The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1173

“…Making Profound Void.”

There was such an evaluation in his mouth, but Cang’s squinted eyes carried a touch of alert and surprise. She had captured the breath of Elderly long ago. The other party’s breath is majestic enough, and it is definitely not comparable to the heavens.

But… where did he come from?

Cang Lin was puzzled by this. She didn’t think Hua Chao could hide a Grandmaster until now.


In any case, things become troublesome. The addition of a Grandmaster is more than just literal. Every Grandmaster can have a strategic effect, and now there is an extra Grandmaster, whether it is the Chinese or the Northland, there must be strategic adjustments. Yes, Grandmaster has the power to influence any situation.

“Eat the Xiexie Heavy Cavalry as soon as possible.”

After Cang Rin left an order to a nearby general, he blew his whistle to make a noise in the vicinity The silver soul is recalled. The huge Silver Wolf is extremely ferocious. With its huge body, it is no longer known how many soldiers of the Hua Dynasty have been killed. In its hideous mouth, those sharp teeth were still stained with scarlet blood.

Even if it was caught in some kind of impulse to hunt, it still responded to Cang Rin’s call for the first time.

Silver Wolf ran into several Huachao cavalry nearby, and then turned and ran towards Canglin. Under its collision, the cavalry flew out irresistibly with their horses.

“Yinpo, do you want to change your taste?”

Cang Rin jumped up, grabbed the hair on Yinpo’s neck, and easily adjusted his posture to sit on Yinpo’s body . Against the white and snowy hair, the bronze skin made her body contour more profound, like an ink silhouette on white paper.

Riding on the Silver Wolf, Cang Rin greeted Elderly who was riding a donkey.

Before the two rendezvous, some northern light horses had already focused on Elderly riding a donkey. They should have been surprised by the speed of the donkey, and they were also surprised by Elderly’s behavior of riding the donkey backwards, but they still did not forget to intercept.

The soldiers of the North have no intention of showing mercy at all.

They opened their bows and set up arrows, shooting at Elderly in a burst, and a large number of arrows fell like stars and went towards Elderly. Elderly was still drinking his wine, as if she didn’t notice anything.


Just as the arrow was about to reach the body, a sword hung on the donkey suddenly ejected from its scabbard and fell into Elderly’s hands. Elderly held the wine bag in one hand and swiped the long sword in the air with the other hand. The Spiritual Qi wind rolled around and formed like a storm, flipping all the arrows that fell over.

The arrows that struck were weak and fell to the ground, but most of them were shot in the air.

The Qingqi of the North Country directly surrounded them, Elderly looked at them drunkly, and returned the long sword in her hand, then pulled out a giant sword with both hands with one hand, and directly rushed the two faces oncoming. The Northland Qingqi of looks sinister split into two.

Blood spilled and rained down.

Elderly rode upside down on a donkey and passed between the cavalry who had been cut in two, bathing in a rain of blood, with a big sword in his hand slashing left and right.



Whether the light riders of Northland are greeted with their swords, or they want to retreat to avoid Can’t escape the killing of the big sword. That sword was so heavy that it could easily cut off their scimitars. The Spiritual Qi, which wrapped the sword in a spiral shape, made its kill range much larger than the size of the eye.

Two Swords cut from left to right to Elderly.

Not seeing Elderly have any commands or actions, the donkey under his seat cleverly led him to avoid the attack. Elderly just waved the long sword lightly, and the two who attacked him couldn’t stop the long sword like moths in the fire.

The long gray hair is floating in the air like a streamer.

Elderly one man one sword Horizontally and horizontally surrounded by Beiguo Qingqi, with the sword in his hand changing and shining, Beiguo Qingqi fell on the ground one by one, blood dyed red.


The donkey under Elderly’s seat suddenly raised its hoof, stared wide-eyed.

In this extremely spirituality, the shadow of the Silver Wolf rushing here is reflected. As if instinctively fearful, the donkey turned its head, spread its hoof, and then went in the opposite direction. Fleeing, his long tail swayed and looked quite funny.

Elderly also woke up.

“Hey, Yuan, where are you going… the direction… hiccup! The direction is reversed…” He complained about his mount.

The donkey seemed to be saying, “You are going to go by yourself!” A dissatisfied nasal sound spouted from the nose.

Elderly is sighed as if there is no countermeasure, but the unfocused line of sight condenses in the next instant, fixed on Cang Rin and the Silver Wolf under her seat.

“Damn, what a wolf!”

He was dumbfounded.

Then, he kicked the donkey under the seat with his foot, seemingly urging:

“A Yuan runs quickly, the wolf seems to come and fight you hard, are you? I provoke someone else! I rely on me, run! It’s about to catch up.”

Elderly seems to be scared too.

Cang Rin and Yin Po have been chasing close by, naturally they heard the movement and slaps of a person and a donkey. Just one person and one wolf don’t know how to react.

The donkey does run very fast, faster than the horses in the North, obviously not Fanpin.

Nevertheless, it is still not as fast as the Silver Wolf in the Crow Seat.

When chasing very close, Silver Wolf kicked the ground and jumped high. Elderly only felt the darkness before her eyes, and a shadow covered herself. He quickly kicked the ass of the donkey dangling in his eyes. The donkey knew what he meant and stopped quickly.

The shadow fell in front of the donkey.

Silver roared in a deep threatening silence, staring at Ah Yuan with gnashing teeth, as if he would rush to bite his neck at any time between back and forth.

“Aiya Aiya, A Yuan, what do you do? You are usually too big, how can you be caught up?”

Elderly turned around and finally stopped falling Riding a donkey.

While speaking, he picked up the wine bag and poured wine into his mouth. There was a reddish color on his cheeks, but his eyes were no longer foggy, but were dotted with sober light.

“…Who are you?”

While Cang Rin threw down this question, Silver Wolf led her to save it. She pierced the long spear in her hand directly by the wolf’s pounce, and pointed the tip of the cold glow gun at Elderly’s throat.

“Hey hey hey, isn’t this demeanor?”

Elderly was taken aback, as if the opponent would attack directly. He hurriedly waved the big sword in his hand and cut to Cang Rin’s wrist at an extremely tricky angle.

Cang Rin eyes flash with a cold light. She cooperated with the wolf under her, and the wolf consciously picked up a long spear that fell on the ground. The long spear accurately fell into Canglin’s flat hands, and then was thrown out!


Like a cannonball shot, a long spear penetrates the atmosphere and directly bites Elderly like a mad dragon. Elderly showed a frightened expression again, leaning to avoid, thinking that she still couldn’t stand the strength of the long spear, and was shot out.

The long spear, who didn’t hit directly, continued to move forward, piercing through the bodies of dozens of Hua Dynasty soldiers before finally losing all their energy and leaning into the ground.

“Aiya, the old bones of the old man can withstand falling…Hey, where’s the old man’s wine? I rely on it, it’s all wasted.”

Elderly rubbed it. Rubbing the smashed butt, looking around, finally found the wine bag that he never left. The wine bag fell to one side like garbage, and the source of wine inside did not flow out of Danger Land, and Elderly cried out with heartache.

Cang Rin descended in the next instant, and the other long spear in his hand stab Elderly.

Elderly yelled and rolled around on the ground, causing Cang Lin to miss several consecutive shots. Yin Po stared at the donkey and chased it. With a relatively small and flexible body, the donkey runs from left to right and hides from the right, making Yin Po almost impossible to grasp.

Ignoring the life and death of the donkey sitting there, and seizing an opportunity, Elderly jumped up directly, pointed at Canglin and shouted:

“dignified Imperial Teacher of the National Protection University, To bully an old man like this, and he doesn’t even understand the truth of bullying the old and respecting the young. Isn’t this meant to laugh off other people’s teeth!”

“…You know me.”

The realm of Cang Rin’s body gradually expanded, and snow and snow appeared around her body. This range was still expanding, and Elderly was soon covered.

“It’s cold…” Elderly raised her eyebrows suddenly, breathing out Spiritual Qi like a winter breath.

He also noticed something improper, his Spiritual Qi circulation seemed to be affected in some way. He immediately took out another new wine bag from behind and took a sip.

At the moment when the spirits poured into his stomach, a warm current rose up and quickly stabilized his flow within the body Spiritual Qi.

“Well, comfortable!” The red on Elderly’s face is brighter again, “Sure enough, you should drink when it’s cold…hiccup! Alcohol is a panacea!”

Elderly can’t even move steady.

“Who are you?” Cang Rin didn’t know Elderly’s identity, “You didn’t intervene occasionally…You were sent by someone else.” She asserted.

It’s almost pretty close, but Elderly doesn’t seem to answer.

In the face of smart people, you can’t give the other person too many opportunities for affirmation. As long as you are not sure for a day, those people will like to think nonsense, no matter how assertive they are. The best way to deal with smart people is to use Profound Void. As long as there is enough intelligence, the brains of smart people will be overloaded.

“ha ha ha, the old man was sent by God to show you some color, are you believing or not?”

Elderly started talking nonsense simply by being drunk.

Cang Rin’s eyes are not wavering, and there is no emotion, she just stares at Elderly in front of her expressionlessly, seeming to examine his origin and realm. Yes, Elderly’s realm is also very strange, with deterrence comparable to Grandmaster, but it fluctuates and seems to be very unstable.

“A Yuan, don’t run away! Bring the old man’s sword, so that the old man will meet this imperial teacher who shakes the whole world!”

Elderly again After taking a sip of wine, he yelled at the donkey who was playing with Silver Wolf and chasing me. The donkey stared in embarrassment but fiercely, and kicked the ground in dissatisfaction, only to throw all the blades hanging on his body.

A total of swords were inserted beside Elderly.


Cang Rin didn’t wait for him to draw his sword, and flew out on the ground. The long spear in his hand spun up, taking Elderly’s vitals like a spiral. Elderly’s eyes burst into light, and the imposing manner rose explosively in an instant.

“Good come!”

Elderly abandoned the big sword in her hand and drew a snake-shaped sword.

Between the collision of the sword and the gun, the snake-shaped sword stuck the long spear with its curved blade. Canglin tried to twitch the long spear, but failed. Cang Lin pulled out the scimitar around his waist, gave up the long spear, and slashed at Elderly with the knife. Elderly drew out the long sword to meet her, and a lot of sparks burst out between the collision of the sword and the knife.

In a blink of an eye, the two fought dozens of moves.

Cang Rin’s offensive was fierce, but Elderly, who seemed to be on the defensive, did not fall behind, and even seized the opportunity to counterattack several times and called Cang Rin’s offensive to abruptly stopped.

On the other hand, the south gate of Bei’an City opened again, and thousands of cavalry rushed out.

Holding shields and long spears, they formed a formation to clear the way for the first infantrymen, and easily penetrated the encircling net of the Northern Light Cavalry.

Without Cang Lin’s restraint, the sub-commander who has been in the shadow of the evil heavy cavalry has finally come out to command. With orders, they can organize and stop fighting separately.

And the commander doesn’t need to be too talented, as long as he can organize scattered companions.

The original scattered evil spirit heavy cavalry gradually organized and charged towards Bei’an City. By virtue of the heavy Battle Armor, they can exert a great impact. The bow and arrow fell on them, and simply didn’t penetrate their Battle Armor, basically unable to contain their momentum. With these advantages, they can smash everything and push it horizontally like a bulldozer.


In a confrontation, Cang Lin drew away and backed away, turning around to see that Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry had gradually organized, and his face turned slightly gloomy.

Xie Xie Zhongqi is indeed the elite of the elite.

Northland Qingqi knows that arrows can’t penetrate their Battle Armor, so they shoot horses instead. The Knights of the Hua Dynasty landed one after another, but they were still not afraid. After leaving only a nostalgic look on their horses, they walked forward again. They walk slowly, because Battle Armor is heavy, but it also gives a stronger oppression. When entering the Roubo battle, they abandoned the long sword in their hands, pulled out the horizontal sword on their waist, and harvested the lives of the soldiers of the North Kingdom.



“Don’t come here!”

Rao is brave and good at fighting The soldiers of the North Kingdom couldn’t help being afraid of the unrelentingly oppressed heavy cavalry. Those heavy-riding Battle Armor impervious to sword and spear, they can hardly do anything with these people.

“Knock it!”

I don’t know the northern general shouted. He apparently had experience in fighting with Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry, knowing that knocking on the opponent’s helmet can have a huge effect. The light riders in the north have switched to the battle method of percussion, trying to slam the heavy rider’s helmet.

Many heavy knights were stunned by soldiers from the North in this way.

Even if you are wearing heavy armor, you will still be a target for merriment once you fall to the ground. In addition, the soldiers of the North Kingdom also found that the places where their eyes were exposed were also the weaknesses of the heavy riders, and those joints could be easily penetrated with a sword. They grasped the weakness of the Knights’ physical inflexibility, and turned around them, looking for a weak spot that could attack each other.

Slowly, Beiguo Qingqi once again suppressed the remote evil heavy riders.

But at the same time, there was finally a fire on the head of Bei’an City. That is the ruinous splendor of artillery fire. The projectile was thrown high under the push of gunpowder, and the black death fell on the ground.

Boom booming──!

The sound of the guns continued, bursting into the ground. Needless to say, those who were directly hit were blasted into fragments in an instant. Some of them were not directly affected, but were still covered with the flames of the cannonballs, and they wailed and rolled to the ground to extinguish the flames. But many people failed to get things done, they were shot to death by the rushing Hua Dynasty soldiers.

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