The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1169

“I’m going to blow it up with gunpowder.”

Gong Tianqing must have already had a blueprint in her mind, otherwise she could not answer so quickly.

“There should be Northland soldiers guarding the area, so we will divide the troops and seize the opportunity. If we arrange it in advance, it will definitely alarm the defenders there, so that the Northland will be on guard.”

After speaking, Gong Tianqing once again cast her gaze to the tree where Xia Xue was.

“Uncle Xia, can I entrust this task to you? Please take the senior and junior brothers from Heavenly Jade Palace to sneak in, and blow up the embankment when you hear from us “Drop.”

Xia Xue, who was napping, sighed, and said in a mocking voice:

“It seems that the nephew of the palace teacher’s love-causing temperament is completely like ours. Palace lord… Okay, anyway, I don’t have a position to refuse, and the Lightweight Art I learned is originally the most suitable for this kind of thing in your eyes.”

Complain again, or As promised, Xia Xue is Xia Xue, and this temperament will not change anytime.

“In this way, we will tear the gap from the north, bypass the hilly area after breaking through, cross the river and then go east.”

paused, Gong Tianqing looked around everyone.

“Do you have any questions?”

People are silent.

There is no objection.


The thick city wall ahead has become a ditch difficult to cross.

However, it is only a matter of time to fill it up, Ajislan on the horse thought so disdainfully. As the head of the first army, he did not take the lead in the charge, but stayed on the hill about five miles away, watching the fierce conflict in the plain ahead.

Gong Jing adopted a defense strategy, using the long-built city wall and fortifications of Ninglan City to resist the assaults of the Northern Army again and again. The past few days have come, and he no longer knows how many North Kingdom charges have been repelled.

“This Old Master does have a hand.”

Ajislan had to bear this, because there were nearly 200,000 soldiers from the North that surrounded Ninglan City. The Zhenbei House, which is nestled in the city, has a maximum of 50,000 people.

Zhenbei Mansion was the largest military town in the Hua Dynasty, but for many years of fighting with the North, Zhenbei Mansion was never able to make up the number of 100,000, at most only seven or eighty thousand, and the remaining batch People have been sacrificed in previous battles.

And this number is still growing.

Yes, the North Kingdom has several times the number of people in Zhenbei Fu, and each of them has a high battle strength. It is really enough to fill Ninglan City with only the number.

There is a lonely city in Ninglan. If this is not possible, Arislan might as well commit suicide on the spot.

The army of the North Kingdom in the front keeps charging forward, and there are a lot of weapons in the brigade. It was already the third day, and Ajslan organized an offensive immediately after receiving Cang Rin’s order. He also endured it for a long time. Gong Jinggu insisted on letting him provoke the battle without responding, and even hung up slogans like “North Kingdom thief, die without regret!” Burning in anger.

If it weren’t for Yu Canglin’s order, he would have mobilized the entire army to drag Gong Jing out and kill him.

In the past three days of continuous fierce attacks, the fortifications in front of the south gate and west gate of Ninglan City have almost been wiped out by the North, and because the North is pressing forward, the Chinese side cannot repair it at all. These fortifications. On both sides, Ninglan City is only left on the city wall and the organ weapons that’s all on the city wall.

And now, Ajislan is focusing on both sides.

The progress in the South is particularly remarkable.

Ajislan saw that his soldiers had put up their ladders on the city wall, and they were struggling to climb up with the rain of arrows pouring down from the city wall. For this reason, the Northern Kingdom left a corpse in front of the south gate of Ninglan City that was large enough to be folded into a mountain.

Ninglan City seemed to understand that the South Gate was also going to fall, and they mobilized troops to participate in the defense.

I have to admit that the Hua Dynasty is very strong, and Zhenbei Mansion is also very strong. They have a belief in their hearts that other armies do not have. If someone else was attacked so fiercely, they would have fallen into despair a long time ago, and then the whole army would fall into chaos and fall apart.

But, should we stop there?

“Go, let the people from the east and the north also come in and press Lao Tzu over.”

At the order of Ajislan, the messenger sent out several stars in succession. .

Not long after, the other two northern countries also entered and launched a full-scale attack on Ninglan City. They will become the straw that crushes the city of Ninglan, making them lose sight of it first.

“Gong Jing, I am not your opponent to play tricks, but the clever woman can’t cook without rice. You have no supplies, no support, and insufficient troops. What can you do?”

The soldiers from the north landed on the city wall, and Ajislan raised his lips.


Suddenly, a quick rider came from the rear, hurriedly riding the horse, shouting. Ajislan heard his shouting from a distance, and turned his head.

After a quarter of an hour, Kuaiqi finally stopped next to Ajislan.

He quickly got on the horse, gave a military salute, and then went straight to the topic:

“Master Asslan, there is movement in the You Prefecture army. About 20,000 infantry and 5,000 The cavalry is approaching Yancheng.”

Quickly ride the Northland garrison in the direction of Yancheng. He handed out the document handed out by Yan City Lord officer. Ajislan opened a quick read and after confirming that the letter was really coming from Yancheng, he snorted suddenly.

“Encircle the dwarf and save Zhao?”

The northern army remaining in Yancheng is only 20,000, but Ajislan does not think that the 20,000 army from You Prefecture Can capture Yancheng. If the Yancheng Army really had this battle strength, it would not be delayed until now.

“General, what should I do?” He asked Ajislan’s opinion.

“Go back and let your chief officer take good care of Yancheng. If Yancheng is lost before Lao Tzu takes over Ninglan, Lao Tzu will chop off his head and use it for Lao Tzu’s Ma Sheng. Urine!”

Ajislan ordered to die.

The soldier agreed, then mounted his horse and ran towards Yancheng. Once Yancheng falls, not only Ninglan City will be isolated, but the soldiers led by Ajislan will also become the “sandwich.”

The battlefield changes rapidly, and often a single opportunity can reverse the situation.

Although Ajislan looks down on the battle strength of the You Prefecture army, it does not allow any possible “weak spot”. Of course, he would not send troops back to the defense. After all, Ninglan City was already within reach. He believed that the North Kingdom army stationed in Yancheng was capable of resisting attacks from the You Prefecture army. Moreover, even if the You Prefecture army has the power to capture the sky, it is impossible to capture Yancheng in one day.

“But in order to avoid long nights and many dreams, little trouble should be adequate, General.”

The young teenager riding beside Ajislan reminded him. Ninglan City is already a mansion to be dumped, but Ajislan and the 10,000 elites behind him have not advanced yet, the young general knows what Ajislan is thinking.

Well, he is enjoying the last struggle of his prey.

This is the case on the grasslands, weak are prey to the strong, hunters also like to get a kind of excitement from the struggle of their prey. This is very common, and Ajislan is no exception.

“Talk about it.”

Arislan gave the young general a fiercely, and the young general dropped his head, but there was not much fear in his eyes. He and Ajislan are relatives, and the relationship is not so good, so simply is not afraid that Ajislan will really attack him.

“But you are right,” Sure enough, Ajislan listened, “If you are too happy to fight with your prey, you may also be dying by the opponent’s counterattack, but Lao Tzu Don’t be afraid.” He laughed arrogantly, “What can an old man make up for?”

“Arislan can support both heaven and earth, even God Be a little bit taboo, you really are not afraid of the prey’s mortal counterattack.”

The young general Leng Leng lightly took the conversation, squinted at Ajislan, and poured cold water on the opponent without face:

“It’s just hard to explain to Canglin Imperial Teacher.”

Ajislan’s arrogant smile froze on her face, and she fell into embarrassment. He was arrogant all his life, but he happened to meet Cang Rin. He couldn’t handle that person all the time, and the other person was still a woman, which made him feel even more defeated.

Cang Rin is his only pain, and also the only person he wants to subdue.

Like a hunter who will never admit defeat, always wanting to hunt stronger and more fierce prey to prove himself, Ajslan’s desire for Cangling is really inseparable. Paranoia, or pure love.

Anyway, he consciously wants to conquer Cang Rin.

Some questions never need to be too complicated. He only needs to conquer Cang Rin, and then put the questions afterwards.

“Okay, just you kid talking.”

Ajislan sighed helplessly, “Is there no news from the Eagle Guard who sneaked in?” Then he threw this problem. The lieutenant shook his head, the meaning was obvious.

However, the other side wanted to have a response──

On the top of Ninglan City, a wisp of firework flickered its tail and swayed up, exploding dazzlingly in Chenglang’s empty space. Spent out.

“hmph, the time has come!”

Ajislan no longer mistakenly identified the star smoke belonging to the North Country, and raised the Euphorbia in his hand. In the sun, the halberd blade shone extremely dazzling light, almost blinding the eyes of the people around.

“Northland boy, charge with me! Assault!”

Arislan kicked the horse under the seat, and the horse roared out like an arrow. With him as the leader, the final sound of the North Country’s elite stomping on horseshoes set off an imposing manner that shakes the earth, rushing forward like a spear breaking the enemy.


In an instant, the sound of calling to kill resounded across the sky.


Gong Jing stood on the top of the city.

His old body is still majestic, like a pine village that has been standing for years. Although the Battle Armor that accompanied him on the battlefield was damaged in many places, it was still sturdy and fit. Elderly didn’t know how many lives and deaths he had spent with this set of Battle Armor bestowed by the king.

However, this may be the last time he has worn this set of Battle Armor.

The coming of the North is overwhelming and unstoppable. Ninglan City is in a state of isolation again. There is no supply and no source of troops. Every loss can not be made up. It is only a matter of time to be consumed thoroughly, that’s all.

Even under the management of King Ning and Qin Shiyu for many years, Ninglan City has been built almost unbreakable, but the people inside are not indestructible. Without any supplies, people will starve to death.

“Is there still no movement in You Prefecture?”

Gong Jing looked at the soldiers from the North who charged in desperately. In their eyes, they saw hungry wolves. . He didn’t need to think about how the people in the city would be treated once the city was broken, let alone the soldiers of the Hua Dynasty.

Perhaps, a massacre is indispensable.

“Ninglan City must not lose…”

Gong Jing gradually clenched his fist on the female wall, looked at the battlefield below, and looked at the blood. The land dyed red, I dare not look away for a minute. As long as there is a second of inactivity, he may miss a fighter, and he must not blink himself.

“Going back to the general, You Prefecture has already sent troops… However, we think they can’t help us out. The North Country should have received the news, but they show no signs of wanting to withdraw.”

Lieutenant General Zhang Lie replied that his eyes were filled with deep anxiety.

Judging from his years of experience in the military, this was the most difficult one in Zhenbei Prefecture. In the past, he had never been so disturbed by the menacing army of Shangbei, but this time they were isolated and without supplies, and the situation was almost desperate.

“General, do we really have a chance to win?”


Gong Jing failed to answer this question, he also knew this time It’s bode ill rather than well. Cang Lin did not know why he would launch an all-out attack. Ninglan City has hardly stopped fighting in the past few days. Even when night comes, the North Kingdom will try to pry open the city gate of Ninglan City in the form of night attacks.

The soldiers don’t know how long they have not rested.

If the North Country is not attacking with all its strength, it can still use rotation to gain rest time, but the opponent’s hundreds of thousands of troops are pressured, and there is simply no room for rotation. It is exhausted just by knocking the opponent back several times. The full effort of Zhenbeifu.

Moreover, the inventory of various military materials is also worrying.

In order to cope with the North Kingdom’s offensive, Gong Jing almost spared no expense, otherwise Ninglan City might have been compromised long ago. As a price, Ninglan City’s materials were depleted too quickly. It might take less than ten days to run out of all materials, and all artillery weapons would have to be suspended.

However, I may not wait for that time. At the south gate where Gong Jing was, he couldn’t bear the pressure gradually. Soldiers from the North have put up ladders on the city wall and climbed up. Although the soldiers tried their best to kill and repel the northern soldiers who were trying to reach the summit, the soldiers of the northern country seemed crazy and climbed desperately.

The next one, there is another.

“General Gong,” a soldier hurriedly ran from a distance, hiding from the sporadic arrows thrown up by horsepower from below, and came to Gong Jing’s side, “The chief of the warehouse wants me to tell you , If the arrows continue to be used up at this rate, they will be used up tonight. He asks you to recycle the arrows as much as possible.”

Sure enough, there is a problem with the inventory, which is better than Gong Jing expected Time comes faster.

“I see.” Gong Jing replied briefly.

The soldier hesitated a little, it seemed that this answer could not make him go back to life. Gong Jing saw that someone had climbed to the top of the city and immediately ordered everyone to guard against death.

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