The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1175


Then, it was cut with a halberd.

Gong Jing was shaken by the blow just now, but fortunately his feet had already taken root in the ground, so he did not lose his center of gravity. He stabilized his posture in time, leaned long spear in front of him, and removed the spear.


The halberd hit the ground, like dull artillery strikes, shattering the ground. The flying fragments of the earth swallowed the silhouettes of the two for a while, setting off dust.

In the dust, countless golden gleams are shining rapidly.

With those muffled noises, the dust mass exploded suddenly after a moment of condensation. In just the blink of an eye, the spear and the halberd fought like a storm.

“hahahaha, okay!”

Ajislan held the Euphorbia with one hand, as if he was waving a light cloth, and knocked to Gongjing without any rules. go with. Well, that is not “slashing” anymore, but pure destruction, just like swinging a club again.

“There are not many people in the world who can pick up Lao Tzu’s halberd. Didn’t expect Gong Family, you old fogey, actually rely on technology to get rid of Lao Tzu’s attack! Have the ability! Sure enough, name is not in vain!”

Ajislan’s eyes are full of fanaticism.

However, Gong Jing did not answer his Xianxin.

Sure enough, the realm gap still exists… He focused on fighting, but this idea came to mind inexhaustibly.

Every time the halberd and the gun fought, there was a burst of shock and flash. Nearby soldiers were shaken back by the aftermath, showing that there was not much room for madness between the two fighting.

And Gong Jing’s hands are already numb.

He needs to use both hands, all his strength can resist a blow from Ajslan. Even if he couldn’t take a single blow, his body would definitely appear mutilated and he would lose out.

If the long spear in his hand is the “national gun” given by the emperor, the gun might have been broken in two during the first confrontation. Grandmaster’s formidable power is not a single blow. Unusual.

Ajislan is not only strong and heavy, but also the Halberd Art, which does not have any rules at first glance, does not have any weak spot to speak of. No, Gong Jing can still see some weak spots on the opponent, but he has no room to attack. Defensively alone, he has done his best.

Moreover, it can be seen that Ajislan is not at all doing his best.

Gong Jing would not feel humiliated, so he shouted something: “Do you underestimate the old man if you don’t look at your full strength?!” He was happy to be entangled with Ajislando for a while. Once Ajislan was liberated, Ninglan City was breached only in a moment.

But even if the other party did not exhaust all his strength, Gong Jing could not hold on for long.

He made a mistake.

In the face of an attack like a squally rainstorm, even a single mistake would be fatal, Gong Jing could not be airtight. The tip of his spear was a beat slower than the opponent’s halberd, and the violent slash fell.


Gong Jing groaned, his whole body leaned back. With a halberd in his left arm, he immediately let go of his gun. Because his feet were stuck in the ground, he did not fall.

The blood spattered and stirred the nerves of the Hua Dynasty soldiers.

“Master General!”

“Don’t come here!”

Several Zhenbei guards saw Gong Jing’s injury and intended to help him, to Ajislan Launch an assault. Gong Jing quickly roared to stop, but saw that Ajislan had already raised the weapon in his hand.

The halberd swept across the space, as easily as cutting grass, the soldiers of the Hua Dynasty who would come to aid with a single blow. Their flesh and bones splashed out and fell to the ground in embarrassment. The weapons in their hands did not even reach Ajslan.

“I can’t blame Lao Tzu for this. It was originally a one-on-one duel. They are too ignorant.”

Ajislan saw Gong Jing’s gaze. , Casually explained. He looked like he was carrying the halberd and he didn’t care. Yes, even if the enemy died, how many were killed by his own hands, he probably didn’t care.

The same is true for Gong Jing, even more how is it Ajislan?

Gong Jing knew that it was useless to say more and did not have a corresponding position, so he adjusted his body posture silently. The left hand was bloody, so he couldn’t help it, so he could only use one hand gun instead.

“You barely managed to take the attack from Lao Tzu with both hands, but now you plan to use one hand.” A ray of approval and helplessness appeared in Aris’ eyes,” Gong old fogey, are you too ruthless?”

“This is a matter of life and death. Since the old man still has a breath, it is naturally not the end. Even if there is only a pair of feet left , The old man will accompany him to the end.”

“Have the backbone!” Ajislan waved the halberd and thrust the halberd tip into the ground, “I like this! Since it is life and death, you should either you will die or i will die. It’s a hard bone, but the bone is old…”

He sighed.

“…” Gong Jing was silent, but his eyes lit up with a firm light.

Ajislan was taken aback for a moment, then laughed arrogantly.

Both of his hands gripped the Euphorbia as the laughter echoed. The two seemed to have exchanged this, but it also proved that Ajislan would use all his strength for the next blow.

The next blow is about the winner.

Gong Jing knew this well, and he knew that he could only lose, but he still raised his trembling left hand and held the long spear again with his blood-stained palm.

Then his eyes were instantly filled with the tall silhouette of Ajislan.

Before he realized that the opponent’s speed was too fast, he only felt that Ajislan’s figure suddenly rose a lot.

That is an illusion, an illusion produced when the opponent suppresses it.

In an instant, Gong Jing saw a black shadow, only a pair of eyes were bright, like death is coming. At the same time, he also saw the other party swinging down the spear, but the speed was inexplicably slow. Yes, it’s not that Ajislan has slowed down, but that everything in his vision has slowed down. This is probably when the body is squeezing its limits when facing life and death.

But the action he wanted to resist while raising the gun was slower.

At the moment he thought he was going to miss it, the long spear inexplicably blocked him. Then there was the sharp sound that was too clear.


The sound that pierced the eardrum was accompanied by a burst of sparks.

──The long spear broke into two pieces.

Gong Jing stared in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that the spear bestowed by the emperor would be cut off here, and he couldn’t even concentrate on avoiding the fallen halberd. The tip of the halberd pierced his Battle Armor, like cutting tofu, and scratched a huge scar on his chest.

Blood spurted like a curtain. The straight wound was placed obliquely on Elderly’s chest, extending from the right shoulder to the left abdomen, and the source of blood did not flow out of Danger Land. Elderly’s face turned pale all of a sudden and was forced to one-knee kneels. The broken long spear fell weakly to the ground as he let go.

…The gun, broken?

Gong Jing instinctively covered the wound on his chest, but all his attention was only on the broken long spear.

──Zhen Guo Gun.

The long spear, bestowed by the emperor, with heavy honor and responsibility, has accompanied Gong Jing on the battlefield for many years, killing countless enemies, and has also defended the Northern Domain for Hua Dynasty many times.

However, this gun—his glory and responsibility is broken.

It was a mockery, and he was judged in front of the enemy… Gong Jing laughed out loud, but his wound was affected by death. Only now did he start to feel the sharp pain in his chest. As if burned by fire, the blood was very hot and hot.

“Old Master, it seems that your gun is more brittle than your bones…”

Ajislan walked up to Gong Jing expressionlessly, Gong Jing just looked He glanced at him and was silent. This famous Northern Domain’s Great General in the north of town can’t even stand up.

“There is a beginning and there must be an end, but the end of the old man is here, don’t worry too much.”

Under the flickering sight of Ajislan, Gong Jingsuan Slowly speak. He suddenly raised his eyes and looked towards Ajislan, frowning his brows that were distorted because of pain or other reasons.

“Why did you show mercy just now?”

“oh?” Ajislan curled up his lips, “You can see it?”

” If you hadn’t retracted the tip of the halberd at the crucial moment, the old man would have been cut apart.”

“No one.” Ajislan said casually, ” Lao Tzu respects you as a good guy, and I want to leave you a whole body that’s all.”


Gong Jing felt the respect of the other party more or less.

The enemy is not only fighting life and death, but occasionally there are emotions of mutual respect. The so-called sympathy and sympathy is like this.

“Okay, let’s send the old man on the road.” Gong Jing’s face was as gray as death, “But, after you stepped on the old man’s body, there are tens of thousands of Zhenbei guards…Ajislan Ah, can you still bear the halberd in your hand?”

“Can bear it?”

Arislan snort disdainfully, slowly raising the halberd in your hand, Intent to give Elderly the final blow. The strength of his whole body made the muscles tense, and even made a “creak” sound. Those high and bulging muscles might have the power of breaking mountains and rocks.

“Even the entire Hua Dynasty, Lao Tzu can bear it!”

At the moment when the voice fell, the Euphorbia was cut down suddenly!

Its slashing path is like the most terrifying light in the world, and it must be easy to destroy Elderly that slashed towards. But──


The dim brilliance swept from the side.

Ajlans opened his eyes wide, letting the translucent sharp sword made of Spiritual Qi hurt his face. Despite the direct hit on his face, the halberd he had swung still remained motionless, and he firmly chopped off along the predetermined track.

“grandfather ──!”

That piercing cry came at that moment.

Gong Jing hearing this instinctively moved, picked up the broken long spear, and crossed in front of him to block the blow of the Euphorbia. Almost at the same time, two figures doubled from the left and right, and they each stretched out a sword and crossed them in front of Ajislan’s Euphorbia.

There was another bang!

The two figures are superimposed on each other, and they just withstand the full blow of Ajislan, as it should be by rights, they bounced out quickly, they ran into Gong Jing’s body and pushed the old man Flew out together and crashed into the group of soldiers from Hua Dynasty.

At the same time, the petite silhouette jumped out of the crowd on the side.

She lifted her arms lightly, and she drew out the golden light. The brilliance of golden circulates in the sky, and in the blink of an eye there are countless golden swords. These little swords fell like a shower of rain towards Ajislan.

“That bastard!”

Ajislan gently pushed his left hand to cover his face, and the dust group created by being hit by the Qi sword just now roared wildly. The halberd swept away and swept down all the golden swords.


“Twisted ring brake!”

The girl hurriedly knotted her mudra, and the remaining small sword rolled up like a whirlwind, biting towards Ajislan. But these men don’t take it seriously.

“hmph, the child’s skill in playing with mud!”

He just waved the spear in his hand, and smashed the sword blade whirlwind to pieces.

A large number of golden air sword fragments were scattered, and the girl holding two swords fell in front of Ajslan.

There are ringtones.

The bell should be hung on the hair ring and rang gently under the wind. The girl stood in front of Ajislan with a pair of orange red apricot eyes and bit her lip. For her, just confronting Ajislan was already doing her best.

She can see her legs shaking.

However, she is unwavering and intends to escape. Because she was wearing the cloak of her younger brother and was on the battlefield, she couldn’t turn her head and run away, embarrassing his younger brother and family.

“Where did the silly little girl come from?”

Ajislan also wondered how the girl who was so far away from this realm could dare to stand in front of her. Well, a little girl who is not even in a real situation, where does she have the courage to look at each other with a Grandmaster?

“Qing’er, get out of the way!”

Gong Jing, who fell in the group of soldiers, stared in horror. He wanted to get up, but because he couldn’t get enough strength, he tried again. Fall down.

How could his granddaughter appear here?

I thought I was certain death situation, but I was saved in a flash, and my granddaughter came forward and stood in front of Ajslan, which was beyond his understanding.

“The eldest grandson of the little girl Gong Family, Gong Tianqing! I don’t allow you to hurt my grandfather!”

Although the words and sentences are all innocent and funny, but Gong Tian Qing bite very hard, very firm. Ajislan wanted to laugh out loud, but when she realized that the other party was not joking, she froze again.

“so that’s how it is, is the grandson of Old Master, so you silly little girl is going to be hostile to Laozi?”

Arislan asked dumbfoundedly.

Gong Tianqing remained silent, as if tacitly acquiescing. Next to Gong Jing, the two women also stood up. It was just now that they simultaneously blocked Ajislan’s attack with their swords.

Needless to say, they are Yinping and Xia Xue.

If it weren’t for the two heavenly realms to work together, how could it be possible to block the Ajislan full power attack? be that as it may, Yinping and Xia Xue are also quite embarrassed. Not only are their bodies covered with dust, but their arms are also numb. They almost couldn’t hold the sword in their hands. Facing Ajslan’s question, Gong Tianqing took a deep breath to stabilize the trembling legs and feet.

“The little girl is naturally not the opponent of the famous Ajislan General…”

Gong Tianqing was in tension and trembling all over.

“But, I am by no means alone!”


Ajislan’s sights patrol Xia Xue Yinping and the palace When the sky was clear, an invisible air current rolled up beside him. That is the majestic Spiritual Qi overflowing from him within the body. Spiritual Qi blew up his clothes and cloak, even his hair.

Faced with the Spiritual Qi that was pouring in majesticly, Gong Tianqing was blown back.

Just standing up is doing my best–this sentence is not a joke, but a well-justified Grandmaster is in front of me.

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