, and was surprised So asked. Gong Tianqing is definitely nodded.

“Since it will be pursued, the shorter the better.”

“…Wait, isn’t this a river?” Yinping suddenly discovered something. “Yes, I plan to dig these rivers. If we succeed in helping Ninglan City break through, I plan to let the army quickly pass the lower reaches of this river. There is a built dike further north here, and I plan to move it Digging and filling the downstream water, blocking the pursuit of soldiers.”

“Is there a dike here?”

Even the commander of the secluded evil heavy rider looked quite surprised, present. No one seems to know that there is a dike here.

“Grandfather said before that although the river is not large in scale, it occasionally floods and causes losses to the people, so he ordered the construction of the embankment two years earlier, and the time should have been completed. .”

Is there such a thing? Yinping and Xie Xie Zhongqi generals looked at each other.

“If I want to pass downstream, I can’t immediately blow up Difang.”

Yu Yao pointed out that, ignoring Yinping and the general and proceeded without authorization.

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