The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1176


Someone rushed in.

A soldier from the North rode up and fell down in embarrassment. He stumbled into the battlefield, ignoring the tyranny of Spiritual Qi in front of him, and struggling to come to Ajslan.

“Hey! What’s the matter?”

Ajislan was very impatient and put away his imposing manner. He also knows the importance. Seeing the anxiety in the eyes of the soldiers who reported, he knew that things were not simple.

Moreover, where did Gong Tianqing emerge from? This issue is also worth pondering.

“In the north…In the north, a city wall was suddenly built! The city wall was built in a flash!”

“What are you talking about?”

No matter what the soldier said, Ajislan frowned unhappily, but faintly felt wrong.

“That’s…hey, go and see, General!”

The soldier finds it useless to say more, because it’s beyond understandable.

“Report! The You Prefecture army has bypassed Yancheng and is rushing here!” Another soldier also reported anxiously.

Ajislan’s complexion suddenly became gloomy.

“Bypass Yancheng?” He was coldly snorted, “It seems that in order to support Ninglan City, the You Prefecture army will die!”

Bypass Yancheng easier said than done.

Once the army bypasses Yancheng, it will be chased by the army of the Northern Part of City. However, the You Prefecture army still does this. It is anxious for the safety of Ninglan City, regardless of the safety of the army. .

In other words, the other party is not here to rescue, but desperately.

However, what happened to the north that the first soldier said? Is it related to Gong Tianqing and others? Aris’ thoughts turned sharply, and his gaze fell on Gong Tianqing.

This girl…he has a hunch, the girl in front of him is not simple.

“What did you do?”

Gong Tianqing was silent, but raised her hand. She let go of the sword in her hand, letting the sword fall to the ground, the tip of the sword pierced deep into it, and then stretched out her thin index finger.

She pointed in the direction of Ninglan City.

Arislan shakes her tail hair, then turns her eyes to look at───

hōng lóng lóng lóng 隆──!

Before the strange sound rang, he saw the huge earth wall rising from the ground. As if something broke out under the land, the land in front of the city wall to the south of Ninglan City suddenly swelled, continuously swelling along the city wall.

It’s like a torrent of mud hitting a city wall and piling up.

A new earth wall clings to the city wall of Ninglan City, and then it continues to rise higher, as if to bury the entire Ninglan City.

The new earth wall is twice the height of the city wall.


Ajislan didn’t miss anything, but he didn’t know how to understand what was happening before him. Is it really possible? he thinks.

“Hey, what is going on?”

Ajislan was in a hurry and caught the first soldier who had come to report it. Put your face in front of his face.

“Hurry up and explain clearly to Lao Tzu!”

“The small…the small ones don’t know. Two earthen walls suddenly rise outside the northern part of city in Ninglan. Xiang Ninglan City… There seems to be the sound of horseshoes inside the earth wall… I don’t know the other little ones. General Roaldland sent the little ones to inform you and ask you what to do…”

“How is it good?” Ajislan fiercely threw the soldier away and threw him a shit, “How do I know what to do–“

I haven’t finished scolding, Ajislan’s gaze lifted sharply, nailing to the top of the earth wall.

“This is really…” He smiled stiffly.

The top of the earth wall was full of flowers at some point.

──It’s all flowers.

Like overflowing water overflowing from the basin, the sea of ​​flowers spreads downwards, just a blink of an eye makes the whole city wall full of flowers, and it makes people produce a kind of flowers that bloom A strong illusion on yourself.

In the sea of ​​flowers above the city, “Sue Kirin” stands there like a flower in full bloom.

“Sue Kirin…”

Arislan gnashing teeth.

At the same time, he felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.


“Sue Kirin”──The girl in Yuyao’s disguise stares condescendingly at Ajislan, and the land under Ajislan’s feet is there The response.

Several stone cones jerked out.

“Spell again!”

Ajislan still has not forgotten the loss he had suffered under Sue Kirin before, and felt unwilling to do so. He waved the spear and smashed the stone cones that struck. Who knew that the stone fragments did not fall on the ground, but floated up instead.

The fragments of rocks seem to be pinched together, forming huge stone balls.

“Sue Kirin” watched everything expressionlessly, and hit the stone ball between his fingers to Ajislan heavily, like a meteor.

Ajislan’s footsteps sank, taking root in the earth like Gong Jing before. As a result, the ground under him cracked, and then he turned the halberd and slashed towards the stone ball that fell on him.

The halberd hits the stone ball.


Ajislan was calm, and suddenly injected huge power into the Euphorbia. In this way, the euphorbia shattered the stone ball, and a large amount of rubble shot violently in all directions. Not only the soldiers from the North, but also the Chinese side was involved.

It’s just that Ajislan can’t ridicule the enemy, he doesn’t have that time.

The huge stone pillar rises from the ground, and the raised end forms the shape of a human palm, with five fingers wide open and pressed towards Ajislan. Ajislan did not resist, kicking the ground and quickly retreated.

The huge stone palm hit the ground, and the palm made a deep impression.

However, the unbeatable stone palm lifted up again, chasing Ajislan.


Hurrying on the ground, Ajislan ran for a certain distance, then turned around and slashed the halberd in his hand, setting off a violent beheading. The polished iron slashed through the stone palm, cutting it into two pieces.

After dissolving the spell’s attack, Ajislan smiled triumphantly, trying to provoke “Sue Kirin” with words, but his eyes fell on where “Sue Kirin” should be. At that time, she couldn’t see her silhouette.

He immediately turned to look for the girl.

At the same time, Gong Tianqing had already walked to Gong Jing’s face, and she raised her grandfather up shortly.

“Grandfather, are you okay?”

The scar on Elderly’s chest is horrible to see, blood is flowing, obviously it is not an insignificant injury. In fact, Gong Jing was breathing hard, coughing again and again. I’m afraid the internal organs have also been injured.

“grandfather is okay.” But he still responded with a strong smile.

“…” Gong Tianqing knew that no matter what she said now, the other party would not admit that she was seriously injured. She forced herself to cry, turned her head and looked towards Yinping.

“Uncle Yinping, can I trouble you?” she asked.

Yinping was nodded, his eyes turned to Gong Jing, but Gong Tianqing still spoke.

“grandfather, please order the whole army to retreat.”

“Qing’er, this is…” Gong Jing seems to be out of the situation, “what is going on? “

“Now when it is time to explain, we can no longer entangle with the North, and save our forces as much as possible, so that the funeral is the right way. Grandfather, please hurry up and order!”


Gong Jing didn’t ask too much, because he trusted Gong Tianqing. He took out three star smoke from his body, Gong Tianqing took the star smoke and pulled the lead. Three sparks of inhuman colors bloomed dazzlingly in the sky, and their brilliance was not lost to the slanting sun in the sky.

At this time, Yinping also flew away.

She shouted loudly: “General Gong Jing has an order, the whole army retreat! Return to Ninglan City!” She patrolled between the battlefields.

“…Are you not here as Laozi?!”

With the sound of angry roar, Gong Tianqing’s figure was unstable for a while, and she fell in her grandfather’s arms. Inside. Gong Jing hugged her tightly to prevent her from being hurt.

The other side Ajislan is staring fiercely here.

“Even if Sue Kirin arrives, Lao Tzu’s victory will not be lost!”

Victory is already on the horizon, how can Ajislan let it slip through his hands? . He clenched the Eucalyptus again, and approached Gong Tianqing both grandfather and grandson.

“grandfather…” Gong Tianqing saw Gong Jing standing up in front of her.

Even if he has been seriously injured, this Elderly will not retreat.

“old fogey,” Ajislan voiced angrily, “You are actually dragging time and playing with me!”

Gong Jing is innocent, he still doesn’t know what happened.

However, he will naturally not tell the truth.

“Aiya, there is a man here who went crazy because he was played.”

It was Xia Xue who mocked Ajislan.

Ajislan staring at this, “What are you talking about? Stinky lady.”

“Talk about you.”

Xia Xue aroused The corner of his mouth, “Why? Which one do you want to do to me? Frankly speaking, you have no chance. Didn’t you see who is up there looking at you?”

Ajislan knew that the other party was I was stimulating myself, but my eyes still accidentally aimed again at the place that should have been empty.


Arislan stared in surprise.

There is indeed no silhouette of Sue Kirin, but there are objects to replace it. A large number of organ weapons were erected on the upper side at some unknown time and aimed at the battlefield here. Those organ weapons look quite complicated, even more complicated than the ones in Ninglan City before, which probably means they have stronger formidable power.

When did it happen? Ajislan’s expression was solemn.

By virtue of the higher height than the original city wall, these organ weapons must also have a longer range and stronger formidable power.

──In fact, there is no guessing at all.

Because in the immediate future, those organ weapons showed extremely terrifying formidable power to the people of the North. Driven by the mechanism, they shook their box-shaped heads, and kept spitting out black arrows. These arrows are specially made, and will suddenly explode in the air, sprinkling a lot of black iron.

The iron pieces have a strong penetrating power. When they hit the Northern Soldier’s Battle Armor with no difficulty, they penetrate it and plunge into the human body. In an instant, a large number of soldiers from the North fell to the ground, with multiple penetrating injuries on their bodies, and the blood flow continued.

In just a few moments, hundreds of soldiers from the North had fallen.

Not only is it a city wall, but the other three city walls also seem to have similar organ weapons erected, and they shoot at the north army that surrounds Ninglan City outside the city wall.


A soldier came to Ajislan anxiously.

“We can’t attack the city head, the city wall is too high! Our ladder can’t reach.”

The suddenly rising city wall became the key.

The war equipment they prepared didn’t even predict that the ground wall would suddenly rise up. Everything they prepared was to cope with the original city wall of Ninglan City.

So, at the moment when the city wall is doubled, most of their siege products lose their effect.


A city that cannot be penetrated, Ajislan knew that he was at a disadvantage, and the reason was only because of Sue Kirin’s intervention. Maybe they all underestimated the tactical effect that spell can achieve.

Faced with such a sudden big change, no corresponding countermeasures will only increase losses. Ajislan understands that it is the wisest choice to retreat and rectify now.

However, he was not reconciled.

The triumphant victory slips away. How can he convince himself not to care too much?

At least, Gong Jing’s life…Arislan eye shows the ominous light, flashing red scarlet killing intent. Regardless of his panicked companion, he held the Euphorbia tightly, step by step approached to Gong Tianqing, both grandfather and grandson approached.

“Hey, Qing’er, this Adrislan general seems to hate us very much.”

Xia Xue’s face was heavy, and she came to Gong Tianqing’s side lightly. Ajislan is a Grandmaster, Gong Jing was injured again, and she had to step forward to help them.

Although the three people add up, they will definitely not be Ajislan’s opponent.

However, they are not alone.

The soldiers operating organ weapons on the city’s head noticed the situation here and immediately turned one of the large organs to aim at Ajislan. In an instant, the heavy rain of steel enveloped the man in.

“fuck off!”

Arislan roared, and the spear in his hand slashed several times against the void, and the Spiritual Qi that was dragged out slashed all the arrows. shoot down.

A large number of arrows were weakly inserted on the ground, and some of them affected nearby people and objects during the rebound.

“General Arislan, it will be against you and me after a long battle, why bother?”

Gong Tianqing firmly holds the double swords, besides the Spiritual Qi condense countless golden children Jian intended to persuade Ajislan to retreat through dialogue.

“I don’t need your silly little girl to talk too much!”

Arislan was so angry that he waved the halberd and chopped it out. At first, the slashing light was as slow as a stream, but in a blink of an eye it turned into a violent torrent, slashing straight towards Gong Tianqing.

Yes, I blame her! Ajislan’s victory slipped away because of the girl’s appearance. Who is to blame for her?


Unexpectedly, Ajislan would attack him directly, Gong Tianqing was taken aback and instinctively took a step back. She is absolutely impossible to take the blow.

In the next instant, half of the long spear violently collided with a straight sword and chopped light. A dazzling flash of light roared wildly in the air accompanied by the harsh metal friction. Gong Tianqing covered her face with her sleeves, resisting the aftermath of the conflict, one-shouldered cloak hunting.



Xia Xue and Gong Jing joined forces to block the blow of Ajislan’s rage and make Exhausted all my strength. The cut light seemed to be blocked by the two of them, but in the next second they bounced them out.

They flew by Gong Tianqing from left to right, like a stone thrown by a trebuchet, and slammed into the ground nearly ten feet away behind her with heavy force. After rolling on the ground several times, they finally stopped.

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