The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1170

“Is there something else?”

Gong Jing is focused on the battlefield, and really doesn’t have time to pay attention to him.

The Zhenbei Prefecture that has experienced several wars and training has its own fighting strength. It would not be said that if you lose Gong Jing, you will lose battle strength, but the convenience of unified scheduling will eventually be a little worse. Of course, it is not that some time will not be spared, so this is the question.

“That…General, there are not many arrows left in the warehouse. Can I save some of them?”

It seems that the chief of the warehouse who sent the soldiers, The real goal is to want Gong Jing to promise to use less arrows.

“The chief of the warehouse said that if the arrows are consumed too fast, they will soon be shut down without supplies.”



Gong Jing thought that there was something important for the other party, and when he heard that it turned out to be like this, he was immediately furious.

“Short-sighted guy, tell the chief of the storeroom that as much as possible will be moved out to this General, otherwise he will ask for everything.”

The soldier was scared. One jump, he should rush back to his life.

Gong Jing sighed, helpless and angry.

The head of the warehouse is always strict and cautious. Gong Jing appreciates him. Didn’t expect to send someone to tell him this during the war. Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? Isn’t the usual savings to be able to use enough when needed, but now that Ninglan City is about to fall, still need to save money? After leaving the city broken, will all be confiscated by the North? It’s really negligible…

Just thinking of this, Gong Jing suddenly thought of something.

“Wait!” he shouted the soldiers who had just left.

The soldier was shocked again, thinking that Gong Jing was going to care about him, but he didn’t even go back for a while.

“Come here quickly, I have an order to convey to you!”

Only when Gong Jing paid attention to how the other party felt, and called him over in a deep voice. The soldier knew he could not escape, so he walked back obediently.

“General, what is your order?”

After asking, a few arrows flew towards the soldiers. Others immediately warned, but the soldier couldn’t react, watching the arrows and his eyes.

At the crucial moment, a long spear came out like a dragon, one after another, the arrow shot was broken and the soldier was saved. The name of the famous was still in shock, but saw that the majestic silhouette had been blocked in front of him.

It was Gong Jing and the gun in his hand that saved him.

“General Xie’s life-saving grace!”

Understanding the fact that he had escaped from the dead, the soldier would kneel down to thank him, but Gong Jing supported him.

“It’s not such a leisurely time!”

Gong Jing drank him loudly.

There have been more and more soldiers from the North Kingdom stepping onto the city and entering hand-to-hand combat with the Zhenbei guards. This situation will only worsen, and the fall is a matter of time.

There are too many people in Northland.

“The rice bucket of You Prefecture is only sending troops now!” Gong Jing fiercely cursed.

Next, Gong Jing told the soldier:

“Go, send the chief of the storeroom–your boss to let him notify the guards of the storeroom. Once the city gate is lost, I burned the remaining 80% of the inventory to this General.”

“Burn it?”

The unexpected order called the soldier to turn pale with fright.

He took a breath, and it took a few seconds to spirit slowly recovers, and he confirmed to Gong Jing:

“General Gong, is it really going to burn?”

“Yes, it’s burned.” Gong Jing coldly snorted, “Even if we all die here, nothing can be left to the thieves in the North, so they can use it against our compatriots!”

The tone of the Great General in the north of the town is firm.

Even if the situation is almost desperate, he does not stop thinking, let alone fear of death in battle. What he fears is that he will cause trouble for his companions after his death in the battle. This is a man who guard home, defend the country and able to support both heaven and earth.

Although the soldier felt uneasy, he still respected Gong Jing’s decision.

He didn’t ask why the remaining 20% ​​were coming, because he didn’t even think about it, he just left it for himself to use for Danger Land. This is undoubtedly a last resort in cutting off one’s means of retreat.

“Yes, General, I will deliver the order to the death.”

The soldier solemnly responded, and after a military salute, Chao Gongjing turned and left. His steps are much firmer than before, because he also made up his mind to coexist and die with Ninglan City.

“Come here, Zheng Jin!”

Gong Jing glanced at the back of the soldier leaving, and shouted at the city gate general who was in charge of the defense of the city. The brave man who was directing the soldiers to resist the enemy immediately turned and took his orders.

“Zheng Jin, send someone to the storeroom to get some gunpowder. Several city wall sluices are installed for Lao Tzu, and once the city—the city can’t be guarded, someone will blow up the sluice. Cut off his water. By the way, if there are too many, blow up the southern city wall to Lao Tzu. We can’t hand over Ninglan City to the thieves in the north. Do you understand?”

Gong Jing grabbed Zheng Jin’s neck and pulled him in front of him, staring at him fiercely and said. Halfway through, a shell fell on the tower, tearing several soldiers to pieces, but the two of them did not move.

“General,” Zheng Jin’s expression was a bit miserable, “It is the honor of my life to be able to fight with you.” He even gave his last words.


Gong Jing let go of the man silently, her eyes inevitably sad.

But at the same time, it is better to be able to die here than to die in bed later. He has been in the army for eighty years and has killed countless enemies. He has long been connected to the land he protects, and the invisible rhizome has long been planted. He was born as a Chang’an, but he died as the soul of Northern Domain.

If God does not pity him today, he will die here.

──This is also his best attribution.

“It’s just a pain for you…” His only heartache is the soldiers under him.

Zheng Jin was able to appreciate Gong Jing’s love, and was dumb for a while.

However, now that it is naturally not a moment of feeling, Gong Jing shook the head and immediately gave his command:

“Go now, time is not waiting──”

Then, it happened at this moment.

“Be careful, general!”

It was Zheng Jin who first noticed something wrong.

In the field of vision with soldiers running and going as the background, a suspicious person suddenly approached here with a blood-stained knife. Zheng Jin saw the only one eyeball exposed from the helmet, which is rare. The emerald green. This color is quite rare in the Hua Dynasty, and there is a killing intent in this pair of eyes.

He acted almost instinctively. While shouting, Zheng Jin threw out like a tiger, pushing Gong Jing away from his original position, and then the horizontal knife that suddenly stabbed through the body of this eager general!

Blood splattered!

“Zheng Jin!”

Gong Jing stared in surprise, didn’t expect this one. Zheng Jin’s face was distorted with pain, but he grabbed the knife that pierced his body with his bare hands and prevented the opponent from pulling it out.

“There are…there are assassins!”

Zheng Jin shouted desperately.

The soldier who stabbed the horizontal knife had a strange light flashed in his eyes, and then abandoned the knife and backed away, stunned a nearby soldier who had not reacted with an elbow, and took the long spear in his hand and aimed it at To Gong Jing.

The gun comes out like a dragon.

The soldier’s blow was quick and swift, and the angle was precise. He was obviously a good player. However, he was able to succeed just now because of the sneak attack. At this moment, Gong Jing was already on guard, how could he easily succeed.

“hmph, imitate the dog and steal chicken!”

Gong Jing was coldly snorted, and he slammed forward.

The gun in his hand has more formidable power, and the cold light that will strike in the future is easily shaken. The life-threatening spear flower immediately covered the assassin, and in a blink of an eye, blood was spotted on the opponent’s body.

The assassin was not Gong Jing’s opponent, so he died and fell to the ground.

Several soldiers immediately stepped forward to grab him, but the other party had already died. After taking off the opponent’s helmet, a face of Northland was open to others.


Gong Jing squinted his eyes, and the corners of his eyes jumped a few times, “Northern Kingdom has penetrated in.”

Although Hua Dynasty There are many naturalized northerners in Zhenbei Prefecture, but this should not be the behavior of this group of people. Otherwise, the other party can hide too much. Gong Jing was more inclined to believe that it was the infiltration of the North Kingdom’s Eagle Guards. Taking advantage of the war, they easily disguised as soldiers from the Hua Dynasty and approached Gong Jing to perform assassination. In this case, the Northern Kingdom had no reason to use some deeply buried stakes, and Qin Shiyu and Gong Jing had been running the Northern Domain for a long time, and the loyalty of the soldiers in Ninglan City was still credible.

“Zheng Jin, your injury is okay?”

Gong Jing no longer cares about the assassin. The assassin is already alive and dead, so naturally he can’t ask anything. Then Just leave it to subordinates to check it.

He is more concerned about Zheng Jin, who just blocked him.

The assassin was well-trained, and there was almost no aura when he moved the knife. If Zheng Jin hadn’t discovered the fault first, Gong Jing might have understood him.

“At the end there will be nothing wrong…”

Clearly, he took a sigh of pain, but Zheng Jin still smiled bitterly and said that he was fine. I’m afraid he doesn’t want to be a burden in this battle.

Gong Jing saw that Zheng Jin’s wound was still bleeding from Danger Land, so naturally he didn’t believe his words. He called two soldiers, told them to pick up Zheng Jin and take them to a safe place for the doctor to treat. Although Zheng Jin was reluctant, he couldn’t stand the strength of the two soldiers when he was wounded.

After he was taken away by two soldiers──

There was a deafening horn from the northern position.

That is the signal to charge.

Gong Jing’s heart sank, and he hurried to the edge, pressing his hands on the female wall to look outside. Originally, the remaining elites of the North Kingdom had already moved, and the sound of thousands of people’s iron cavalry stepped on the ground, and Gong Jing, who was far away, could also feel the shock.

Well, the North Kingdom has shaken the earth.

“…Is it coming after all?”

Ninglan City is already in jeopardy. Ajislan and the elite of his men join the battle, not to crush the camel The last straw is so simple.

That is a big rock.

──The big rock that can penetrate the city wall of Ninglan City.

“Your Majesty, the old man may finally come to see you…”

Gong Jing smiled bitterly, but his eyes lit up with endless fighting intents. He clenched the long spear in his hand and ordered all soldiers in Ninglan City to fight to the death.

Whether the opponent can break Ninglan City, this time will be a turning point. If the North Kingdom cannot get a fight, it should retreat and rest temporarily, and this can also provide some breathing room for Ninglan City.

This battle is too expensive for both parties.

Furthermore, in the previous several attacks, Ajislan accurately hunted down the expert on the northern side of the town. Well, although he has only started the action today, he had already planted a chance to win for the North a few days ago. Ninglan City, which had lost its high-end battle strength, fell into extreme passiveness when faced with the actions of the enemy martial artist. Zhen Guowei’s expert was almost completely destroyed, and it was impossible to resist the infiltration and decapitation carried out by the martial artist who was good at individual combat. If it weren’t for the damage of the expert, who had dragged Ajislan a few days earlier, Ninglan City might have been captured long ago.

However, the past few days they had won were still unable to give Ninglan City a chance to win.

“The generals listen to the order, this is the time for us to die for the country!”

Gong Jing banged on the ground and announced loudly that he took the handsome flag from the soldier and raised it. . The blood-stained flag danced in the wind and fluttered over the city.

The rumbling sound of a shell landing.

The sharp sound of arrows passing by.

The killing and the sound of horseshoes of soldiers from the North.

There is also the sound of fighting Jin Ge.

These voices were disordered and in a mess mixed together noisily, but Gong Jing raised the long spear in his hand, calling for the soldiers to fight to death, and it still reached people’s ears.

Because they are all responding loudly.

No one in Zhenbei Mansion is afraid of death, they decided to fight to the death here!


“The situation in Ninglan City is not very good. It is estimated that the loss will only happen sooner or later.”

Xia Xue rarely looks serious.

At this moment, her delicate and lovely face is stained by yellow sand. She has been very tired after running for several days. Although she complained, she still worked hard. This brought people from Ninglan City. Check the situation on the battlefield back.

“Although there are movements in You Prefecture, I am afraid that I will not be able to catch up, Qing’er. Time does not wait for me, we can’t wait any longer. If you wait any longer, there will probably be no chance.”

Gong Lanping said anxiously that he also led the team to investigate the situation just now. Even he could tell that Ninglan City was already at the end of strong slaves. There are too many people in Northland, and their equipment is better than before. Not only do they have organ weapons and artillery, but they even shoot their arrows farther than before.

There were a lot of businessmen in the Chinese dynasty who did business with the North in private, and some of the arms flowed out from this, which created the situation today. Of course, the Hua Dynasty’s equipment is also much better, but the city wall has not become taller or thicker, nor has it become stronger. The more formidable power of artillery will cause greater damage. Hua Dynasty has always been good at defensive battles. After the North Kingdom has more sophisticated equipment, the city wall, which is indirectly called city, becomes weaker. This cannot be filled by sophisticated equipment.


Gong Tianqing hesitated and turned to Yuyao for advice.

Yuyao is still showing up in the form of Sue Kirin. Most people here don’t know that the Heavenly Jade Ancestor Master has actually been replaced by a civet cat for the Crown Prince. Yuyao is disguised as a Crown Prince.

“The operation is only 70% completed. If you want to start, wait at least one or two hours.”

“No…” Gong Tianqing bit her nails.” An hour or two is too late.” Even if she hadn’t seen the situation at the other end with her own eyes, from the situation described by Gong Lanping and Xia Xue, Ninglan City was already on the verge of falling.

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