The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1171

After thinking about it for a moment, Gong Tianqing’s eyes suddenly brightened, and she raised questions to Yuyao again:

“If we eliminate the trap, we mainly maintain the protective wall needed to penetrate in, and then Can the operation be completed faster by thickening the part of the city wall?”

“Maybe it can be completed in two quarters of an hour.” After thinking about it, Yu Yao replied, “If the main force is The part of the thick city wall can speed up a bit… But Gong Tianqing, one thing you have to know is that this is originally a very large-scale operation, and I have to be careful about it. If there are some mistakes, it may be Will cause the whole technique to fail, are you willing to bear such a result?”

“It’s okay.” Gong Tianqing bit her lip, and said decisively, “If you miss the opportunity because of being too cautious, But it’s not upside down.”

“I’m afraid that my godfather is not willing to leave…”

Gong Lanping expressed his concerns.

There are civilians in Ninglan City. If Zhenbei Prefecture really withdraws its troops, Ninglan City will be exposed to the North without any defense. If Zhenbei Mansion was able to retreat successfully, it would not be difficult to imagine what the North Kingdom would do to the civilians in its anger.

“Uncle, I understand what you said. Don’t worry, I’ve already prepared.”

Gong Tianqing responded cautiously, and she also took this into consideration. Inside.

Frankly speaking, he is by no means a qualified soldier to take care of the life and death of civilians at this time. Ninglan City was originally a major frontline city. There were not many resident civilians in it. I am afraid that there were only tens of thousands of triflings. Not to mention that after the war, a large number of civilians fled the city and fled. Now there are only thousands of civilians in Ninglan City. Counted. The sacrifices of these civilians did not affect the entire battle situation, but if the tens of thousands of troops in the Zhenbei Mansion were destroyed by this, it would be enough to influence the entire Northern Domain battle situation.

The most important thing is to make Zhenbei Mansion withdraw its troops as much as possible.

In the past, there was no need to consider the life and death of civilians, and there was no way to take the civilians in Zhenbei Mansion and Ninglan City to leave as much as possible.

However, there is Yuyao.

Yu Yao is stronger than Sue Kirin to some extent. Sue Kirin once said, “As long as Yu Yao stands on the ground, she is not weaker than anyone else.” She was able to build a passage connecting with Ninglan City and support it with a high wall. At that time, just let the civilians and Zhenbei Mansion retreat along this passage.

Of course, this retreat will be a tough battle.

Gong Tianqing believes that the impact of their raid method will be enough to make it difficult for Northland to react in a short time, but there is one thing worth noting, that is, the issue of speed.

The sooner the better.

No matter how fast this thing can be completed, it will have a critical impact on the entire retreat. Therefore, Yuyao spent a lot of time in pre-programming the technique.

The rest is──

Successfully broke through and reunited with Gong Jing.

“This time, breaking through the encirclement will be the key.”

The city with thick walls can play a good defense effect, but at the same time, the city wall and the city itself are A prison is like a big coffin under the surroundings, as it is at Ninglan City where Zhenbei Prefecture is located.

Only by leaving the city and breaking out, can Zhenbei Mansion regain freedom and liberation, and will also have more strategic mobility space. Therefore, as long as we break through the encirclement, some problems will not be a problem.

The battle carried out by Gong Tianqing this time may be the first strategic action carried out by the Chinese dynasty based on spell for the first time. Whether it succeeds or not, this battle will also be recorded in the annals of history, leaving a strong ink.

“Please listen to my orders!”

On the edge of the forest, Gong Tianqing raised the sword in his hand, and under the shining sun that was gradually stained with twilight, it shone with secret and perseverance The light.

Behind her, a black shadow gradually appeared.

Wearing heavy armor and holding a horse in their hands, they emerged from the forest like the shadow of death one after another, leaving only one eye exposed from the armor of the Ghost God.

“The heavy rider of the remote evil, the elite of the Northern Domain, please charge with me, put the enemy to death, and open the way for our army companions!”

The shadow of black has been All escaped from the forest and appeared in the wilderness.

As Gong Tianqing drew a sharp edge in his hand, they neatly mounted their horses, erected their heavy weapons, and rushed forward.

Gong Tianqing, who was in the black violent current, allowed the messy wind brought by the violent current to blow her one-shoulder cloak, which originally belonged to Gong Tianyang.

She is petite, just like the small but unconvinced watershed that separates and flows wildly.

The name of Heavenly Palace today will also be recorded in history.


The city of Bei’an far away also encountered the same situation as the city of Ninglan.

After many trials, Cang Rin confirmed that Sue Kirin was not in the city at all, so he launched a full-scale assault on Bei’an City.

However, compared with the swift and violent use of troops by Ajislan, Canglin’s use of troops is unpredictable, which makes people have nowhere to use their forces. Time is fast, time is slack, like waves scouring on the shore, it is difficult to predict the speed and strength it will hit the shore next time.

The defenders on the northern head of Bei’an City and the two mountain range entrances to the south felt that they were in the tide, becoming something that drifted with the flow and ups and downs and was difficult to deal with.

As the supreme officer, King Ning can only stay calm in the city like the Sea Calming Divine Needle, dealing with threats from Cang Rin as much as possible.

“She is determined to win…”

Sitting in the mansion, he listened to the military situation reported by all aspects of Bei’an City, and King Ning was restless. He didn’t show these uneasiness in front of his subordinates, he could only hide it deeply in his heart to prevent the army from being unstable.

The people who were able to share his worries in the past are hiding in the darkness, looking for opportunities to give the Northern Throne a head-on attack. At the moment when he lost the help of his beloved wife, King Ning suddenly felt that this small city of Bei’an was so heavy.

“His Royal Highness, the city of Bei’an will not be able to be defended if it goes on like this… That Cang Rin is too cunning, and the use of troops is extremely strange. Once we want to counterattack with all our strength, those soldiers from the North will feel like oiling. , Slid fast… Once we turn to the defensive, the other side bites like tigers… Your Highness, what should I do?”

At first it is still gnashing teeth, but afterwards, There is no countermeasure, sad face.

There are not only a few people who have the same troubles as this general. All the generals in Bei’an City feel more or less like this. They feel that there is nowhere to apply force, just like dealing with a piece of cotton that can be hard or soft. As long as a little bit of effort, the cotton will be soft and hit. He didn’t even feel the hand, but once the effort was lightened, the opponent suddenly hardened, and instead caused pain in his fists.

This kind of feeling of not being up and down is really uncomfortable.

“…” King Ning closed his eyes.

He was also thinking about countermeasures the past few days.

Although Bei’an City seems to show no signs of falling under Cang Rin’s aggressive or rigid offensive, in fact, Bei’an City has completely fallen into Cang Rin’s rhythm and was led by the nose. gone! So, when will Cang Rin be led to death is only a matter of time.

In this regard, King Ning could only come to flood it with soldiers, and the soil would be blocked in the future.

At this stage, the best countermeasure is that no matter what Cang Rin does, Bei’an City and the defenders must shrink into a tortoise-like danger, using the inventory of blessed by heaven. Strictly guarding the materials and materials.

The great fortune in misfortune is that Cang Lin did not directly participate in the war.

Otherwise, with Bei Ancheng’s battle strength, it would be difficult to resist the actions that contain her. Just to contain her, you have to pay a heavy price. King Ning began to regret agreeing to Qin Shiyu’s plan, and let Yu Yaozun Zuo join in supporting Ninglan City.

In Qin Shiyu’s original prediction, Cang Lin would not have launched such an action against Bei’an City.

Is it aware of something? King Ning had always had this suspicion the past few days, but Cang Lin would not take the initiative to tell him the answer, so he couldn’t be sure.

However, there is nothing good.

Dark Crow’s communications have been restored, and Bei’an City can get in touch with You Prefecture and the deeper part of Hua Dynasty, which is a good thing. As for Qin Shiyu’s side, he still had to rely on communication symbols. At this moment, Qin Shiyu should have become a land of ice and snow that entered the northern kingdom to the north. At that speed, it must have been close to the northern king’s court.

Beijing has a few fixed cities.

Because the long-term migration is not conducive to the concentration of power, the northern country found a plain on the edge of the grassland to build the capital, called the Northern King’s Court, where the Royal Family of the Northern Kingdom and various nobles lived. place. Because of its national characteristics, the North Kingdom has always been difficult to destroy its power center, but the construction of the North Kingdom gave this opportunity.

It’s just that, so far the North Country is strong and the national defense force is sufficient, the Hua Dynasty has never really attacked the opposing royal court. But now it is different. The North Kingdom has almost poured all the power of the whole country to attack, so the defense of the royal court has always been quite empty.

This is something that can be understood with a little thought.

But she was able to muster up the courage like Qin Shiyu, with only a few thousand troops to detour again and again, and she may be the only person in the world who attacked the opposing court. Sometimes dare to think and dare to do are really two different things, as different as heaven and earth.


A soldier hurriedly ran in, one-knee kneels on the floor of the hall. Intelligence was being processed continuously in the hall, and the staff officers who gave orders were detracted by it.

“Say!” King Ning bluntly asked.

“Go back to your Highness, in the southern position, there are soldiers from the North appearing behind them!”


Heard the soldiers’ report, King Ning picked Frowned.

“His Royal Highness, the North Kingdom may send a small group of troops to detour, and the front position will be divided.”

A staff officer stepped forward and said.

Needless to say, the position in his mouth is that they finally regained it, the stronghold of the mountain range mouth south of Bei’an City. There are many elites from Bei’an City stationed there.

The terrain of Bei’an City is exceptional. As long as the two entrances and exits of the mountain range are captured, Bei’an City can be isolated, so it is not surprising that Cang Rin is tempted by that stronghold again.

“Let them return.” King Ning made a decisive decision.

“His Royal Highness is going to give up that stronghold?”

The staff turned pale with fright, and they finally took back that place. King Ning raised his hand to signal everyone to be a little restless, and explained:

“Dang Duan is constantly suffering from the chaos. Now that we lose the support of Grandmaster, once the position is exposed to Cang Rin, It will only become a unilateral slaughter that’s all.”

The staff members discussed spiritedly, very unwilling.

They can’t give up that position easily, even if they also understand that Cang Rin has the ability to easily remove that position. The problem for the City Lord of Bei’an is that without the battle strength of the Grandmaster Level, Cang Rin’s actions cannot be contained.

Well, they all have the ability, but they lack the courage to “abandon” them.

So there is only one King Ning, and only one Qin Shiyu.

“go! Send my order, order the remote evil heavy cavalry in the front formation to withdraw to the position and burn all the fortifications of the position.”

Ning Wang gave an order. , Regardless of whether the staff have reservations.

Naturally, the soldier would not care whether the staff members agreed. Now that King Ning’s order has come down, he can execute it. So the soldier turned and left the staff center of Bei’an City after returning to complied.

“His Royal Highness, has Cang Rin already learned that Xue Zunzu is not in the city?”

A staff officer approached King Ning for advice. He had the same questions as him, and Several people.

“hmph, if Cang Rin hadn’t found out that the Snow Venerable Seat is not in the city, how could she use this method? She is probably already quite sure that the Snow Venerable Seat is not in the city, but she can’t be completely sure. That’s why it will attack in this kind of urgency. Once Xue Zunzu is still in the city and taking action against the North, it will be difficult to seize the opportunity because of the opponent’s method.”

Staff, one The white-haired Elderly said so.

He has been following King Ning for a long time and is a very experienced military division, so his words are quite convincing.

“Just as the army division Lu said.”

King Ning also echoed the analysis of this army division.

“Canglin was cautious, so I didn’t attack. Fortunately, I can still defend Bei’an City. This time was originally a gambling game. If other places can’t make a difference before Bei’an City falls. Shengguo, Bei’an City can only become the cemetery of this king and yours.”

Ning Wang was buried in his seat and said tiredly.

He began to regret agreeing to Qin Shiyu’s plan.

In the past, Qin Shiyu liked the sword moves with side stroke, boldly used soldiers, and like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, but this time her bet was almost the entire Northern Domain. Ninglan City and Bei’an City were both regarded as bets by her. If the bet is won, the North Country will withdraw its troops, and if it loses, most of the Northern Domain will fall into the hands of the North Country. Only Qin Shiyu dared to make such a big bet.

Therefore, King Ning has only one, and Qin Shiyu has only one. In the history of the Chinese dynasty, the name “Ding Guo Ji” has only been worthy of the younger sister of the founding monarch. Qin Shiyu is the second person in a thousand years.

“I hope you can win the bet this time, Yuer…”

Ning Wang glanced at the long spear sitting next to the chair.

If necessary, he will also take this long spear to the battlefield and fight to the end with the North Kingdom. From the current situation, this probability is already not far.

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