The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1172

“hmph, also just try to see if this king’s martial arts has regressed!”

This is the end of the matter, regret is useless! The squinted eyes of King Ning showed the light of determination.

“Report! The North Armory is on fire!”

Another soldier rushed, but it was not good news. There are several armory stores in Bei’an City, and the North Armory is one of them.

“…” King Ning’s expression instantly became gloomy.

One of the staff officers, Angrily Roared, said:

“The rice bucket! The warehouses are all high-precaution places, how can there be a fire! Don’t put out the fire quickly!”

“Isn’t it the eagle guard of Northern Domain? What about the people of the town’s national guard? Aren’t they in charge of the defense of important areas in the city? What about the leader?”

The staff members discussed spiritedly, but There is not a good consensus. They were clamoring, and there was no room for the soldier to report to the soldier. He obviously had something to say.

“Shut up to this king!”

Ning Wang slapped the armrest of the chair suddenly, knocking it off with great strength. With a thud, the wooden handrail fell to the ground, freezing the staff and generals who were speaking.

“You said.”

King Ning raised his chin to the soldier who was still on one-knee kneels.

The soldier replied loudly with his hands and said yes, and then went on:

“Zhen Guowei came to help in time and captured several suspects who were suspected of being the North Kingdom Eagle Guard…but The fire is still not under control. The town’s national guard and the head of the warehouse think that the eagle guard has infiltrated, and would like to ask your Highness to order the whole city to strengthen its guard.”


Ning Wang nodded gave an order to kill:

“I would rather kill the wrong one, don’t let it go, go, send the Zhen Guowei, the whole city will search for all the suspected eagle guards and arrest them. In addition. Those who have been caught must be interrogated strictly to see if they can find out where their comrades are…The battle is now severe and there is no room for loss. If such an incident happens again, this king is the only one to ask!”

This may cause some grievances, but it can only be so at this moment. The overall situation is important, and it is the key to ensure that everything is as safe as possible, so King Ning is not afraid of grievances.

The grievances can be rehabilitated and compensated, but once a problem occurs in the warehouse, the entire Bei’an City will fall into crisis, and the gains outweigh the losses.

In the next period of time, various different situations occurred. King Ning and the staff members discussed countermeasures one after another, worked out countermeasures in the shortest time and issued corresponding orders.

The battle couldn’t end for a while, and Cang Rin had no intention of attacking with all his might, which caused the battle to lengthen again and again. King Ning knew that Cang Rin meant to consume Bei’an City’s inventory.

However, this tug-of-war will not last for a long time.

At this point, when Cang Rin can be sure that Sue Kirin is not in the city, in other words, it depends on how long she will test. On the other hand, King Ning was also not content with being led by the opponent, he was thinking of a way to oppose the rhythm of the opponent.

About two quarters of an hour later, it was heard that the Xie Xie heavy knight on the position had completely retreated. So far, Bei’an City once again abandoned the mountain range crossing in the south. Without even thinking about it, Northland will soon be stationed there, and Bei’an City will be completely sealed off again.

However, Cang Lin didn’t seem to plan to make Bei’an City’s retreat too smooth.

“His Royal Highness, the Xiexie Heavy Cavalry was bitten by the opponent’s Qingqi, and it is difficult to get out. Please send troops to support your Highness as soon as possible.”

There are one thousand, the remaining two thousand are ordinary Bei’an city defenders, the remaining one thousand five hundred are located in Bei’an city, and the other two thousand five hundred pretend to be the reserve of the evil heavy cavalry. Also in the city.

“Let Li Kun take four thousand infantry to greet him!”

Ning Wang quickly made arrangements.

The thousand remote evil heavy knights and the two ordinary soldiers are important battle strengths, and they cannot be eaten by soldiers from the North. Fortunately, in the plains of the mountain range on both sides, the charge of the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry is very powerful, and it should be able to support until the reinforcements arrive.

Only after giving the support order, another soldier rushed into the hall.

“Report! The retreating evil spirit heavy cavalry is surrounded!”


The situation deteriorated so fast that King Ning I’m a little confused. How could it be so easily surrounded? King Ning was suspicious, but he quickly found the answer.

“It’s Canglin.” He asserted.

Only when Grandmaster is thrown into battle, can he stop his elite cavalry so easily. King Ning knew very well about the battle strength of the evil spirit heavy cavalry, and firmly believed that no matter what kind of elite the Shangbei Kingdom, he would not get into trouble so quickly.

──However, Grandmaster is different.

Grandmaster’s role in the battlefield is too great, their own battle strength is an army. Even if King Ning has seen how powerful the spell Grandmaster is, which can truly be a one-man army by using spell and firepower, he knows that the power of the traditional Grandmaster is not inferior to this.

Traditional Grandmaster ── Wu Family’s Grandmaster has an unparalleled single-point strike capability and can easily pull out the command unit of an army unit. Even if it is not easy for them to destroy an army, their ability to destroy an army is definitely not bad. Well, it’s just the difference in method that’s all.

“Hurry up, the king will go!”

Ning Wang also has no good way to deal with the intervention of a Grandmaster. They lack the battle strength of the Grandmaster and cannot contain the Grandmaster’s actions at all. This is very helpless. Since ancient times, it is as it should be by rights that any party without a Grandmaster will fall into a passive state.

Furthermore, Cang Rin will attack himself, which definitely means that it is the last temptation.

If Bei’an City does not send a Grandmaster to deal with it, it can prove that there is no Grandmaster in Bei’an City, so Bei’an City will withstand more fierce attacks from the North.

“Yu’er, Yu’er, your uncle can’t stand it anymore… When will the person you mentioned arrive?”

Don’t say it’s Ninglan City, North Ancheng was powerless to defend himself, Ning Wang gritted his teeth.

“Come here, get your horse!” He can’t sit here anymore.

Now that Cang Rin has attacked, he has to supervise the battle to boost his morale. Well, it can also rely solely on morale, something that is really effective. I hope that the soldiers can maintain a high morale and be firm for as long as possible.

“Report, Your Highness!”

“What’s the matter?”

King Ning anxiously drank the soldier who ran in to pass the pass. The soldier was frightened and didn’t know what he had committed, so he stayed in the hall for a while.

“…” King Ning had come to the expression of that subordinate, and he came back to his senses. There are too many things, too urgent, and he just couldn’t hold back the anxiety in his heart for a while and vented to the soldier.

“It’s okay…” The man rubbed his forehead wearily, “It’s my king’s or not.”

“Ah, it’s the little one who disturbed your highness…”

The soldier would naturally not agree, otherwise he would commit the crime.

Ning Wang sighed:

“Let’s talk, I hope it’s not bad news…”

“I don’t know if it’s good news if I’m small… “The soldier looked embarrassed. “There is someone outside who wants to see His Royal Highness…”

“See this King?”

King Ning can’t hide the surprised expression on his face.

Who is going to come to this time to see himself? King Ning had no clue in his mind.

“Yes…” The soldier was even more embarrassed. “I didn’t want to pass on the old fogey, but the old fogey was drunk and was a martial artist…riding He wielded a sword on the donkey, and pointed his fingers at the guards of the town. Uh, he actually taught the sword. It’s weird. But the guards of the town are realm not simple. He is a great expert. , Let the little one come to inform His Royal Highness and see how to deal with it?”

Elderly riding on a donkey? A great expert who likes to teach swords?

Wang Ning was slightly stunned first, and then he reacted with a dazzling light in his eyes. He had received news from Qin Shiyu a while ago that he had sent a helper over, and the characteristics mentioned in it were highly coincident with the Elderly mentioned by the soldier.

It is almost certain that the helper has arrived.

“Quick!” King Ning stood up, his calm expression revealed his expectation, “Quickly invite Old Mister in!”

The staff members looked at each other, even that The soldiers who came in to pass the pass were also dumbfounded.

They didn’t understand why King Ning would be so excited, but they didn’t know that it was rescue soldiers.

“Hey, why are you still stunned?”

When King Ning saw that the soldier did not respond immediately, he frowned. But without waiting for the soldier to ask the crime to go out, he picked up his long spear and threw a cloak until he went out.

Ning Wang was too lazy and the others to pass the pass, and it took time to go back and forth.

──He wants to personally welcome this great expert.


Rushing like a bull.

Through the sophisticated equipment and heavy Battle Armor, it turned into a black frenzy. The charging battle strength of the evil heavy cavalry has always been the shadow of the soldiers in the North.

It’s rolling over like a war chariot, and it’s impossible to resist.

The Northern Domain of the Hua Dynasty had several elite soldiers. Among them, the Zhenbeiwei of Zhenbei Prefecture and the secluded evil heavy cavalry under King Ning were represented. They had repeatedly made extraordinary achievements in the battle against the North.

But now, I can finally be ashamed.

Nearly a thousand remote evil heavy riders and thousands of Bei’an Qingqi were all trapped at the south entrance of the mountain range. Their original move to abandon their positions really made the northern side almost unable to react. This decision was too decisive, and the generals of the North Kingdom never expected King Ning to give up such an important place.

However, when they saw the Xie Xie heavy cavalry retreating and did not forget to light the battlefield, they suddenly became angry. I would rather destroy it than give it to you. King Ning’s meaning is obvious.

Furthermore, what is even more boring is that at this time, asking those thousands of soldiers to retreat is the most appropriate choice.

This means that there is no Grandmaster in Bei’an City at all, otherwise King Ning will not abandon this position so decisively, because without a Grandmaster, there is simply no place to defend that position.

In this case, Cang Lin didn’t want to easily let go of these thousands of elites.

Sue Kirin is no longer in the city, and may have left the city to go elsewhere. Cang Rin can abandon a little prudence and adopt a more radical approach. She decided to swallow these thousands of elites, so she set out from the camp, and quickly blocked the way of these retreating soldiers.

The so-called one-man army is not a mere illusion.

Cang Rin’s method is very simple. One person breaks into the thousands of elite formations in Bei’an City and finds out the commanding generals one after another to kill. Without the commander, the command system will fall into chaos, and even the most elite soldiers can only usher in a landslide in this situation.

In fact, the same is true.

After losing the commander, Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry fell into chaos. The soldiers of the Northland who chased from behind took the opportunity to insert into the thousands of elite army formations in Bei’an City, dragging the battle into a melee. Losing the ability to charge, the heavy armor on the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry became a burden instead.

The Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry resisted stubbornly.

It’s just that they all look like an arrow at the end of its flight, and they will be swallowed by the soldiers of the North when their energy is exhausted.

Beiancheng doesn’t seem to want to lose this elite soldier either.

At the south city gate, thousands of soldiers emerged from it to form a formation, advancing here, as if to meet these thousands of elites.

The northern side also noticed the arrival of reinforcements.

Without Cang Lin’s instructions, a small group of light cavalry from the North has already passed the battlefield in front of him, facing the support soldier. They will not meet force with force with the reinforcements of Bei’an City, they will probably use guerrilla tactics to contain them.

Just keep it under control, and buy time for the northern army to swallow the evil heavy knights.

Sure enough, once the North Country’s Qingqi approached, and fired at the reinforcements with bows and arrows indiscriminately, the opponent was left passive.


The reinforcements from Bei’an City are mostly infantry. They advance slowly and are interfered by the light cavalry of the North. Those thousands of elites failed to relieve the pressure.

Furthermore, as long as someone stands up and wants to command the team, the sharp blade of Cang Rin will be there in no time, erasing this early bird from the world. As a result, they couldn’t even organize effectively, and they were slowly eroded by the North Kingdom’s men and horses in the melee like scattered sand.

Bei’an City should be at a loss for this.

──However, the city gate suddenly opened.

Originally after the reinforcements came out, the closed city gate opened again, but in the noisy environment, due to the distance, not at all, how many people noticed this change.

Only Cang Lin noticed.

She stopped the silhouette of the Xie Xie heavy ride, the long spear in her hand was accompanied by her spinning movement to threw away blood-colored ripples, and then the blue eyes cast their sights and passed through the people In the gap, it fell precisely to the south gate of Bei’an City.

There is a donkey. It’s not a horse, it’s just a donkey that can’t stand up to much use. It was leaning towards the battlefield, running fast, the pace simply did not look like a donkey. But it is just a donkey.

Weird donkey.

Gradually, someone noticed that strange donkey, which passed through the reinforcement formation of Bei’an City at a very fast speed, and rushed all the way to lift up dust like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

Most attention is focused on the question “How can a donkey run so fast?”

Only Cang Rin is different, she has long seen the swaying silhouette riding on the donkey with his back facing here. It’s Elderly. There are several weapons hanging on both sides of the donkey, all of which should look like blade weapons.

Although the rider turned her back to Cang Rin, she could vaguely see Elderly raising her hand to drink from time to time.

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