The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1174

The two sides have fully engaged.

Through the existence of Elderly, King Ning finally no longer tolerated, and directly sent troops out to fight with the soldiers of the North Kingdom in Mianyuan, south of Bei’an City. The soldiers of Bei’an City deserved to be elite, and even if they faced the soldiers of Northland several times as many as their own, they did not give in and fought bloody battles here.

Only the Hua Dynasty people who died in battle, there is no Hua Dynasty soldiers who drag out an ignoble existence.

On the head of the city, King Ning, who had personally stepped forward to supervise the battle, could not help clenching his fists when he saw that his soldiers were so motivated.

“Look, we don’t have a gangster in the Hua Dynasty! The soldiers took up the crossbows in your hands, turned the organ weapons in front of you, lit the artillery in your hands, and declared to your companions that you were already with them. War drummer, beat this king hard, if you break the sticks, pull out your knife to knock! Send this king all the thieves from the North to see the King of Hades!”

Ning Wang shouted vigorously in an attempt to boost morale. In response to his call, the soldiers drove the weapons in their hands even harder, depriving the soldiers of the North of their lives.

For a time, the two sides fell into a glued state.

Being able to drag Northland into a stalemate, King Ning couldn’t help sighed in relief. If Cang Rin is allowed to use that kind of hurried and slow strategy to continuously erode his physical strength and spirit, in the end, he may not have a strong fight, and he will have lost a lot of battle strength.

Fortunately, that Elderly appeared.

If it weren’t for Zhang Baiyuan to arrive in time, with Cang Rin not wanting to let go of the opportunity of the evil spirit heavy ride, King Ning could reverse this predicament into “willing to go fishing”. Cang Lin bit on the bait called Xie Xie Zhongqi, thinking that King Ning could not do anything with her, so he could let King Ning beating somebody at their own game by the Elderly who arrived.

King Ning kept beating the soldiers to move forward bravely, so that Danger Land would fight back.

“Come on, push the locomotive to this king! Let the Northland thief who thinks he has got the machine weapon in this way, and will try to challenge the king to see what is the latest product of Heavenly Jade Palace! It’s different from the junk weapons they didn’t know about that black workshop!”

At the request of King Ning, the city gate opened again.

There are dozens of war chariots made of metal that have been pushed out. They didn’t even have to pull the horses, the wheels rolled up slowly, pushing the car forward. On the locomotive there are several locomotive crossbows, and a large number of arrows. Under the movement of the wheels, the machine continuously rotates, pulling the bowstring to shoot the arrows.

Many soldiers from the North Kingdom were hit by arrows and cried out for their lives.

In a short time, a large number of soldiers from the North Kingdom were killed in such a dense fire cover on the plain, and their bodies were filled with arrows.


When Cang Rin saw this, he knew that something was going wrong.

Hua Chao is always able to come up with all kinds of strange things, first spell, then mechanism technique. In the past few years, the endless technology has overwhelming power. It is precisely to prevent these forces from attacking that she will adopt those strategies.

The fatal thing is her failure.

If it weren’t for Qin Shiyu’s success to bring those brand-new organ weapons into Bei’an City, Bei’an City would be impossible to come up with such a formidable power organ weapon. She had sent Eagle Guards to investigate most of the fortifications in Bei’an City, and those things that kept pushing forward and strafing arrows were absolutely nothing in Bei’an City before.

Yes, Qin Shiyu did not bring many organ weapons into the city.

But Li Wanting from Heavenly Jade Palace is with the team. She has blueprints for countless organs and weapons in her mind, and there are obviously related workshops in Bei’an City. As long as there is a blueprint and Li Wanting’s technology, it is not difficult to teach the craftsmen inside to produce one or two new types of organ weapons within a few days, and make a certain mass production with local materials.

Suddenly, she felt helpless.

The strategies of Northland have been carried out perfectly so far, but they have been unexpectedly repeated recently. She consciously felt that the Northern Kingdom now had the power to take down the Northern Domain of the Chinese dynasty, but the conditions of Bharata and the Western Regions appeared frequently and could not be fully trusted.

And the Hua Dynasty has a majority of strangers and strangers.

The North Kingdom is suddenly stuck in the mud, becoming impossible to move a single step.

“Canglin Imperial Teacher, you are too shameful for the old man, right?”

Elderly took a sip of wine and took a swaying pace Came to Cang Rin’s sight again. He hiccups like a big man who can get drunk at any time, but he just doesn’t fall, and the brilliance in his eyes is more obvious.

This is by no means the look that a person who gets drunk at any time should have.

Cang Rin lifted the long spear, raised the scimitar to resist the heavy sword attack from Elderly, the blade weapon burst out again in the confrontation, exploding with energy.

This battle has just begun.


“hahahahaha ──! Ants, all are ants!”

Arislan killed her eyes.

He drove the horses horizontally and horizontally in the battlefield, and dozens of Zhenbeiwei died in his hands.

In front of the city, they continued to abuse and kill the people of the Hua Dynasty. The city wall was clearly right beside him, and his Grandmaster should be able to jump easily, but he just slayed frantically in front of the city and didn’t mean to end the battle as soon as possible.

He was already panting with excitement, and he didn’t know how many people’s blood was stained with Euphorbia in his hand.

There is no enemy of his one.

He is as easy as cutting melons and vegetables, even if the opponent has a long spear or horizontal knife in his hand, he will easily make two cuts under his halberd, not to mention the person himself.

Barren wherever he goes.

No one dared to get close to the red-eyed him, even the soldiers of the North Kingdom. They were afraid that the man had lost his mind and would become the dead soul under the halberd once he came close.

This kind of time lasted for quite a while, and during this period Ajislan had already killed hundreds of soldiers from the Hua Dynasty. There was a big space beside him, with only the mutilated body inside. The blood stained this land red, and no one would dare to step into this range easily, because their blood would become the dye that stained the red land at any time.


Ajislan also noticed that no one dared to approach him.

He rode his horse forward in a certain direction, and the Hua Dynasty and the soldiers of the North Kingdom over there retreated in unison, with deep fear in their eyes.

But there is one difference between the two, and there is a kind of enthusiasm in the eyes of the soldiers of the North Kingdom.

“Does anyone dare to fight Laozi?”

He raised his spear and roared.

The words full of Spiritual Qi accompanied the impact on the eardrum of the person in the vicinity, but no one responded more because no one here would be his one-one enemy. “As the saying goes, there are so many talents in the Hua Dynasty, but it’s just that!” Ajislan laughed mockingly, and the halberd in his hand danced in a circle, the handle of the halberd hit the ground hard, unexpectedly Knock the ground into a pit and crack. He was stained with a lot of blood, like an abyssal evil spirit, just this appearance was enough to make people daunting.

No one dared to fight him.

Well, if there are no corpses everywhere, maybe some people can deceive themselves and gather courage, but those corpses are not fake. All of them died under the Ajislan Halberd.

“hmph, Huachao.”

Ajislan snorted heavily, spouting disdainful saliva and fell on the ground.

Just now──

hōng lóng lóng lóng 隆──!

There was a dull sound in the direction of Ninglan City. It was the sound of the city gate opening. Taking the city gate as the frame and facing the setting sun as the back, a riding general slowly walked out of the city gate.

He is wearing Battle Armor, and his silver spear is dotted with a starlight-like cold glow.

Even though the face exposed in the helmet is very old, but the still strong and sturdy figure still supports Battle Armor.

Although Lian Po is old, he dares to take the lead!

Gong Jing turned out to be out of town.

He didn’t take the Zhenbeiwei with him, and rode out of the city gate on his horse. He tightly held the bar in his hands and accompany him in the battle for a long time. The long spear bestowed by the emperor was just west of the setting sun. Now, alone, walking slowly towards Ajislan.


Ajislan carried the halberd, admiration in his eyes.

“After several times, only the Gong Family dare to go out of the city to fight. I don’t know if it is sad or sigh.”

He said mockingly.


“General, please think twice!”

When the Hua Dynasty saw Gong Jing even singlehanded out of the city, it seemed that there was a challenge for Aris Lan Zhiyi immediately became nervous and advised Gong Jing not to be impulsive.

“Wait, shut up!”

Gong Jing Lema stopped in front of Ajislan and looked steadily forward. His angry roar was so angry that everyone was shocked to shut up. Even the northern soldiers who laughed at him for not recognizing his old age could not help being overwhelmed by his silhouette at the moment.

“Although the palace old man is old, he also has the power to fight. As long as the opponent retains the power to hold the weapon, the palace old man will not admit defeat without fighting in front of others. Life is Hua The men of the North Korea are guarding the land of the Hua Dynasty. Although there is only one fate, why don’t you offer it to guard home, defend the country?”

The words are clear and powerful.

The soldiers of the Hua Dynasty were shocked when they heard Gong Jing’s words full of enlightenment, and their eyes widened blankly.

Yes, they are here to defend their homes and their country.

It is neither victory nor glory. The reason why they put on Battle Armor and tore them with the enemy in their hands is only to defend their country.

Even the elderly Gong Jing is reluctant to give up without fighting, so what about them?

They may not have the power of heaven, but they are young. Gong Jing has guarded the Northern Domain for decades and has paid enough. They can’t lose to this famous player.

“Fight with General Gong and die here!”

A soldier of the Hua Dynasty yelled excitedly and raised his weapon. As the ignition point, he instantly ignited the surrounding companions. Hundreds of Hua Dynasty soldiers shouted at the same time that they would die here with Gong Jing, and spread out. In a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of people shouted the same thing.

The shout alone hit the north soldier’s chest like a hammer.

The soldiers of the Hua Dynasty are telling them that even if we die, we must die here! You guys don’t expect to be better!

“What a way to boost morale!”

Ajislan laughed wildly, and he could see why Gong Jing had come out to fight. Now that morale is suppressed, Gong Jing can’t let his morale go down, even if he knows that going out of the city to meet Ajislan is just a dead end.

His departure from the city to face Ajislan will not only greatly improve his morale, but even if he fails and dies here, the Chinese side will be even more desperate because of his death.

Take revenge for General Palace!

They must be shouting lines like this, do not kill the northern soldiers that are visible nearby, Arislan had to admire Gong Jingqi’s move high, and at the same time admire the opponent’s rather die The tolerance of than submit.

“Gong Family Lao, although Lao Tzu has not confronted you many times…No, it may be the first time that I led the soldiers to conflict with each other. To be honest, Lao Tzu doesn’t remember very much. But in the past, Northland There are many rumors that you are the soul of the army of Northern Domain, love and hate you, I once expressed disdain, but today it seems that I am wrong. If you are young for dozens of years, you may be a good opponent of Laozi Right! However, even if you are not Lao Tzu’s opponent now, Lao Tzu still respects you as a man!”

The most despised person in Ajislan’s life is not those who lack the ability, but the lack of courage. People. Although Gong Jing is only a heavenly realm, and may not be the enemy of his own triad, Ajislan cannot but approve his courage and courage.

“This is thanks to the approval of General Ajislan.”

“Maybe the old man and the general can’t meet several times, but please accompany the old man. The old man should take out decades of cultivation base and fight the generals desperately!”

“Desperate?” Ajislan roared with a wild smile, “What a desperate one!”

He then put on a posture, which is a kind of respect for Gong Jing. Even if your opponent is not as good as yourself, you have to deal with it with all your strength.


Gong Jing took a deep breath, and then re-secured the long spear in his hand while he breathed a long breath, and also assumed a posture.

The situation is already on the verge.

People nearby couldn’t help holding their breath, watching the top chief officer of the two armies facing each other, they even forgot the battle before them. They didn’t even approached, leaving a space for the two of them, not daring to take a step for fear of desecrating their battle.

For a time, only the sound of wind and sand whizzed.

The silhouette of the two confronting each other seems to be frozen, becoming an eternal painting. However, the two people alive are impossible to stand still forever.

A cannonball seemed to be unable to bear the loneliness of the two people anymore, and it landed nearby.

Fire and sound immediately hit people’s eardrums, and then──


Ajislan stepped out.

His speed is surprisingly fast, and the sudden burst of power pushes him out like a bomb, and in a blink of an eye he comes to Gong Jing.

The hand rises and the stroke falls, drawing an arc that engraves the human eye.

“Um-!” Gong Jing stared without fear, his steps sank suddenly, and a pair of feet plunged into the earth. Then, he turned around, long spear picked up, and lit the dazzling cold glow.

The moment before the gun tip collided with the halberd blade, it was staggered by the jitter of the gun barrel.

The blade of the gun brushed the halberd and took Ajislan’s life. Compared with the halberd, the gun is more important than its flexibility like a snake! Ajislan’s eyes burst with light, and he dodges the dazzling gun with his head sideways. With a shock in his hand, Ajislan shook away the long spear he had touched.

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